Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 August 2007

It's merdeka, let me speak

Looking back to look ahead.

That's what Lim Kit Siang said in his conversation with theSun on August 23, 2007. His first answer on that interview makes me wanted to turn the pages to read the rest of the article.
Q: We are coming up to 50 years soon, so what do you think we have achieved in that time?
LKS: I think it's a very mixed result. I think when we achieved independence 50 years ago and then with Sabah and Sarawak we formed the Malaysian federation, we all had one aspiration - that we would become more Malaysian over the years.
Which means we would become less Malay, less Chinese, less Indian, less Kadazan and less Iban and so on, but on the 50th year looking around, especially with the events in the last two months, we seem to have become less Malaysian and more Malay, more Chinese, more Indian more Kadazan and more Iban than anything else.

What he said hit closed to home, doesn't it?

He also compared our development over these 50 years. When people makes comparison, they always compared Malaysia to Ghana, which also achieved independence in the same year. Yes, we are 10 times ahead of them but why compare our country with the not-so-well-off nations and not of those that are at the same level as us? When we first achieved independence, our development were second in Asia after Japan but since then Malaysia has fallen behind while Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong have all become first world and developed countries.

The other thing that I am glad Lim Kit Siang agrees with me is regarding problem in our education system. The education that we (and future generations) are getting nowadays has not produced young citizens who are critical and mature in their thinking. How can we expect them to lead the country one day?

Reading the interview makes me realize what our current Prime Minister lack of: a brain that actually works. If his brain is half as competent as Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, he would have not racked up the oil price to the price of RM1.92 that it is now because there are ways to actually recover from the oil price war without the needs to burden the people of Malaysia.
And if his brain actually works, he also would have not let Proton sold the MV Augusta for a mere 1 Euro. News reported that BMW is paying 93 million Euro for the purchase of Huqsvarna, a unit of MV Augusta. Do the calculations! The estimated RM500m (of our money!) will go down the drain just like that. Tun Dr M purchased the MV Augusta back then to develop it so it can produce a volkswagen of Germany, a car that will be affordable to the people which will cost less than RM10K a unit. But alas, Paklah, Proton and Khazanah do not understand the value of branding, intellectual properties, etc. Siapa yang rugi? Rakyat Malaysia jugak...
The article also made me think of what PakLah has done during his time in the office. He had stopped many mega projects that were supposed to not only develop this country but to set a learning curve for Malaysian - the acquired technologies, skills, recognitions, etc.
Don't get me started on his hunger for fame. Do this and do that, he said. It was for the sake of Malaysian tourism, he said. What a lot of bull. Tell me what's the need of Penang second bridge? Or the replica of famous mosques that are being build in Terengganu which cost millions of dollar (of our money!)? Masjid untuk tempat beribadat la Paklah bukannya tempat perlancongan.
Dan apakejadahnya Islam Hadhari ? Islam yang disampaikan oleh Nabi Muhammad s.a.w tu dah cukup sempurna, why nak tukar kepada Islam Hadhari? Dah sesat ke?

I am still wondering what is the meaning of this 50th Merdeka anniversary if a) our people are feeling more alienated, more divided and more polarized b) we are lagging behind in development when in fact we can be among the developed nation already.

Walau apa pun, I am still proud to be Malaysian although is a little bit sad that we are celebrating our 50th Independence Day under the government of Paklah.

To all my fellow Malaysian, selamat hari Merdeka.

29 August 2007

Hey you, I'm still young la!

I went to visit Luth today so masa sampai tu there were four nurses yang datang melawat K/N gak. Dah agak lama lepak dan ketika aku sedang mendukung Luth, one of the nurse (lets call them nurse1, nurse2 and so on to avoid confusion) asked my mom bila tarikh SPM.

lol my mom pun pening lalat la because that nurse tanya soalan pengetahuan am tetiba kat dia. Bukan setakat my mom jer, yang lain pun dah garuk kepala (literally). My mom answered la that she does not have a clue.

Then nurse2 sambung: "Eh bukan anak akak (meaning me!) ambil SPM ke tahun ni?"

wakakaka, my family dah gelak sakan. Kesian kat akak nurse1 ngan nurse2, malu dorang when K/N told them that I am already 26.

Aku tersenyum lebar sahaja.

Aku masih kelihatan muda remaja rupanya...

28 August 2007

Pictures of Luth

Sapa nak tengok Luth, sila la ke my family blog: brethrenbrood

26 August 2007

Turkish GP

Grand Prix Turkey pasti menjanjikan perlumbaan yang mencabar selepas sessi kelayakan yang sengit antara Ferrari dan McLaren semalam, dengan Felipe Massa merampas posisi pertama dari Lewis Hamilton. Kimi Raikkonen dan Fernando Alonso masing-masing akan memulakan perlumbaan di grid kedua.

Pasukan BMW Sauber tidak kurang hebatnya dengan Robert Kubica di tempat ke lima dan Nick Heidfeld di tempat ke enam. Heikki Kovalainen cukup memberangsangkan di tempat ke tujuh di hadapan Nico Rosberg dan Jarno Trulli.

Di hujung grid, kedua-dua pemandu Honda akan memulakan perlumbaan di grid terakhir selepas masing-masing menukar enjin.

Pasukan akan menggunakan kompaun tayar Bridgestone keras dan medium namun kompaun tayar keras dijangka akan digunakan lebih untuk perlumbaan ini.

Cuaca agak panas di Istanbul dengan suhu 35 darjah Celcius dan suhu ambien gi gird, 52.

Lampu merah mula menyala dan perlumbaan bermula di Turkey!

Di selekoh pertama Massa mendahului dari Raikkonen, Hamilton dan kedua-dua BMW. Alonso jatuh satu posisi di tempat keenam. Webber naik dua posisi untuk tempat kesepuluh. Permulaan Coulthard juga baik dan beliau naik ke posisi ketiga belas. Fisichella dan Davidson masing-masing kehilangan posisi namun Trulli adalah pelumba yang paling malang di permulaan perlumbaan ini apabila beliau jatuh dari tempat kesembilan ke 21 apabila kereta beliau dilanggar oleh Fisichella di selekoh pertama. Barrichello pula naik dari tempat terakhir ke 16. Sato pula dari tempat ke 17 ke tempat terakhir.

Massa mencatat masa terpantas pertama dalam cubaan beliau menjarakkan diri dari Raikkonen.

Alonso mencuba sedaya upaya untuk memintas dua kereta BMW di hadapannya.

Di pusingan ke-4, tiga pemandu teratas saling bertukar catatan masa terpantas dengan Hamilton paling pantas ketika ini.

Raikkonen mencatat masa terpantas untuk mengejar teman sepasukannya untuk P1.

Kovalainen mula ketinggalan dari enam pendahulu di hadapannya di pusingan ke-7. Trulli pula memintas Button untuk posisi ke 17 di pusingan ke-8. Sutil pula semakin menghampiri Vettel untuk posisi ke-19 sementaa Wurz dan Fischella berjaya memintas Webber untuk posisi ke-10. Kereta Webber kelihatan menghadapi masalah.

Di pusingan ke-11, Alonso hanya setengah saat di belakang Heidfeld namun masih tiada peluang untuk memintas kereta BMW Sauber itu. Massa dan Raikkonen kembali bertukar catatan masa terpantas dan kereta mereka yang menggunakan tayar medium semakin berjaya menjarakkan diri dari Hamilton.

Kubica masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-13 dan menggunakan kompaun tayar keras. Satu pitstop yang begitu awal.

Trulli melakukan kesilapan membenarkan Button memintasnya kembali. Belakang kereta beliau diluar kawalan di selekoh sembilan.

Strategi dua pitstop lebih digemari di litar ini.

Di pusingan ke-15, Raikkonen adalah pemandu pertama mencatat masa di bawah 1m 28s.

Button memberikan saingan yang sengit kepada teman sepasukannya Barrichello untuk P15 dan Button berjaya memintas di selekoh pertama.

Heidfeld masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-18 dari P4. Rosberg dan Coulthard juga masuk ke pit. Heidfeld kembali ke pit di hadapan Kubica.

Giliran Raikkonen masuk ke pit dari P2 dan kekal menggunakan kompaun tayar medium.

Alonso juga masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-18 dan kekal dengan kompaun tayar keras di pusingan ke-19. Wurz juga masuk ke pit.

Massa masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-20 dan kekal menggunakan kompaun tayar medium. Beliau kembali ke litar dan mengekalkan kedudukan di hadapan Raikkonen. Alonso juga kembali ke litar di hadapan Heidfeld. Hamilton masuk ke pit dan Massa kembali mendahului perlumbaan.

Kovalainen keluar dari pit di pusingan ke-21 di hadapan Kubica. Satu keputusan yang baik bagi pemandu Finland ini.

Di pusingan ke-24, Alonso telah merapatkan jurang antaranya dengan Hamilton, kini hanya 14 saat.

Vettel masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-29. Beliau mungkin hanya melakukan satu pitstop sahaja hari ini.

Alonso mengambil 30 saat dari Hamilton di pusingan ke-30 namun jarak antara mereka masih besar.

Ferrari kelihatan seperti tiada tandingan dengan Hamilton yang tidak terdaya untuk merapatkan jurang antaranya dengan mereka.

Button dan Sutil masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-37. Barrichello pula di pusingan berikutnya. Kedua-dua pemandu Honda akan melakukan stint terakhir yang panjang untuk perlumbaan ini.

Di pusingan ke-38 Kubica masuk ke pit dari P7 dan kembali menggunakan kompaun tayar medium. Yamamoto turut masuk ke pit.

Raikkonen pula tanpa sebarang amaran kini memberi saingan yang hebat keada Massa. Walaubagaimanapun, Massa kembali mengawal keadaan di pusingan berikutnya.

Raikkonen masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-41 dan menggunakan kompaun tayar keras.

Heidfeld juga masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-42 dari P5 dan bertukar dari kompaun tayar keras kepada medium diikuti oleh Massa. Pitstop yang cepat untuk Massa dan beliau berjaya mengekalkan kedudukan di hadapan Raikkonen dengan margin yang selamat.

Tayar kanan hadapan Hamilton pancit di pusingan ke-43 dan beliau kembali ke pit untuk menukar tayar tersebut dalam masa 10 saat. Alonso telah berjaya memintasnya sementara beliau masih dalam perjalanan ke pit.

Alonso kini di tempat ketiga, Heidfeld di P4 dan Hamilton di P5.

Vettel dan Wurz masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-45. Trulli masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-46 dari P13.

Hamilton hanya 1 saat lebih perlahan dari Heidfeld di pusingan sebelumnya. Di pusingan ke-47, pusingan terakhir Hamilton jauh lebih perlahan dari Heidfeld.

Petang yang agak mengecewakan buat Kubica yang kini di tempat kelapan selepas dipintas oleh Rosberg pada pitstop kedua beliau.

Di pusingan ke-49, Hamilton mula menunjukkan peningkatan pada pusingan beliau namun mampukah beliau memintas Heidfeld untuk P4? Kereta beliau mempunyai kerosakan kecil di bahagian front wing tetapi itu tidak dapat memperlahankan beliau buat masa ini.

Trulli memintas Barrichello untuk P16 di selekoh pertama pada pusingan ke-50.

Dengan baki perlumbaan lagi 7 pusingan, Kubica mula memberi saingan sengit kepada Rosberg untuk P7.

Sementara itu Kovalainen semakin menghampiri Hamilton tetapi beliau mungkin kesuntukan masa dengan baki perlumbaan 5 pusingan.

Di hadapan grid, Massa nampaknya tiada masalah untuk memenangi Grand Prix Turkey untuk dua kali berturut-turut.

Raikkonen mencatat masa terpantas perlumbaan di pusingan ke-57.

Pusingan terakhir dan Massa melintasi garisan penamat di tempat pertama dengan Raikkonen 2 saat di belakangnya. Ferrari menang 1-2 di Turkey.

Alonso mengakhiri perlumbaan di tempat ketiga dan mengurangkan jarak antaranya dengan Hamilton untuk kejuaraan pemadu yang kini hanya tinggal 5 mata.

Heidfeld di tempat keempat dengan Hamilton yang hanya nyaris-nyaris kehilangan tempat keempat kepada Kovalainen.

Rosberg dan Kubica mengutip mata terakhir perlumbaan.

Keputusan yang sangat baik bagi pasukan Ferrari. Kini pasukan dari Itali ini hanya 11 mata di belakang McLaren dalam kejuaraan pengeluar.

Kembali bersama saya untuk perlumbaan seterusnya yang akan berlangsung di Itali pada 9 September kelak.

24 August 2007

Luth is finally here

Alhamdulillah, today I got myself anak saudara baru.

His name is Luth. The most anticipated baby of the year. He'll definitely will be my favorite. I just soooo bias when it comes to baby boy. hehe

So nak cerita sikit on how he was delivered into this world of ours.

K/N was admitted to the hospital around 2am yesterday and at 3am her contractions were between every 4 minutes. She was in labur pain for more than 12 hours. At 5pm, jalan dah buka 8cm, but still she couldn't give birth. So at 6.15pm the doctor decide to do a Cesar. 6.30pm K/N went to the OR and at 6.45pm Luth was born. K/N is 28 years old.

Jangan ingat I'm telling this story for nothing. Statistic shows that most of soon-to-be-mom who are around age 28 and above have more difficulties to give a normal childbirth (untuk anak sulung). Maknanya bila umur dah menjangkau 28 ke atas perempuan tersebut lebih terdedah kepada risiko semasa bersalin. Kalau nak merasa anak dilahirkan secara semula jadi memang boleh tapi mengikut kajian bakal-bakal ibu ni dinasihatkan menggunakan cara Cesar sebagai jalan alternatif.

One more thing, statistic juga stated that for newly-weds who are above 28 y/o most probably find it hard to conceived a baby. Don't want to say its true tapi most of my nephew yang kahwin umur 27 ke atas memang ada susah sikit nak lekat.

So I am now 26 y/o. That means I have 2 more years left. Aiseh.

22 August 2007

Iklan jual diri

lol, got this idea from a book I am currently reading. Sounds like fun! So here goes:

Masih muda bergetah
dengan ketinggian 5 kaki 2 inci
badan kecil molek
kulit tak la putih sangat tapi kira cerah la jugak
suka gila dengan Formula One
seorang penyokong Chelsea FC
sekolah tak tinggi mana tapi pandai
berkebolehan untuk memasak, berkebun, menjahit, jaga anak dan segala macam yang seorang isteri patut mahir
dalam erti kata lain, pakej yang lengkap!
berminat? sila hubungi jabatan pendaftaran negara

p/s: lintah horny! aku tau! hahahhaha!!!!

10 August 2007

Is it wrong

Salahkah bila ku mendua
Salahkah bila semua dapat ku tak lagi merasakan engkau ada
Dan cintaku seolah jenuh akan hatimu

Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan ku sendiri
Cukup bagi diriku melukai hatimu
Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan aku
Mungkin kau akan bahagia dengan dia, yang lain

Tak perlu kau memohon untuk kembali
Tak perlu kau memohon cintaku
Tiada lagi ruang di hatiku yang tersisa untuk mu

Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan ku sendiri
Cukup bagi diriku melukai hatimu
Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan aku
Mungkin kau bahagia bila dengan yang lain

Sungguh ku pun tak bisa untuk tetap mencintaimu
Sungguh ku takkan bisa untuk selalu menyayangimu
Sungguh ku tak bisa untuk tetap mencintaimu selamanya
Pergilah kasih tinggalkan aku

Those are some powerful words. Bila baca, bila dengar, entah kenapa sadness menyelubungi even though dah ada manusia yang buat aku rasa bahagia ketika ini. I guess the unknown/the undecided still scares the hell out of me. I take it that this is good for reality check, kan?

05 August 2007

Hungarian GP

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro moved to within 19 points of Championship leaders McLaren Mercedes after Kimi Raikkonen scored eight points for Ferrari at the Hungarian Grand Prix yesterday and McLaren failed to score. This followed a stewards' ruling against McLaren after they were judged to have imposed orders which cost Lewis Hamilton the chance of a second qualifying run in the third session of qualifying. The team is appealing.

Fernando Alonso and Hamilton had set the two fastest times, but the Spaniard was penalised five places on the grid for his part in the affair. Hamilton went on to win, challenged all the way by Raikkonen, while Alonso scored a close fourth place behind Nick Heidfeld. Felipe Massa, destined to start 14th after a mistake by the team in the second session of qualifying, failed to scored points so that the Ferrari are pair are 20 points behind championship leader Hamilton.

As ever, on a circuit as difficult to overtake on as the Hungaroring, much was decided in qualifying - perhaps more than usual. Hamilton inherited Alonso's pole position with Heidfeld starting alongside. Raikkonen lined up third behind Hamilton with Nico Rosberg's Williams in fourth place. Ralf Schumacher was fifth from Alonso sixth. Then came Robert Kubica and Jarno Trulli.

The start was obviously one of the best opportunities for place changes and Raikkonen took full advantage, overtaking Heidfeld off the line and into the first corner. Rosberg remained fourth from Schumacher, then Kubica and Mark Webber and Alonso in eighth, having lost two places.

Hamilton drew away during the opening stint, having a 3.9s lead on lap 18 before the leading pair both made their pit stops. Heidfeld slowly dropped away before stopping first on lap 17, and Rosberg also dropped away. Schumacher, however, stayed close to the Williams driver, pushed throughout by Alonso who stopped, like Heidfeld and Rosberg, on lap 17.

Hamilton came out of the pits with a two second lead, and within eight laps, Raikkonen was on his tail, but there he would remain. The pair were now over 10s clear of the rest of the field, led by Heidfeld. Behind Rosberg, Kubica had leapfrogged ahead of the Schumacher-Alonso duel and when Rosberg made a second of three stops, he moved up to fourth.

The BMWs were also on three stops, making the second just after the forty lap mark. Raikkonen came in on lap 46 which was four laps ahead of leader Hamilton, and when the McLaren emerged from the pits, he was 4.4s ahead. But both drivers were now on the softer of Bridgestone's tyres, and the Ferrari seemed to be better suited to them, with Raikkonen now the quicker driver. Within six laps, the 4.4s gap had largely disappeared, and now Raikkonen was on Hamilton's tail.

But there, again, he would remain for the final 13 laps of the race, setting fastest lap on the very last of the 70 laps, and finishing 0.715s behind the McLaren. Heidfeld finished a distant third place, while Alonso got the better of Schumacher in their final pit stops and then closed on the BMW Sauber, shadowing it all the way to the chequered flag. Kubica finished fifth from Schumacher and Rosberg.

01 August 2007

My drool factor at the moment

Yes... I think he's hot!


a silent move that we make
when we awake

my conscience
come and going come and go
a troubled mind and twisted hand
we use everytime this everytime…

all the sentimental feeling
that sometimes makes our heart burning
we surrender to a strong desire
ignorant to the needs of other
little whisper of little voices
that calls when we make desperate choices
are we that oblivious?
so insensitive

so many choices to be made
so little time to decide
so little guilt on our side

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