04 December 2010

Diary of a tard: Week 1, December 2010

Monday, November 29

It is always best to start the week with an awesome anime. I'm starting this week with Kuragehime.

Yosuga no Sora episode 8: Not really looking forward to see the tramp Nao but I have to get over this episode so I won't missed anything when I see the rest of the episodes because they are dedicated to Sora. Yosh finally! Anyway, what's the deal with Haru. With any other sluts he didn't bother to tell Sora about him whoring them so why Nao special? Oh right, Sora did saw Nao raped the underage Haru. Nothing much going on except Sora's hate for Nao multiplying and Nao being a slut. I lol'd when Sora walked in them fucking each other. That was traumatizing though. Shit. Nao needs to fucking stop like she's the fucking victim or I WILL CUT OFF HARU's DICK. Halfway through, I couldn't stand this episode so I fast forwarded it >>

yes, because she's a slutty whore

Tuesday, November 30

I almost missed this if it wasn't for Chester. Bleach special chapter dedicated for the Hell Arc.

Zakuro tastes milk for the first time in her life in episode 9 of Otome Youkai Zakuro. Btw, Riken got a three months paid cut because of what he did in the last episode. Since then Riken and Zakuro have become quite close. Hotaru was obviously jealous of the development. She posed the same question to Agemaki which left him pondering. Maybe he won't be jealous if it's Riken but what about Hanadate who coincidentally came by the place? He came because of a mission. The women are playing kokkuri, a romantic game that called forth a peculiar spirit. Since they themselves are curious about the game, they tried it out. As predicted something went wrong and the spirit escaped. One way to defeat it is for two people to fall in love. Guess what, Hanadate volunteered and confessed that he loves Zakuro. SCORE BABY!! To seal the deal, Zakuro has to confessed to but we all know she loves Amegaki. Amegaki doesn't know about this though so obviously he gets jealous. My heart goes out to him. The end of the episode made me went HOLY FUCK twice. Hanadate was with the Black Widow. I knew he was cunning. I said so in episode 2.

I know you, Hanadate ♥

First half of episode 9 of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt was dedicated to them girls in swimsuits. Another stupid shit. I didn't enjoy it at all. The jokes are getting old for me. In second half of the episode, Stocking grossed me out with her taste in men. Oh wait, I forgot that Stocking is a masochist.

> my face when

Wednesday, December 1

Star Driver episode 9 is all about BL.

Thursday, December 2

Well, I guess it's best to get it done and over with. Yosuga no Sora episode 9: Okay... it just pissed me off so much that Haru can't even get the ball from the ocean without killing himself. How fucking weak is he? Then everyone made a big deal about the CPR. It was just CPR you fucktard, not sex! Nao can stop pretending like a lady when she is in fact the biggest whore-slut in the show. At least the maid is all out with it. How the fuck can she still asked Haru what was wrong with Sora. Get a fucking brain you slutty fucker. I applaud Sora for gone missing but thanks to Kurogane I knew Nao will be the one who find her first and somehow got accepted because she saved the bunny. Yes, I'm fucking mad. Nao fucking disgusts me. Why can't the lightning strikes her instead.

Yes, be fucking mad Sora!

Friday, December 3

We have another new unnamed character in Bleach chapter 429.

For a moment, we gotta see the flashback of Kanon's old group in episode 7 of The World God Only Knows. They are just like I expected. Crappy. Kanon got nervous before the show thus became invincible. Since Keima knows what's going on, he will find her, no problem at all. All she needs is her confidence back. And soon she will fall in love with Keima. Case solved. Got to admit the song she sang for Keima was kinda good. By the way, is it just me or the make up guy for Kanon looks so much like Kyon?


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