10 October 2009

Diary of a tard - week 2, October '09

Sunday, October 4

Spends the whole day watching Bleach: Fade to Black for the fourth time. It also take the whole damn day to write the review. It was worth it though ^_^

Oh, the Autumn anime are finally here! Yosh, now for short first impression of said anime...

I take a look at Kampfer. The show was about a boy who becomes a Kampfer, whatever that shit is. Since only female can be a Kampfer, he got sex-changed by wearing a blue bracelet. 5 minutes in, I was completely bored. Gonna put this on my future list.

I looked forward to To Aru Kagaku no Railgun, because, despite of my dislike for Index, I enjoyed To Aru Majutsu no Index. One of the reason I want to see this series is because of Misaka Mikoto. I kinda gay for her, albeit just a little bit. Nothing substantial happened in the first episode besides the introduction of new characters: Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko (both are decent). The appearance of Misaka kind of makes this episode okay in my book though. Definitely going on my progress list.

Misaka can literally toast your ass!

and get you free drinks!

I was indifferent with Seiken no Blacksmith after I saw the promotional posters. Take a peek at the first episode. It wasn't as bad as snark said it is but it wasn't a masterpiece either. If I to rate the episode based on first impression, I'll give it a 5 out of 10. With that said, this one is going into my future list.

Let's move on to Takakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra. Okay... *takes a deep breath* I don't know what the fuck is going on 90% of the time. The animation and fighting sequence were decent until they showed the ships. It was made of shit. And then they dropped humans into the ocean who were brainwashed and became a bomb. They speak of True Men, Meats, Hamyuts Meseta, Shindeki Church, Armed Librarian and books going to heaven. WTF?! I think my brain just short-circuited =\. Oh wait, the Armed Librarian is the good guy in all this mess. They managed and protect the book (in this alternate universe, when you died, you become a book, go figure). And that's the 10% of what I understand from watching the first episode. I'm going to give this one another try and see how that goes.

After watching the OVA, I have a certain expectation for Letter Bee. I was ecstatic when Gauche is the first to make an appearance *fangasm*. He found Lag and so their adventure begins. Kinda disappointed though that the Gaichuu is still fucked up and I can tell the story line is going to be predictable for the first few episodes. But meh, I am still going to watch this. In the progress list it goes!

Monday, October 5

Goal of the day is to catch up on the weekly manga. At the same time, trying to come up with a release for my Arranklux and update my fanfics.

Let's start with Dogs - Bullets & Carnage chapter 44. The fight between Haine and Giovanni continues. The epic fight does not disappoint me. It fit the carnage in the title. Awesome. Back at Granny's house they were busy with the dogs too. It wasn't as awesome but carnage all the same. But I want to see Badou :(

Want to say that I'm happy with Claymore chapter 96, but I really am not. Why is Raki alone? Where is Priscilla? When is Raki going to meet Clare, if ever?! Jeebus! Another claymore is taken over by the damn monstrous awakened being. Cynthia and Uma-san is doomed. At other place, Clare, Deneve and Helen just about finished defeated the numerous awakened beings but more are to come. Why can't I see any glimmer of hope for the warriors? =\

Damn, it wasn't until I watch Inuyasha Final Act episode 1 that I realize I have forgotten what the fuck was going on with Inuyasha. I feel like a bucket of phailed. But don't fret, Glo the Legend to the rescue! Thanks to his rabidness I learned what I was supposed to know. Anyway, just to make things clear, Kagome still annoys me to no end for reason I have long forgotten.

Holy shit Switch! Hal got stabbed during his undercover work as he was investigating the "DS" drugs. The Ryuugen has started to show their fangs. Mean while Kai is working undercover as Shirai-san personal assistant, who takes the "DS" pills. Hal got stuck in the hospital and the Ryuugen told Shirai-san of Kai's true identity. Shirai was too weak to attacked Kai though and he revealed that he is dying from the final stage of cancer. Through some coincidences, Shirai learned that he was used by Sawaki and seek revenge (i.e. suicide). Obviously Kai wouldn't allow that to happen if he can helps it. /end chapter 5.

Tuesday, October 6

Drifters chapter 6: Lord Aram is being a dick and is attacking the elves by using lame excuse such as them saving a drifter. He just wants them dead. The three drifters (I really need to start paying attention to their names) burn down the wheat field just to lure Aram out. Heh carnage ensued. The drifters is taking over the country!!

Wednesday, October 7

I'm happy to report that Saburo is back in Keroro Gunsou episode 61. I was wondering when he will show up, if ever. I just like his cool attitude and Natsumi is such a tsundere.

Friday, October 9

This week's Bleach chapter 377 makes me so pissed. I want to strangle Kubo's neck.

Amatsuki chapter 43 saw Toki getting bits of Ginshu's memories and Kon starts to believe what Toki said is true after he met Tsuyukusa. The Onmyouji is gathering to discuss Toki's fate. Of course they want to use him as a trump card against TeiTen.


Naruto chapter 467 is not bad at all because we are only focusing on Sasgay like 60% of the chapter instead of the usual 99.9999%. I know Madara is like Aizen, but what the fuck is TIME SPACE CONTINUUM. What kind of retarded power can manipulate that? Jeebus. Why is everything so fucking gay in Naruto?! Anyway Madara reveals his plan: to get the tablet left by Rikudo Sage so can get the power of the ten tail beast, and use his special jutsu to control everyone with his ultimate illusion. Sounds like a bucket of phailed to me -__-

Saturday, October 10

Bleach episode 240 is awesome possum. All thanks to Byakuya :3

Kouro wins his first fight against one of the members in the Tanelia group in FLAGS chapter 5. Next up is Toral Cyano, the loud toad-like member of Tanelia versus Kikuro siblings. Anyway, the outcome for these first few battles are pretty predictable ain't it? Just as I thought the fight was over, Pilaria got bigger. Plotkai!! But instead of fighting Kagura, she's against Usagi.

Karneval is freaking back after 3 weeks of absence with chapter 14. People are dropping down to the scene like flies and start accusing Yogi for being useless, careless and wot not, if only in jester. Hirato is pretty formidable with his dolls/daughters that comes from his hat. That kinda gimme the creep. Yogi then further explained to Gareki that Division 1 and 2 of the Circus is to kill post-humana and annihilate the Kafka. Tsubame who has been listening decided to join the Circus as well to be of some use to them and to Gareki.


"It wasn't as bad as snark said"


hehe, well, you don't like Luke :P

Lol. Round-o 1!
Ding! Ding! Ding!

Just started watching Railgun. It's amazing. I love Mikoto too.

Oh wow, I got linked here. This is an old post, God knows why I'm even commenting (I'm looking for where I said something about irony).

InuYasha is moving way to fast and I am dissapointed. They should have given them more episodes.

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