11 September 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 2, September 2011

Tuesday, September 6

Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Ni! episode 7: Third and fourth nights of the school trip and they still haven't made progress with the women's bath or catching the culprit but they did get more supports from the boys from class A, B an C thanks to the pictures Voyeur took. Thus the battle got more intense than ever and finally came to a conclusion. The culprit was Shimizu, the lesbian who is in love with Minami. The also managed to infiltrate the women's bath but only the old principal was around. All 149 boys were suspended for a week.

literally, please :D

Yuuji is hot when he lets his hair down :3

It's the pool episode for Morita-san wa Mukuchi episode 9. Mayu is a good swimmer. She can hold her breath for quite a long time and the others thought it was possible because she doesn't talk much. While the girls at the pool, the boys were forced to run a marathon just because seeing the girls in their swimsuits were too simulating for them. lol it's hard being a boy in Japan :P

Thursday, September 8

Bleach chapter 462 and 463. I wished Kubo takes some risks. It's just too by the book and nothing we haven't seen before >_>

Episode 9 of Nyanpire The Animation: Nyanpire was given a task to go shopping for food but he was too busy playing so Chachamaru went of his stead. The others started teasing him that he's not a good brother and Chachamaru preferred not to have him around. Of course Nyanpire took those words to heart. He's lucky that Chachamaru is so matured for his age. He even came to look for Nyanpire when he got lost.

Saturday, September 10

No. 6 episode 8 reminds me of James Cameron's The Avatar. Bones stole the fucking plot but then again James Cameron stole the plot too Q_Q


I knew that guy wouldn't survive against Kenpachi. Way too arrogant...

I hope so too but if it is like it is, then we have for the first time the shortest fight in the history of Bleach.

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