14 March 2010

Diary of a tard - week 2, March '10

Monday, March 8

What the fuck is wrong with me. I started off my diary of the week with a hentai? Jeebus *shakes my head*

But holy shit. This is the best part. I have never seen good hentai before. This one is definitely it. I can't believe I'm complimenting a hentai animation either but you gotta give credit when it's due, ne?

Wednesday, March 9

di(e)ce chapter 9 and 10: Everything that proves Kazuki/Haruki exists has been erased. And then I got totally lost because I can't remember the characters name or differentiate them. But this is why I start making the diaries. It helped me refresh things. In the last chapter, Kanzaki was kidnapped. When he woke up he was in handcuff with Kazuki. The "maker" threatened to kill Kanzaki's mother while Kazuki ended up at the amusement park for another game of di(e)ce because of a promise he made to Haruki. Since Kazuki already knows the game, he didn't waste any time to get it done and over with. This time they have to unlock Kanzaki's memory in order to find his mother.

Chapter 10 of Otoyomegatari: Mr. Smith got a letter from his family. Looks like the culture adores their guests as everyone was uber excited when they saw the postman. Their culture also says that you have to prepare the trousseau if you want to get your daughter married to someone. Trousseau is a large amount of linen that they'll embroidery with all sorts of patterns as dowry.

Thursday, March 11

Tsk. Tobi and Zetsu interfered the fight in Naruto chapter 486. Phailed. So they decided to drag this drama a little more longer. Here, lemme sums it up for you. Not that it's anything new since they have been repeating the same shit over and over again


Kurenai chapter 28: Holy shit, Guillotine changed side and WTF I'm pissed. It takes Murasaki to open Kurenai's eyes and tell him he's not weak? Jeebus! I starting not to like this series anymore. Pedo is just gross.

Saturday, March 13

Holy fuck, my entry for this diary keeps getting shorter every week. I don't like this at all but work has been raping me in the ass because I like it too much.

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