17 April 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 2, April 2010

Sunday, April 11

I can tolerate the OP for Angel Beats. That is kinda a good news because I usually just skip the OP until its the review time. In episode 2, they gone through all sorts of trap in the underground Guild. Some were 'killed' rather brutally but no blood was shown. It was a little disappointing if not for the light humors. They also have serious moments like when Yurippe told Otonashi about her past life and why she's rebelling against God and the Angel. Make sense. This episode has some decent action too. Not bad at all. And yeah, I finally found the resemblance with Haruhi. That kinda pissed me off a little. Fortunately the ED is decent too, so that ease my rage, kinda.

The flashback scene in episode 2 of Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou does not sits well with me because just from the look of it that red head is the same person he encountered at the end of the last episode, whom I dislike almost immediately for obvious reasons. This anime is definitely a parody of Harry Potter. Even the headmaster looks like Dumbleshit. The story:

  • Akuto got an observer who is willing to get into bed with him but ends up in the top of the closet (reminds me of Rukia).
  • He fought a demon dog along the way.
  • He got deceived by the dorm leader, ETou Fujiko
  • He found the tail to deactivate Korone
  • Fujiko has a brother complex. Yet another incest theme.
I wanted to do this in high school

Soul Eater chapter 73: HOLY SHIT!

Monday, April 12

I hope this trend continues. Amatsuki has got more updates. In chapter 48, we are back in the real world and those bunch of guys that I have yet to remember their names, are investigating the death of Suou, Toki's benefactor. At the end of the episode, they got a mission to infiltrate the Edo period. This could mean that Toki and Kon might be able to get back to the real world. In chapter 49, they did the infiltration. I don't remember what Sensai is so I'm kinda blank reading the whole thing. And then the program that Wakasa designed came to life and the one behind Kacchan (the program) coming to life is actually KON! Toki was around too! Fucking HELL and HOLY SHIT!!

Wow, I never thought that I would managed to complete Cheburashka Arere. It was cute I guess. I still don't get what the hell does that numbers at the top left of the screen means.

I was in a bad mood since morning. I am so glad I watched episode 2 of Arakawa Under the Bridge. It has the same effect as Gintama. EPIC.

Tuesday, April 13

Remember last week when we all thought that the leprechaun was the one behind the murders in Arago? Well, I retracted my statement. His stuff was stolen and the dude who stole it was the one behind the crime. Arago managed to capture the leprechaun and brought him back to his apartment where he got the lead on the murderer, thanks to the leprechaun. Just as he was about to head out, Rio dragged him to Joe's office where they found a file on Ewan. Apparently Joe has been hunting down Patchman. dum dum dum...

Episode 2 of Hakuouki - Shinsengumi Kitan: Sannan started to drift apart because of his wounded arm and Chizuru managed to convinced Hajime and Okita to take her during their patrol so she can search for her father. Like I predicted she caused trouble and Okita was blamed. But at least they got the spy and found out that they plan to burn the city of Kyoto and kidnap the emperor. Without wasting any time, they assembled their men. Sannan misread the situation and sent them to two different places which forced the Kondou team to attacked without backup. Chizuru was sent to relay the message to Hijikata as Sannan was alone at the headquarters. There is a possibility that the Shinsengumi HQ will be attacked since it is undefended atm. No blood but the episode is interesting enough to keep me at the edge of my seat.

The OP for Giant Killing imo is so appropriate with the theme of the show. In episode 2, they continue from where they left off in episode 1. Tatsumi is betting that the substitutes will beat the regulars. Glad to report that the production team really put their efforts in the animation during the match. It was awesome. And obviously Tatsumi's team won because of the strategies he used. The ex-regulars' prides were wounded, especially Murakoshi's because Tatsumi removed him from captaincy. Ouch. I gotta hand it to Tatsumi though. He takes everything in a stride, pissing people off as he did so. I am really liking this guy atm ^w^

Wednesday, April 14

Sex Pistols is awesome. Well yaoi in general is awesome except for Junjou Romantica. That one pissed me off.

Watching Sex Pistols makes me want to read Sex Therapist. Yeah, you guessed it. It's another yaoi smut. Fuck, I love the last chapter. Ah I wish I could get my own sex therapist ^^

Thursday, April 15

Yosh, third season of Hetalia World Series!

Naruto chapter 491: Naruto was made to swallow the frog. Euw, couldn't they think of a better method to install it? After that the Raikage had another meeting. Heh, Gaara is so awesome during the meeting. Anyway they have decided to send Naruto away. Big mistake I think because he'll be with that rapper which mean Kisame will be around too? Failed.

I want to fucking kill Kubo after I read chapter 400 of Bleach.

Working!! episode 2: Hehe, it is fun watching Inami coping with her androphobic. Takanashi isn't helping much with the situation since he kinda have a dislike with anyone that's over 12 years old. Match made in heaven? Hardly as Takanashi becomes Inami's punching bag. Where else, we learned that Yachiyo is gay for Kyoko, the manager. I really don't get why people (read: Glo) is hating this show. It's pretty funneh.

In episode 2 of Ookiku Furikabutte ~Natsu no Takai hen~, the parents are recording the game at other stadiums so that the team can learn and observe their opponents. They also did a little back story on Momoe, something that I've been wondering for quite a while. Besides that, it was all about the game that they are watching, and their strategy for their upcoming game. I have fun, especially watching the interactions between the guys and I gotta see Tajima almost buttnaked self! He is made full of win ^^

I don't understand how people managed to see Yui as someone adorable. She's just fucking annoying, Sleeping in class? I would knocked her head with an iron ruler. She's dumb anyway. K-ON!! mission in episode 2 is to clean up the storage room. The only reason I can tolerate this shit is because of Ritsu.

I have finally succumbed to temptation. I decided that I can't hold it any longer and chose to see the LQ version of The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya. I'm so glad that I am a fan of the show. The movie was beyond awesome. I want MOAR. Oh and the ED... it's addictive.

Saturday, April 17

We gotta see Yuki's parent in the Bonus Night chapter of Vampire Knight. Them and her step-dad's younger days as a vampire hunter. But most importantly, we gotta see Zero and his twin brother as they were little.

Yeah, it was obvious now that Feather has feelings for Minamoto. It was strongly implied in chapter 212 of Zettai Karen Children. That disgusts me. Since they managed to find the rare metal, BABEL is trying to find a body that Feather can use so they interrogate her. Before any progress can be made, the Children were sent out on a mission. This time they are fighting the toy soldier. I got a feeling that their opponent would be pretty useful with finding Feather a body...

I'm picking up a shounen gender bender manga called Prunus Girl because I am hoping that they will have the yaoi theme at one point. It already has incest and yuri. Heh \^_^/


Many things to say:

1) You're comment has made me write another post about Working!!, but not the kind you would expect, my post is actually going to be filled with praise, considering that the show has something that I consider the best of the season. I don't really hate Working, but there are things....well, I'll explain it all in the post, which is behind about 700 other posts that I decided to write last night, so it should be out sometime in 2012.

2) Don't bash on someone for sleeping in class, it's one of my favorite past times. Well, since it's a K-On character, it's okay. I hate Yui and hope she dies, and that's why I am not watching this season. God the show is so stupid.

3) Crap. I really want to see that Haruhi movie. But I refuse to watch a camera rip. Especially one that's OFF BALANCE.

1) That respond is made of win. It has me rofl. Ah you have got the magic touch Glo.

2)It's ok if you sleep in class Glo. You're a genius. Yui on the other hand is a moron.

3)LOL yeah, it's off balance. Kinda explained how tempted I was to sit through the whole 2 and a half hour watching it. It was worth it though. I wet my pantsu. Totally ^_^

and is so in the horny mode for Kyon ever since :3

I herd that haruhi movie sucked balls.

I'm a fan, so I'll be biased as fuck and said that it was freaking awesome.

I still can't find anywhere that has the Soul Eater update...is sad. =(

Mangafox and Onemanga. Unless they took it down because of licensing shit =\

Yes ma'am. They're all gone because somebody's not making money somewhere and it's making everybody sad.

Holy fuck. No more Soul Eater? What the fucking fuck is this fucking shit?! >=(

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