22 May 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, May 2010

Sunday, May 16

I decided to pick up No Bra once again and see if I could complete it. I only have like 7 chapters left. Yuuki better not turned out to be a girl is all I'm saying. And he is a boy but the ending fucked it all up. I wasted my fucking time. Sheesh!

Angel Beats! episode 7 is another good one. Have I mentioned how much I am liking this series?

I get to hear Tomokazu Sugita sings in episode 6 of Arakawa Under the Bridge. I am blessed indeed. But he still lost to Kou. What a shame. At least his Leech song get the recognition. I dunno I kinda find this series boring as of late. The punchline from Kou seems predictable although what happened some time was really unpredictable. Kou is like Sinpachi in Gintama but with less virtue thus he phailed. He also kinda lost his charm when there is nothing that he cannot do. Anyway because he's Mr. Know-it-all, he becomes the teacher and determined to kick some common sense for the people under the bridge.

I decided to complete Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu just so that I can compare it with Akarawa. And indeed the humor in Baka to Test if compared to Arakawa, is simply on different level. Back to the story: Since they lost to Class A, they asked for a rematch and since Class A wished the same thing, they got what they wanted but Akihisa got to do it alone. Of course he won the damn thing. His wishes of all things, that Himeji get to re-seat the placement exam. The damn wench just wasted his effort though but it was all too damn predictable. Even though I'm not a fan of the ending, I am still glad that we are getting a second season. This show definitely deserved a come back.

Monday, May 17

Awww that was cute that Nai is worrying about Gareki in Karneval chapter 22. Same goes for Yogi. Once he heard that Nai and Gareki went to be the first crew, he tried to escape from the hospital. Under Dr. Akari's watch however, that proved to be an impossible task. On the following day, they went to Vinto with first ship crew where they met Murano, Isaso, Tamon and Azana (they already met Azana in Rinoll). They were split afterward into different groups. It was Gareki's turn to worry about Nai. He has reasons too. Nai group found a detached hand. Dum dum dum...

Kugutsu went back to PANDRA after he helped the Children in Zettai Karen Children chapter 216. He also helped with the rare metal and thanks to him, it was now resonated with the jewel, proving that Feather really want to possess it. They try to locked it down as it try to change it shape. While everyone is busy, Kaoru heard a whisper but who could it be?

Wednesday, May 19

Looks like I only have enough time to spare to watch Bleach episode 271. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra coming to conclusion. It was bad ass but at the same time... it felt rushed :(

Thursday, May 20

I wake up early today so that I can catch Bleach chapter 404 before I go to work. I am not disappointed. It is a good breakfast indeed.

Naruto chapter 495: After they have had enough with being gay to each other, they sent Naruto to the pool of truth once again so that he can face his inner demon. No fighting this time though. Just another gay hug. Selfcest FTW! I feel like all their effort is fruitless as long as Bee has that sword on his back -__-

Friday, May 21

In chapter 16 of Yandere Kanojo, Reina went to Tanaka's house for the first time. Remember that Reina has already met with Tanaka's grandpa once without knowing it. Well, she wouldn't know it this time either because Tanaka waited till his grandpa went outstation to invite her to his house. What he didn't know is, his grandpa canceled the trip and is bringing Reina's dad home for a drink. Heh I can't want to see what will happen next XD

Emerging chapter 21: the lady researcher, Mori is infected. Sekiguchi found out about it as they working on the serum for the virus. Looks like they are successful to as the antibodies consumed the virus under the microscopes. However it looks like they were too late to save Mori :(

Otoo brought back another helper in Working!! episode 7. A new character it seems. I kinda not approved because I think the existing female characters are more than enough already. Let see if she can changed my mind by the end of this episode. They introduced her as Yamada Aoi but that obviously was a fake name and she's actually walking around trying to find a husband. How inappropriate. I really can't stand her and I don't like it when I have a character that I dislike in an anime. It ruined the fun. But at least she's good for something. She tells Yachiyo what others can't: that Satou likes her. This makes her confronted Satou and guess wha, he comes clean with his feeling!

I wish he was pointing at me ^w^

Saturday, May 22

I am on the fence when it comes to Angel Beats now all thanks to Otonashi. This week episode kinda left a knot inside of me T_T

Episode 7 of Arakawa Under The Bridge: Kou followed what he has planed last week. He created an open air classroom under the bridge. Only the two iron-head kids and Nino attended the class at first before Stella joined to sabotage him and in the middle of their scuffle, guess who swam by? None other than Colonel Sanders. LOLWUT? Have I mention this before? I think P-Ko is the hottest female character in Arakawa. She has the cutest voice too! She's so freaking cool, she made Kou questioning what common sense is. *loves*

If you think sleeping with your guitar and kiss it when you woke up in the morning is cute, well, it is not. If you think having a relationship with your instrument is healthy, then guess again. It just goes to show how fucking retarded you are and you are just like Yui in episode 6 of K-ON!! In episode 7, we get to see some of the story behind Mio fanclub. I dunno why Mio seems unhappy. If it was me, I would feel very flattered. Hmm, I wonder if anyone would do such a thing for me... Oh well. At least we gotta see them perform for real the end of the episode. Finally.


Colonel Sanders. In anime, everywhere you turn. I've said it before and I'll keep on saying it:

Japanese people have an incredible obsession with Colonel Sanders.

I wish someone could comes out with some sort of an explanation regarding this obsession. It just doesn't make any sense.

Gintama makes more sense than this!

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