02 January 2011

Diary of a tard - Week 5, December 2010

Sunday, December 26

Chapter 39 of Hyakko: It's all about Ayami. We get to know more about her from Konomi and Ayumi POV. She doesn't have that many friends back in elementary school simply because the other girls were jealous of her and she was clueless about it. Konomi no longer go to the same school as Ayumi though. One day she received an invitation from Ayami to go to the Shion Festival at her school. She decided to go with Maiko and that's that. So we will see some reunion in the next chapter. I can't wait!

Star Driver episode 12: The Glittering Crux needs Takuto's libido for one of their cybody. This should be fun, right? Obviously everyone will try to get in his pantsu now. The first to try was Watanabe. Finally she's up for the fight and what a fucking worthy opponent. Fist fight is the best after all. Reminded me of Fight Club, really. On the other hand, OH SHIT Sugata and Head! I have got a feeling that Sugata/Samekh will fall into his hand which mean Takuto/Tauburn is fucked up.

Damn you, Watanabe

Ko's dad sent someone to investigate Nino in episode 6 of Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge. Then the Mayor came to the rescue just like he did in season 1. There's no proved yet that he's the mayor but I recognized the voice. So Nino was contacted my her parents and had to leave the river bank. She asked Ko to join her. Ko of course couldn't possibly took her seriously. Even if he did think about marriage, he didn't realized that Nino opened her arms for everyone to come and join her. Anyway, this is the first time I see Nino expressing her joy by punching people. Win. Also, I think the mangaka has Nino's secret in his stalker diary. He's not even kidding about the scuba dive.

I’ve decided to semi marathon Durarara so tonight I’m watching episode 10-12 and boy it was a fucking ride. Never did I expect that Ryuugamine Mikado is the founder of Dollars. That was just… holy shit. And then the girl with Yagiri is actually Hajima. She’s not dead yet. She just had plastic surgery by Shinra and made her looked like Selty. The headless Selty obviously knows that Shinra knew where her head is all these years and confronted him. I was initially afraid for him but the confrontation turned to love confession on both side. Isn’t it nice to have that kinda of love that defies the reality and common boundaries? I want my love to be like that if not that of Mikiya and Shiki. I have decided that my favorite characters from this show so far are Izaya, Kida and Shinra :3

Seikimatsu Occult Academy episode 8: Maya and Ami was in the middle of making up when a motherfucking ugliest chupacabra ever showed up and took Ami away while drinking her blood. The rest of the episode turned to a ghost buster event. Even Abe impressed me in this one. Somehow this has to do with the vice principal. I was thinking where has she run off too actually.

Monday, December 27

Another episode of Seikimatsu Occult Academy. The vice principal has some serious gift. She could summon the dead. Instead of summoning the former principal, she summoned Akari, a little girl. After the class, the girl still lingered. Apparently she’s a poltergeist. She frozen to death so Maya and the guys are helping her out.

To Aru Majutsu no Index II episode 5: The bitches with pen in their ears are fucking crazy but that didn’t stop the good guys from kicking their asses. Apparently even Ursula didn’t know how to decipher the magic book. She has been deceived all along into believing that she can. Pathetic. The fight between Touma and that flat-chest commander was entertaining at least. As usual he over exerted himself and got himself admitted to the hospital again.

Episode 4 of Togainu no Chi: There are really nothing interesting in this episode. Rin sharing his food, Shiki out on a night hunt, Rin attempting to rape Akira… you know the usual boring stuff. Except the part were Akira is fighting Shiki for the first time. I had a b0nar.

kissu kissu kissu!

Who knows when was the last time I read Zettai Karen Children. Catching up to the manga now. Hyobu did all that to Yuri so that she'll be free from Black Phantom. I couldn't help but love him when he pent out his frustration Minamoto. In the new arc, I'm glad that the kids are beginning to take the idea of dating and kiss seriously. It will just make things more interesting. But that's not all, now the Children will involve with the negotiation between Japan and the fag's country. So Sakaki and Minamoto went a date with Mamiji to get to know Muscle weakness. In the middle of it, Feather interrupted them and kidnapped Minamoto. She brought him to tsubomi’s room with huge bed. I know where this is going and it piss me off. Served Minamoto right though. He’ll be in a lot of hell next week. Just when he kissed Feather, Kaoru jumped in. Phailed.

Tuesday, December 28

Otome Youkai Zakuro final episode: Daidai is dead. Served her right for helping the spider bitch. I facepalmed when they couldn't harm the bitch even with their numbers. With just three words Agemaki managed to pull Zakuro back to life. Reminds me of Disney's movies really. And thus she saved the day. What happened to all the stupid vows to protect her? They ended up getting the protection. Again. The village is in ruined but Omodaka decided to stay with the dead mother but not really. AA MOAR DAKKA!!! Now with Hanadate/AA MOAR DAKKA gone, the soldiers have been relieved of their duty with the half spirits. Naturally the parting will leave everyone upset but it made for a decent final episode. I can't complain much when it comes to Agemaki and Zakuro so yeah. That's the end of it (though the soldiers were back in no time). Final verdict? I was spot on so the score remained 8.5/10 :)


The best part of the whole episode

Episode 10 of Seikimatsu Occult Academy: Maya is still bothered about Akira and tried her best to help the kid. She went to Akira's dad again and this time got to hear what really happened. Apparently Akira was waiting for Santa out in the cold. That's how she ended up frozen to death. I told you Santa is evil. So they organized a Christmas party in Summer and her dad showed up as Santa. Problem solved. On the other hand, just as Abe/Mikaze was about to confess their love, the vice principal showed up but in the end both lost to Maya as Abe started to develop feelings for her as well. This is the first time I think Maya made herself vulnerable in front of Abe. Also she doesn't hate anymore now.

Wednesday, December 29

I have decided to complete Seikimatsu Occult Academy tonight. Better do it now while the story is engaging than later when I have lost interest. Watching episode 11, I had this sudden feeling that Mikaze might turn out to be some evil chick the way she's forcing herself on Abe. I mean, that was seriously a wet kiss. Also the VC might be looking out for Maya all along. And whaddaya know bingo! I was right, as usual >> The bicth was a black mage and the VC the white mage. The bitch is planning to kill Maya and Abe, being a horny SOB that he is agreed to help. Well kinda. More like he was brain-washed. I felt sorry for the VC when the bitch killed her. Maya and Abe managed to seal the bitch away in episode 12. Unfortunately though the future doesn't changed. Episode 13 revealed that everything actually depends on Abe himself. The meeting of the future him and the smaller him is the Nostradamus Key. Oh shit. He pretty much sacrificed his future for the sake of the world. Maya ended up taking care of little Abe after that. I want to see them badly towards the end of the episode though but alas. Anyhoo, that was an amazing character development for Abe not to mention some serious animation going on. I just love A1-Pictures. Final verdict: It started at 9 and will end at 9 :3

wet kiss indeed >=3

LOL at Kozue :DD

Di[e]ce chapter 11: They were riding the merry go round and Naoto definitely remember something when he saw his mother arguing with himself. He refused to tell Kazuki about it at first but after he confessed that he like him, he opened up. Now he got another clue. Off to the Ferris wheel they go. Naoto thought that he has found his mother then but Kazuki got a feeling something is not right. They ended the chapter with a cliffhanger.

BL moment alert :D

Next on the agenda is catching up Karneval. Chapter 25: Hirato had a conversation with Akari about the case from last chapter. Just as planned, the second ship where Yogi, Gareki, Jiki and Nai are will be going to Vantnam and joined with Hirato. They took the opportunity to go shopping but ended up getting hired as guards for a brat named Yanari. I think at one point Yogi wants to confess his feelings towards Gareki but got interrupted. Hmm... In chapter 27, Hirato and Tsukumo went to a meeting to investigate some shady business. It just so happened that Yanari is the son of the company that's hiring them. Hirato had to play along and manhandled Gareki. If you asked me, he just wanted an excuse to do that XD


Here's a question....how may episodes long is Kuragehime going to be? Is 11 the last one? It better not be. If it is there better be another season. God what a fantastic show.

This reminds me. I have to catch up on Arakawa Bridgex2 and Occult Academy.

I haven't watch the last episode Kuragehime yet but from everyone reaction, I think it is only logical to have a second season it if was that bad =\

Thanks Yi. That reminds me that I need to catch up on... the gizzillion anime I have on hold. orz

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