Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

29 August 2009

Diary of a tard - week 4, August '09

Monday, August 24

Vampire Knight chapter 53 is out. I'm glad the mangaka explained who Kaito is. For a while I was like... who the fuck is Kaito O_o? He seems cool. I like him right away when he used Wakaba as a sacrificial lamb. kukuku... Thank goodness too that Zero hasn't forgot his resolve to kill Yuki because that girl deserved to be killed after all. Incest WTF is fucking euwww. Whenever the manga swayed to Yuuki and Kaname, I want to puke blood >=(

It has been a while since I last watch Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Episode 16 saw the Elric brothers finding out about Hughes death, Jean is being used by Lust and Mustang getting mad at what he has discovered so far. Not much going on in this episode. I guess they want us to savor the moment of sadness but I have already cried my eyes out when Hughes was murdered.

Keroro Gunsou is back on Animax, now in season 2. Not much LOL factor in episode 1 but it's good to see them frogs again. Tamama remains my fav.

Tuesday, August 25

Too busy flapping to my latest figure, White Hollow Ichigo SDCC Limited Edition to bother with manga or anime XD

Wednesday, August 26

I can't believe I forgot about Ultimo. Thanks to Nate, I pick it up once again. Yamato is unexpectedly funny which is such a nice surprise. He add a lot of humor to balance out the seriousness and the fighting in the manga. Review can be found here.

Bleach episode 234 is phailed albeit just a tad T__T

Pick up yet another seinen manga -__-". This one called Livingstone. One look at the spread, I know I must read it. Review will be coming soon.

Thursday, August 27

Happy Birthday Lia!

Yikes, I'm way behind with my weekly anime =\

Phosphorous is the missing element in Element Hunters episode 7. Well let see... Homi gets all emo about his dead grandad, Chiara gets tentacle rape treatment and Ren was being Ren (I love his dialect btw). The QEX this time around uses the kids' fear against themselves so Homi have to face his fear and be hero of the day. I am not sure why I want to watch this. I sucks at chemical to begin with. I wish we had this show when I was taking my SPM -__-"

I really enjoy watching Tokyo Magnitude 8.o episode 7. The situation between Kento, Yuuki and Mirai when they were observing the robots reminds me of the same situation that I'd encountered numerous times, but instead of with robots, its with either manga/anime/figures. I get angry just like Kento when Mirai belittled the robots. Hearing Mirai calling Kento a robot otaku kinda hit close to home. But of course, I don't have that noble notion of creating a manga or publish an anime that can rescue people or whatever. hehe. I really look forward to see Kento again. I hope he does shows up in the future episode. This episode has everything: excitement, suspense, heart warming moments and a cliffie too! Besides episode 5, this gotta be one of my fav episodes so far.

Friday, August 28

chapter 461 saw Sasgay charging the Raikage head on, only to be saved by his comrades when his ass was about to be kicked. Sasgay being Saucegay, he believe he doesn't need any help. Of course he didn't need any help. Naruto is all about him. He'll win even with someone's dick (I bet Naruto's) inside his ass. Thank goodness this chapter is ain't all about him though. Gaara schooling the old fart is a moment to be cherished. Ah the wise, Gaara. I love him. He made all of these Sasgay shit bearable.

The Phantom Daughter is made of phailed. LOL. Zettai Karen Children chapter 185 saw her trying to make sure that the Children will have enough time finishing their mission for Kouru's birthday so she helped them out. In doing so, her fourth personality emerged.... and to be continued -__-"

Sleepyfans is late with Bleach chapter 371 today. stupid-biased-dumbfuck grr... and when it was released, I feel a tad disappointed. I have mixed feelings about the chapter. I got nosebleed from seeing Gin and Soul Society Aizen but kinda pissed that Barragan gets a backstory and Ulquiorra didn't. Gah!!

Saturday, August 29

I'm not a cat person but I feel sorry for the cats in Mononoke chapter 7. The old bugger deserved to be eaten by the mononoke. Served him right. *nods*

Colored pages manga!

Courtesy of Razz, I was introduced to this awesomeness and feels like I have to share the awesomesauce with everyone @_@

These bunch of people are amazing. The fact that they are up-to-date with the manga and used Max7 (for Bleach) and Binktopia (for Naruto) scanlation instead of Sleepyfans' pretty much says it all.

I'm going to take the colored pages from one of my favorite episodes: the vaizards showing the shinigami how to do it the right way >=D

28 August 2009

Bleach: Chapter 371

Pictures worth a thousand bloody words they say

Text ColorOMG Gin! O_0 *squirts*

I is confused. Was it his sword that did that, or Gin and Tousen? =\

ooh fun fangasm fun!

But dammit, we got a back story on Barragan but not on Ulquiorra? Why?! Why the fuck why?! *shakes fists in the air in frustration before an idea pops up in my bleached brain*

Could this mean that Ulquiorra is not dead? That there is hope? @_@

27 August 2009

It's finally coming

September is approaching which mean the DVD release for the most anticipated movie of the year (for me anyway) Bleach: Fade to Black will be on sale soon (September 30th according to one source). Say yowzaaa!! *dance*

Those who know me well would probably have guessed the reason why I am so uber excited to see this movie. The thought of watching a movie made for Ichigo and Rukia is just so.... FREAKING FUCKING AWESOME! *squirts*squirts*

Have you seen the poster that came with the DVD? Well, now you have and behold the pantiless Rukia and her outlining breasts! errr I mean the awesomesauce of IchiRuki! @_@

Oh man, I'm so freaking gay for Rukia =3

Maybe after watching this movie, we could finally conclude whether or not Rukia is wearing any panties. Yeah you know what I'm talking about right? Look at this spread that Kubo made and feast your eyes on pantiless Rukia @_@

Fanservice ahoy! FTW!!

Ah, my IchRuki sense is tingling all over. I might need to prepare a couple of changing pants if this continues, which it will after I watch this trailer over and over again.

To commemorate the release of the DVD, I'll be watching the first two movies again and who knows maybe write a review about it if my nerdgasm takes over.

Trivia: did you know that this week marked the 8th anniversary of Bleach the manga? EIGHT FUCKING YEARS. Can you fucking believe it? How far have we come since Rukia first stepped into Ichigo's room?

I have since then got my degree and been phailing love a couple of times. My love for Bleach remains to be my only feelings that are solid. Thank you Bleach and thank you, Kubo.


Yurumates (pronounced yuru-mates as mate in Halo thar mate!) is a series of unrelated shorts stories compiled in a 35 minutes or so OVA. It is simple, enjoyable and funny with the cast of four simple and standard archetype characters: Yurume, Sae, Kumi and Matsukichi. It encompassed everyday life storyline; from surviving the hot/cold to eat hotpot together with everything else in between. All these happened in a rundown low rent building where these four struggling students live. It may sound like you have seen all these jokes before but that does not mean that it is less funny.

The story, as you would have predicted from the title evolved around Yurume, the country girl who is adjusting the life in the big city. Then you get introduced to Sae and Kumi who constantly tease Yurume for her naivety. I like Kumi a lot because one look at her, you would think that she is an airhead but the fact is she is more than meets the eyes. She also has a dark sense of humor compared to Sae. Matsukichi is the only male in the building and it is a nice change to see a non-perverted male character in a cast of women. He often comes in a tad too late, or a tad too early.

I also enjoy the cicada segment a lot. It is funny on its own.

Like everything else, the art is simple too. It fits rather well with the whole theme of the OVA in my opinion. They are also have that chibi like quality about them. The seiyuu performance managed to bring out the characters personalities and with the simplicity of the animation and the story, having strong voice performances was critical to its success. As for the ED, it is pretty catchy and adorable.

Overall, Yurumates is a really cute, fun and simple show. Like crazyanimegyrl who influenced me to watched this, I am glad that Frostii fansub picked it up. It definitely deserved to get more attention (hence why I am writing this review).

If you have zero sense of humor and personality, it is best you avoid it, since you are fucked up and wouldn't appreciate this show anyway.

Art 6/107
Sound 7/10
Storyline 7/10
Characters 7/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 7/10

Torrent: TokyoTosho (frostii)

26 August 2009

Bleach: Episode 234

(This is going to be chronologically fucked as always ^__^)

aight can someone tell me who is that guy that talk to Shunsui. Is he from the 8th Squad or something? I know he's not from the Kido corps since they are all emo in black.

awww man they didn't show Unohana get tentacle raped by Mayuri? Damn! I was looking forward to that. I lol'd when others are quickly to sweatdrop when they heard of physical examination by Mayuri. I love that eccentric guy *chuckles*

I'm not a Hisagi fan but is a fan of his Kazeshini, especially his badass attitude. Their fight is freaking amazing. I think I wet my pants a little ^__^. I am quite surprise by the quality of the fight. So much better than last week Zangetsu/Ichigo face off.

Renji's reaction to Zabimaru is priceless. Gotta love the clueless Renji sometimes. and WTF I thought Zabimaru was female with that boobs hanging out and all. Jeebus no wonder his bankai sucks O_o


I see Muramasa going for Ichigo's hollow since last episode. I feel sorry for Ichigo being tortured like that. but I don't care much for his pain when I saw Hollow Ichigo emerge! fucking w00t!! My gut tells me that Muramasa is in for a surprise though. And guess what? I am fucking right! buahahahaha gotta love the sexy beast =3

this is the smirk I'm talking about! Gah why can't Toynami/SDCC get it right v__v

Highlight of the episode must be the Renji/Zabimaru encounter purely for its LOL factor.

Zabimaru snake: Who are you calling a perv, Chimpette!


the omake is made of shit though -__-"

25 August 2009

Toynami White Hollow Ichigo SDCC Limited Edition figure

After three weeks from the date of purchase, my SDCC Limited Edition White Hollow Ichigo has arrived! Now I am one of the thousand lucky mothafuckas, I mean people, to have zis as part of their collection. Muahahahahahaha!!! *does a fucking jig*

Feast your eyes on the awesomeness of Ichigo's White Hollow (ain't he an effing sexy beast? *flaps*). He officially pisses on the other figures, including Grimmjow ^_____^

This is going to fucking kill your bandwidth! bhuahahahahaha!! XD

fucking w00t!!!

I would have foam in me mouth if he has his usual smirks on

size comparison

I realized my D40 isn't good enough. Gonna get 50D by the end of the week. Then again, my photo-taking skillz suxxor! LOL and I have got to find a better place for the next shoot T__T

group pixxor!

edit: some new pictures, taken with my 50D

24 August 2009


Taddaaaa!!! This is my version of K-ON! review because god knows how many reviews are out there about this show who has taken the anime wurado by storm. Hate it or love it, you must have seen it, or at least heard of it. If not, you are not deserving the animetard title.

Most of my guy friends who have seen it hated it. I can see why because K-ON! is definitely full of cuteness and girls stuff which only females or gay guys can relate too. Although I am not girly by all means, I still find some of the jokes funny. Yes, K-ON! makes me laugh... occasionally.

There isn't too much depth in K-On! storyline. It pretty much about girls doing girly cute things. 4 girls (will be 5 later on) joined the Light Music Club and having fun while trying to achieve their musical goal. Most of the time, it wasn't even about the music as they have teas and fucked around the club room doing nothing but discussing mundane thungs. These are the moments when the girls antics will either entertain you or makes you wonder why are you wasting your time watching this shit.

Each of the girls have their own distinct personalities. My favorite, Ritsu Tanaka is the lead of the group and the club president of the club who takes the role of energetic idiot. She plays the drum and pretty much dragged everyone else into the club to attain her own dream to play music. Mio Akiyama, the moe of the show, is Ritsu's bestfriend. She's the voice of sensibility in the group and always appeared serious but quickly turn moe/meek whenever someone teases her. Mio writes the song and play the bass. Yui Hirasawa, the main character of the show, is an airhead in every sense of the words. She is clumsy as well which only add to her adorableness. She plays the lead but has zero knowledge on music. She learns by listening to the music, which is quite impressive in my opinion. Tsumugi Kotobuki is the pianist, but since they don't have a piano, she ends up playing the keyboard. She is filthy rich and responsible for their tea breaks. Azusa Nakano is the latest addition to the group. At first I thought she was Mio's little sister because they are very much alike. She plays the guitar and the driving force for all the practice sessions.

Supporting characters like Ui, Yui's younger sister, Sawako, the club advisor and Nodoka help add more spice and humor to the show.

K-ON! is produced by the same Kyoto animation that did Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Kanon and Lucky.Star. You can pick up a hint of resemblance here and there throughout the anime. The character designs are really cute. It pretty much help exudes the cuteness level of the show. The background art is consistent with the animation which provides good fluidity. You can see another level of details being displayed whenever the group does a concert to the point you can lips read the lyric (given that you are excellent in Japanese, that is).

From the OP, to the ED to the songs that are sang at the concert, they are really light and fluffy, a perfect match for the overall theme of the show and they are pretty catchy as well. Fuwa-fuwa time...

Overall, I do enjoy K-ON! but I'm not like 'O-Emm-Gee!! this is the best show on earth evar!!!' because it is not. Watching K-ON! is like eating cotton candy, nothing more than a tasty treat. For a good meal, I watch something like Seirei no Moribito.

Art 8/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 6/10
Characters 7/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 7/10

23 August 2009


I got addicted to Kannagi after I watch the anime. The anime just left me wanting more and thankfully the manga provides just that.

Kannagi is written and drawn by Takenashi Eri which was supposedly to have 40 chapters altogether. At the moment, the manga is on chapter 36. yikes! =\

I wouldn't delved deep on the story or characters for you can find that out on my Kannagi anime review (to be truth, the manga does not feature the supporting cast that much except for Zange-chan).

I follow the manga simply because I want to know what happen to Jin and Nagi relationship. I want to know or rather need to know whether or not they get together. After chapter 34, Jin finally recognizes his own feelings for Nagi and he was just about to confess to Nagi in chapter 36 but of course the damn Zange-chan would not let that happen if she has anything to do with it, which she always does.

Gah, I'm frustrated! >=(

Watch this space for I shall bring you the latest progress, that is if you don't mind spoiler XD

Art 9/10
Storyline 10/10
Characters 10/10
Enjoyment 10/10
Overall 10/10

Diary of a tard - week 3, August '09

Sunday, August 16

Karneval chapter 13 is released earlier than usual. I thought Gareki said he will kill whoever killed Tsubaki but when he saw Yotaka, all his resolve dissolved. Kinda phailed. And man he's weak! I never see him being of any used in a fight yet O_O
I'm sad that we didn't get to know Yotaka any better. I wish the mangaka would keep him around a tad longer T__T

I pick up Bakemonogatari after gabsicle convinced me to do so. The first couple of chapters are good but it starts to go downhill after that. I'm a bit disappointed to be honest. The reason why I didn't enjoy it as much as I should have is probably because of Senjogahara. You see, if i don't like a character, I start to loose interest in the show especially if the storyline is weak. But I'm repeating myself here...

Moving on!

Monday, August 17

Moyashimon manga is finally updated after more than a year! Jeebus! Nothing much going on besides Sawaki meeting new microscopic beings. I want to see Yuuki dressed as girl >=D

Thanks to crazyanimegyrl, I finally get around to watch Yurumates. It was time well spent :)

Tuesday, August 18

D.Gray Man chapter 187 is out dudes and duddettes!!! *craze* (Allen looks so damn delectable in that spread =3)
Oh man, they finally introduced the Noah. It was a fangasm moment. Silent please!
*after a minute of silence*
Although it was full of awesomesauce (blood! blood! kill! kill! die! die! IT IS CARNAGE!!), the latest chapter presents more questions than answers for me. It feels a bit rushed and some of the things need further explanation like the third exorcists stuffs *scratches head*. I am also having a hard time trying to remember the name of the Noah. Gah its so confusing! And we have to wait till December for the next chapter? WTF...

The mangatard in me picked up FLAGS eventhough I know I should be reading the manga on my on-hold list instead. The temptation of shounen is too great for me to resist. Some people going to kill me for picking up this one though. LOL gomen-ne?

Watch Pandora Heart DVD Specials episode 1. I haven't watch the show yet but after what I saw in that special, I'm tempted to start the series.

As for K-ON! Specials... well nothing really special about it >_>

Wednesday, August 19

I used to look forward to Friday but they changed the released day so now I look forward to Wednesday to get my usual weekly dosage of Bleach anime. By afternoon, I was watching the filler episode 233. It wasn't as awesome as the last two episodes though v__v.

After Bleach, I continued with Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 episode 6, ignoring the pile of work sitting besides my lappy. The news that Sangejaya is on fire caught Mari off guard which lead to some of her flashbacks. It was interesting to see the father of her daughter and I thought it was sweet. It wasn't as emotional as the last episode but it still has its moment. I also noticed Mirai and Yuuki getting closer as the show progresses. It was good.

I decided to watch Kanamemo episode 7 when sleep inconveniently choose to deprive me of its luxury. It was an okay episode I guess. I got to learn a bit more about Obon festival. At the very least it didn't help me get sleepy.

Off I go to read a book!

Thursday, August 20

Headache! Thanks to the lack of sleep. The best cure is obviously to watch few episodes of anime.

I started off with Umineko no Naku Koro ni episode 7. I have never seen so much child abused in an episode before. No wonder she turned out to be a psycho 9 year old kid. Jeebus. Other than that, endless eight dejavu, anyone? =\

and then, for god knows how I ended up reading a few doujins. O_O
Damn they are really good too. Alamak... bulan puasa dah dekat ar! LOL

Friday, August 21

Friday is WSJ day. The day I anxiously sitting in front of my lappy at noon, waiting for the released of WSJ series, particularly Bleach and Naruto.

As usual, Naruto chapter 460 got released first. I swear sleepyfans is biased and they ain't that good at translation either. Another stupid chapter dedicated to Sasgay. I swear I am definitely getting sick of all the Sasgay shits that has been going on for years now. I mean... Jeebus, move the fuck on!

I downloaded my Bleach manga only if its translated by Maximum7 but they are late with their release. So to satisfy my addiction for Bleach, I just have make do with the release from Sleepfans first. Bleach chapter 370 says goodbye to god of Hueco Mundo.

Kuroshitsuji chapter 36 is also out today. Ciel is cold!!! *shiver me timbers. aye!*

Saturday, August 22

Didn't get much of anything done today so before the day ends I decided to catch up on few things.

Zettai Karen Children chapter 184 is back after taking a break last week. They started the chapter with reference to Endless Eight. Hahaha win! *chuckles* Nothing much going on in this chapter. They are making preparation for Kaoru birthday. Phantom's daughter is pissed though because the Children had to be on a mission because she was looking forward to jam with everyone *facepalm*

Next, I put my friend who I have a chat with on YM on brb status because I want to watch Melancholy of Haruhi 2 episode 11 *sighs*... XD
Even with all those complains, Kyon still stick to Haruhi like glue. Yet he confuses me. It was obvious he's into Asahina-san. We can tell that much from his soliloquies. So, how exactly does he perceived Haruhi as? Does he has feelings for her? I would like to believe that he's into Asahina-san for physical reason. I mean guys like airhead girls like that, don't they (the logic is beyond me, btw), so he isn't really into "into" Asahina. From the subtle hints in Endless Eight (my fav part too!) I think it is safe to say that his feelings for Haruhi is complicated but it definitely go deeper than physical appearance. As you can see, I'm making the logic up to satisfy my OTP fantasies =3
... which has nothing to do with the episode at all LOL. I like how Koizumi dropping hints like bombs whenever he opens his mouth (or rather eyes in his case).

Kyon: Don't smile at me like that. I'll turn to stone.

hahahahaha fucking LMAO.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni episode 8: What's up with Battler sleeping while sitting? Ain't they supposed to be fucking rich? They can't afford to give these kids rooms of their own? I dunno about other fansub release but I downloaded mine from [gg] and is pretty pissed to find the gory stuffs were mosaic-ed.
OK.... a hoard of evil goat butlers? and then they pulled out a saber-light sword out of nowhere? that WTF-ness is equivalence to Chaos;Head (read:shit). Gah and more shits follow after that, with Beatrice calling out Lust and Wrath to kill Kanon and Jessica. She then said something like humiliating Kanon even after death by sinking his corpse through the floor. How was that humiliating? It was all so effing gloriously fucked. The highlight of this episode for me was the Kanon and Jessica dying scene. Everything else is made out of poop. Also, Beatrice and Maria laughs are getting on my nerves r__r

Gah, thank goodness I have Gintama to lift my spirits up after that. Finally, after a month, Rumbel released episode 118 and 119. I like Rumbel but they seriously need to hurry the fuck up with the sub for Gintama. I mean, the episodes were already out there!

Gintama episode 118 saw the conclusion to the Ryuuguujou Arc. So good to have the young Gintoki back and his ending scene was ~nyuu... So heart-warming, just as expected from Gintoki. Old Kagura-chan and old Kyuubi-chan are teh funneh! LOL. I am glad we gotta see Sinpachi being heroic. It is such a good change. He deserved it. btw, I am still disturbed by the fact that Gintoki turned into a small sized old man. What's up with that? O_o I pictured him to be at least like Sean Connery when he gets old ^^"

Kagura: So we are slamming that chin-chin into that...
Gin: Zura... the target is the canon's anus

hahahaha fucking win! (in case you didn't know, chin-chin is a slang for pen0r XD)

Gintama episode 119 is another awesomely random episode. This time it is about cigarettes. Okita, as always, is being the perfect douche to Hijikata-san. He initiates the smoking ban which lead the addicted Hijikata to travel around the universe to find a place to smoke. He stops at Hamek planet to find the Picolo clan was in ruin so he decides to defeat Brieza who was responsible for the destruction. Then he met Kobayashi which lead him to find the seven slippery balls that ends up to be "dripping wet balls" to bring back Grillin. Dragon Ball reference FTW! oh and to see Hijikata wearing Goku's outfit... priceless ^____^

ps: I love Tomokazu Sugita and to listen to him as Gintoki after I heard him as Kyon... it provides me with such blissful fangasm.

crap, I forgot about my friend on YM!

22 August 2009

Urban Dictionary - where you can educationally laugh your ass off

Zuko is so Krypto =3

Go to http://urbandictionary.com/ and type in your answer to each question in the search box, then write the definition it gives you. If there's more than one, just pick one.

disclaimer: I did not make any of these up, they came from the website.

1) Your name? klux
Someone who is incredicbly lazy a klumsey
eg: Kane is such a fuckin KLUX!!!!!

2) Your age? 28 [w00t!!]
- The number 28 means to titty bite. The number 2 is meant to look like a jaw while the 8 being titties.
eg: dude, Im'a gonna 28 your girlfriend so hard she'll drop 3 breast sizes.
- To fight a group of people while only containing yourself and a friend example 2 =you and friend ,8= group ...Originated in Florida
eg: You:Eh Tre and his squad sellin out , lets go 28 those niggaz
- 2=B and 8=H for the word BrotherHood. 28 / BrotherHood is a branch of the Norteno street gang in San Jose California
eg: I saw a guy with the number 28 tattood under his eye.
-how to say good bye
eg: "yo man I'll see ya later... 28"
- Answer to any number-related question.
- Answer to any word-related question.
- Answer to any food-related question.
- Answer to any awkward silences.
- Answer to anything.

3) One of your friends? Quam (LMAO)
- a trouble; a problem.
eg: Her only quam is that he still lives at his parents' house.
- Someone who eats punani.
eg: Dude I totally quamed this girl yesterday.
- also known as flap snot
eg: my hand got stuck in her sticky quam

4) What should you be doing? Sleep!!
- You have been awake for 18 hours and are now viewing this useless definition of sleep. You are very tired and your brain is not functioning at its normal capacity. The bags under your eyes are starting to weigh you down. It's 1:30am and you have to get up at 6:30am for work. Another coffee wont help you now...
eg: Turn off your computer and get some sleep you net junky!! [ROFL: what a coincidence!]

5) Favorite color? black and white
- A police car, from a time when most police cars were painted black and white
eg: "We got pulled over by a black and white."

6) Hometown? Malaysia
The country where education is very highly politicised.Also a country where Malays are literaly spoonfed from their moment of their birth up to their deaths.Even if you are the no.1 student in Malaysia,you won't get a place in a public university of your choice if you are not a Malay.A Malay can beat you to the seat even if he's a freakin' retard.That is guaranteed.
Friendly? Yes. Non-racist? Not always so.

7) Month of your birthday? March *thumbs up*
- Month in which creative, layed-back, dreamy, cool people were born.
- The month in which all sexy, drop dead gorgeous women are born.
- All people born in March are true inspirations, have imaginations that run wild and are go-getters. The month in which all of the true gangsters were born!
- The month where the smartest, hottest girls are born in. If your not born in there, or your girlfriend isn't, your shit out of luck.
eg: Damn, she was born in March?! She's a true O.G.
- beginning of spring and babies are born. Everything starts turning green
- Indefinite date, usually implied when something is coming soon, but the definitive date is unknown [LOL and I wonder why I procrastinate a lot?!]
eg: New and improved, coming this March!
- A mission with no distractions; straight line (point A to point B).
eg: "What sounds real good is Taco Bell. No bullshit. It's a march."

8) Last person you talked to on the phone? Leah.
- To describe something of such superb standards it almost cannot be described by any word or sentence or onomatopoeia in the English language.
eg: Oh man, look at that Leah! She soooo sexy!!!!
9) Favorite sport? netering
- Loitering on the net. Wasting time on the web.

10) Last name? krypto [short for Kryptozinesse]
- Means bad ass, kick ass, or awesome.
eg: Did you see that dude jump over the fire on his bike? That shit was Krypto!

21 August 2009

Bleach: Chapter 370

I need to see the anime to really understand the amount of power that is Soi Fon's bankai. I just couldn't feel it just by reading it. But that was probably because I am biased as fuck since I don't really give a damn about her. Her bankai, imo, is made of phailed. Also I'm still pissed that she wants Kisuke to be locked up. What an effing slut.

At this point, I am very disappointed with some of the shinigami captains. Thankfully my favs have either turned traitor or stuck in Hueco Mundo.

They should really be thankful that the Vaizards have come to help them. I want to see the look on the old fuck Yamaji's face.

I was very impressed with Hachigen's resourcefulness. I'd never give a fuck about him before except for the kidou he called out. Those kidous are awesome! Very useful when you are RPing a bleach captain XD

So the 2nd espada is now gone and dusted. I'm pretty sure we are going to see Hiyori/Toshiro (FTW!) and Lisa taking care of Hallibel next.

I am excited once again. No thanks to Soi Fon -__-


As you can probably see, because I'm sure you are not a blind fucker, conspicuous klu[x] has gone through a major revampification! I am still not too sure about the whole new look though. I like simplicity the best and compared to the last layout, this is quite heavy on design.

I'm picky like that.


Maybe it will go through some more changes before I can sit back and breath a sigh of satisfaction. Or maybe I'm just gonna stick with this one. Who knows?

Thoughts and comments are appreciated ^__^

19 August 2009

Bleach: Zanpaktou fillers

yeah yeah yeah I know it's a filler but goddammit, it is one of the best fillers I had ever seen. Yeah you heard me right. I got excited by a filler. Shoot me, and everyone else who seems to agree with me, because unlike the bounto filler or the Am-A-Gay filler, this one is actually pretty awesome.

If you are not excited by the sheer fact that the zanpaktous have manifested themselves into a human-like form, then you are fucking lying.

But that's not the only reason that got me excited. Besides the fact that I have a raging b0nar for Rukia, it has some good IchiRuki moments too (Fuck you IchiHime, I know it's not canon but hey, who give a fuck, this is my blog and I write what I fucking want so please sit in the corner and suck my detached pen0r).

Now, lets enjoy the show, shall we?

Episode 233:

It was interesting to see Muramasa freed Zangetsu. Wonder how he convinced the other zanpaktou since they clearly follow him way before he attacked Seiretei, and without the knowledge of the shinigamis. Oh and even when Zangetsu materialized, his zanpaktou remained in his shikai form. So I guess that explained Rukia's attempt to call out her shikai in the last episode.

Mayuri is made of pure win. Man of pure genius. I definitely looking forward to see him tentacle rape Unohana. Bhuahahahaha XD

... I should have known. Hollow power FTW. Double FTW for the WTF-ness. *chuckles*

How convenient was it when he said he wouldn't let the hollow take control of his body when it already help him kicked Zangetsu's old buttock? LOL similar thing happened with my RP character as well. kukukuku the irony.

ps: as you can see I write this as I watch the episode so it's chronologically fucked. XD

Ichigo: I'll grow a garden for you.


18 August 2009

FLAGS or was it fag? LOL

I have picked up a new manga, FLAGS (I know I shouldn't considering the amount of on-hold mang0 in my list by I can't resist the temptation to check it out) written and drawn by the mangaka Ueda Satoshi. FLAGS was published on May 2, 2009 and released on onemanga on August 14, 2009.

It was categorized as shounen, action, adventure and martial arts. Let see if I can add comedy to that list.

It was about a competition named Ouka, where the strongest participate. The one who wins will be granted fame and honor of the highest degree. FLAGS follow the story of Kurou who walks the same path as his father to become the victor of Ouka. Before his death, Tsubame had passed the bansantou (a steel bar with eight holes that can be activated) to his son, Kurou. The journey will see Kurou trying to activate those holes (LOL sounds so erotic) to succeed his father.

What got me excited and want to read this manga right away is the appearance of Patriots of Toutou (Seiryumaru, Usagi, Kikuro, Nagasu and Nishiki) *fangasm*. Then I was introduced to Fing. He kinda sealed the deal for me.

The Patriots opponents are interesting as well and have their own way to either charm you or makes you hate them.

FLAGS kinda reminds me of a bit of Dragon Ball or Naruto in earlier days when the competition was being held. I can't say that the overall feel/theme of this manga is original because I feel like I've read something similar countless time before (shounen tends to be rather the same after all) but that does not mean that I didn't enjoy it.

Watch this space as I will continue to update this as the story progresses.

Story 7/10
Art 7/10
Characters 8/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 7/10

15 August 2009


I have put Bakemonogatari on hold for some unknown reason. I guess after I took a peek at the first episode, I kind of forget how intrigued I am with what I've seen. I blame it on my ridiculous busy life. It caused me short-term memory lost >_>

The scene I remembered the most about that first peek was when Senjogahara put a knife in Araragi's mouth. The stapler soon follows. I thought it was strangely erotic (go figure XD). I knew right away that this series is going to be creepily good. I even recommended it to some of my friends who asked of my opinion about the must see Summer anime of 2009, besides Tokyo Magnitude 8.0.

Shame on me for not watching it.

Until tonight. Thanks to Gabsicle, even though he gave me a half-ass reason trying to convince me.

Bakemonogatari or literally translated to Monsters Tales, is just as the title says it is. Araragi, the protagonist of this series encounters people who are experiencing strange phenomenon, one way or the other related to the supernatural stuff, like demons or monsters.

After watching the first two episodes, I was reminded why I didn't put too much effort to see this series. Senjogahara kinda pissed me off and I tend to be bias when I have a character that I dislike in an anime. It can pretty much dictates the rating and effect my readiness to watch the show.The earlier half of the second episode is totally useless. Fanservice much? The fact that Araragi waited there to be verbally abused does not sits well with me. I like my man with a back bone and good sense of humor. 3rd and 4th episodes are kinda WTF for me as well. I am slightly disappointed.

Bakemonogatari was produced by Aniplex and SHAFT. So as to be expected SHAFT once again wow us with their artistic techniques in portraying abstract scenes. The series optimized the full usage of camera angles that consequently produced the uniqueness of some of the scenes. Viewers are also assaulted with various pop up images/texts and multiple screens to further enhance the abstract experience. It can either add more of understanding or totally messed it up and left you even more confused than before.

Bakemonogatari reminds me a lot of Shikabanehime and at other time of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei. Mostly Shikabanehime. Even Oshino looks like a reincarnation of Keisei, which makes me reminiscing, which makes me sad T__T

I cannot say much about the characters as they aren't thoroughly developed. I like them though (except for Senjogahara). Probably because they were so beautifully designed.

Oh by the way, let me be clear on one thing though: I'm not getting on Araragi/Senjohara 'ship boat.

The sound effects are splendid. It gives you the creep when the needed arise. I thought I recognize Araragi's voice. When I checked him out, his seiyuu is Hiroshi Kamiya. The same guy who VA Nozomu Itoshiki from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Takemoto Yuuta from Honey and Clover. So naturally I like his voice. I have no complains for the other voices either so it is all good. Interestingly, only certain episodes have OP and ED. They also switched them between the episodes so you are not stuck with the same OP and ED playing over and over again.
#01: "staple stable" by Chiwa Saito (Eps. 2, 6)
#02: "Kaerimichi (帰り道)" by Emiri Katou (Ep. 4)
#01: "Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari (君の知らない物語)" by supercellxnagi

I do enjoy Bakemonogatari however at times I feel like it was being dragged on unnecessarily, which kinda turn me off slightly. Nevertheless my interest perks up immediately when it comes to the rituals. It is the best part in my opinion.

If you like trippy anime that deals with monsters and demons, this one is a must see. If you are not, it is still worth a watch.

Art 8/10
Sound 8/10
Storyline 7/10
Characters 7/10
Enjoyment 7/10
Overall 7/10

ps: wow, I didn't curse even once. That's a record! LOL

14 August 2009


I have a habit of downloading all the anime of the season. Then I'll check them out. I'll watch the good one that I thought have potential immediately. I put the average one on hold while the shit one... well, directly to the bin.

Needless definitely one of the most shittiest anime I've ever encountered. The WTF-ness of this series is well... FUCKED.

(Please take note that this review is based on the first episode only. I just can't continue watching the rest of this shit.)

The story is about a kid named Cruz or Yamada or who-the-fuck-cares, a crazy ass chick who supposedly to be the relief comedy of the series yet phailed miserably, and a priest who oh-tried-so-hard-to-be-effing-cool because he so wants to be the incarnation on Kamina-sama but OH-FUCKING-WHY did he thinks he's capable of such feat?! These three travel around saving the Needless. Needless is the survivors of the Blackspots who obtained powers or some shit like that. Whatever right? Right.

It was all irrelevant because you don't know what the fuck you are watching anyway. You just stare at the screen and get yourself brainwashed. Not good. Definitely not good. It was 12 minutes of torture trying to get through the bad humor before you get mentally scarred with the appearance of a bad guy who surprise-surprise! exactly like Viral. Yes, another reference to Tengen Toppen Gurran Lagann (TTGL). PHAILED incarnation.

As for the art. It hurts my eyes. They want to do something similar to TTGL but the immitation is far too inferior. I hate it.

The characters are so unoriginal like I have mentioned before. So lets not even go there.

OMG... here comes the best part. Or the worst. The ED vid. I mean WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK? It has nothing to do with the story at all. Yuri? Really? WHY? HOW? JUST WHAT THE FUCK?!! fanservice or fuckservice? You tell me.

Conclusion: Stay the fuck away from this shit unless you are willing to get your mind raped (not the good kind of rape either).

Almost but not equal to

This is supposed to be the 'About me' section.

However, I feel retarded trying to describe myself, without being overly critical. It doesn't matter even if I tried to be brutally honest about it because the way I see it, what I am is how people around me perceived me to be. Don't get confused though. What they think do not constitute of who I am.

I'm not making much sense now, do I? Did I ever though? XD

pepsi > coke

Anyway, I asked my friends to describe me the best they can. Here are some of the answers:

Amirah Mohammad: you're YES when you're NO, you're HOT when you're COLD.

Allen McLeod: Scared, honestly. But, then again, you were rping Byakuya...

Elise Galmard: Cold and critical on the outside/on first impression. But truely warm and caring :) I liked you right away, even though a bit scared....

Ridzwan A. Rahim: Um, doesn't give a fuck about what others think? :)

Ntale Bahana: online: scary mean lesbo, RL: fragile, shy, totally afraid of meeting me

Hairil Aszlan: self motivated.

Colin Silkwood: Scared of you cuz of the random rape comments, but now, Im kinda used to it!

Marshall Mahoney: FTW attitude (both meanings ^^,)

Stuart Craig: Otaku ^^. I believe I was rendered speechless by the rape attempts.

Farhana Kamal: confident.. in control.

Krimson Eyes: an open minded person with huge amount of imagination and really friendly .....^_______^ V and an extremly DANGEROUS Yaoi Fan girl too.....XP

As Sahar: pervert...dirty talker...maniac...insane...queen of otaku..

Christian Kit Lembo: well...i thought you were Obsessed...and kinda over-sexual...now I know you have a great sense of humor...you still are overly sexual though...

Marit Olberg: sexually frustrated.. just kidding! But yea, I agree with everything As Sahar said... and I love your yaoi fangirl side! *is also a yaoi freak XD* I remember that I thought you were a good RP'er, and that I found you kind of creepy and weird in a good way X)

Daniel Fogal: Hmmm, well you were scarily good at RPing Nemu. So my first RP impression was that you were exactly like Nemu haha. First out of character impression was you were a nice addition to the Knight Krew and funny too ^_^

Surovi Rahman: my first impression was that you're a guy. and very creepy in the sense that you were obsessed with Daniel. yep.

Joshua Shukster: sexual beast, and confident

Nathan Ballah: I say you are a caring, funny, down to earth girl. You always are a shoulder to lean on if a person has ideas or problems to bounce off of you. Your love for things of creativity draws others like you around. Your sense of humor is lovely ( I love it cuz it is satisfies my raunchy mind). Your love for children or obsession w/ having one shows you LOVE somebody or want to love something lol so you aren't evil or anything. Oh and you owe me a Hichigo figurine :P lol j/o
I first met you I believe on the msn chat I knew of you from jeremy, b/c he said you were cool. Then I was raped by moses and attacked by you. I had fun, though I lost 48hrs of sleep lol. My first impression of you was this funny girl, who gets serious when seemingly irritated, hence why I tried not to piss you off.

Norazlia Zainodin: Oh, macam yg aku kenal dulu kini dan selamanya...u're urself, one of a kind...jujur...cakap je ape nak ckp, maki je ape nk maki & puji je ape nk puji! hehe...sincere la tu maksudnya ^_________^ V

Joshua Green: I hardly remember you way back when, but I remember that you were outstanding at RPing. I also remembered how you wanted to molest me.

Razz T: Sexually attracted ;)

If you can't already tell, I am a RPer in a Gotei 13 hence why all the RP comments. I have a very wicked sense of humors and pretty much what they were saying up there. Having said that... don't take everything you read up there at face value! LOL

you can locate me at:

13 August 2009

Bumblebee: the Artarded

A friend of mine (full credit to Ridzwan A. Rahim), whose mind is the shiznit (I'm not kidding, facebook should make an application where people can subscribe to his status update - yes bro, I'm repeating myself <_<) created this.

Enjoy the FTW/WTF-ness (read it like a Manhwa - from left to right).

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