22 January 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 3, January 2012

Monday, January 16

Kill Me Baby episode 2: (1) Yasuna kept pastering Sonya to teach her martial arts move so she can countered them the next time Sonya has her head in a headlock. Sonya just made Yasuna even more of a fool then. (2) Yasuna brought a nun-chuck just so Sonya could hit herself with it. Fat chance that it's going to happen. (3) There was a bear at the park. Sonya ran away so Yasuna has to deal with it herself. At last, she accidentally fell on top of the bear's head and knocked it unconscious. (4) They ended up playing hide-and-seek at the park so naturally Yasuna hide but Sonya didn't bother to seek her.

Tuesday, January 17

Episode 2 of Another really creep me out. Those BGM managed to scare me a few times, especially during the hospital and the doll shop scenes. Kouichi classmates still haven't said anything about Class 3 but he keeps seeing Misaki, and as if possessed, always followed her. He even met with the nurse to check whether a girl died and she confirmed it later that a high school girl did die and her name is Misaki. If I was him, I would probably head home but Kouichi went into this very suspicious looking doll shop called Studio M where he met Misaki. He acted like he didn't know that she's dead, or maybe he thought Mei and Misaki are two different girls. Anyhoo, just before the episode ends, Misaki tempted Kouichi and she showed him what's underneath the eye patch that she's wearing. To be continued.

Madoka's mecha or Ovid (Vox Aura) changed color in episode 2 of Rinne no Lagrange. It is definitely looks cooler than before. Anyway, Izo set out to save Array since his Ovid didn't respond. Izo is supposedly the best pilot for the bishies people. Madoka was forced to fight him too and since she was pressured by the expectation, she didn't pilot it well enough like she did the first time. That is until her sister put some sense back into her. At the end of the episode, she has to face Kirius too, who came to fight with his comrades. Dare I say it that this show is a tad more interesting now...

she's growing on me
(c) Nilitsu


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