24 July 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, July 2011

Saturday, July 23

Just like last week, I was again swamped with shits this week. I only saw a couple of new anime for the Summer season which you can see what I thought about them in my first impression posts.

Episode 3 of Ikoku Meiro no Croisée: It's Claude's turns to learn more about Japan and whenever Oscar or Yune try to explain how it is, Claude totally has different ideas in his mind. He just can't relate at all. He should watch some anime, in my opinion. This is the first time I enjoying the interaction between Claude and Yune. They are cute. This episode also introduces a brat name Alice who is going to inherit Gallery du Roy. She's obviously will encounter Claude and Yune who determined not to let the Gallery be taken away from them. It is also by chance that Alice has Yune's keepsake kimono.

That's a cool sign. Do want

Nyanpire the Animation episode 3: Jun Fukuyama! I mean Nyantenshi! He's as cute as I thought he would be. He's a fallen angel since his conduct is not really angelic. Extortion is one of them. He's cheeky little brat and immediately becomes nemesis with Meowsamune. This is the episode where I changed my mind about this show. I love it... thanks to Nyantenshi!

zomg cuteness overload!


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