24 April 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, April 2011

Monday, April 18

My first impression on SKET Dance and [C].

Hanasaku Iroha episode 3: Ohana was about to get rape by the novelist. I approved because she obviously volunteered to atone her mistake in the last episode. Such a nice girl. She even helped him with her sex-writing career (Ohana having a threesome with Nako and Minko in a bath tub). Then she tell the others about it *facepalm* which pushed him to the point of being suicidal. He jumped off a cliff but was save by Nako. The end. By the way, what's with the fanservice in this show? It decrease the value and I'm definitely getting bored with the crap. So what if the animation was flawless when it's boring as fucking a dead guy? Fuck, Ohana is annoying *is mad*

*shakes head disapprovingly*

Tuesday, April 19

Episode 2 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san! Tamura's lecturer asked her agency to look for his dog. Akutabe used the service of Beelzebub for this mission. His power is "forcibly induce excretion in living creature" as he puts it. He was good though and they caught the missing dog in no time at all but he also ate shits. But yeah as the show progresses, I was lolling off my chair with laughter because it took turn to the unexpected! God I love this show =3

the timing of this scene was impeccable

Ah crap Ritsu has started dreaming about his boss. That is always a bad sign that the anime is taking turn for the worse. Well we got to see how Takano is charismatic when it comes to his work in episode 2 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi though. It just the process of wowing Ritsu which also included him forcing himself on Ritsu, trying to make him remember of the past. And fuckif that is not cliche enough, how about the fact that they are fucking neighbors?

Episode 3 of X-Men disappoint me. The pacing was poor and the plot was too cliche for my liking.

Episode 2 of The World God Only Knows II on the other hand was good. I was entertained.

Oh wow, I am watching episode 3 of Tiger & Bunny. Who would have thought? I sure did not plan this but I might as well watch this since I got the time to spare. This episode is about Kotetsu and Barnaby working on for better understanding and team work. Sounds terribly boring and sometimes it were but the show has it moments too. TV Hero was also doing a documentary on Barnaby so we got to learn a few things about him like his parent were murdered. The show won't be completed without a little action so they added in a bomb threat where Tiger & Bunny finally managed to work successfully as a team. They still bicker though but that's the best thing about this partnership. Btw, what's with Karina Lyle?

Wednesday, April 20

Sengoku Otome - Momoiru Paradox episode 3: Nobunaga paid a visit to Imagawa Yoshimoto to obtain the left leg of the crimson armor but it won't be so easy. The episode is about how Nobunaga used 'recreation' to get the armor. It was stupid >>

Episode 2 of Sket Dance: random samurai guy showed up at the club asking for help to win the kendou tournament. They solved the problem with Friske. Then onto the second mission: taking care of Yabasu and getting rid of a bomb. They have to do both at the same time because the monkey ran away with the fucking bomb. There were some funny moments but only like for 2-3 minutes of the whole show.

Thursday, April 21

Bleach chapter 445 was somewhat interesting.

Glo convinced me to check out Nichijou so I started with the OVA Nichijou episode 0. Not as I expected it to be.

Friday, April 22

As expected from A-1 Pictures, Ao no Exorcist is fucking awesome. I came in my pantsu.

Episode 2 of Ano Hana
. I am glad to say here that the quality remains and the story/drama just gets better. Awesome shit.

Yoga met his Asset, Masu in episode 2 of [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control and immediately forced into a Deal. As expected Yoga was totally useless and got beaten by his own bitchy Asset but through this Deal at least I grasp the idea of what it is and how it works. Eventually Yoga won which was a big deal. The last person who won on their first Deal was Mikuni so naturally he paid Yoga a lot of attention. He even went out of his way to pay Yoga a visit. Yoga still has stick up his ass when it comes to Midas. He doesn't want to has anything to do with it. That's impossible. Masakaki remains as best character of the show.

Saturday, April 23

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko episode 2: Makoto treated Erio like she's totally retarded as she explained about some alien shit. She totally deserved that kind of treatment. She also brought him to the ocean and when she went adrift, I couldn't help but laughed at what Makoto has to say. Apparently Erio disappeared for half a year and came back with no memory of what happened. Interesting... In this episode Makoto also met Mifune Ryuuko, a totally moe and adorable girl from his school. I can't help but like Mifune because he made Makoto do all kind of stuff that even he questioning himself doing it. Her attitude is infectious. He also met the Giant Oarfish, Maekawa. Note here that some of Makoto's monologue are really witty and funny. Kudos to the writer.


That scene from Tiger & Bunny cracked me up! That guy origami is hilarious because they only show him for an instant in each episode. His super power must be getting into other people's photographs.

heh yeah. He tries hard to get his sponsor's name on TV. This is one of my biggest problem with the show... the fact that the heroes are such attention-whores.

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