09 January 2010

Diary of a tard - week 1, January '10

Sunday, December 3

Bamboo Blade chapter 88: the rivalry between Ryoko and Erina continues. Ryoko really needs to chill out and unclenched her butt-cheeks once in a while.

Are you Alice? chapter 4: Cheshire Cat really is an interesting character and the White Rabbit is the cutest usagi I have ever seen. In this chapter Alice was kidnapped by a little girl, and then in the middle of their conversation she sent Alice away when a monster appeared. I didn't understand what Cheshire Cat was trying to say though. Maybe that little girl is his mistress.

Take a look at Ladies versus Butlers. Definitely not for me. The same for Aki Sora >_>

Monday, December 4

Switch chapter 26: The found out that Shingo has gone bad. Obviously they were worried when they can't contact Hal who was with him. The same goes for Kai. Akabane brought him to a house that exactly looked like Kai's house 16 years ago. They even do the reenactment thingy. They are trying to refresh Kai's memory and somehow Hal was connected in this. When Kai saw Hal, he immediately trying to kill him. Apparently Hal's father was there on the day Kai lost his memory. And holy fuck that Akabane revealed that he is the Right Arm of Ryuugen! And all the shit about Switch was just to divert the police attention. They managed to arrest Akabane but the Left Arm came to his rescue. Shit.

Dammit looks like I missed several chapter of Replica. Gonna catch up on it now. Remember that small guy that looks like a girl? His name is Karu and the team taicho for Cards. When Karu transferred Akainu's wound to his self, he made a pact with him and now Akainu (also known as Manji) is Karu's pact holder. Whatever that is. One thing leads to the other and Akainu becomes part of Cards. Cards purpose is to destroy all toys made by AAA. Apparently Karu is one of the toy, just like Yuu Kanda. This manga reminds me a lot about D.Gray Man.

Tuesday, December 5

I cursed myself for watching the first episode of Chu-Bra!! Why the fuck did I watch that when I already know I'm gonna regret it? =\

At least So.Ra.no.Wo.To wasn't as painful...

Wednesday, December 6

The fighting sequences in Bleach episode 252 were pretty neat. Approved!

Thursday, December 7

Wasn't feeling too well for the last couple of days. Damn exhaustion...

Zettai Karen Children is back after almost 3 weeks of absence with chapter 200. The kids of P.A.N.D.R.A have transferred to the Children's middle school and Phantom Daughter plans on getting rid of them. She targeted Hino Kagari and hopes he will do something that he shouldn't. Fortunately Kaoru is around to stop him. Remember in last chapter how Feather sneaked up on Minamoto? She freaking told him she loves him. That pisses me off, man.

Picked up a new shounen: Zetsuen no Tempest. Looks promising with actions in between the drama. Its about these two kids: Mahiro Fuwa and Yoshino Takigawa. Mahiro went missing after his family was murdered. On the day a woman appeared looking for Mahiro (she wants to kill him), he re-appeared and revealed that he is a sorcerer. The 'iron-sickness' is not Mahiro's fault. If anything he wants to stop it from spreading by finding the strongest sorcerers: Hakaze Kusaribe. This manga is about magic and revenge. I think I will like it.

Doesn't he looks like a pimp Byakuya?

Crazy update from Bamboo Blade. 5 chapters in one go! They finally going to do the Kendo Girls TV thingy featuring Ryoko, Tamaki, Sakaki Ura, Ishizuka, Nakamura Miruka and Erina.

Everyone started to panic in Emerging chapter 13 so obviously Tokyo turn into chaos. Reading this manga really giving me the chills especially when there is no preventative measure planed for such outcomes. I hope Malaysia does have preventative measures when it comes to such disease... =\

In Kure-nai chapter 26, Yuuno back-slapped Kure-nai in attempt to save him. Gay. Hey but at least he got Ginko to attend to his wound. Lucky guy. But what did he do? He becomes emo. WTF... thank goodness we have Benika-san to put sense back into his head. Yuuno and her family disappeared btw. For sure they are being tortured somewhere *chuckles evilly* Oh yeah and Murasaki still gets on my nerves.

Arago becomes the police just like Ewan but not really a good one. He does his job but he's rude and overbearing and... you get the picture. He wants to be a CID and got what he wished in the end after he used his power to save a little girl. bah!

hehe I can't resist to check out this new seinen manga (Otoyomegatari) when I saw this:

pedophilia is legal! >=3

And then another one: Rappa. They haven't introduced the protagonist yet but the build up suspense was nice. Going to check out the second chapter before I commit to this one.

I saw the last episode of Hatsukoi Limited - Gentei Shoujo. Heh, I chuckled when Zaitsu came in with his righteousness crap. I think he's cute. And WTF Zaitsu gave her a fucking towel to dry herself off and what did she do? She fucking blind-folded herself. LMAO and ladies that's how Saoko falls for Zaitsu >=3

duh! you are naked for fuck's sake >_>

Friday, December 8

I was really looking forward to see the first episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund. But what did I get? Disappointment :(

What I didn't expect is how funny Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu is. It is nothing compared to Gintama but still it is pretty funneh. I might be watching this for the comedy.

Then I watched Omamori Himari. Urgh, I hate it. Dropped!

Saturday, December 9

I am glad to report that Durarara!! does not disappoint! Like I said in my Winter's prediction, this is definitely one of the show that I can't wait to catch up every week.

Ookamikakushi kinda promising so I am going to watch a couple of more episodes on this one and see if it goes downhill or up.

Completed Sword of the Stranger for the third time. This movie is fucking bloody awesome!!

Reviews for these anime will be up soon.


Dance in the Vampire Bund was a disappointment?
... :(
This was the only series I was looking forward to this season.
Btw. That guy with the hat is super hot.

Fortunately I have 3 anime that I look forward too and sadly Vampire Bund is one of them. The other two are Durarara!! and Katanagatari. So far Durarara!! is excellent.

And they haven't revealed that guy-with-the-hat's name yet.

gahh i still havent got around to watching Durarara!! XD but i wanted to ask if you read Gantz, it has the blood and gore factor lol

I have start reading it and loving all the gore so far ^__^

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