Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

29 August 2010

Jumping off from a window is not an option

I am in a totally shitty mood at the moment. The fact that I am not feeling too well just made my mood crappier if that is even possible. I need to let few things out of my chest and like I've said this is the only place that I can be totally honest. So here I go, another random post. It's either I do this or jump off from my window, which definitely won't kill me thus making me more depressed.

(c) numeri

1. I can say that I am the happiest when I'm alone, with no string attached to anyone. Even when someone said that they like me, I would totally take those words as a joke, just so that I won't have to face the emotional burden that will come with it.

2. When people telling me that they are serious, that's when I will go down the road of being emotionally unstable. I'm not the kind of person who will said no when presented with such situation. The only answer I can give is yes, just so that I won't hurt the other party. I was in a relationship for four years because I can't say no. Needless to say we both suffered. He more so than I because I'm the one who fucked it up just so he can let me go. Well, surprised surprised my plan backfired -__-

3. I think I'm a chaser. I like the thrill of it even if it ends up with nothing. At least I know I have given my all and there is nothing left that I can do. I don't take that as a negative, just another experience in my life that help me realized that you don't always end up with everything that you want though we usually ended up being the best of buddies. So it's awesome.

4. When the contrary happened, I just feel so freaking tired. Hell, it was damn exhausting. Most probably because I feel an obligation to do my part. Maybe I feel this way because I was forcing my heart to accept certain facts in life that my head has conjured up. It's not easy. Maybe one of these days I'll get the hang of it.

5. I have a totally screwed up way of being romantic, or to be in love. Typical is no way in hell describes how I perceived those things. If you expect some lovey dovey moment, you better off with someone else. I'm just not programmed to do those things, or maybe I just build up a freaking shield just to protect myself emotionally. *shrugs*

6. Those who have taken interest in me are usually very close to me, i.e. they are my friends who understand how I operate which is bizarre because I'm so like Haruhi in term of personality. So kudos to these guys for putting up with my shit *chuckles*I "love" you guys

7. The word "I love you" is something that I have only uttered once (and totally mean it too) in my 29 years of life. I take those three words very seriously. Saying that is like making myself vulnerable i.e. the possibility for me to get hurt just got higher. I don't like that. So, you know I'm damn serious with you if you heard me saying that. Unless of course if I was joking around with you XD

8. I have been in and out of a relationship with this one guy since I was 15. It has going on for almost 15 years. I dunno how we both put up with the other's shit but amazingly, we both saw passed that and pretty much live in the moment. Obviously we both have something against commitment hence why we haven't settling down yet. Not to mention that we both live a busy life with close to 400km separating us. Or maybe he's just not that into me. LOL

9. I've been having an open and long distance relationship status for five years now. Is it working out? It has in the past but at the moment, I'm not too sure though I still love to keep my options open.

10. Someone very wise said that I am only making up excuses and run away from committing myself because I am selfish and do not want to get out of my comfort zone. He was obviously right but am I ready to change? That's the million dollar question at the moment. But I'm not getting any younger, am I?

11. Having said all that, I have a very ironic dream of wanting to be a wife and a mother to my children. *facepalm*

Hah, I feel so much better. Less suicidal. Heh. Now I'm in the mood to chase the love of my life whose serial number is 8177.


28 August 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, August 2010

Sunday, August 22

Yandere Kanojo chapter 19: Meet Wakako Izumihara. She's someone who thinks she's better than anyone else. Tanaka put her back on her rightful place. Heh, gotta love him in this chapter.

Time to catch up on Prunus Girl: Non has accidentally confessed her love for Shion. Like I said, the force of yuri is strong in this one. In chapter 12, they played the "captured the flag" game. Maki has to help out the basketball team. Somehow Aikawa joined him and they ended up as a two men team because the others just want to see Aikawa get soaked (they are using water gun). LOL they don't even care that he's a guy. The war continued to chapter 13. It was really fun to see them scheming and shit.

Heat chapter 4 is just awesome. Naked chick, slashing arm, mafia meet up. Heh. The Canton used one of Karasawa's man to lure him. Bad moves. They ended dead and Karasawa gets another loyal follower.

Thursday, August 26

"TALK TO THE HAND!" says Ichigo in chapter 417 of Bleach.

Naruto chapter 507: Guess what, the tiger beats the fish. Well duh... Since the shark dude was captured, they wasted no time to probe into his mind to find out about Akatsuki. But before they got the information, he bit his own tongue and got a power up >_>

Oh a few chapters update for Prunus Girl. Chapter 14 was a filler. A quite entertaining filler it was. In chapter 15, Aikawa has a new admirer who doesn't know he's a boy. I see love triangle on its way. This dude won't back down even after Aikawa rejected him so Maki has to pretend to be Aikawa's boyfriend. Every thing went so well until Maki told the dude that they weren't really lovers. Oh but why, Maki?

Zettai Karen Children chapter 231: Feather wants Minamoto to look for her real body. Of course the girls when berserk except for, surprisingly, Kaoru. Hyoubu is not happy with the development. He has found out Yuri's indentity. She's black phantom's brain washer, whatever that is.

pissed off Hyoubu is mighty hawt

RUKIAAAAA!!!!! - Bleach episode 285 =3

Friday, August 27

I am in the part of my life where I really don't want to be. Love is just another form of head and heartache. I am better off watching anime as I wallow in my sorrow.

GetBackers episode 6: Yay, finally I got to see Fuuchouin Kazuki with the rest of the Volts. One question though, how the fuck does that shirt stay on his body? Anyway, this episode is about the Volts accepting the fact that Ginji is no longer their leader. Though Shido (who have a freaking giant lion as his pet? O_o) is determined to kick Ban's ass and the protector of the violin that the GetBackers supposed to retrieve. Suddenly Ban can play a violin too! LOL WTF? The shit continues in episode 7 and will continue in episode 8 >_>

I spend the rest of the night watching the first couple of episodes of Invincible Youth. Sunny is my favorite member of the G7 btw. The show ain't the same without her :(

Sunny and Hyoumin would definitely make one hot yuri couple ^^"

27 August 2010

Bleach: Episode 285

To those who doesn't read the manga, the preview of the episode at the beginning is really spoilerish and kinda put a damper on their surprise level. I'm just saying...

I pretty much already knows what will happen in this episode since my friends keep talking about it. So that's why I'm not too eager to watch this episode and is late in doing so.
  • I forgot that Mashiro can used her mask for 15 hours. Then why does Love and Rose can only used them for a few minutes only?
  • Urghh wait nvm >_>
  • And thus she got her ass kicked by Wonderweiss. It was a beautiful sight and I'm not even speaking rhetorically.
  • Of course Kensei wouldn't sit around watching his lover get bullied by a retard. He intervened. It was freaking cool to see him clobber the retard. I was especially impressed with the way he unsheathed his zanpaktou. That was cool. Oh hell, I even forgot about his bankai?! *shakes my head*
  • Did Hiyori gives a fucking speech in the manga? Fuck, why can't I remember shit about this moment? I found the flashback annoying as hell. How many times do they want to use the same shit?
  • And here goes Aizen's speech diarrhea again >_>
  • Hiyori fell for the taunt and whaddaya know, Gin cut her in half (yes, he cut her literally in half in the freaking manga! WTF is up with the censoring?! O_o)
  • Realizing that Hachi couldn't help Hiyori, Shinji called out for Ichigo, hoping that he brought Whorehime back to the fake!Karakura with him. That's so fucking pissed me off. Like I said, I'm not thrill with this episode because, just like in the manga, I was disappointed with the ending. I expect so much more from the Vaizard, or at least from Shinji.
  • So we head back to Hueco Mundo. I'm slightly happy that we got to see Rukia again and the fact that she stood her ground even after Renji and Chad were down. When she got caught she didn't even cry for help like a certain whore. Btw, Yammy's face when he was fingering Rukia was funneh
  • My heart warms considerably when Ichigo came to her rescue. When he screamed Rukia's name, it felt like all my stress temporarily fade away and believe me I am so fucking stressful right now I can't think straight >_>

Oh yeah, the quality of animation in this episode is really great. They are very details with the features and all. Everyone, even Yammy, looks appropriate. Good job.

And the omake was funneh. Baldy wearing a speedo. I've seen that one coming XD

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

26 August 2010

Bleach: Chapter 417

Aight lets take a moment and study Ichigo's new outfit. He has longer hair although not as long and as silky like his full-bodied hollow hair but still, you noticed it. He wears a black glove now. I can't remember if Tensa wears it too but yeah, it kinda make him look slightly gay in my opinion. His final!bankai gives him chain that goes around his arm. I think it just to compensate the lack of sleeves on that arm. The hilt of his bankai got an upgrade as well. Bigger and more menacing than before. Other than that, hey it is still Ichigo ^_^

still as hot as ever =3

Ichigo greeted his friends like nothing bizarre is happening. Of course they were confused and thank you Kubo for the slight comedy moment with the afro guy. Some might worry when Tatsuki said she can't feel anything with Ichigo but she felt overwhelming power from Aizen. It just Kubo's way of telling us that he's more powerful than Aizen now. This could possibly be another plotkai even though Aizen himself was disappointed with the lack of power shown by the new and improved Ichigo. How funny when he nonchalantly said that Ichigo has failed the evolution. What did he expect? That Ichigo grows another set of wings like him? Urgh Aizen you are getting dumber by the chapter.

Didn't he see that Ichigo does not even waver when he's around him? What a fool. Ichigo was cool as fuck, yo.

I lol'd really hard when Ichigo interrupted him in the middle of his speech diarrhea, and fly out of that place. His shocking face was fucking hilarious. The way Kubo drew it, it was like Aizen was squeaking. Admit it, it was funneh.

So I figured they are no longer in Karakura town, but on the ground of the Soul Society. Hah, take that Aizen but Ichigo please don't be too overconfident. God knows what Kubo will transform Aizen's next. I'm just happy that this shit is coming to an end. I'm so fucking ready for a new arc!

Wait, what if there's no new arc and this is the end of Bleach? =\

Oh fuck it, I was trying to ignore the fact that Gin is lying there on his own pool of blood but Ichigo made it impossible for me to do so :(

Wait, what did you mean you are entrusting this to Ichigo, Gin. Don't fucking give up, yet! If you die just from that, that means, there is no chance for Hiyori to survive either. Fuck this Kubo, get Unohana here ASAP! Fuck you if Gin dies. Fuck you to death, sir!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

25 August 2010

(sex)y survey about otaku's heart

I was browsing my twitter because I was fucking bored in the office. I got tons to do but meh, fuck works when you have no mood for it, especially when you have to do a financial planning report. Urgh, that just sounds so grown up and unrelated to my life. Fuck it then.

Anyway, back to twitter, moritheil posted something about a sexy survey. I was intrigued so I take a look. These guys who did the survey has some very interesting questions whether or not otaku falls in love, have sex and fap to tentacle rape.

Heh. I told you it was interesting. So here I am taking the survey even though I do not consider myself an otaku, more like a tard. And fuck this survey is a looooooong one. tl;dr

an appetizer

Part 1: Biography

Age: 25-30
Gender: female
Sexual orientation: hetero
Nationality: Malaysian
Location: JOHO

Part 2: Personal biography

Average internet usage (per day):
>16 hours

Average time spent watching anime (per day):
I'm trying to spend 1-2 hours everyday but it's hard with all the shits going on. So the best I can do is 30 minutes to 1 hour :(

Average time spent on anime-related activities (per day):
6-10 hours spending on blogging, deviantArt, gelbooru, danbooru, talking to other anime fans etc ^_^

Duration of anime fandom:
>12 years since I was 15

Primary fandom:
Gintama and Bleach

Passions, hobbies, interests, other notable things:
Writing, collecting figurines, reading. I know I'm boring >_>

Part 3: Relationships

How large of a role do relationships play in your life?
I dunno. I'm in an open-relationship that goes on and off according to our convenience. *shrugs*

What would you define a relationship as?
When two persons share mutual feeling of liking, confessed and got accepted into each others life.

How many relationships have you had?
Just three in the span of 15 years.

Are you currently in a relationship?
Kinda. It's complicated.

How many times have you been rejected?

How many times have you rejected yourself?
Hmm... *thinks* three times in the span of 15 years. LOL

Do you have an 'ideal mate'? Feel free to describe them
Someone who is witty like Kyon, quite like Ulquiorra, funny like Gintoki, caring like Takanashi, bad ass like Grimmjow, loyal like Shinonome Kon, understanding like Mikiya, loving like Gin and can be my best friend like Ichigo.

*inserts heart*

What do you think of public displays of affection, online or offline?
I have no problem being affectionate online just as long as I don't have any real feelings for them (sorry my waifu and husband). I can't be affectionate with the person I am in love with online or offline out in the open. I believe that we should reserved that during our private time together.

In terms of a relationship, would you prefer to approach others or have others approach you?
I rejected myself because I don't have the courage to tell my crush that I like them though I believe actions speak louder than words. So yeah, I rather like the others to approach me. I might not look like it but I don't think I can handle rejection well. Don't let my facade fool you XD

How do you feel your love life actually turns out, in this regard?
sluggish but that is because we are both busy and live 3 states apart.

Overall, are you satisfied or unsatisfied with your love life?
It could have been more fiery

Feel free to reflect on the questions or your relationships below
Long distance relationship can be tiring, physically and emotionally, is all.

Part 4: Sex *full body blush*

Do you actively consider sex?
Would be lying if I said no.

How many sexual encounters have you had?
None. I wear my chastity belt XD

Have you approached someone for sex, and been turned down? Numerous time?
No, because I don't do casual sex and I'm saving my virginity for my husband

Would you rather have others ask you for sex, or ask others for sex?
*shrugs* either way coz I'm married to him, anyway

How related do you think sex and relationship should be?
As long as you have feelings for the other person, which mean you have to be in a relationship first to have sex. I'm conservative like that.

What do you think about casual joking about sex, online or offline?
I do it all the time.

Overall, are you satisfied or unsatisfied with your sex life?
Meh, I have choose my path of chastity

Part 5: Personality

How outgoing are you / would you prefer someone to be?
I can be outgoing when I need to be. I is actually an introvert. As for my other half, I want him to be like Gintoki.

How open are you / would you prefer someone to be regarding their 'otakuness'
I am very expressive when it comes to my tardness for anime and manga. I would love my other half to be as enthusiastic about it as I am. Being a passionate is not a crime.

How often do you / would you prefer someone to openly discuss their personal life and drama?
I do not talk about my personal life unless with my best friend. I do like to know my other half better but that does not mean I want to hear every details about his life. That like asking a kick to his butt

How open are you / would you prefer someone to be in expressing their sexual interests / fetishes
I'm all ears but don't expect me to do the same.

Part 6: Personality II

How often do you find yourself attracted to
A fictional character: All the time
Someone on the internet: Sometimes. I married Glo, didn't I?
A real person: Almost never
Someone you personally know: Quite a few time actually

How often do you find yourself developing a crush on
A fictional character: All the time
Someone on the internet: Sometimes. I married Quam, didn't I?
A real person: Almost never
Someone you personally know: Twice

How often do you find yourself wishing to have sexual relationship with
A fictional character: All the time
Someone on the internet: Nope
A real person: Nope
Someone you personally know: Nope (lies)

Do you find you are more or less attracted to fictional characters, compared to 'real' people of any type? Do you treat this attraction as an escape? Something serious? Something else?
I always find myself attracted to fictional characters be it female or male, almost every day. I'm a realistic person though so I just treat it as an escape. Having said that, I do wish I'm living in an anime world instead of this real life I am living so that I can have have them all. 2D > 3D

Part 7: Lust and Temptation

How often do you view
2D pornography (images): couple of times in a week but they are mostly BL/yaoi oriented
2D pornography (doujinshi): once a week. Again, BL/yaoi oriented
2D pornography (interactive): you mean games? Never
2D pornography (video): couple of times in couple of months. Depends on the mood.
3D pornography (images): Never
3D pornography (video): Never

Shipping: do you do it?
with fictional characters (noncanon): All the time
with fictional characters (canon): of course
with people on the internet (jokingly): used to with the Gotei of old
with people on the internet (seriously): nope, I'm not a matchmaker
with people in real life (jokingly): sometimes
with people in real life (seriously): no

When (if) you ship people, are you a very passive or a very fervent defender of your ships?
with fictional characters (noncanon): Very fervent
with fictional characters (canon): Very fervent
with people on the internet (jokingly): meh
with people on the internet (seriously): no
with people in real life (jokingly): no
with people in real life (seriously):

Are you comfortable with the act of shipping people?
with fictional characters (noncanon): Yes
with fictional characters (canon): Yes
with people on the internet (jokingly): Yes
with people on the internet (seriously)
: no
with people in real life (jokingly): meh
with people in real life (seriously):

Favorite ship
Urgh the list is a long one but I'll just pick the canon shipping: Kyon/Haruhi, Ichigo/Rukia, Jin/Nagi

(c) cika

Here are some popular fetishes/personalities (one way or another) in anime culture. Are you atrracted to them? (again, one way or another)
Maids: urgh, enough already
Animal ears (cat/bunny/etc): They can be very cute sometimes
Glasses: Yes, please
Tsundere: Sure, why not
Siscon/incest: Depends
MILF: Err... absolutely not. I think?
Guro: Sometimes. Depends on my mood. Blood is always good in my book though.
Flat chest (DFC): I love flat chest!
Legwear (zettai ryouiki, etc): I didn't realize I have a fettish for legwear until I saw nendo Yui Hirasawa
Dickgirl: I'm not attracted to it but I'm not repulsed by it either
Tentacles: I am not entirely comfortable with the imagery
Shrine maiden (miko): Sometimes
Crossdressing (trap): Yes!
Yandere: Come here, you!
Otaku/fujoshi character: *nods* plox =3
School uniforms: It was okay
Lolicon: Err... no.
Shota: YES!!
Bondage: Not always but most of the time I'm fine with it.

shota, genderswap, trap, flatchested: awesome XD
(c) punchiki

Other fetishes
Let see... I like a lean body instead of a muscle body. Also, I love them in Japanese clothing.

Would you admit you are attracted to the fetishes you are? On the internet? To a significant other? To a stranger?
Yeah, why not. Being honest about it is like embracing/loving yourself

And if there's any thoughts on questions on this part in general, more room for your response, etc
Well, just so you know all the fetishes above are for BL/yaoi. I'm programmed like that ^_^"

Part 8: Cosplay

Do you (or would you) cosplay? What about crossplay?
I would love to try it out once.

What is your opinion on cosplayers? What about crossplayers?
They are definitely have thicker skin than I am.

Would you be more or less interested in someone - friendship wise, romantically or sexually - based on their cosplay/crossplay?
If they embodied their character, which happened to be a character that I'm obsessed with, I am definitely going to be interested in them

What do you think of kigurumi cosplay?
Show more effort but then again, I most likely would be one of them :P

Part 9: General questions

Do you try to guess the gender of people on the internet when you first talk to them?

Do you feel like you treat/react to people differently depending on their:
Avatar: No
Interest: Yes

Do you prefer to interact more with one gender or the other?
I'm pro-male

Do you prefer to interact with people online or in real life?
Meh, I'm good with both

Would you go out with someone on the internet? (More or less than someone you knew from real life). Before or after you met them in real life?
I don't see why not if we like each other and have certain chemistry going on.

Over time, do you feel your personality has been influenced by;
Most definitely yes.
The internet: Yes.
Real life: Unfortunately yes >_>

Over time, do you feel your sexuality has been influenced by;
The internet: Yes.
Real life: Nope.

Over time, do you feel your sexual interest/fetishes have been influenced by;
Oh yes!
The internet: *nods*
Real life:

Add any details on the above 'over time' questions here
I am more open towards BL/yaoi/gayness than I was before. Anime certainly has a role in that one. Turned out I'm addicted to BL/yaoi nowadays.

Part 10: Conclusion

How happy do you feel to be at the end of the survey?
This has taken longer than I thought. I need to work overtime to finish my financial planning report. So yes, I'm happy that this is over ^_^"

How much do you hate us for making the survey this long?
Meh, I don't hate you. I'm thankful for the distraction. I mean, you gave me reason to look for awesome imagery that matches my fetishes =3

megane, japanese clothes, white hair, lean body... *drools*
(c) ichitaro

Any concluding thoughts? Things you'd like to see discussed? Other notes?
This survey are too safe for work >_>

22 August 2010

Anime: Fall 2010 v2

Chartfag has finally came up with the chart. Comparing it with Scamp's chart, there ain't much different. Actually Scamp's is more comprehensive since it includes the OVA. Well, it was to be expected since this is not the final version of the chart.

Studying this chart more carefully, I realized I have missed a few shows and have change of mind on a couple of anime as well.
  • Star Driver - Looks like a mecha harem. Looks like shit so I'm gonna dump it with the rest of the shit.
  • Otome Youkai Zakuro - I see a possible bishie. Also, fox girls are usually hot and entertaining. This holds promises.
  • Hetalia Axis Power (season 4) - Definitely going to follow this one.
  • I just realized that I know about Sora Otoshimono. I've seen it before. Flying pantsu! -_-
  • I changed my mind about the Super Robot Wars: The Inspector. I need to watch something mecha that could wash the bad after taste of Heroman >_>
I probably gonna follow all the kiddy stuff. They are most often than not, short and quite entertaining as well. I'm gonna wait for the final version, to see any changes with the OVA.

Togainu no Chi, like I said, is a definite must watch for me. It is the only anime this season that A1-Pictures produced. That itself is a reason enough to care.

21 August 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, August 2010

Sunday, August 15

Yandere Kanojo chapter 18 (according to mangafox): Reina and Manabu went on a date but ended up at Reina's work place. Reina became Elizadeath after the manager who wore a gas mask for no reason at all, begged her to do it. Because Manabu said yes, she just have to do it. During the play, she was supposed to be the evil queen but ended up saving the hostage (Manabu) instead. She was totally in tsundere mode. Obviously the date went well for Manabu's part XD

Chapter 230 (according to mangafox) of Zettai Karen Children: Minamoto makes sure that the Children were sleep early since he wanted to have a long talk with Feather about the video Hyabu has of the future. Apparently with the appearance of Feather the prediction has changed a bit. Kouru only wear one raremetal earring instead of two and Mamotarou is around as well. These weren't the case when they first looked at the video. Dr. Sakaki did not trust him with a woman like Feather so he was eavesdropping. The Children joined him. At the end of the chapter, Feather asked Minamoto to look for her real body so she can convinced him that she's on his side. Pfft!!

Monday, August 16

When I was looking for the manga Heat, I came across another Heat manga from Miyamoto Kano. Those who is an avid yaoi/boy love fan must be familiar with his works. I wasted no time and dived right into it. Yaoi is awesomeness.

Crap, I allow myself to read a new manga Legend of the Sun Knight. It was not even that good but I couldn't stop reading because all the bishounen in it. Also the more I read the funnier it gets. It was a story of God's disciples who are not as what they seem. They are pretty much hypocrite self centered bastards. But to the people, they are the epitome of perfect especially the Sun. They are twelve disciples all together and each have different traits. They hate each other but pretend to the common people that they don't. To see them interacting is pretty fun.

I really like Hatsukoi Limited. So I thought I should check out the manga. I was hooked right away because it just refreshed my mind of the reason why I love the anime so much. The manga and the anime were not much of a different so that was good. I love the theme of this manga. Love is such a universal thing after all. And I really don't mind the ecchi at all. They were done tactfully so it didn't gross me out.

as do I

Oh man, reading the manga left me depressed. Time for Gintama! A continuation from last episode, Kagura brought the dog to see the old dying man. By the way, I kinda forget, why does Zura called Kagura leader? and lmao Gintoki and Shinpachi still have Suzanne with them. Oh man I love this anime. I laughed more for episode 131 when they went to the rundown hot spring run by Otose's friend though I think I made a mistake watching this at midnight. The ghosts kinda gave me the goosebumps. I feel sorry for Gin and Sinpachi. They are the only one who were able to see those ghosts.

Wednesday, August 18

*sigh* not feeling too well. Light headed and shit. I should go to sleep but I won't. I need to release some stress first.

Seikimatsu Occult Academy episode 3: This episode are about tengu who kidnapped people and Abe who has a mother complex. He thinks he'll get a girlfriend in this episode. Well, sure looks like it but I think there is more than meet the eyes with Mikaze. While they busy dating, Maya looked for the tengu and might have been attacked/caught by it. Turned out it was true. In episode 4, Maya and Kozue went missing. Abe and Mikaze ended up looking for them but they got separated in the mines. Abe found Maya and the both of them found the tengu which was not a really a tengu but a giant moth. Abe as usual save his own ass and left Maya to defend for herself. Luckily Smile and JK were around. At the end of the episode, it was revealed that Abe lied to Maya before. He was not the cool dude like he told he was. He really is a wuss. No duh! But anyway I was happy with this episode because I got to see Smile. Also looks like the vice principal did fall in love for real with Abe. LOL

I have been delaying this. Time to watch episode 2 of Mitsudomoe: Less than 2 minutes in, Mitsuba has already laying a pool of blood. It is hard not to like a show when you saw blood in every episode. The jokes from this episode derived from runny nose, urine, Hitoha blackmailing Yabe and catching cicada. I laughed. I couldn't help it.

I lol'd ^_^"

Episode 5 of GetBackers: The bad guys wouldn't let the Get Backers got away so easily. Ginji vs Dr. Jackal and Ban-chan bs Himiko. Of course the good guys win. Apparently Dr. Jackal kept his weapons literally in his body. So at least they got to finish their job. It wasn't platinum, just melon -_-

Thursday, August 19

I live in denial yet again, after reading the latest Bleach's chapter. T__T

My friend, Monroe asked me about Blame. I couldn't help but wanting to read this manga again. Nihei works are a masterpiece. It's addictive.

Saturday, August 20

I think I might have caught Glo's virus. I'm not feeling too well since yesterday >_>

Naruto chapter 506: The shark guy is making a fool out of everyone. He managed to get away so Guy is pursuing him, on a giant turtle. So to counter attack the shark guy created hundreds on clone sharks made of water. Boring >_>

Nendoroid Puchi: Vocaloid #01

I figured it is time for me to unbox nendoroid puchi Vocaloid. The puchis have been waiting to be freed since February. To be honest, it took this long for me to unbox it is because I kinda regret buying it. I asked my fellow bloggers' opinion about this one before I purchased it. I shouldn't have listen to them. LOL

But yeah, I think there are two reasons why I bought it. The first one was because both Suzumiya and Lucky.Star puchi were sold out when I wanted to purchase it at that time. I was left with no choice but the vocaloid puchi. The second reason was because of Miku. She was is the rave at that point in time. Everyone wants to have a Miku in their collection. I guess I was influenced by these collectors -_-

There are two Mikus in the box. They are both cute, I admit, but after I got them, I completely lost interest with her as a figurine. Two are plenty already.

I should have listen to my instinct. It's not like I like the vocaloid. Sure, I think some of the songs ain't half bad but that's about it. I barely know who they are. I know I like Kaito and Len though but don't give a rat ass about the others. Not even Miku. Too bad Kaito and Len's nendo were sold out as well. Hence the purchased of these puchis so I can have Kaito and Len in my collection.

Mr. Kaito is ♥

Kagamine Len is my kind of shouta

Since then I have learned my lesson. I will only buy figures of character that I am crazy about. It would just be a waste of money buying something that I don't give a damn about. Sure they are tiny and cute and all but that is as far as my liking goes.

Now let me attempt to see how many of these vocaloid that I get the name right. Those of you who are a tard for these vocaloid, feel free to inform/correct me if I'm wrong. I need some guidance. Who knows if my passion for the vocaloid can be spawned.

Yowane Haku

Megurine Luka

Kagamine Rin


Meiko Sakine

*gasps* could it be Kamui Gakupo? Oh wait, he doesn't wear skirt. It's only Saihate Miku

Akita Neru

Anyway, about these puchis, they actually pose quite a challenge. The joints were pretty difficult to put together. I was very careful because I was afraid I might break any of the parts. And then some of the parts were lose fitting. Putting the complete figure to the stand is another trying challenge for me. At some point, I was so pissed off, I took a 3 hours break to cool myself down.

For the mystery figure, I get another Haku. *sigh* I was hoping for another Kaito or Len. Why must I got the least favorite one? Damn GSC. I swear this is a conspiracy!

Hmm, actually after writing this post, I feel a lot more appreciative towards these puchis. I guess getting to know them does make my heart grows fonder for them.

Kaito must have offered Miku his icecream XD

I need to start taking my figures out for fun shoot. The last time I did that was with Raspberyl last year.

19 August 2010

Bleach: Chapter 416

Bleach year? -__-

But how am I to completely hate Kubo when he made a color spread like this?

Oh right, he makes the world hates him because of his plot. Does he even make an effort after the SS arc? I doubt it >_>

Anyway, unsurprisingly Matsumoto ain't dead. She has escaped death twice now. Lucky bitch. Obviously she's worried about Gin who now no longer have hands since Aizen cut them off for stealing. The hogyouku returned so willingly to Aizen despite the effort Gin took. What a fucking weaksauce plot eh?

Apparently, before Uruhara even created Hogyouku, Aizen has known about it. He tried to materialize it but he is not as genius or crazy as Uruhara so the experiment phailed. Even after he got the Hogyouku, he still needs to feed them countless souls of shinigami and human with shinigami powers. One shit led to the other now the Hogyouku is complete.

Keep you enemy closer. That's why Aizen allowed Gin to be his follower all these years. It keeps him alert at all time. *sigh* What was wrong with Gin anyway? He could have kill Aizen when he gained all these crazy power-up shit and be done with it. He could be the hero! But alas...

Aizen fucking stabbed Gin. I cried. That mothafucka. I totally loath him now. A fucking butterfly. Gah RAGE!!! But is this the end of Gin? I doubt it. I figure Matsumoto will get to him and used a healing kido to save him. Sure he would live without his right hand but that's better than dying at a hand of a mothafucking butterfly.

But who am I kidding?!

Of course Gin is dead. Kubo just decided that he wanted to kill a good guy and who did he start it off with?! Yes Gin! Argh Kubo, I don't need another reason to fucking hate you! *cries*

All hope is not lost though as Ichigo arrived, carrying his dad on his shoulder. Looks like he got a new outfit. I know we are going to see some flashback of what happened to him in his inner world. Right now I'm just glad that he's here. I can't wait for Ichigo to fucking rip Aizen's wings off. Revenge!!!

Thank goodness that Ichigo's friends are around so if Gin live after all these tribulation, he has witnesses that can guaranteed he's not really the bad guy.

*chants* Gin is not dead, Gin is not dead, GIN IS NOT DEAD!

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

18 August 2010

Bleach: Episode 284

After Aizen pretty much ended her life in last episode, it was a given that this week's episode would be about her past life as a hollow. After all, all the arrancar deserved a backstory except for Ulquiorra! Kubo the fucking dick...

Anyway, I don't think we get to see the backstory for Mila Rose, Apache and Sun-Sun in the manga. So the production team made one up. It wasn't half bad but it just prolong this already boring episode.

The only interesting thing that we found out is that Aizen approached Hallibel only after he has fled the Soul Society. So as Hallibel was fighting to survive, at the same time, Neliel and Nnoitora have already playing kinky with each other. Or it could be that Aizen looked for her because Neliel was already "killed" by Nnoitora.

Now that we have seen the last of the espada, Aizen is going to start fighting the war himself. Heh, him calling the Vaizard mock arrancar was pretty funny.

I love the moment at the end though. It is so like in the manga.

The omake makes me miss Ichigo T_T

For my rants on previous episodes, click here.

17 August 2010


I am familiar with Ikegami Ryouchi works and have read Bestia and Lord before. After reading Sekijitsu's post regarding this mangaka, I feel like it is my calling to read Heat XD

look at that fucking tattoo! coolness

Yeah, I succumb to the temptation. The dick is too inviting to ignore. LOL

This manga was released in 1999 which kinda explained the clothing style of the characters. Heat is a collaboration between the author Buronson and the artist Ikegami Ryouchi. It has been classified as action, drama and of course mature, like most Ryouchi's work. However, the manga so far has only 4 chapters updated so far. 130 chapters to go.

Heat is about a man name Karasawa who is part of a Yakuza group in Japan. He's the owner of a host club. I love his method of obtaining the place, which he successfully got in only 2 days time. He was a nobody at that time and have become such a fearful figure in the underworld. Bad ass.

That was his fucking dick, btw

His favorite pass time in my opinon is giving some random ladies buttsex rape, who eventually will masturbate by just thinking of his face. LOL

Obviously he has countless enemies who wants him dead but they all either ended up dead, thrown out of the window head first, or get their wife raped by Karasawa. But he also has loyal people surrounding him in particular Kim (who by the way has an awesome dragon tatoo on his back) and a guy with the glasses which I don't get what his name was.

Best part is, there are Malaysian gangster involved! lmao how fucking appropriate.

story 6/10
art 6/10
characters 7/10
enjoyment 7/10
overall 6/10

16 August 2010

No Tainaka Ritsu made me rage!!

solely for my satisfaction
(c) nishiuri warito

Remember me making such a big deal about nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu? Yeah, I doubt you do. I'm not that important for you to remember such detail. But fuck that, now I'm gonna rant.

Did you remember me telling you that Good Smile Company is evil? Yeah these motherfucka just played me good. I've got all four of the other K-ON! girls (actually three, but Tsumugi is practically on her way) because I have made the pre-order for nendoroid Tainaka Ritsu. I wonder since I got her, I might as well ordered the rest of the girls as to complete the group. I don't really give a fuck about the other girls but I don't want Ritsu to be lonely so I thought I shouldn't be too selfish. I did the same thing with the figma but instead of getting all of them, I just bought Tsumugi because my shouta plays the keyboard. At least it will remind me of him.

Here comes the bad news though. Nendoroid Ritsu was scheduled to be released in February 2010. I have been waiting for her arrival since then. But yesterday my supplier, where I have put my pre-order since the fucking January, called and said that GSC only produced limited number for Ritsu which mean the figure is out of stock. They informed me that GSC might do the re-stock but they did not know when would it be and the price for the figure will definitely sky-rocketed.

Did you see what they just did? Those fucking greedy bastards. I have spent hundred of dollars to buy the other four girls who I don't give a damn fuck, just because I want to complete the set, and they did this to me? I am sure I am not the only victim for this cruelty.

So now I am looking high and low for the other suppliers who can get me this figure. Argh, this is fucking frustrating!

I better calm my rage...

You don't have to be sorry, Ritsu. You are already too sexy for me =3
(c) makisige


15 August 2010

Manga Kannagi to be resumed

(c) makino

After I read this joyful news, I was practically joining Nagi with her swimsuit, dancing on my toes to Haruka Tomatsu song, Motto Hade ni ne!

The last chapter of Kannagi was in January 2009. The manga has been suspended because of Takenashi Eri's health issue. Now that she is back, we finally get to know whether or not Nagi is no longer a virgin.

LOL I still remember how the fans rage when Eri revealed that Nagi has a boyfriend. It was hilarious. Although I am not too happy that there is a third person in Nagi/Jin "relationship" (let's ignore Zange for a sec), this does pose for a good plot twist.

I'm not gonna forgive Zange for playing dirty though. If she didn't eavesdropping, Jin would have confessed to Nagi and that would made my day.

Unfortunately after the revelation in chapter 36, Eri fell ill and has been on hiatus ever since. Now that she's better, she will resume the serialization of the manga and the fans will finally get the conclusion for the whole story. For more than a year, we keep thinking whether or not Nagi will make a come back to the point that some of us felt cheated.

The date for the restart will be made known to public in the Comic Rex November issue which is set to be released on October 9 *is totally stoke!*

Hopefully with this great news, A1-Pictures will consider making a sequel for Kannagi. Unlike Amatsuki which studio DEEN has pretty much phailed the manga, A1-Pictures did a great job with the animation for Kannagi. I definitely voting for season two!

(c) r0g0b0

Trivia: Kannagi is in my top four favorite manga list. Can you guess the other three?

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