28 November 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, November 2010

Monday, November 22

I'm bored and a tad depressed so I guess it's time to use my ultimate weapon: Gintama. Episode 134 - Gin is also possessed by stands. I love it when a random unrelated character was the one who helped him defeated the ugly lady bossu. This is why Gintama is effing awesome. Alright that concludes that small arc.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt episode 8: So they decided to parody HOTD this time around only that instead of school they are stuck at a police station. I am thoroughly disturbed by the male genitalia on that zombie cat. Oh wait, that was just it's guts hanging out. Ah fuck this show has further corrupted my mind! I lol'd when Stocking got carried away killing the cat. You motherfucker! Oh well, weapons of choice the first half of this episode are from sex toy shop so use your imagination and somehow everyone including Panty, Stocking and the devil sisters turned to zombie and ate Garterbelt. Doesn't make a fucking sense. The later half of the episode was dedicated to Tom Croose.

Tuesday, November 23

OreImo episode 7 really pissed me off. Kirino can't be more obvious!

I can't wait to get home so that I can watch Otome Youkai Zakuro episode 8. Yes, I repeat that this show is freaking sweet. Looks like they swapped partners in this episode. Hotaru and Agemaki were put to sleep by the mysterious evil people in order to trap Zakuro. Unfortunately fox faced Kushimatsu locked Zakuro so she will not be part of the rescue mission. Surprisingly Riken illegally let her out. For the first time we get to see the evil half spirits. They are not even half of what Zakuro is. Apparently Black Widow is still alive and she's the one who sent these two sisters of half spirit after Zakuro. When they were both hurts, she came to their rescue. Zakuro didn't have time to go after her because she needed to save Agemaki and Hotaru who were trapped in a cellar with the flood coming on. Well, the ending definitely makes me all warm and fuzzy especially when Agemaki hugs Zakuro from behind. Speaking of which, my colleague gave me a random hug from behind this morning. I'm not into skinship much so obviously I was dumbfounded. I think he has lost his marbles.


Gintama episode 135: Parody of famous shounen anime/manga - One Park, Paishield, Ironically the manga Gintaman are not doing so well in JUMP. The editor accidentally met Gin in the train and asked his opinion how to make Gintaman no.1 in JUMP. So we have all these ideas get thrown around by gorrilla, man with no pantsu and a shortie. We even have mecha.

Time for slutty sex. Yosuga no Sora episode 7: So... I'm having a cold feet already. LMAO. Anyway, we get to see what was going on at the end of the first episode when Sora asked Haru to measure her. But I already know that this show isn't about Sora. It's about that slutty girl next door who forced herself on Haru. Yes, that lucky bastard got to taste all them pussies. He might seems like he doesn't like it but that was only his pretense. Such cunning. He wasn't even hit puberty yet FFS! LOL so he lost his virginity to this slut? No wonder he turned out the way he is. Jeebus. My guess is Sora kinda saw the whole raep thingy which is why she hates Nao so much. I don't blame her though.


Star Driver just fucking blew my mind away.

Wednesday, November 24

Continuing from last episode, The World God Only Knows episode 6 was about Kanon insecurities. Keima quickly understands the situation when she became invincible. She's really an intention whore. She depends on Keima to make her feel like she's somebody yet she's still not sure of herself. I am not happy that they will continue this in the next episode. I'm bored as hell.

Ore no Imouto episode 8 was less annoying compared to the last episode but Kirino still pissed me off.

Thursday, November 25

Colored spread in Bleach chapter 428!


Yosuga no Sora... Wow, it goes all out.

Urgh it did. It gets worse in episode 8. I really can't stand big boobs slut >>

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