27 March 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, March '10

Sunday, March 21

Yosh, time to complete To Aru Kagaku no Railgun. The last episode I've seen was a month ago. I don't appreciate the cliche drama in the Poltergeist episodes though and found out that Uiharu's power is super lame. But I guess the drama was necessary for the (anti) climax (and cliche) ending. The last two episodes was kinda good although we could have seen the true villain behind the Poltergeist incident since they first introduced the bitch. If only they would throw in Touma as a cameo, I would have shit in my pants. Oh wait, he was and I did ^^

The complete review of this series can be found here.

Durarara!! episode 7: For Shizuo to say that he hates violence... now that's the most ironic thing I have ever heard. He fucking wrecked Ikebukuro with his temper. The interesting part of this episode I guess is how did Shizuo becomes so strong and how Shinra's fit in his story and why he's always wear that bartender uniform. Also why he doesn't like Orihara so much ^^ Oh wait we were also introduced to Shizuo's brother who is an actor and starring Baccano? LOL I love that (This episode makes me smile from ear to ear). Oh yeah, forgot to mention that this episode is narrated by Shizuo.

He knows exactly the definition of the word fun ^^

They begin the investigation on Mr. Phelps death in Kuroshitsuji chapter 43. Things are certainly heating up as everyone try to prove they are innocent. This is the first time I see Tanaka acting like Sebastian. He fucking stopped Woodley from punching Ciel! And it seems like Arthur has begin to understand Ciel a bit more.

It has been a while since I last picked up any new manga. Well, today I picked Ohoku. A historical story of how men was scarce in Edo and how the prettiest of them are recruited into Oooku to serve the shogun. Let's be honest, I read this because of the 'mature' tag.

Also Agape, a seinen psychological manga that delves on 100% love. The way I see it is 100% compassion. The girl basically forgive the man who killed her father in front of her. But with her doing so, she's now in an FBI squad. I guess things work out for her.

Monday, March 22

Another episode of Durarara!! Episode 8 is narrated by Selty. Obviously she's going to talk about her head. Could it be that stalker's head is now considered hers? Anyway, I like the fact that Shinra has no problem reading her expression even when she's headless. That in my opinion speaks volume on their feelings for each other. So finally in this episode, they revealed that Selty is indeed in love with Shinra. A fact I've known for quite sometimes since I've read the manga. This is one of the episode that I look forward to the most. Episode 8 also shows that Kyohei is investigating Yagiri Pharmacy because of what happened the last time. At the end of the episode I got an epiphany that Seiji's girlfriend's head belongs to Selty and the body belongs to Harima. That scar on her neck is there for a reason and I got a feeling that it was Shinra's doing =|

Aight going to continue with episode 9. It was Namie's turn to narrate the episode. Apparently my theory about Harima/Selty person is spot on. She kinda cuts all Seiji's communication with Namie and Namie turns to Orihara for help. Apparently Orihara is playing some kind of games that involved all the characters in Durarara. He's like Aizen, only hotter! Anyway back to the story. Selty has found her head but Mikado interfered so she lost her again. Shizuo has a scuffle with Seiji who attacked him using pens. I lol'd. Namie has ordered to get rid of Harima/Selty. Last but not least it appears to be that Harima/Selty is communicating with Orihara. I also need to mention that I love the moment between Shinra and Selty as they talked about her head =3

Thursday, March 25

The latest chapter of Bleach left me speechless.

Naruto chapter 488: I appreciate the humor in Naruto. It kinda ease the tension a bit and I kinda missed the interaction among these friends. Finally Kakashi declares that he's ready to be Hokage but of course Tsunade woke up and ruined everything >_>

Zettai Karen Children chapter 210: Heh Hyobu can be so evil sometimes. He purposely annoyed the fuck out of Minamoto and Sakaki. Meanwhile Fujiko is at her limit and Hyoubu finally decide to help her. Of course he's using excuses as to not being so obvious. See, I told ya Hyoubu is the good guys. Oh wait, looks like the manga suggested that he's a male tsundere. LMAO

Yosh! Finally an update on Zetsuen no Tempest. The last chapter was in the first week of January. The Byakuya-like person was ordered to capture Yoshino and Mahiro alive. Not an easy task. Mahiro went ahead to fight Byakuya while Yoshino is looking out for sone civilization stuff to trade with the 'tree'. He found none but still managed to save Mahiro. gah, I'm confused as fuck. Moving on...

Friday, March 26

The kid that Arago saves has light wings. Apparently, Orca of oppression and resurrection or also known as The Devil has possessed the kid's body. He's the one who has been orchestrating the whole killing people shit and now he's out to kill Arago too. The Devil's power is eliminating all life while Arago's power is one that gives life.


What's wrong with Tsunade waking up? Here I thought she went and joined Bleach's ever-growing club of incapacitated-characters-that-we-know-ain't-dead-dead-yet (Grimmjow is president). But no! She is back and we can have Kakashi as we've always known him: awesome elite ninja who has all the potential to be at the top, but chooses not to. ^_^

I dont like her that much to begin with >_>

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