07 November 2009

Diary of a tard - week 1, November '09

Sunday, November 1

Dudes and dudettes, check out the new release manga on OM, Shut Hell or also known Shutohero manga. It is EPIC CARNAGE!! I kid you not. I just could not help myself but pick this series up. The story took place during the Mongol vs Tangut war which is something different in itself. The main character is a female whose name is SHUT HELL (how fucking cool is that? Now I know what my daughter's name will be. My son will be named FUCK HER :3) and is merciless when it comes to kill. Her companion is the prince Yurul who is actually the son of her enemy. It fascinates me to see the journey of the once weak "lil sparrow" to be known as Shut Hell. Yurul too is an has an amazing characteristic that makes him oh so charming. There is a twist though. The female reincarnate into a male boy who is reliving the live of Shut Hell all over again. Time travel? Gender bender? Carnage? This series got it all.

chick with skillz is the smex @_@

Wednesday, November 4

OMG I haven't watch a single episode of anime since last Thursday!! WTF?!!

Anyway, fortunately enough I can't missed Bleach episode no matter how busy I am and in this week episode we fucking get Kenpachi vs Byakuya!! w00t!!!

I discovered that Uihara absolutely should go gay on Kuroko after I watch episode 5 of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun.

I should be bothered with this scene but I wasn't. THAT bothers me r__r

I went to watch 500 Days of Summer afterwards. It was fascinating.

Thursday, November 5

More Shut Hell. She killed with a hammer dude. She enjoyed it too! That is freaking amazing. Or scary depending on your interpretation. And I think Yurul is super cute. His seemingly naive personality just makes him even more charming.

D.Gray Man chapter 88 was out last Sunday but I was too busy to read it. So they tell us how they make the third exorcist, the artificial disciple. I so want to know what's the relation between Alma and Kanda and when I found out the Order let them fight to the death I was naturally disgusted. And OMG the Earl has got a hold on Kanda? When the fuck did that happened?! Gah, the manga has taken such a long hiatus that I forgot of what was going on. Shit. I hate this feelings.


Hahaha I love my manga read. Most of them are carnage. Drifters chapter 7 is made of cruelty and carnage as well. Epic!


Riful is cornered by Alicia in Claymore chapter 97 and is in deep shit but before Alicia can finishes her off, something happened: Priscilla appeared and seems to be back to "normal" again. That's about it. It sucks analog stick.

OMG... I have yet again succumbed to temptation. I picked up another josei manga called di(e)ce. Review will be up soon!


Finally Kouru and Minamoto get the chance to be alone in Zettai Karen Children chapter 193. But wait who am I kidding. As if Aoi and Shiho would let that happened. However before Aoi and Shiho ruined the mood, Minamoto has told Kouro that he has been feeling guilty towards the Children because he could not stop himself from thinking about Feather. I can't wait to see what this confession will transpire.

Friday, November 6

I don't know exactly how I should feel after I read Naruto chapter 470. Sakura is going to screw things up if she proceeds with her plan. I feel sorry for Naruto. Obviously he hasn't gotten over Sakura yet despite the epic confession from Hinata so to know that Sakura was lying to him straight in the face like that... Urgh that gotta hurt, man. I'm sorry but I'm not interested in KillerBee vs Kisame. Next!!

I lol'd when Saya smirked and said her serve will pierce the heaven in Bamboo Blade chapter 86. TTGL reference FTW! Anyway Saya complains that she's not good enough in kendou and the coach suggested Saya to learn Joudan from Tama. At the end of the chapter, the TV people came and so the Bani-arc begins.

Switch chapter 14 saw Etou helping out the psycho mom who have been making prank calls to the police station. We also saw Ibu's character starting to develop. Nice.

Saturday, November 7

Fujiko went to Impalahen Kingdom to seek the help of Masara-chan about the rare metal in earrings in chapter 194 of Zettai Karen Children. On her way back, she met Hyoubu who had sent some of his men to the school as transfer student. I like where this is going. I always like Hyoubu so whenever he's involved, I get excited XD


Oi shit, I'm so gonna check out Shut Hell now!

Also, you have the greatest names for kids ever.

Heh, I know... people are envious of me when I told them what my babies name are XP

Drifters looks pretty awesome.

yep, Drifter is definitely awesome :D

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