28 March 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, March 2011

Monday, March 21

Catching up on Fractale episode 8 and 9. Phryne really pissed me off. What a slut.

Tuesday, March 22

The second opening for Star Driver is not bad at all. Anyway, episode 15: Wako was jealous that Mizuno got to kiss Takuto even if it was just a play. Really, she should pay more attention to Sugata. I mean, he got an offer from Head to be the Emperor for first division of Glittering Crux, the Vanishing Age. It would be awesome if he accepts it. He bet with Takuto that he’ll cancel hi engagement with Wako if Takuto can defeat him in the next training. Mizuno overheard their conversation and BAM! she went cuckoo. Things aren’t looking good for her especially when their mom returned. She tried to leave the island but was caught up in a loop. Maiden can’t leave the island, right? That’s why.

Star Driver Episode 16: The Vanishing Age is after Mizuno since they have figured out who the west maiden is. They bluntly approached her and offered her a way to leave the island. Marino is still missing so Mizuno is really in a mess. She was captured and shit revealed itself. Apparently Marino was just a clone Mizuno subconsciously created to protect herself. Now two seals have been broken. Star Sword (Head) then challenged Takuto, confidently thinking that he’ll win for sure since he’s a Ginga Bishounen as well. No wonder I mistook Star Sword as Tauburn earlier. The fight made me sitting at the edge of my sit. Fucking awesome. Head was definitely not all talk. He doesn’t even break a sweat. But of course Takuto was soon got new power out of nowhere. I literally scream FUCK OFF to Takuto when his mark turned red all of a sudden indicating a power up.

gayest entrance ever!

Wednesday, March 23

Head name is Reiji Miyabi. I found out about this is episode 17 of Star Driver. The Glittering Crux is looking to unseal the East Maiden next but Head stopped them. In the 4th phase, the driver will become one with the cybody which mean he/she may be trapped in zero time. Head even blew the cybercasket. The reason is only those with real mark can drive the cybody in the 3rd phase. Vanishing Age totally took over the meeting. Takashi (Ojou-sama toy boy) is one of them. The other two are the lesbian girls. Madoka was the first to challenge Takuto and she was just meh. On the other hand, Head’s cybody was destroyed in the last episode and regeneration rate of success is only 50%. He must have had other plan because he doesn’t look worried at all. Btw, I think I know who is the East Maiden. She’s the president of the drama club.

Episode 18 of Star Driver: Fireworks burnt down Takuto’s room so he’s staying with Sugata. He kinda jealous when he saw how close Wako and Sugata are. Not a development that I want to see though. But this episode is about Keito who secretly went to karaoke to sing like an idol also about Madoka (again). She interrupted Takuto and Sugata’s training with her first phase. I really don’t like these two fags. And holy fuck! I totally went off the mark. The east maiden is Keito and he fucking rape Sugata when he’s asleep? O_o

My reaction to this is:

I am fucking speechless and fucking pissed. Only I can rape Sugata!

Friday, March 25

Fulfilling the promise to myself, I’m gonna watch Level E episode 11: The Kisaragi High School baseball team went missing and the bus ended up in an empty stadium in the alternate dimension. Somehow Ki was there too so obviously he’s behind it though he’s saying that they are trapped in someone else’s mind, most probably one of the players Of course at the end of the episode they got back to the real world but I really don’t understand how did they manage to do that? Was it because they were having a good game n the alternate dimension?

Since I need to release my fucking stress today, let’s do one more show. I picked Mitsudomoe episode 10: they had a joint recess with the first grader. Hitoha flashed a kid her Gachi Rangers shirt and belt but it looks like she was flashing something else. Mitsuba flashed for real and was labeled a “nympho’. She lied to the kids that it was a compliment so they quickly imitated her. Then Micchan and Futaba broke Hitoha’ Gachi Rangers stuff. Of course Futaba got away with it and Mitsuba got into trouble again. In the last segment she was sick and it was revealed that Hitoha stashed her porn under the bed. Heh, I always enjoy watching this show.


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