08 November 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 5, October 2012

Sunday, October 28

Episode 156 of Gintama started with the parody of MGM silent film focusing on Elizabeth who runs errand for Katsura, looking for Oedo store to buy him shampoo. It was meaningless as fuck, as expected of Gintama. Then the episode just gets weirder when Gintoki went to a whinery where you can complain all you want. Mayori Samurai, Gorilla and Pony-chan joined him later on and the dialogs are just superb. Even though we didn't see any of the said characters, it was brilliantly written that I don't even mind we didn't get to see Gintoki. In the end, we were being trolled. LOL

When there is Otsu, be sure that the episode will revolve around Sinpachi. Gintama episode 157: Sinpachi versus Toshi as Otsu's fan quit and join Hijikata (Toshi) fan club Tsusengumi instead where they are allowed to be fan of different faction. The fight to be Otsu official fan club starts now

Continuing from last episode of Gintama, the battle continues in episode 158. The Shinsegumi members are helping out Hijikata while Sinpachi has problem with Takachin who was knocked over by Okita. If one of their members give up, they will be disqualified from the battle and thus lost.

this picture has nothing to do with the content of this diary LOL
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Teekyuu episode 2 and 3: The introduction of Nasuno, another hopeless basketcase and Marimo who is a pervert who is always looking for opportunity to eat Yuri's underwear LOL


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