28 November 2009

Diary of a tard - week 4, November '09

Sunday, November 22

Kuroshitsuji OVA wasn't bad but it wasn't good either =\

To Aru Kagaku no Railgun episode 8 is about Level Upper but pfft forget about that. There is something that bugging me for quite sometime. When I saw Misaka and Saten spoon fed each other, it kinda pop in my head and I knew I just had to address it. Was it such a big deal when you used your spoon/straw/whatever to spoon fed others, or used their spoon/straw/whatever to fed yourself? I mean, I do it all the time with my friends and none of them has vagina. Does that mean I've been exchanging indirect kiss for as long as I can remember? I guess Japanese people really paid attention to this kind of stuff eh? Glad that we we didn't.

LOL i really have to give it to the Gintama guys for making all the shitty songs so catchy. Anyway Otsu's new single was set to be released in episode 124 but Tsunpo was injured from the last arc (he's Otsu's songwriter LOL) so she has to make her own song, which she can't. In the end everyone pitched in. It turned out to be a song full of BLEEP!!! LMAO XD

LOL fucking WHAT? lmao ^O^

Something is definitely wrong with me. Michael just ordered Pahel to crush Genesis' head in chapter 124 of Ares and yet my heart still goes dokidoki for him. I know I'm a sadistic bastard but this surprise even myself...

Yay, I have caught up with Chrome Shelled Regios: Missing Mail. Now if only they weren't so irregular with their update. In chapter 10, Layfon is being a dick while the city is under attack by the giant bugs but quickly changed his mind after he read Leerin's letter. Gay >_>

Monday, November 23

Meh Sara admitted that she killed Ouri in chapter 56 of Vampire Knight. I've seen that coming since forever. She's on a power trip. The rest of the chapter were boring shits with everyone sucking up to Yuuki and Kaname. FUCKING YUCK!!

Tuesday, November 24

Wait... Ranmao is Lau's sister? WTF... anyway Mr. Siemen was found dead, and like what was stated in last chapter, Wordsmith is the one who is going to write what has occurred at the party in chapter 39 of Kuroshitsuji. I can tell that this is going to be one messy ride.

Wednesday, November 25

Bleach episode 247 has a BAM moment. I'm so happy that the plot took an unexpected twist!

Picked up a new manga: Tiji-kun! It was about an elusive boy named Tiji who can knocked down a guy in less than a second only using his fist. Azakawa (a total retard at school) and Motobu were given the responsibility to find Tiji-kun so the student of their school can get some peace. I suspected that Azakawa IS Tiji-kun and guess what, I was absolutely right!! *squirts* @_@

Another manga that I picked up is God Eater, or G.E. They are the warriors (team of four people) with Jinko to defeat the Aragami. Silva apparently is the strongest and the wildest of the G.E. It's a cross of sci-fi and shounen so everything is done over the top.

Thursday, November 26

Finally the last of my work is done for the holidays!

I can't see a new shounen/seinen manga, I just have to check it out. Emerging is another seinen manga that I picked up. It's about a unknown pathogen virus which caused the victims to bloated and exploded, spraying infected blood everywhere. It was HIV, H1N1 and deadliest plague all wrapped up into one. It was a pretty sick and real. This is why I like seinen. What I don't like however is the fact that MAL said it was only consists 7 chapters when in fact it is an ongoing manga. I'm going to correct that.

Zettai Karen Children chapter 197: B.A.B.E.L was still worried about the P.A.N.D.R.A children so they were being extra vigilant towards them. However, Phantom didn't want them near the children so she tried to control them so they'll create a ruckus. Unfortunately for her, Kaoru's power are protecting the children.

Naruto chapter 473 was out early again this week. I was expecting Bee to use Samehada but instead his brother Raikage and his two disciples came to his rescue. I must admit that their entrance was kinda cool. I guess this was the end of Kisame. I didn't expected him to be decapitated though =\

And WTF Sai?! Naruto belongs to Hina-chan!

Catching up to Keroro Gunsou. Still only at episode 66 though where Giroro was making a fool of himself because of his love for Natsumi.

Found another new manga to read. This time it's comedy with a bit of romance: Yandere Kanojo. You can pretty much tell that the lead girl is a tsundere... my kind of girl. I like it because it used the 4koma format thus making it different. It consist of short stories and the comedy was funneh.

Reina is so me, it;s hilarious XD

I have decided to watch the ONA Petit Eva ~Evangelion@School~. Each episode is only 1 to 3 minutes long and so far there are only 15 out of 24 episodes out. It was cute and funny at times but nothing special.

Friday, November 28

It's a public holiday: EID Mubarak and thanksgiving. Thus I have little time for anime or manga today. However I made sure I catch up on one series. I wet my pantsu at the prospect of seeing Gin with a vaizard mask on. Gah I love Bleach! XD

Saturday, November 29

Cheburashka Arere episode 7 is about doughnuts. Talk about random... >_>

Lag met Sylvette Suede for the first time in Letter Bee episode 8. Fuck shit Gauche is missing?! Where the hell did he go to?! I don't believe even for a second that he's dead. I think he found out something in Akatsuki which made his believe and faith in Bee disappeared. And I know that Lag will be looking for him now. So I'm rest assured. But I still missed him. I think I'm going to read the manga now. Initially I want to put the manga on hold until the anime is over but I don't think I can wait any longer. I know people are annoyed at Lag because he's a fucking crybaby. Normally I would to but I can forgive Lag. He brings the heart in this anime ^^


I didn't think that Home Alone 2 was that bad.

Coincidentally, I watched the first Home Alone during Thanksgiving, and it kicked serious ass.

Home Alone 1 and 2 weren't bad at all. I enjoyed both. Home Alone 3 however was an abomination.

"Naruto belongs to Hina-chan!"

Have we finally found an agreement on a canon pair?

It appeared to be so, Yi *nods*

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