Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 November 2011

Chihayafuru: Episode 7

Yeah I know what I said. I know I won't write anymore episodic review for Chihayafuru because it sort of has lost it appeals to me but then I saw Taichi and all that shit was forgotten and before I knew it, here I am writing another episodic review for Chihayafuru for my own satisfaction. So here goes!

Taichi was having a hard time with the first syllable cards against Chihaya. I was actually quite impressed that they remember the cards though I shouldn’t be. After all that what Karuta is all about. Playing Karuta requires you to be more observant than usual and great memory. Having said that, it pleases me to see all these self-note from Taichi but kinda sad for him as well since he thought that Arata would be a better partner for Chihaya in Karuta. That's bullshit, Taichi.

YOU makes me happy <3

Anyway, Chihaya has her eyes set on Totsomu from her class, or better known as Desktomu since he only leaves his desk to go to the restroom. He was pretty much the outcast. What is it with high school students? Why are they so conscious with students who study? Isn’t that what school is for after all? I said this but I was the mean girl in school lol. Here is something that people don’t know about me at school though. Just like Destktomu, I hated my school but I lovedstudying. I ended up skipping school and did self-study at home. My parent was pretty much okay-ed with how I rolled because my grades were perfect. My teachers hated me though because they were at lost with me. I wasn’t their typical bad girl case. Oh well, the feeling was mutual. I hated my teachers too. They were judgmental as fuck. I hope they rotted in hell lol

I admit though, Desktomu was a tad pathetic if compared to Taichi, the number 1 student. The different in their personalities what makes Desktomu seemed full of flaws. Chihaya was having a hard time convincing him because naturally he will dislike Taichi because he reminded him of what he’s lacking. But if Chihaya played her card right i.e. convinced Desktomu that he can at least beat Taichi in Karuta then I bet he will sign up in a heart beat.

there are few ways to convince people. And then there is Chihaya's way

But this was Chihaya we were talking about. She pretty much lost it and dragged Desktomu WITH HIS DESK ATTACHED to the Karuta club after he belittled Karuta. Chihaya used the “play Karuta makes you smarter” card with Desktomu. He was skeptical at first but when he saw Taichi, he was impressed, as I was sure like the rest of us did. Here lied the problem though. After watching Taichi aced the game (with flipped cards just like he suggested), he was even more envious of Taichi. Well, in my opinion, he let his nickname, and thus his desk, defined him as a person.

Playing with the cards flipped over was definitely the turning point for Taichi. He finally admitted to himself that he hated losing, even more so to Arata. He was kidding himself when he said he doesn’t care if he loses because he definitely does. He now believes that he is just as good as Chihaya and Arata if he sets his mind on doing it. Talent has nothing to do with it and the most important thing is, Karuta makes him happy, even more so when he wins a game.

Don't believe in yourself! Believe in me who believes in you!

That was how he managed to convince Desktomu since he pretty much believed that he didn’t have what it takes and he was only good in studying. Desktomu was still pretty resistant about the whole thing but meh after that brilliant (though he called it lame) speech from Taichi, it was inevitable.

And so that was how they managed to recruit their fourth member…

so smex

29 November 2011

Fate/Zero: Episode 9

Smoking hot sex scene!

lol I wish!

The beginning of this episode showed Diarmuid in his past love life with Grainne but it wasn't Lancer who was reminiscing but it was Kayneth who dreamed it all. He just woke up from his long sleep after the fight with Kiritsugu and was pretty pissed when he found himself strapped on that metal stretcher. I was actually surprised that Sola-Ui attended him given his cripple condition. She even regenerated his internal organ. I was under the impression that she hated him. I guess they shared a bond that only they understand.

Sola-Ui refreshed Kayneth's memories by telling him what had happened as well as the fact that he can no longer use magic. I couldn't help but feel sorry for Kayneth when I saw that tear. He was a very proud magician indeed and only knew how to be a magician. When you took that away from him, he is left with... nothing? Pretty much an empty shell in that crippled body of his.

I was right to suspect Sola-Ui though. She definitely has something up her sleeves and she didn't take long to get it out of her chest. She wanted the command seal from Kayneth and thus made her Lancer's Master. When Kayneth refused, she broke his finger one by one. Jeebus, how fucking evil can a hideous woman be? Now I truly feel for Kayneth.

such a thoughtful wife...

and the moved husband...

Since he didn't have a choice, he gave her the Command Seals. Lancer was unwilling at first until Sola told him that she was doing all these to win the war and restores Kayneth back to normal. Kayneth already told Sola that Lancer might be hiding something important. He obviously didn't believe Lancer when he told him he has no desire for the Holy Grail. After seeing Lancer's memories I am sure Kayneth have an inkling or two that he was right not to trust Lancer. Lets just hope Lancer will betray her.

Back at Kiritsugu's place, somehow there was no sign that a battle was fought there. Everything was back to normal which kinda... illogical? Even the dining room where Kayneth first caught up with Kiritsugu looked unscathed. Did I miss something?

Anyway, Saber wanted to pursue Caster immediately but Kiritsugu wanted to take care of Kayneth first. He was obviously still mad at Saber for not stopping Lancer and rightly so, in my opinion.

On the other hand, Waver and Rider were actively pursuing Caster. Waver showed that he wasn't as useless as a Magi and he redeemed himself a bit there. He ordered Rider to take sample of water from the river and using alchemy, he traced Caster's location. Rider didn't waste anytime to ambush the place but Caster and his Master weren't there. What was left were the corpses of those children they have slaughtered.

I am actually glad that they censored the whole thing out. After what I've seen with the tentacle monster, I don't ever want to see neither one of their handywork anymore. It was just too cruel and inhuman.

true that


don't judge him

They weren't the only one there though. Rider managed to kill one of the Assassins who have been following them around. They were up against a bunch of Assassins, in fact, but they just sneaked back into the shadows. Lucky for Rider? We wouldn't know because Rider quickly suggested that they must retreat but not before they destroyed the place. Now that Caster has no where to hide, he will be found eventually. Well, at least this revealed the fact to both Rider and Waver that they have been deceived into thinking that Kirei's Servant was dead.

so pretty *__*

This of course displeased Kirei but Tokiomi assured him that it wouldn't matter. This sort of reminded Kirei what Gil said earlier. Indeed his words can't be disputed. I mean, Tokiomi didn't move his ass at all! He just used big words to confirm himself as the person in charge. Sorry Rin but your father sucks.

penny for your thought, Kirei

Regarding this episode, I was expect to be quite annoyed both subjects of focus (Kayneth/Sola and Rider/Waver). Turned out I was quite surprised at how well this episode translated them as a character, and how they complimented each other, either in a good way or bad. However, I do notice the derpy kind of quality for this show. Most of the time, the proportions of body and head were off and that made the characters looked like they had the shrinking Beetlejuice's head. Other than that, good development.

My Top 10: Memorable Death Scenes

Monroe Anderson asked me to list down my top 10 favorite death scenes in anime/manga almost a year ago when I started my top 10 project (speaking of which, I never did say anything about it in my blog. I guess post forthcoming). I thought I postponed it long enough so here I am writing about it though I changed it from favorite to memorable.

Why? Come to think of it, it shouldn't really be my favorite since most of the time, these deaths became the reason why I lost interest in that said anime and even dropped the show. They became memorable because I am biased for the dying character and thus why it affected me so. I just can't help it. I invested a lot of affections for these characters thus my attachment to them runs deep.

Well, here goes it, in no particular order because ranking it would be too much of a hassle. Also, I think I should probably warn some of you guys that this post obviously contained spoilers. Read the following at your own risk.

anime: Tengen Toppa Gurren-Lagann
character: Kamina
seiyuu: Katsuyuki Konishi
died in episode: 8

(c) yoku

I feel obligated to start the list with Kamina otherwise I would have feel that this list lack in GAR. Those who knew me well would have known that I raged when I found out that Kamina was dead. I remember sitting in front of my computer and was dumbfounded by his death. I kept waiting for his revival but he stayed dead much to my dismay. I watched a couple more episodes after that but the show wasn't the same without him, plus they introduced Nia who is in my list of least favorite characters. I ended up dropping it until Baka Raptor and Glo convinced me to finish it (he even wrote a post about it) which I eventually did late last year. Like I said, it wasn't the same, even if Simon sorta became quite a badass himself. Did I cry? Surprisingly, I didn't because I was too busy raging about it.

anime: Shikabane Hime: Aka
character: Keisei "Shikei" Tagami
seiyuu: Keiji Fujiwara
died in episode: 12

he's that cool dude with the megane back there

Keisei was an effing cool guy and he was not your average monk either. He had to be my favorite character for the show and I remember bawling my eyes out when his possessed adopted brother Ouri killed him. I think I might be grudging about it which was why I couldn't watched passed the third episode of the second season. I was still blaming Ouri for Keisei's death and still am.

manga: Naruto
character: Itachi Uchiha
died in chapter: 394

(c) Kivi 1230

Another older brother who got killed by his younger brother which further stem my dislike for Sasuke. He was depicted as the villain at first but as his character developed, we were able to understood the reasons for his actions and that just thawed at my heart. When he was killed, I cried and cursed the damn Sasuke and promised myself to seek vengence lol. I remember my Gotei friends and I from facebook mourning for weeks after his death. He is sorely missed.

manga: Bleach
character: Gin Ichimaru
died in chapter: 423

(c) pixiv id 1954268

Damn you Monroe. By including this in the list I can no longer be in denial. I have to acknowledge the fact that Gin truly is dead. I loved Gin for his evilness and yet right before he said his last words, we learned about the truth. The reason was surprisingly romantic for a shinigami who was one of the most cunning characters in anime history. It just strengthened and multiplied my obsession. Why must a solid character like him died but a useless character like Momo can live even after she was stabbed twice in the guts. Damn you Kubo. I curse you. Damn you for making me cry T____T
p/s: Gin still lives inside of my b0nar.

anime: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
character: Yuuki Onozawa
seiyuu: Yumiko Kobayashi
died in episode: 8

Maybe because it was so unexpected that when they finally revealed the death of Yuuki, I was taken aback and can't stop my tears from flowing. It made me feel compassionate for Mirai because I feel her lost deep inside my heart. I am sure all who watched the show felt pretty much the same way. It definitely made the show suddenly felt more real.

anime: Death Note
character: L Lawliet
seiyuu: Kappei Yamaguchi
died in episode: 25

I believe it is pretty black and white when it comes to Light and L. You can only love one and dislike the other. In my case, I dislike Light's fucked up righteous shit and find comfort with L eccentric characteristics and personalities. I am still sad with the fact that he died. For a genius like him, he should have live longer. He would have bring greater goods to the world.

anime: Grave of the Fireflies (movie)
characters: Seita and Setsuko

The fact that this movie is about the World War II is already saddening but to see these two kids struggle to survive in that harsh condition is heart wrenching. I personally think that the deaths were beautifully orchestrated to depict what really did happen during the war (in any war) and in fact still happening even now after 50 years. Nowadays, we lives comfortably in the comfort of our home while there are millions of kids who are still homeless and die of hunger. We still have people bombing each other killing civilians who are mostly women and children. Such is the world we live in, where greed and power conquer all.

anime: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
character: Maes Hughes
seiyuu: Keiji Fujiwara
died in episode: 25

Hughes was a loving father who doted on his daughter at every chance he got. He was so proud of her, he practically shoving her pictures to anyone he met. He was killed by Envy while in duty and perhaps the reason why we were all saddened by his death was because of the family he left behind. We kinda shared that sorrow. His death was the catalyst that made Roy Mustang wanted to overthrow and defeat the Military so in hindsight I don't think he died in vain.

anime: Dragon Ball Z
character: Vegeta
seiyuu: Ryo Horikawa

Vegeta's death in the Buu saga was badass. He fucking blew himself up. For the first (and last time) he actually willing to sacrifice for someone else. He does it for the ones that he loves – Bulma, his son Trunks, and even, begrudgingly, for Goku. What took place before it with him and Trunks made it mean all the more.

anime: Fate/Stay Night
character: Archer
seiyuu: Junichi Suwabe
died in episode: 14

He was my favorite character in Fate/Stay Night and when he was killed by Berserker, I lost all interest to watch the rest of the show but I grudgingly did so without giving any shit to the episodes. That was why I can't remember any important details from Fate/Stay Night. I found the show to be pretty weak and boring without Archer. It was sort of irony given his personality but I guess that was where his charms lie.

And that concluded my top 10 list for favorite death scenes. I think the choices I made are pretty repetitive but you gotta admit that there weren't that many deaths in anime to choose from. Sure we have side characters died left and right in shounen but that shouldn't count.

So what is your favorite death scenes?

p/s: I excluded Spike because I want to believe that he is still alive.

28 November 2011

Working'!!: Episode 9

The title for this episode is "Love is Global" so naturally I am stoked to see what this episode has in store for me. As expected, it dived straight into the romance of Yachiyo and Satou. Turned out Yachiyo is bad with machine and cellphone scared the bejeebus out of her. They managed to convince her to get one and thanks to Souma's suggestion, Satou got to take her out during lunch break to look and buy one cellphone for her. Chance!


I absolutely entertained by the store clerk that attended Yachiyo and Satou. She sort of reminded of Satou to be honest, maybe because of the hair? Yachiyo isn't good with store clerk either but it can't be helped with her carrying that katana around her waist like that lol

There were definitely some development between Satou and Yachiyo though Satou was pretty much skeptical of the whole thing, and understandably so I might add. When Yachiyo asked him to put in his number in her new cellphones, his thought was that she memorized Kyoko's number and that pissed him off. When Yachiyo said she wanted to send text to him, he already knew that Yachiyo wanted to tell him all about Kyoko lol

Back at Wagnaria, Yohei came to visit and helping out. He almost got raped by Takanashi's whore sister who have no qualm undressing wherever and whenever haha. She even asked him to marry her and he would experienced the German suplex if Takanashi didn't save him. Run Yohei! Run! Shoo shoo!

so confident!

Yohei didn't came alone. Mitsuki came too because Souma asked her to bring Yachiyo's pictures when she was a kid. She and the gang is very protective of Yachiyo and made it a big deal if anyone else besides Kyoko call her by her first name. Obviously Satou do call Yachiyo by her first name and Mitsuki tried to put a stop to that with no success. It however uncovered a nasty truth for Satou.


Mitsuki then decided that they (Yohei and somehow Kozue as well) have to stalk the place to make sure that Yachiyo is safe. Kozue definitely can read the situation better than the two twin. She knew now that Satou is in love with Yachiyo. I wonder what she will do with that knowledge.

On the other hand, Takanashi was pretty harsh with Yamada today. Though she might not admit it, Yamada actually look up to Takanashi and when he went berserk on her, she ran away which consequently made Takanashi felt like an asshole for about... a minute and a half? lol Yamada you are hopeless.

I want to say that I was a tad disappointed that they don't do Takanashi and Inami but I suspect the rest of the episodes will wrap up the drama between those two as well as the meeting between Kirio and Yamada. I can't wait for that! w00t!!

Besides, it is always fun to see Satou handling his feelings with Yachiyo. I kinda feel sorry for him though. I've been in his shoes once and it was tough. Ganbatte Satou-kun!

so lonely T__T

And now for the extra XD

then stop getting on his nerves! lol

aren't they a good looking couple?


p/s: This is my 1000th post. I'm just so glad that I'm writing about this show instead of something else. It makes sense that my 1000th post is about something that I truly adore and enjoy. Thank you Working'!! for being so wonderful.

27 November 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, November 2011

Monday, November 21

Last Exile ~Fam, The Silver Wing~ episode 4: Fam was still with her plan to capture Sylvius but no one took her seriously. While she was busy convincing people about it, somebody else from Kartofell did a stake out. Dio managed to get a blurry picture of the ship and Gisey impressed me with her knowledge. She pretty much deducted what kind of ship it was, with the physical layout to a T. The next day, they all went after the ship but capturing it wasn’t as easy as Fam thought it was. They had to deal with the Sylvius captain Tatiana Wisla and she is not to be underestimated. Fam and Giselle were the one who got caught and in turn for their freedom, they had to snatch some Ades ships: one for each year they have been alive. Both Fam and Gisey are 15. You do the math. Fam’s readily agreed if it was for Millia. Urgh.

Wednesday, November 23

Episode 7 of Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: So the guys still met during summer vacation but pretty much done nothing at the club. They also came up with a way to contact each other to let them know who's coming and who's not. Yozora and Kodaka were very surprised when they found out the other usage for cellphones lol. But of course Sena has to be the party pooper just because she doesn't have one. She should have known that acting like that would only further embarrassed her, thanks to Yozora heh. She was being all bitchy about it but then got the same model as Kodaka (she fucking called Kodoka in the middle of the night and started yelling 'baka' over the phone).

they are so innocent, aren't they?

Friday, November 25

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai episode 8: Kodaka got to see Kobato naked again. Jeebus so unhealthy this family is. Anyhoo, Kobato followed him to the club and the girls (Sena and Rika) looked like they wanted to devour her. Club activities followed (pretty much Yozora bullying Sena) and suddenly they all agreed to go to the pool. Not everyone was having fun though because Yozora and Rika got sick from so many people and decided to leave. This is when Kodaka noticed that they all have changed since the club first started, except for Yozora and he feels for her, as he definitely should. She's his long lost friend, dammit! The sooner he realized that the better.

(c) Yajou Hirarin

Saturday, November 26

In episode 8 of Hunter X Hunter, they all arrived at the top of Trick Tower which actually a prison. Their mission is to get to the base alive. This one definitely looked like the hardest mission yet. They have to follow the will of the majority in order to reach the goal and they were being watched by Lippo, the warden. Too bad they ended up with the most selfish guy: Tonpa and then have to fight 5 prisoners one on one and win three fights in order to pass. Surprisingly Tonpa volunteered to be first but he obviously had something up his sleeves. He basically just gave up and handed the opponent the win. Next up is Gon but that has to wait till the next episode.

Sunday, November 27

Why the hell did Komamori joined Shinjurou now? I absolutely against the idea but not like it would changed anything, would it? Episode 5 of UN-GO: Shinjurou was invited to an opening of a memorial by Shimada Hakurou where murders of two young men from the Rising Sun Party happened. Their bodies were hidden in the memorial statue. Jirou, Hakurou son, quickly took the blame even though he didn't murder them. Shinjurou suspected Hakurou but his deduction was off and that pissed him off. He was kind of emo in this episode which just pissed me off in return. In the end he did find the gold bricks though which sort of cool, I admit.

pissed Inga is a fucking smexy Inga

Episode 5 of Mashiro-Iro Symphony: I don't see what the big deal is calling Uryuu by his first name, but then again the Japanese always make that such a big deal to begin with so I can't really blame Airi, can I? But for someone who claimed not to be good with changes, she sure disappoint me at how much she have changed. She is no longer the Airi that I liked for the fist couple of episodes. Anyway, Uryuu was (a) overheard that the stupid club of Amaha is closing down (b) comforting Ange for some useless shit about being a maid so now she wanted him to be her master. Needless to say the plot was fucking stupid.

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle episode 6: Cubie ran some test on Kaito since he's all depressed and shit for not being able to solve the puzzles. He advised Kaito not to solve anymore puzzle or his brain could be fried. But of course Kaito won't listen. POG sent another invitation to Kaito and he accepted the challenge. Lucky for him Gammon and Nonoha have his back but they ended up in danger instead. Obviously Kaito ended up triumphant at the face of adversity.

impure thoughts running through my mind at this imagery XD

Hare Hare Yukai in 3D

As a Haruhi fan, I feel obligated to share this. Watching Kyon in that outfit doing the dance just made my day ^__^

Mirai Nikki: Episode 7

The reason why I'm watching this so late is because the torrent took forever to finish download and it rather pissed me off. I need my weekly dosage of Yandere Yuno, if you know what I mean.

Reisuke's Picture Diary can only predicts the future three times a day which gave him quite the disadvantage given the fact that Yuki's diary and Yuno's diary sorta compliment each other and are a perfect pairing. This kid sure is fucked up in the head and I didn't expect any less since his parent were in that fucked up cult shit to begin with. I bet the things he have seen in that cult must have scarred him for life. He has a bottle of poison with him and I have to ask the logical question: how the fuck a kid of his age got a hold of that? Also I was quite surprise no one in that house heard him. He talked pretty loud in that shitty room and jeebus he sounded so fucking annoying. I would have killed him just for his annoying voice, if nothing else.

Reisuke helped out making lunch which gave him the opportunity to poison Yuno and Yuki. LOL he underestimated Yuno though. She can detected something was wrong with the tomato just by the weight. Hahaha just how fucking efficient you are Yuno?

(c) yuri11108

Since the poison didn't work, Reisuke tried to fucking electrocuted the guys. He has no business knowing how to electrocute a human being at his age! What the fuck?

Thank goodness Yuki realized something was wrong otherwise Yuno would have been toasted. And thus both of them now knew that Reiko is a Future Diary holder as well. Hmm, that would make easier for them to deal with the little shithead. I wish Yuno would have used the "equipment" she brought on him. Perfect justice! But of course Yuki wanted to do the right thing since "he's a kid". He never learn >_>

But of course the temptation kill him off was too great for Yuno and thus she chased him around the house with a sledgehammer and accidentally hit Rea's head with it lmao. Wait, I shouldn't be laughing my ass off. Forgive me XD

ku ku ku... >=D

I gotta hand it to this kid. He was so fucked up, I was just totally at lost and to be honest I was quite mad as well. Where the fuck did he get a gas mask for example? He managed to outsmart Yuki (well, that wasn't so hard) and left a cloud of poison gas inside the house. With Yuki down, Yuno pretty much has the green light to kill him. He really did piss off Yuno more than necessary though. Oh well, more bad news for him then.

But I didn't expect him to outsmart Yuno either, which is good. Unpredictable is always good because when Yuno is down, Yuki always came to her rescue and I love seeing Yuki as a bad ass as opposed to the boring/safe Yuki.

Reisuke used the electrocution idea again and this time, Yuno had no where to run to. But worry not, Yuno, Yuki will save you like an elite~ lol

oh noes!!

oh YES!!

By the way, Kusuru was leaking information to Ninth about Fifth (Reisuke) and I have to question yet again, what is his deal is. He must be the most dangerous Future Diary yet in my opinion, besides Yuno that is. I was actually quite surprised that Ninth came to help out and I wonder why didn't she kill the both of them when she got the perfect chance to do that? I mean, Yuno was down, she can't protect Yuki or herself for that matter. Why?

And I am sick of people keep repeating the fact that Yuno is Yuki's worst enemy. It was obvious from the get go. Stop trying to convince Yuki to leave Yuno, damn it! They have a really beautiful relationship.

lol or am I the fucked up one here? XD

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 8

Igor was once again not presence when Yuu went to the Velvet Room. Only Margaret was there to greet him and told him that he has yet again obtained another Arcana: the Emperor. I guess that's Tatsumi Kanji's Persona.

Anyway, it is already Summer and the kids no longer have to wear that hideous coat. I gotta say that I'm digging the school Summer uniform, and in a totally perverted way too. I guess Yousuke and I can be the best of friends in this regard lol.

I can't help it ^__^"

And since it's Summer, it wouldn't be complete without a school camping trip. Well, at least this is better than a beach episode, right? In fact this was way better since they helped cleaning up the forest too. Yep, they definitely sending the right message to the audience.

Turned out that both Yukiko and Chie were a phailure when it comes to cooking. I can understand if it was just Chie but Yukiko too? She sure looks like someone who is good at house chores, including cooking, don't you think? I was laughing so hard when Yousuke and Yuu almost died from eating their curry. The reaction, especially that of Yuu, was just too funny even though I have already expected it.

But hey worry not. Aika to the rescue! lol she can deliver food basically anywhere, can she and she's available 24/7 too. How convenient.

Also, looked like Yousuke's dream to sleep in the same tent with the girls really did comes true though it wasn't as pleasant as he hoped it would be. And what do you know, we still got to see the girls in swimsuit all thanks to Yousuke's thoughtfulness. I just have so much fun with all of the scenes regarding this paragraphs. Bear in mind that I am usually very critical when it comes to swimsuit scenes so once again Persona 4 the Animation has done it the right way. I love the exchanged of reactions between the boys and the girls and Yuu with his deadpan face... he can't do wrong with that.

lol with the gay joke

lol Yuu, you!

If that wasn't enough to make me laugh, the fact that Kanji got rejected by the Pig just got me laughed harder. That was unexpected and a tad of embarrassing to watch lol. NANJASORIA indeed.

But it wasn't all fun and games for Yuu and Yousuke. They found Konishi Naoki who blatantly said that he hated them both out of the blue. Well, I guess he has grudged against Yousuke because of his sister's murder.

what's up with that perm of a hair?

Half way through the episode, Kanji joined them and so they learned about Naoki a little bit more since he was Kanji's childhood friend. In fact, he practically dragged Naoki to where the guys were and suddenly they all became a best of friends. Turned out Yuu just have to offer him a bowl of beef noodle to get him opened up. That and not sugar coating his questions. It made sense that Naoki felt more alive with these guys since everyone else were just trying to ensure that he was okay, that he wasn't affected by the murder and have a high expectation of him.

This just fired up the guys to catch the culprit as soon as possible but we kept hearing the same words being repeated over and over again without much progress. Oh well, at least they have awakened their persona. They kept trying to find clues and connection of the murders.

But what about Chie and Yousuke? They didn't count as victims, do they?

Maybe they got it right this time. After all, everything seem to be connected to a TV one way or the other from the Midnight Channel to how they are sucked into that TV world. So they were going to pay more attention to the TV and checked out different channels just to be sure. I reckoned they will be quite busy because it tends to rain a lot during the summer right? And so they'll be more Midnight Channel than usual?

*shrugs* I was just guessing.

Anyhoo, yay for another fun and well written episode of Persona 4. I seriously have no complain about this show as of yet. Yep, I'm a happy camper!

26 November 2011

Kimi to Boku: Episode 8

After the unexpected twist of feelings that I experienced from last episode, I am actually quite timid in approaching this episode. I feel like I have to put another wall up just so I won't break down like I did after watching episode 7.

But lets get back to episode 8. What does drawing a manga has to do with owning a beret, a striped shirt or an F in the middle of your name? I am sure I am missing the reference that Yuuki pointed out and I want to kick myself in the butt for that. This transpired when the Manga Club asked Yuuki to draw a 5 pages manga for the club. Did Yuuki just say those things as an excused NOT to draw the manga?

Hmm, why the hell am I taking this so seriously anyway?

they were wondering too

As always, Yuuki drags the other four boys into the equation by forcing them to help him draw the manga. Each of them has to draw one page and them combined them to create one story. LOL Yuuki, as a manga reader you should know that won't work. First of all, the inconsistencies of the drawing will piss people off and then naturally people won't be enjoy the story. '

But you know what? His ideas just might work if they draw the comedy of the love between Kaname and his mom. If only it was not too taboo lol so instead they opted to a more safer option: shounen, though Chizuru changed that in the fourth pages into school drama.

I expected that they would be terrible with the drawing but I kept forgetting how amazing Yuta is. He actually drew very well for a n00b. Ah... what can't he do, I wonder. He is so good at everything. I can't say the same thing for Yuki though. Apparently he has his limit and it's irony since he is the one who loves reading manga so much. I really do have fun watching how the pages turned out and Kaname, in my opinion, wrapped it up nicely. I couldn't stop laughing with the boys. lolol I'm sorry Kaname XD

guess which is whose ^__^

blushing Kaname is hhhhhhhgggnnhh <3

All their hard work however almost ended up in the shredding machine. Thank goodness Kaname and Chizuru managed to stop Yuuki before the entire manga turned to unreadable bits and pieces of paper. So in the end it made it's journey to the Manga Club.

And that is the first half of the episode. In the second half, they focused on the first year kid who asked Yuuki to draw the manga in the first place. Apparently he was the errant boy for the Manga Club and everyone in that club seemed to have a high regard for Yuuki. The kid even said that Yuuki is his hero. lol I can't blame them for feeling that way. Yuuki is awesome.

Since everyone in the Manga Club supposed to draw their own manga, that kid (I should really pay more attention and find out what his name is but I don't wanna) decided to write about Yuuki and his friends. As expected, they turned out to be power rangers, complete with the transform sequence and background music. That was his first attempt by the way.

Kaname's butt is HUGH!

The second attempt was about samurai. Kaname was depicted as the bad guy who kidnapped Shuu-chan and naturally Yuuki is the hero samurai but that didn't go too well either. It seems like the kid has pretty much the right idea of how Yuuki is in person.


His third attempt was about a delinquent Yuuki who was lonely and then fall in love with Shuu-chan because of his kindness. Of course the kid obviously drew Shuu-chan wearing a skirt. lol this was actually pretty good and suited the personality of Yuuki but seriously, we all know that this won't work either.

I admit. I go kyaaaaah~ at these scenes

There is a hero I admire. Most heroes come from a faraway place in the cosmos, but he's not from such a distant place as that. Probably because it'd be too much effort. But I think he's greater than any hero.

Yeah, that's Yuuki alright. His quiet charm is deadly <3

Overall, it was an okay episode. It doesn't have that emotional feelings that it had in the last episode and I am somewhat disappointed. But hey, they made it up by focusing on Yuuki so I shouldn't really complain about it at all. Heh

p/s: the kid's name is Matsushita-something.

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