24 April 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, April 2010

Sunday, April 18

I dunno how did I miss the update of Hyakko chapter 37. The update was dated back in January! The battle continues. I didn't know that the teachers are joining as well. Suzume and Ode seem unstoppable until Kitsune started scheming with Takaya and Shishimaru to take down his rivals.

Angel Beats! episode 3: Hehe this shit of a show is so made out of win. The mosaic effects for Miyuzaki's films made me chuckled and that dude who called himself Christ is so retarded for a genius. By the way, the girl group we seen in last chapter is called Girls Dead Monster ot GirlsDeMo for short. Way better than After School Tea Time whatever-shit. The lead girl, Iwasawa, has wrote a ballad song for diversion and right after the performance she disappeared. This time their mission is to enter the Angel's lair i.e. Angel's bedroom. I must say that the animation during GirlsDeMo performance was awesome. I'm impressed. KyoAni can learn a thing or two from Aniplex. And dammit they did a good job with the suspense, drama and action too. Wow. Angel Beats is exceeding my expectation. The songs are addictive if nothing else.

Monday, April 19

Chapter 11 of Durarara!!

  • talked about the incestship of the Yagiri. Nothing I haven't seen from the anime though.
  • the budding relationship between Ryugamine and Sonohara.
  • Selty has found her head and is chasing her around town.
  • Ryugamine gets in the way and helped her head out.
Zettai Karen Children chapter 213: Minamoto has told the Children that he'll be moving out and stay with Tim and Bullet since they are turning into a woman. Just like I predicted, the culprit behind last chapter's attack is someone that Tim mentioned. I kinda get a feeling that he's the one with the barbie dolls all over the place and was kicked out of BABEL. Anyway, the PANDRA kids + Tim + Bullet went to his place but there are these guys with coated surrounded them with guns.

They are shading lights on Patchman and Joe's past in chapter 16 of Arago. Nothing interesting really, just another story of two partners working on a case. Now Joe is suspecting Arago because he has the portrait of the criminal that the leprechaun drew.

Rainbow is a pretty nasty stuff. I approved.

Wednesday, April 21

Bleach latest episode was okay I guess. We haven't reach the annoying part of the chanting yet so I'm chilling.

Thursday, April 22

Naruto chapter 492: Ballad rapping? More like ballad raping my ass! But the evil Naruto made me swoons. Awesome ^_^

Chapter 401 of Bleach left me speechless and my pantsu wets ^__^

Ah how time flies. It feels like only yesterday did I watch the 2nd episode of Ookiku Furikabutte. In the 3rd episode, Sakaeguchi has a theory as to why Mihashi refused to get off the mound: in middle school Mihashi was totally ignored but the game wouldn't start if he doesn't pitch. It sort of confirming his existence. Make sense. They are up against Sakitama. Momoe imo is too overconfident about this game being a called game so I feel like they are going to loose. As usual, Tajima notices the quirks of the opponents so early in the stage and casually talked to the opponent during games. He also warned Hanai about being satisfied, which made Hanai irritated. He's always managed to have fun in a game. That's one of the other things that I like about him. Then it's Izumi turn. Damn they made me so excited! Can't wait for next week!


The level of awesomeness for Arakawa Under the Bridge is >9000!

Kuroshitsuji chapter 44: They are divided into 2 groups. One stay upstairs while the other went down the cellar to look at the corpses. This is to determine the where about of the key of Earl's room. Since they failed to find the key on Sebastian's corpse, they went to search his room. I didn't know Ciel was allergic to cat. Do you? Anyway, the still couldn't find the key so they resorted to search the luggage. Mey Rin found the red liquid but recklessly forgot about it. Now the servants volunteered to search the outside compound. I don't blame them for being so emotional about the death of Sebastian. But yeah, I say this again: this is turning out to be like Umineko...

The battle continues in Emerging chapter 18. The virus is using the human body as it's carrier. They are sending 4 patients to America, hoping that their technology will help them find a cure. The doc with glasses was instruct to come to America as well. He seems reluctant though but he's about to change his mind >_>

Yay we are back to Badou in chapter 49 of Dogs - Bullets & Carnage. He and Mihai ended up in the hospital. Neubaten, the Director of the Central Administration Office apologized to the public and announced the reconstruction of the city etc. Badou immediately took interest when he seems to remember Neubaten's face. Meanwhile Heine and Naoto are having a talk about Heine's doubt. Yeah, he should stop being so emo.


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