05 February 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 1, February 2011

Sunday, January 30

I decided to pick anime at random and somehow I ended up with K-ON!! Whatever. Might as well. Episode 12: It's the summer. Yui suggested training camp and everyone agreed except for Mio but majority wins. They decided to go to the Summer Festival in the mountain. This is the first time that I feel the show is really about music. It's good to see the girls got excited at the festival. The ending was shit though. There's no way After School Tea Time is better than the pros. Not at their level >>

Not really in the mood for Kore wa Zombie desu ka but since today is the letter "K" day, I don't have much of a choice. Besides, I know I enjoyed the first episode because of the random goodness. Episode 2: Seraphim made her debut. The fight between her and Aikawa was pretty nice. Now she'll be living in his house too. We also got to see how Aikawa first met Yuu. The shit was pretty funny especially when he started breakdancing. It was the same night that he got killed while he tried to save someone. Yuu seems to have taken a liking with Aikawa. She even slapped Haruna when she jokingly said "go die!" to Aikawa . Btw, why is Haruna walking around flashing her pantsu? and the art style reminds me of Angel Beats!

Wednesday, February 2

Catching up on Fractale but only on episode 3: instead of getting frustrated with the situation they are in, Clain was excited because Enri brought him and Nessa to a place he has never been to before. Enri's plan has obviously backfired. Apparently people like Enri can't see doppel so they have to wear special goggle to see Nessa. If they don't like her, they can't touch her. Enri brought them to her brother. They are anti-Fractale, terrorist according to Clain, and called themselves the Lost Millenium. All they want is Nessa really because they assumed she has all the data regarding doppel, which they want to eliminate completely together with the Fractale System. They challenged Clain's view on freedom. Even though they are hostages, the Granitz villagers are still so nice to them. They even brought Clain to crash on the Star Festival organized by the Temple where Clain learned that the purpose of the festival is to brainwash everyone. They interrupted the ritual but found two Nessa. Some were killed including Butcher. It was serious shit until Phryne showed up.

Sunda reminds me of Kittan ^_^

Thursday, February 3

Happy Birthday KyuHyun oppa ♥

Level E episode 4: Gotta love the set up they created at the early part of the episode. That was some serious business there and I noticed the different style of art is present too. Man, I'm really liking this show so far. Four guys saw a man devour their classmate. They investigated and one of them disappeared the next day and the day afrer. So they seek help from a dubious doctor but he did his job. They found out the culprit is from the planet Conwell where the men eat the women they love to produce a child of their own. Pretty thrilling stuff if I might say so. And guess what, this whole story is fabricated by Ki. Oh man, I've been trolled twice today. First with Kubo and now this. But I don't mind this one though because it's good XD

Saturday, February 5

On to Fractale episode 4: Lost Millenium plan changed when Phryne appeared. Now they want to kidnap her as well since she's the 'key to the world'. Big mistake since now the Temple is going to suppress the Granitz family. So now they are going away because they don't want to trouble the other villagers. Before they could, the Temple has attacked the village. Phryne escaped only to be saved by the Granitz family yet again, same with Clain who tried the same thing. Even after all he has witness, the stupid Clain thinks that the Lost Millenium are the bad guys. He even left Nessa behind since she doesn't like Phryne much. I wonder why...

The Granitz family picture

I think I just came ^_^


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