06 February 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, February 2012

Wednesday, February 1

First day of the month and it won't feel right if I didn't pick up any yaoi so I did. Mousou Electricity is about two high school boys. Fumi confessed to his best friend, Yamana, that he is gay but seemingly has no interest towards that best friend of his. Yamana starts to have these strayed thoughts about Fumi and obviously he didn't understand his confusion at first, especially when he found out that Fumi's boyfriend is the student council who is not that much different from him. As expected it was him that Fumi's in love with but Yamana is just too dense to notice it. Eventually all is put right. For some reason, I like the chibi version of the characters more than their character designs. Having said that, the characters are please to look at especially Yamana. As for Fumi, I think the mangaka drew him to be such an emo that he quickly becomes a bore for me. Don't worry though because this yaoi is really entertaining because you don't get your usual uke. This one is a tough, comedic guy that just makes me fall for him from the get go. I can't wait for the updates!

that's a good grinding, if I may say so myself


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