Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 November 2010

Bleach: Hell Arc Special

I want to thank Chester for pointing out what I have been missing. Obviously I have no ideas about this chapter until he linked it to me. How the fucking fuck did I miss it? Damn, I should have read manga more often nowadays...

Anyway, this chapter is dedicated to the movie that is coming out. Did the other three previous movies have these kind of chapters/promotions too? Did I miss them too?

Seriously, if someone who is in charge of hell look this fucking yummy, I wouldn't mind buying a ticket to enter. By the way, his outfit kinda reminded me of Rukia's when she was possessed in the third movie. I'm just saying... oh never mind.

Yes, master :3

The appearance of Syazel and Aaroniero surprised the fuck out of me. So I guess this movie is dedicated to the fallen arrancar. Is that why we saw Grimmjow and Ulquiorra in chapter 428 spread? Dammit. Are you saying that these two are dead? I REJECT THAT IDEA.

Syazel and Aaroniero weren't really the best of friends. I think none of the espada trust or really a friend to each other. That is one of the reasons why they are so appealing to me. They were ready to kill each other when Aizen is not around. I kinda lol'd thinking that they really are scared of Aizen, these low ranks espada...

First of all, I love the fluid motions of Syazel's clothes. Second, Syazel is so gonna get raped in the butt by these guys:

They are fugly =\

Anyway, the four of them are looking for a key to open up the gate of hell and for that they need the full bodied hollow of Ichigo. That, ladies and gentlemen, will be what the movie is all about. I'm looking forward to see more hollow Ichigo, or should I say Hichigo Shirosaki since he'll be the on in charge of that hollow body. Of course the Soul Society will try to save his ass or they might just see a new ruler of hell because the way I see it, if Shuren needs Hichigo, that means Hichigo is obviously more powerful than he is.


Gonna wait for the movie to come out which will be a year from now. Fucking hell indeed.

29 November 2010

I am willing to give up my virginity for Shu. Kuragehime episode 6

I was away during the weekend and only got back home today so obviously I missed lots of the anime over the weekend. I'm playing catch up now and the first one in the list is of course Kuragehime. I was very agitated during the weekend because I REALLY want to see this episode. This show is just that fucking awesome.

Episode 6 is the continuation from last episode where Kuranosuke changed the outward appearance of the Nunz. As people who turned to stone whenever a hipster is around, the Nunz were pretty enthusiastic with their new look. Even Chieko was practically begging for a transformation. Hypocrite much? But it is for the best.

I found it hilarious that Kuranosuke is still the prettiest even after the transformation

After they transformed, Kuranosuke took them for a late night drinks at a cafe. Of course at first they were all was like

>my face when

But once they got used to it, they pretty much blend in with the rest of the world except maybe when they started talking. You can take the hideous clothes away from them but you can't take away their otakuness. Maya got to be the funniest I think. The three-kingdom shit just became alive again!

I lol'd

The reason Kuranosuke went for all these troubles was to help the Nunz keep the place. You gotta love his fighting spirits. But to be honest, I think he did this for Tsukimi. He is in love with her after all. Just looking at her blowing her sweet hot drink or her looking at the half mood made him cum blushed like mad. If that isn't love, I dunno what is.

lol, love... it's uncontrollable rage XD

Kuranosuke almost gave his true identity away when the Nunz asked him of his name since he doesn't like it when Baba called him Meat. Now he ended up with Kurako as his new name.

Towards the end of the episode, we got to see Kuranosuke getting confused with his feelings. Things at home weren't helping him sort it out either. When he reached home, that psycho uncle of his kinda did a child molester thingy, interrupting his bath for a "private" talk. But he left without finishing what he was set up to do which forced Kuranosuke to turn to Hanamori. LOL I made this sound so wrong, didn't I? Anyway, he explained to Kuranosuke why Shu-shu has a phobia with women. Apparently when Shu-shu was 9, he saw his dad sexing Kuranosuke's mom. If he's like any other shouta, he would have fapped to this imagery but since he's the innocent and very naive Shu-shu, he was pretty much traumatized by it.

Speaking of Shu-shu, he was molested by the whore. Well, not really molested but the whore was definitely trying to get in his naked so she can blackmail him and control him later. She even drugged him and pretended that she raped him afterward.

I am actually very pissed with the fact that she stripped him naked. I should be the one who did that!

Face sucking, it's NOT a new way to kiss


Too bad that Shu-shu is a virgin and loyal as fuck so his heart is pretty much belongs to Tsukimi. So his reaction after she fucking sucked his face was priceless. Where is his clothes, dammit! But yeah, the shit is going to hit the fan for Shu-shu. Even more so when he left his glasses at the whore's place :(

So he did what every men in love would do. He went to see Tsukimi. Lucky for him Tsukimi hasn't washed out her make-up yet. All he did was ask for her hand and held it for a few second. I swear, in my book, that is one of the romantic thing a guy can do. I would definitely gave up my virginity for Shu now. Don't know what I mean? Read this and watch the fucking show!

This show is awesome as fuck. Plot thickening. Dum dum dum... I can't wait for Friday to come

28 November 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 4, November 2010

Monday, November 22

I'm bored and a tad depressed so I guess it's time to use my ultimate weapon: Gintama. Episode 134 - Gin is also possessed by stands. I love it when a random unrelated character was the one who helped him defeated the ugly lady bossu. This is why Gintama is effing awesome. Alright that concludes that small arc.

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt episode 8: So they decided to parody HOTD this time around only that instead of school they are stuck at a police station. I am thoroughly disturbed by the male genitalia on that zombie cat. Oh wait, that was just it's guts hanging out. Ah fuck this show has further corrupted my mind! I lol'd when Stocking got carried away killing the cat. You motherfucker! Oh well, weapons of choice the first half of this episode are from sex toy shop so use your imagination and somehow everyone including Panty, Stocking and the devil sisters turned to zombie and ate Garterbelt. Doesn't make a fucking sense. The later half of the episode was dedicated to Tom Croose.

Tuesday, November 23

OreImo episode 7 really pissed me off. Kirino can't be more obvious!

I can't wait to get home so that I can watch Otome Youkai Zakuro episode 8. Yes, I repeat that this show is freaking sweet. Looks like they swapped partners in this episode. Hotaru and Agemaki were put to sleep by the mysterious evil people in order to trap Zakuro. Unfortunately fox faced Kushimatsu locked Zakuro so she will not be part of the rescue mission. Surprisingly Riken illegally let her out. For the first time we get to see the evil half spirits. They are not even half of what Zakuro is. Apparently Black Widow is still alive and she's the one who sent these two sisters of half spirit after Zakuro. When they were both hurts, she came to their rescue. Zakuro didn't have time to go after her because she needed to save Agemaki and Hotaru who were trapped in a cellar with the flood coming on. Well, the ending definitely makes me all warm and fuzzy especially when Agemaki hugs Zakuro from behind. Speaking of which, my colleague gave me a random hug from behind this morning. I'm not into skinship much so obviously I was dumbfounded. I think he has lost his marbles.


Gintama episode 135: Parody of famous shounen anime/manga - One Park, Paishield, Ironically the manga Gintaman are not doing so well in JUMP. The editor accidentally met Gin in the train and asked his opinion how to make Gintaman no.1 in JUMP. So we have all these ideas get thrown around by gorrilla, man with no pantsu and a shortie. We even have mecha.

Time for slutty sex. Yosuga no Sora episode 7: So... I'm having a cold feet already. LMAO. Anyway, we get to see what was going on at the end of the first episode when Sora asked Haru to measure her. But I already know that this show isn't about Sora. It's about that slutty girl next door who forced herself on Haru. Yes, that lucky bastard got to taste all them pussies. He might seems like he doesn't like it but that was only his pretense. Such cunning. He wasn't even hit puberty yet FFS! LOL so he lost his virginity to this slut? No wonder he turned out the way he is. Jeebus. My guess is Sora kinda saw the whole raep thingy which is why she hates Nao so much. I don't blame her though.


Star Driver just fucking blew my mind away.

Wednesday, November 24

Continuing from last episode, The World God Only Knows episode 6 was about Kanon insecurities. Keima quickly understands the situation when she became invincible. She's really an intention whore. She depends on Keima to make her feel like she's somebody yet she's still not sure of herself. I am not happy that they will continue this in the next episode. I'm bored as hell.

Ore no Imouto episode 8 was less annoying compared to the last episode but Kirino still pissed me off.

Thursday, November 25

Colored spread in Bleach chapter 428!

25 November 2010

Bleach: Chapter 428

Urgh, finally the chapter is out. I have been waiting for it since morning. It's 6:19pm atm. Well, better late than never I guess because we have a JUMP covered and a colored spread of Ichigo.

Oh yes *squirts*

I thought that was definitely it but then we got served by another colored spread of Zaraki, Ikkaku, Renji and Ishida looking mighty hot and what not. And then another color spread?! My brain is melting I think. I mean, there they are: Ulquiorra and Grimmjow and Byakuya and Nnoitora. Fuck, now I can't wait for the fucking movie to be out which will be a year from now. Argh thank you Kubo for these damn teaser. At least I got something to fap to. My pantsu exploded. KABOOM!

And of course what would a movie about hell be without the gate of hell itself. I know a friend who would really appreciate these teasers. Unfortunately he refused to read the manga and a phobia to spoilers so I can't show him any of these. He's so gay.

But enough of me fapping. Lets get back to the story.

Ginjou was in the process of intimidating Ichigo when the shop owner intervened. She was obviously wary of him as well. Before he left, he did ask Ichigo to check out Urahara shop where Karin is at the moment.

Looks like Ginjou is not alone. He has his sidekick waiting for him outside the shop. The Kutsuzawa guy looks like 1st Division Vice Captain who have died his hair black and borrowed Kenpachi eye patch while Rurika (WTH) looks like Inoue's cousin. She is definitely confident with her overall appearance. But looks like Ginjou is still the superior one between the three of them despite Riruka saying that they are equal and shit.

I don't like them already

They are kinda mysterious and shit at this point but I got a feeling that they aren't really the bad people. Remember when they first introduced the Vaizards? Isn't this kinda the same? Well, more or less.

Anyway, back to Karin. She was at Urahara not because she wants to become Shinigami like we hope her to be. Actually it was the contrary. She was buying all sorts of spirit/hollow repellent. But really, who is Kubo kidding? We all know it is only a matter of time before she will become one who will kick ass, just like her brother. Well, not as powerful but you get my drift. She even said to Urahara that this time it is her duty to protect her brother. Awwww....

Urahara as usually was up to something. He never gives anything for free so to treat Karin like that, I'm sure something will come up soon. He even offered her anything that she needs if something do happened.

Of course, just like Ginjou planned, Ichigo went to Urahara and was surprised to see Karin there. Then Ginjou showed up and messed with his head. This time around, he made Ichigo doubted Urahara. It kinda pissed me off how fickle Ichigo is. I mean, he has known Urahara for 3 years more or less now and suddenly this fucked up guy who tried to emulate Izaya and Crocodile's fashion sense showed up, he's questioning them? Even his own family? Jeebus Ichigo, you definitely need Rukia by your side to knock some sense into you, don't you? Don't worry I understand. I miss her too.

Sounds formidable. Not.

And that's about it for this week. Nothing much happening except that we now know Ginjou is not alone. He's definitely mysterious.

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

24 November 2010

Just die, Kirino - Ore no Imouto go Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai Episode 8

Urgh, so in this episode, Kirino's novel was already published and just as expected, she got tons of fans. Well, the same with what's going on atm, isn't it? There are tons of Kirino's fans out there who worship her for reasons that I can't think of besides them being a pedobear and a lolicon. If that isn't bad enough, there was also rumors of her novel getting the anime treatment. Seriously people, just WHAT THE FUCK? You guys seriously need to stop producing all these garbage. You are just encouraging people like Kirino who thinks they got what it takes when in fact, the kind of story she wrote are fucking cliche and shallow and stupid and annoying, just like the kind of anime/eroge that she got her inspiration from.


It surprised me that she doesn't have that much knowledge on studio, seiyuu and all the shits that go into an anime. Oh wait, all she cared about was fucking the imouto. My bad.

So she forced Kuroneko and Giant Girl to accompany her to the anime meeting. If I were them, I won't go after how she conducted herself. She needs to get on her knees and get the fuck off from that high horse she had been riding nonstop. Unfortunately I can only dream. She still ride that horse in the meeting with the anime staff. She sure loves to hear her own annoying voice.

I'm so glad that the anime staff didn't go with her ideas. Someone needs to put her back on her place.

She was so shock by the treatment, she fainted. HAH! Does she really thinks everything in this world will go the way she wanted to? Does she really thinks that she can make everyone a doormat like she did with Kyousuke? HAH think again bitch!

The truth is, they only decided to make her novel as anime because they don't have any other choices. It was meant to fill in the gap because the anime they set their eyes on got canceled. This explained why the staffs don't give a rat ass about her ideas besides the fact that the ideas were suck and rotten.

Once Kyousuke got the wind of the situation, as a doormat he can't simply sit around and do nothing.

No, Kyousuke. You can really not do anything about it. Seriously. Really!

So once again Kyousuke disappoint me. He went with Saori and Kuroneko at the next meeting as Kirino's proxy. But he didn't do shit. If it wasn't for Kuroneko, the anime would have been canceled or proceed like the staff planned it. Kuroneko puts her foot down and be frank with what she thinks. She was awesome.

She asked questions that Kyousuke too afraid to ask himself.


In the end, it was Kyousuke who went down on his knees for Kirino's sake. Needless to say, I was appalled. Even more so when Kirino thinks that they accept her original work because of her.

Die, you fucking bitch.

I can talk about how anime adaptation can ruin the original work of a manga/novel but I'm pretty sure we have a lot to talk about that already in others' review of this episode. The issue they raised here was a valid one but this show is about the imouto so I'll focus on that instead of what the story is trying to tell us.

Star Driver: episode 7 and 8

Wako was obviously in distressed about Sugata and Takuto was feeling helpless about it. I hope he realized that it's morally ethical not to snatch Wako away from Sugata at this point otherwise it would be a cheap shot as a protagonist.

Tha President kinda soothed him though. The trio hold so many promises, she said to Takuto. Before when there were only Wako and Sugata, she can't picture them having a happy life in the future but with the arrival of Takuto, that changed. Whether or not he was a third wheel will remain to be seen.

On the other hand, the Glittering Crux were having a meeting regarding the King's Pillar. They are sending the freckled girl to finish the job which mean she needs to kill Sugata to ensure that the King's Pillar will not reawakened and threatened them.

And so the fish girl started to sing and the battle begin. This time even Sugata is present in Zero Time. He's still unconscious though so I really do hope Takuto can protect Sugata from getting killed. I mean the battle was getting fiercer with every episodes and this time around, the bad Cybody can freaking swim. It was cool as hell. Takuto and Tauburn had a hard time defending themselves. Further more, they had Sugata to worry about as well.

Heh, what do you know. Their plan pretty much backfired because it just brought Sugata back to life. But that happened in Zero Time. In real time, Sugata apprivoised again. He might be awake but he has lost his will. He is now like a living zombie. I take it back. He better off dead if this is how he ended up. I don't wish this kind of things to happen to anyone. It's the worse imo.

What worst is the fact that the pink haired girl get to him first. Since he has no will, with only one kiss, he is under her control which mean Samekh is now under the Glittering Crux command. FUCK FUCK FUCK. Yes, I did literally scream that and it's half and hour past midnight.

Argh Sugata WTF?!

As for the story of Sam, he asked for the Galactic Ship and his wish was granted. However to sail it, he has to kill the girl he loved which he did. In the end it was not the girl that he loved but the longing to venture out to the galaxy. After a while he begin to regret his decision but it was all too late.

The end.

Sounds familiar? Yes, because that's pretty much sums up what I think is going on with Sugata. It damn breaks my heart.

But the fish girl is now free. Head is not happy with how the story ends. I am still pretty much intrigued with Head. He's so fucking mysterious. Mysterious is good.

In episode 8, Sugata, like what I've been afraid of, totally changed. He's no longer give a damn about Wako and is a total jerk overall. I would be surprised if no one put two and two together. Did they do not know the power of the pink haired girl? Did Takuto really think it was just a kiss? Jeebus.

I want Sugata to fucking snap out of it already!

tbh, if I had the same power, I would have done the same thing towards Sugata but totally for different reason XD

Of course Takuto won't do nothing even if he didn't understand. He tried to talk face to face with Sugata and even tried to punch him for refusing Wako's present. And just like true men, they let their fists do the talking. I got to admit, if I wasn't such a fangirl for this show before, the following scene definitely made me one *squeals*

Just as things were about to get awesome, Scarlet Kiss started Zero Time and kidnapped Sugata in order to use his power. I was underestimating Sugata. He freed himself from Scarlet Kiss' mind control and take over the cybody to kick Tauburn's mecha ass. I love the fight. No complains because they need to do this to move on and be friends again. I hate seeing the two of them at each other's throat. They need to do this to understand each other a little better, if that make sense.

I literally go Awwwwwwwwwwwww =3

The animation once again impressed me. For example, when fish girl was telling the story in episode 7, Head was playing with candies. I love what they did with the animation. It is certainly caught my attention. And look at the silhouette of Takuto and Sugata up that hill in the above screen caps. Aren't they pretty? Also take a look at this:


This show just fucking blew me away. I'm gonna fapping my way to bed in a moment :D

23 November 2010

So much shit in Ore no Imouto go Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai: Episode 7

After last week’s episode, I am really not looking forward to see episode 7 because I know they’ll just focus on Kirino. After the lack of appearance last week, I’m sure many of her weaboo went into a rage fit. It was unfortunate really because without her the show was suddenly became so much more entertaining.

This week, Kirino invited Kuroneko for a home screening. This happened because Kuroneko has only seen 6 episodes of the moe show Kirino recommended. I really find it annoying when someone tries to make me watch some ecchi shows and the way Kirino hassled Kuroneko about it pissed me off. You like what you like and it’s okay if the other person disagreed with you. Ain’t that part of the fun? The disagreement? The debate?

I got to hand it to Kuroneko for even trying.

Kirino was so childish, she went up to her room and left Kuroneko alone in the living room after they had an argument, which started off because of her stuck up attitude. Kuroneko did a good impression on her though. Anyway, now it’s up to the doormat to settle things.

You’re not the only one, sister.

Seriously, I want to fucking butchered her. I write for a living and I do write fanfics whenever I feel the urge to be romantic so I know why Kuroneko is so pissed off. She’s literally a joke with that shallow mind of hers.

Kyousuke patched things up by forcing them to watch the moe Meruru show as planned. When that show got on the big screen, my rage meter went over the roof. Fuck, that was retarded. I can understand why most people find otaku disgusting. It’s people like Kirino who gets excited watching a little girl naked body that set things on the wrong direction. Not only it’s moe, it’s stupid and degenerate the mind too.

Kuroneko pointed the reason why she (and me) doesn’t like this kind of show:

Yes, someone who finally gets why I think most of the OP nowadays sucks!

I want to marry Kuroneko.

Because I've seen titled spoilers here and there, I kinda know what to expect for the second half of this episode and it was one of the reason why I'm dreading it.

Kirino made such a big deal when she found out Kyousuke watched porn on her laptop. Jeebus, even if he is gay, he will still watch gay porn. It's what healthy teenagers do these days. One would thought that she as an eroge otaku would understand this theory but no... she was definitely not happy about it. Drama queen fucked up ensued.

As usual, for every mistake, Kyousuke has to pay for it. This time around, he needs to help her with her fanfiction. He practically needs to get hit by a truck just so she can research how her character would truly feel. Fucktard.

I can't believe that a publisher actually wanted to publish the shit.

It just pissed me off when Kyousuke became her doormat oh so willingly. This is my biggest reason so far for not liking this show. I think it just devalued the quality of the show. I don't care if he does it for the love for his sister but it just grossing me out.

Because you are a fucking tool

I don't even care if Kirino "accidentally" confessed her real feelings for Kyousuke in this episode. This tsundere needs to get fucking hit by the truck herself. She's just using Kyousuke to have a self-satisfactory date so that she can fap to the "memory" whenever she's horny and/or thinking of fucking her own brother.

A bucket of water? Jeebus.

A love hotel? What the fuck is fucking Jeebus is this shit?

Unless of course Kirino suddenly did a gender swap then I'm all for it! LOL

This incest got my approval XD

22 November 2010

My Top 10

Here are the list of my top 10 which is pretty random if you asked me. I know the list is still inadequate but I promise that it will grow over the years. Without further ado, here they are in alphabetical order.

The Awards
Anime of 2009

Anime of 2010
Anime of 2011
Anime of the decade

Anime related
Anime blog or ISSS
Anime characters that pissed me off

Anime you mustn't miss out on
Candidate waifu
Characters that I dislike in 2011
Favorite Bleach characters
J.C. Staff anime
Memorable Death Scenes
Most hated anime
Reasons why you MUST watch Gintama

Best Sex Position
Sexual Fetishism
Things I want to do before I die

20 November 2010

Diary of a tard - Week 3, November 2010

Tuesday, November 16

I couldn't stay away from anime anymore. After almost 3 days, I just keep thinking of what's going on with Otome Youkai Zakuro. So without wasting anymore time, I downloaded the torrent and here I am writing about episode 7. Zakuro got jealous when Agemaki's maid came to visit him. The maid was sent to bring Agemaki home. He agreed but he'll drag Zakuro along to meet his family. That's one of the sweetest thing a man can do, really. We also got to learn the real reason why Agemaki becomes so scared of spirits. Gah, I already looking forward to next week's episode!

Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt episode 7: Transhomers is funneh. Masculimus Surprise? Brilliant. I guess on of the reason why I like this show is because of the crazy parodies. The girls ate their hearts and transformed. They even created minions transhomers of their own. It was amusing at first but I quickly got bored with the antics. The second half was no better. The demon girls were back and forced the angels to strip. Stupid cheap material. I can't say that I'm amused *yawns*

(c) sachiko

Wednesday, November 17

Last day of holiday. Work for two days starting tomorrow and going to have another three days holiday till Monday. Thank goodness Bleach latest chapter is out today otherwise I don't have the time to catch up.

Friday, November 19

Kuragehime episode 5 reminds me of the bitter truth >>

19 November 2010

You are wearing my shoes, Tsukimi: Kuragehime episode 5

Awww... Tsukimi is head over heels with Shu-shu and that realization makes her suicidal. She bangs her head on any solid object she can find, Clara's aquarium is no exception XD

Well, at least I'm not this chronic.

Things are not any better with Shu-shu. These two people are obviously love-sick and Kuranosuke is not happy about it. He lets his imagination runs wild. It's all have to do with being a virgin. Heh, the appeal!

Don't worry Tsukimi. It's something that you can't control. It happens to the best of us too.

Anyway, Chieko's mother, the one who owns the place has decided to sell the building for redevelopment. The Nunz won't hear of it and ready to march for protest but they were mistaken as the explanatory presentation people and were escort to the meeting room where Shu was too. Of course Tsukimi doesn't have to worry about him since he doesn't recognized her at all, which probably hurts even more. LOL

They weren't battle ready though. One question from the floor and they fled the battle ground, leaving Chieko to fend off their territory which of course will only lead to failure. I gotta say that the other Nunz reactions to their own failure kinda ironically funneh. Since Tsukimi is at the lowest rank, she volunteered to get Chieko back but on her way there she met Shu-Shu with that whore. He didn't even spare her a glance.

Little did she know that Shu-shu was about to be ambushed by the whore. Little did she know too that Shu-shu is only interested with the other Tsukimi. But yeah, this episode is more on Tsukimi's POV. How her heart ache and her chest feels tight when Shu-shu ignored her, how she wanted to reincarnate as a jellyfish so she doesn't have to feel all these emotional burdens etc. Heh, she is in depression. I know the feeling all too well, really.

No problem though. Give it to Kuranosuke to change things around. He came to visit and so pissed off with Nunz rejected attitude, he decided to do the make over himself without any of the Nunz even have the chance to say no. He convinced them that a better outward appearance will only help them fight. It doesn't mean that they can't stay true to themselves. Great speech there, Kuranosuke.

And thus we are going to see the new improved Nunz next week.

It was interesting how at the end Tsukimi herself admitted that her worries are out the windows thanks to Kuranosuke. I do believe that these love triangle thingy will only serve to develop Tsukimi as a person. And since I can't choose between Kuranosuke and Shu-shu, I can only wish her all the best of luck. If it was me, I'll choose meat sandwich :)

And this episode made me realized how much I have in common with Tsukimi.

On the side note, wasn't it funny that they do not bother to show us the face of Shu-shu's mother. All we see is the back of her head.

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