Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

30 May 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 7

Jintan of all people has the audacity to lecture Anaru about skipping school. Talk about pot calling the kettle black, huh? I am even more surprised at agreeing and even complimenting him afterwards though. I guess that's the power of love? It makes you blind as a bat. The cupid must be on her side too I think when she gets the opportunity of a life time to rape Jintan when she accidentally bumped into her bag trying to stop Jintan from leaving. Fate is a strange thing, doesn't it? *giggles*

kissu! kissu! kissu!

But even in anime it wouldn't be that easy to obtain your love. First of all, Jintan has to move on from Menma and starts seeing Anaru as a girl but we all know that won't happen anytime soon. In this episode, it was Poppo who acts as the stopper.

priceless moment :lol:

This kinda pissed me off. I have a hard time (well, I made it complicated) with love so at least I want the characters I root for in anime to have it easy when it comes to love. What hope do I have when even in anime, loving someone becomes a hard and painful thing to do? Oh right, I can just watch shoujo, you say but here's the thing... I CAN'T STAND SHOUJO. They are unrealistic. That pissed me off even more. Shit, it is best I stop my rant here.

And thus the story focuses back on Menma when they start reading her diary. I am not sure what they expected. That was a diary of a kid so naturally the content was nothing significant, even more so given her personalities. It help them to reminiscing though like visiting Jintan's mom at the hospital, making rocket, etc. Each memory is a stab to the heart for Jintan. He has to be emo, always. That is his role, after all.

By the way, they decide among themselves that maybe writing letter to God is what Menma wishes for. I doubt it but let just pretend that they are right at the moment, okay?

So goes home to Menma and makes her the ramen that she likes (I am still disturb by the fact that Menma can eat. A ghost is not supposed to do that). Jintan says that he is going to school the next day but he ends up skipping school. He is not the only one though. Anaru, Tsururu and Yukiatsu skip school too as they discuss on how to obtain fireworks. Apparently you need a license to have a firework in Japan. Here in Malaysia, fireworks are banned by the government but we can always get some when the festive season arrived. We lack reinforcement, obviously -__-

To see them having fun with fireworks as kid brings back memories. My cousins and I, plus my friends somehow always have tons of fireworks to play around with during the EID, we play pranks on the neighbor and declare wars with the next village kids. Just like them, we thought we could do anything and everything back then but now, as an adult, those were just distant yet fond memories. I still believe that we can achieve anything that our hearts set out for but if you don't have the mental strength, you will just end up quitting halfway down the road. That is what most of my friends have become. They got married and thus neglected their ambitions. Kinda sad if you think about it, really.

So guess what? I was right. Menma did want them to meet in secret without Jintan's knowledge on the day of she died which is why Yukiatsu doesn't say a word about that to everyone else (Anaru and Poppo). He also poses an important question on Jintan as to why he doesn't confirm the wish with Menma. My answer to that question is obvious so I will refrain from repeating myself here.

Fortunately for these kids, Jintan's dad has a friend who makes fireworks but it cost 200,000 yen. Jeebus that freaking crazy but they are not giving up yet though. Jintan, Anaru and Poppo work part-time to earn the cash. Good thing about this whole thing is, Jintan is spending more time with Anaru then he is with Menma. They are working together and calling each other by nicknames.

However, trust Menma to ruin it. All she sees is Jintan working so hard to grant her wish. She does not see how Poppo and Anaru are working their butts off as well. Urgh moving on... this really pissed me off more than it should >=(

The story takes an unexpected turn though. It looks like it won't be as easy as they thought it would be. The company's director who accidentally Menma's dad, does not allow them to learn how to do the fireworks. Hah, interesting. I wonder whether or not they will continue their quest in episode 8.

29 May 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, May 2011

Sunday, May 22

Episode 4 of Ao no Exorcist wasn't as great. Well, introduction episode is mostly like that.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control episode 3 - I have forgotten how boring and complicated all the finanical shit are. Satou, the lady with lollipop, is from an organization that tries to uncover the secret and the impact of Financial District in real world. She has been following Mikuno for that purpose but it is a tough job. On the other hand, Yoga finds out that his father was involved with the Financial District. He went bankrupt and hung himself.

For his next opponent, Yoga has to fight his teacher who is expected his third baby. This happens in episode 4 of C: The Money of Soul and Possibility Control. Yoga would have lost if Mikuno did not buy the asset stock he's selling. Remember that for Midas money, you have to put your future as collateral. I always thought the loser will commit suicide but the teacher who lost showed Yoga can "lost" truly means. He lost all his three child. They disappeared and his wife has no recollection of having children either. That is just too cruel. He also tells Yoga about the Starling Guild, an organization created by Mikuno. He's trying to minimize the effect of losing in the real world. I still can't make up my mind about Mikuno. I think he's a bad guy but all his actions are contradicting my opinion. Ah, well he finally managed to convince Yoga to join him.

Episode 3 of Deadman Wonderland - Wretched Egg, the one who did the masacre is on the loose and immediately goes into a killing spree with the inmates. Of course Ganta will react to it. He foolishly seek the Wretched Egg without knowing that his own life is in danger. He's wanted by the Chief Warden. I find it stupid that they are willing to kill other inmates just so they can capture Ganta. Can't they see how fucking useless he is? But he's one lucky motherfucker to have Shiro by his side though as she helps him (and Yoh) escape and straight to G-block. Well, he gets what he's looking for. The Wretched Egg comes and greets them himself.

everyone, meets the Wretched Egg. He's my new husband ♥

To be honest, I don't feel like watching Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko anymore but against my better judgment here I am watching episode 3. I try not to let Erio pissed me off too much. Thankfully Ryuuko makes an appearance and her moeness cure my blacken heart for this show. She changed the tone of the show for me. When she's not around, it turns shit whats with the aunt trying to seduce the nephew and the delusional cousin finally coming back to earth. Urgh

How cute =3

Fireball Charming episode 5 - Drossel is still planning on a dress to wear for the ball. This time around, it's an underwater spacesuit or so it seems to be. Then Drossel gets to learn about table manner. What a farm, she means, farce! Another episode gone by so far LOL

I actually want to look forward to Hanasaku Iroha but there is just something about this show that makes me shy away out of fear. I don't know what it is either. But lets just watch episode 5 and get it over with. Ohana blabs around telling others about the love triangle between Minko, Tohru and Yuino. Now everyone was making conclusion that Tohru is leaving Kissuiso when he is just taking a day off so he can go on a date. No wonder Minko is so taken by Tohru. He's the one who allows her to work at the inn. I still have a bad feeling that Tohru will end up liking Ohana as well.

LOL oh well I feel like watching episode 6 of Hanasaku Iroha as well. It's pay day and the inn got a visit from Kawajiri Takako. She's there to revitalize Kissuiso, as she puts it. She wants the waitress to wear some rather appealing uniform that is totally not Kissuiso. Ohana is a willing participant though. Well, it's not like they have a choice. The inn is struggling and they need to do something to improve their sales. Hmm, i guess they really are angling for Tohru/Ohana/Minko. That pissed me off. It's degrading for Tohru as a character.

I might as well. Episode 7 of Hanasaku Iroha: Tomoe is being pressured by her mom to attend a marriage meeting while the inn is busy attending a bunch of whacky customers who play survival game for fun. It's a perfect opportunity for Tomoe to act up and get fired because she's planning on quitting anyway. Unfortunately her plan backfired and the customers love her and she ends up realizing that she loves what she's doing anyway. Argh, what is with this show. It lacks consistency. It's episode 3 all over again.

I understand how you feel Tomoe

The World God Only Knows II episode 5: There are 60,000 loose souls left. LOL it seems like Keima will never find his freedom. But he can look forward to 60,000 kisses, right? Heh. Keima makes me laugh. He pretends not to care what real girls say yet he gets depressed nonetheless. That's cute. This time around he has to save his classmate Chihiro who always goes around calling him dweeb. Keima refused to help her at first but his feeling to conquer drives him forward only for him to be shot down right after making him completely gives up on the real world. Somehow this episode is about him getting help.

Snoopy reference FTW!

And he finds it from Ayumi in episode 6 of The World God Only Knows II. He's the first girl he ever helped with the loose soul. Booyah! I love the fact that these girls are coming back. It makes this show so much interesting. Anyway, Keima does ends up helping Chihiro but as expected, since they have grown closer together, Chihiro kinda has fallen for Keima too. Heh, who wouldn't.

Episode 6 of SKET Dance: Sasuke storms in and informs them that SKET Dance will be disbanded starting from today. As if they will comply to that. I can't help but see Keima in Sasuke though he's not as awesome. I'm taken in by Hiro Shimono thanks to Keima. Anyway, they end up competing who would have the best play and if SKET Dance win, they won't be disbanded. Heh, it's not hard to figure out who wins, ne?

Monday, May 23

Jintan is some sort of a necrophilia, isn't he? Ano Hana episode 6.

Tuesday, May 24

Ao no exorcist episode 5, another introduction episode.

The World God Only Knows II episode 7: Today is the big day for Chihiro to confess to Yuta. As expected, she doesn't want to, not after knowing that she might not be able to talk to Keima after that. Heh, girls are fickle being. So since he thought he failed, Keima is more determined to conquer her. I love the whole process of convincing her and take whatever opportunity he has to place a kiss. Go Keima!

Keima is desirable like that ♥

Yokozawa kinda pull a stop on Takano's attack on Onodera in episode 4 of Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. As expected, Onodera couldn't help but thinks what Yokozawa is doing at Takano's place at 2am in the morning. I have to give it to him though for having such strong self restrained. In this episode, Onodera proves that he is a worthy editor thanks to Takano who has full confidence that he gets it done. Then Yokozawa comes and pretty much tells him off, saying that it is all his fault that Takano's all screwed up. Onodera has no fucking clue what that is all about though. Guess I just have to see the next episode to find out.

The most intense moment in the episode for me

Akutabe hires a sleazy kid who made a contract with Gusion (he eats people fond memories) in episode 7 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san. Akutabe asked Sakuma to look after him but she refused so he opted for Undine the fish again. When she send that boy to school, she falls in love with the homeroom teacher and tricks him on signing the marriage paper.

It's good to see that they are focusing on Sinpachi for a change in episode 147 of Gintama. It looks like everyone is obsessed with getting stronger. Everyone except Gin that is who always comes up with various of excuses not to train. So Sinpachi and Kagura get helps from other adults: Sinpachi's sister, Hasegawa and lastly Katsura. Neither one of them is any help though. They keep reverting back to the gym instructors and bear. LOL

Hijikata and Okita Sugou are captured and chained in an abandoned building in episode 148 of Gintama. This totally reminds me of Doubt or Saw. Jigzaw threatens to blow up the Shinsengumi headquarters into smithereens in 3 days. Only Hijikata and Okita know about it so it is up to them to save that place. Just how will remain to be seen. Jigzaw totally have them by their noses. You know it will be hilarious when you put Hijikata and Okita together in one room, just the two of them. I think there's only one person Hijikata is afraid of and that's Okita. I can't say that his fear is unfounded though.

Thursday, May 26

Kubo still refused to reveal who the mysterious shinigami is in Chapter 449 of Bleach.

Friday, May 27

Episode 6 of Ao no Exorcist is a filler but it's still fun nonetheless.

28 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist ED: Take Off

edit: this is a filler post, just like Ao no Exorcist episode 6 is one.


So yeah, I said in my first impression post that I like the ED right away just because I learned that 2PM is the one who sings it. This is not entirely true. The song itself is very catchy and it is hard not to hum to it after you listen to the ED. It can be addictive.

I guess I want to correct the misconception that I am a fan of 2PM because I definitely am not. I don't think singing is their forte at all. They are not even that good at dancing. If anything I am a fan of Super Junior. Also, please be known that 2PM is not a Jpop boy band. They are from Korea and the only reasons they sing in Japanese is because they are breaking into the Jpop market.

But that besides the point. The reason why I am writing this post simply because of the music video. Have you guys seen the shit?

That was stupid as fuck :lol:

27 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 6

From what I saw in the preview, this episode seems to be some sort of a filler. Being a temporary cook at school kitchen is hardly a plot, in my opinion. Nonetheless, I'm pretty sure I will enjoy this one just because.

Looking at how the students in anime always rushing to the canteen during break, it made me realized how different it is with the school system in Malaysia. We don't have to run to the canteen each time the bell for break rings because we know there are plenty of food awaits for purchase. They don't have to punch each other in the face for the last bun, like Rin and Suguro.

konek is penis in Malay. Pretty awesome is you asked me :lol:

Yukio is lucky though. He doesn't have to worry about food lunch because girls are lining up with their lunch box in their hand, as an offering to Yukio. I would make him my scrumbtious cake too if he's at my school and he wouldn't dare to reject it if he knows what is best for him.

Since Rin couldn't get any lunch, Yukio into the high class cafeteria. Unfortunately for Rin, he doesn't has the mullah to buy those expensive food but fortunately for him Yukio is kind enough to buy him lunch.

Well, if you can't tell that this episode is a filler by the story alone, perhaps the recycled scene of Rin might just be the clue you a clue. I couldn't help but :lol:

To solve the lunch issue, Yukio comes up with a plan. He'll buy groceries and Rin will cook for the both of them. Sounds fair, right? That's how they both meet the phantom chef. It just occurred to them that someone is making them breakfast every morning when they are only the two of them in that dorm. The name is Ukobach, and he is one of Mephisto's many familiars. Since the two of them have gone into his territory, he is in snit and boycotting his job, which Mephisto takes over. That is a bad news since he can't cook for shit.

So to save themselves from being poisoned by Mephisto, they set out to clean the mess up. Rin and Ukobach get into a cooking battle and after they taste each other's food, they decides that the other is a worthy opponent and thus becomes friends. Cliche as fuck.

I didn't know Rin can cook that good and seeing him in an apron is a fucking turn on. Seeing him being a tard thinking that he can get into girls' pantsu just because of that is just icing on the cake. Poor him though since no one believes that he possesses such skills.

Shiemi unknowingly has becomes the target of hatred for the girls because they all think that she is Yukio's girlfriend when she was invited into their dorm when delivering orders for Yukio. Even more so when they thought that Shiemi is spending a night with him when in fact they use the special key to send her home. Heh, I'm sure Shiemi would be pleased if she finds out. She has crush on Yukio after all.

But yeah the girls sneak inside the dorm and found the lunch Ukobach made for Rin and Yukio. They thought Shiemi was the one does all that and quickly throw them into the dustbin. This obviously makes Ukobach rages. I LOL when he plans on cooking them as revenge. Instead of worrying about the girl, Rin gets worried about the ingredients that go into that pot. Heh


Fun episode is fun.

26 May 2011

Bleach: Chapter 449

Whoa a color spread. How deceptive of you Kubo and he is a fucking teaser too. He still refused to reveal who that shinigami with Urahara and Isshin is and continue to let us speculate at the beginning of the chapter. I am still hoping it is Rukia even though I am not sure why they want her reaitsu. If it has something to do with her reiatsu as the trigger for his shinigami power… then that makes sense. Kinda but not really. So in that sense, that shinigami could be anybody.

Because Kubo is a dick, he brings us back to the so unimportant training which is now has turn to threesome what with Inoue joining them. As I have said in the last chapter, from the look of things, it seems like Ichigo has been raped by Ginjou’s massive sword and thus in serious need of recovery. Inoue is obviously more than willing to help.

LOL I can’t help but smile at the double meaning of those sentences. My brain is so corrupted.

And… as expected, her whorish “kurosaki-kun” rant begins. Urgh

Good thing is, the rape does not stop there. Ginjou waits for a bit and challenges Ichigo once again. One look at Ichigo, I know he is not ready but heh, he always love pushing himself to the limit so he is up for anything at the moment if it means he can get stronger and be able to protect the people around him. Such notion is noble Ichigo, but you have to take care of your heart too =3

oh this scene would look so good in anime if only they don't do censorship
(c) ioshik

But yeah, the damn whore interferes. She tries stopping Ginjou with Santen Keshun. Why does she always fuck up everything? The fight could have been good what’s with Ichigo’s handicapped but noooo…. She just has to be annoying ALL THE TIME. Am I supposed to be impressed with Shiten Koushun now? Do I look like I’m impressed? Hell fucking no because at the end of the day, she will always be the fucking damsel in distress.

Her new and improved Shiten Koushun has the power to reflect the attack. It can basically inflict wound on attacker with his/her own attack.

And then… what? Everyone gets into the fucking game. I don’t understand why can’t they do all of the talking and healing in the real world. Why would they get into the game and ruin it for us? Why?

Oh because Chad decides to “train” in that game as well when the truth is he’s facing Tsukishima himself. When did that dude gets into the game anyway? Or did Chad actually go back to the real world? Why is this so confusing to me? Bleach isn’t supposed to be confusing. It used to be epic before but now it’s just asking for rant. Either way, Chad is in for a trippy ride.

you don’t say :lol;

Damn, apparently that spread was a flashback. Give it to Chad to make me confuse. I don’t like him at all. The shit happened who knows when but nobody seems to notice, even he is not sure whether it was real or not. This just makes Tsukishima’s san ability much more intriguing.

Either way, I can't stop raging no thanks to whorehime and chad >=(

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.

24 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 5

Who would have thought that Rin is actually an attention whore. He surely doesn't looks like it but since he even dream of being the popular exorcist among exorcist, he must have secretly wish that people acknowledge him like that. Heh, aren't we all vain?

I am also surprise that he actually thinks someone (in this case, Suguro) is better than him, even calling him "cool". He keeps sleeping in class and doesn't pay an ounce of attention to what the teachers are teaching. *chuckles* despite all, he is living in his own little world without regards to the people around him.

Love at first sight always does this to you

His opinion on Suguro quickly changes when that guy starts showing off. We can't blame Suguro for being mad at Rin though. For someone who studies so hard, to see someone else's slacking and gets away with it must have burn his pride. Even more so when all he seems to see is Rin flirting with Shiemi and knowing that he gets into the school thanks to the Principal.

And thus they compete with each other in everything.

Match made in heaven

That is until Rin finds out that they goal is the same though their circumstances are different, that is to kick Satan's ass. Suguro is the heir of the Curse Temple that is destroyed during the Blue Night where Satan slaughtered countless clergymen and he is determined to rebuild the temple. So really, Rin and Suguro are two of the same kind.

In a challenge that almost cost him his life, Suguro finally admits that Rin is good enough to be in his class, or his friend for that matter. I got to say though that Rin is fucking cool when he stops that Leaper from killing Suguro. Though that just proves how he is able to control demons if he wishes so.

so intense! kyaaa~

This worries Yukio, or perhaps, he is still the psychotic brother that I love. He reports directly to Mephisto who seems to have other plans for the twin brother. He even calls his little brother from Gehenna for help, who he calls Earth King Amaimon. Apparently they are all Rin's half brothers. Heh, awesomeness.

he has reasons to worry. Practically he's half brothers with the rest of Rin's demon brothers too

Looks like it's goig to be a filler episode for the next one. I don't care as long as I get my dose of aoex.

23 May 2011

Ano Hana: Episode 6

Why do I always feel anxious when it comes to watching my favorite anime? *takes a deep breath*

Let's do this.

Doesn't he looks a tad like L?

So finally Jintan decides to give some thoughts about Menma. Basically he is not disagreeing with what Poppo had said in the last episode, about Menma having regrets thus why she still lingers and does not went to heaven. I doubt that he will apologize to Menma anytime soon though. He's too egoistic to do that. He would probably think of something else, or making up excuses to cover up his own wrong doing, even though I think Menma doesn't even care about what he has been worrying and feeling guilty of all these years. I have a feeling that he doesn't really wants to grant Menma wishes because he doesn't want her to disappear and be out of his life again.

To be honest, I can't see one single thing that is so appealing about Menma. She's paper thin, flat and even though some might say that she is naive, I called it being annoying. So yeah, will someone help me out on this one?

As expected, he reverts back to what Menma once told him; of him going to school. Well, at least he will be seeing Anaru more often now, which is good in my book. But guess what, the school is buzzing about something that Anaru has done. Apparently someone from the school saw her going to the love hotel last episode and spread the words. Obviously the school will have to take some action regarding such rumors. Now everyone thinks that she's some slut.

I have to give it to Anaru though. She doesn't say a word in defense. She lets all those fuckers say what they want. She bears it all on her own. *pats her back*

But of course Jintan hears (or in this case, sees) her cries for help and comes to her defense. His method might seems clumsy but to Anaru he must have look like a knight in a shining armor. She totally drags Jintan out of the class for a make out session.

That's a lie.

Since she knows her mom would have been really pissed at her, she decides to stay at Poppo until things calm down a little. She turns the clubhouse upside down cleaning that place up. After that's done, Poppo suggests that they go to Menma's house and see if they can find any clue regarding her wish. He asks Yukiatsu and Tsurumi to join them but they both decline since they are busy preparing for the upcoming exam. Aww, what a shame. Things would have been more fun with them around.

Oh well, that doesn't mean we didn't get to see them. Yukiatsu and Tsurumi sure are close. As they are talking on the train back from school, they both suddenly remember that Menma called everyone (except for Jintan, I assumed) to gather at the secret fort. She said she has something to say (again, I assumed it must have something to do with Jintan. Just a hunch). Heh, a clue for Menma's wish I am sure.

Poppo, Anaru and Jintan manage to get Menma's diary from her mom. Seeing how depressed Menma's mom is, Anaru changes her mind and goes straight home without taking a look at the diary. Jintan who has been acting rather suspicious suggests that they read the diary some other time. Poor Poppo. Yukiatsu is right though, despite how they all change and has move on (as well as they could), they are all still caught up with Jintan's pace of doing things.

Aren't we all, Poppo?

Ah the show is flowing nicely until Jintan told Menma what he has been doing with Poppo and Anaru. This angers Menma because by doing that, they make her mom remember her again. Well, duh. Consequently Jintan becomes mad at her for worrying about others. In the middle of yelling at her, he gets a nosebleed and what Menma does after that, makes the nosebleed comes gushing out. I bet he runs away to hide the tent on his pantsu.

Jeebus Jintan, you are a necrophilia

He tries to ease the b0nar using Anaru but that kinda back fired.

Again, lies. But wouldn't it be more fun, that way? ^__^

LOL @ Seikimatsu Occult Academy and LOL @ how appropriate the dialogue is

22 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 4

I know that this is late but I am writing these episodic reviews for my own satisfaction. I feel like I have to capture the excitement of this show in words, granted that mine might not be good enough, but they still carried my feelings. So far I only feel this way for two shows, both coincidentally aired in the same season; Ao no Exorcist and Ano Hana.

Kana Hanazawa and Aya Hirano are perhaps the only two female seiyuus who I recognized. Though I like Kana, I'm not sure that I like Shiemi as much. Her personality is weak and if by the end of the episode she still annoying, I think I just found the potential character up for hate poll.

It’s good to know that even an anime character is not immune to the emotional effect of a manga/anime

Yukio is definitely the psychotic-dad type of a brother as he subjected Rin to grueling study. It’s not a bad thing though since Rin definitely needs to be pushed in order for him to learn something, especially if it’s from books. He’s the field-type kind of a person so he’s definitely going to bug Yukio when he follows him for an exorcism request. He’s not allows to participate though. He’s strictly there for observation.

Tsk =3

Heh, as if that matters to Rin. While Yukio shops inside, Rin wanders the garden where he meets Shiemi and totally falls in love with her at first sight. The garden is safeguard but chants and spells but Rin breaks them pretty easily (though unintentionally by accident) thanks to his demon power tainting it. Obviously Shiemi will over-reacts knowing that Rin is a demon and wants him stay as clear as possible from her. In her attempt to do that, it reveals that her legs are useless. The conversation between Yukio and her mother confirmed this fact.

But anyway, Shiemi suddenly has a changed of heart and even let Rin helps her out in gardening. What the hell happened is what I want to know? I know I am fickle but I'm not that fickle. Jeez.

Yukio takes a look at Shiemi's legs and confirms that a demon has something to do with it. Her mom is definitely against her looking after the garden and quickly wants her out of it thus they have a heated argument before Shiemi passes out. Heh, I love the intense moment because of the flawless animation.

The truth is, Shiemi was tricked by the demons, with them disguising themselves as fairies. In order to protect the garden, Shiemi made promise to the demon and thus allowed them to take roots in her legs and draining her soul. This was all because her feeling of guilty. She thinks that her grandma died because of her. Hmm, typical.

Since her situation is kind of the same as Rin, he steps up and starts vandalizing the garden to make Shiemi realizes that it's not worth it. Urgh i hate the cliche moment but I guess I have to endure it since Yukio appears right afterward to help Shiemi exorcises the demon who doesn't take the idea too happily. It quickly possesses Shiemi and uses her as shield.

How manly *squirts*

Yukio asks Rin to help him and the egoistic and simple Rin beams at the request. LOL cute. Little does he know that Yukio is just using him as a distraction. Heh, these two make a great team, don't you think? I just love the contrast personality of Rin and Yukio, even when dealing with girl. Both have qualities that I look for in man.

This episode is meh in my opinion, just Rin realizing his problem and introduction of Shiemi who still has a lot to do for me to take a liking to her. She's enrolling into the cram school as well. Looks like she too has a crush on Yukio. Heh, not for long you won't =D

21 May 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 3, May 2011

Monday, May 16

Tiger and Bunny episode 5: I have to applaud Barnaby for putting up with Tiger. Damn he got on my nerves with his "heroic" attitude that only caused trouble to anyone else around him. Anyway, it's Barnaby's birthday and Tiger thought he threw him a surprise party. It didn't turn out the way he had planned since he caught up with the real robber. So defeating that scum turned out to be how Barnaby celebrated his birthday, by getting points. Good Luck Mode indeed. Pfft!

Tuesday, May 17

Am I the only one who thinks Akutabe is one of the most appealing protagonists in anime? Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san episode 6; everything that's ugly in this show is fucking fugly including the fugly angel who is still looking for Sakuma and the demons. Remember Moloch, supposedly the fearsome bull? Fujitaki is totally into him, since he's all cute and cuddly. LOL Moloch definitely doesn't like to be called THAT. Unfortunately for Sakuma, things don't work out too well for her. The fugly angel found what he was looking for: the Grimoire, or the summon book. He took it and then disappeared. Oh shit! He even killed Moloch while doing so.

Episode 4 of The World God Only Knows II: The loose soul this time around is on different level than the rest that Keima has fought before. I assumed that Haqua needs some soul cleansing as well. She treats Elsie like dirt and thus she herself is possessed by the loose soul. Ironically she will be save by Elsie under Keima's guidance. I guess there's no kissing Keima this time around. He's totally useless.

cute =3

SKET Dance episode 5: New characters coming in - those from student council but lets save that for later. At the moment SKET Dance has to uncover the truth about some ghost story in the academy. The request is personal for Switch since he doesn't believe in ghost. Of course he managed to defunct that theory through data gathering. At the end of the episode, the show focus on Spider Society that has been blackmailing the students in that area. They takes that opportunity to officially introduce the Student Council members; Tsubaki Sasuke (VC), Asahina Kikuno a.k.a Daisy (secretary), Unyuu Mimori (treasurer), Agata Soujiro (President) and Shiba Michiru (general affairs). I got a feeling that SKET Dance and the Student Council are not the best of friends.

Wednesday, May 18

Ano Hana episode 5 shows that Jintan is actually quite a jerk.

I still need to catch up to Ao no Exorcist. I'm only on episode 3.

Thursday, May 19

Something to speculate and look forward to in Bleach latest chapter.

19 May 2011

Bleach: Chapter 448

I have been a very good girl lately. I have been going to office on time and work diligently too thus why I only got the chance to read the latest chapter of Bleach after I got home from work. *pats meself*

so cliche

Yukio's full bring enables him to trap his opponents in his game and he can control them as he wish. I can see how his power is quite formidable but in actuality, he doesn't have much of physical strength, isn't he? It's all happening in his head. I expect him to be witty as fuck. I wonder how much time does he spent on games for him to unlock his full bring powers. I wonder if nerds around the world is looking forward to unlock theirs after they read this chapter.

Unfortunately Yukio is not Ichigo's opponent for the training. Ginjou is. Imagine how disappointed I am. If that's all Kubo can come up with for Yukio's full bring, then I seriously recommend him to lay down his pen and fucking quit.

Ginjou asks some pretty stupid questions to Ichigo. That kid doesn't have the luxury to play video games, he was too busy saving both the world and Soul Society from Aizen. Besides, who needs a video game, when he can play with his inner hollow and zangetsu in his own inner world. Bah, if only Ginjou has a fucking clue.

He acts all smug with Ichigo too, setting up rules etc for the training. Each he and Ichigo has 6 lives to spare, you know, like in video games. When you're done for, it's game over. Literally. This is supposed to make the training more exciting but why do I feel tired of this whole thing? Oh right, because I missed the shinigami :(

Don't mind if I do *wets lips*

While they are getting started with the game, Chad arrives at the headquarters with Inoue in tow. When Riruka sees her, obviously it's time for some comedic relief. I don't appreciate the girls talk at all. Why must everyone wants to be in Ichigo's pantsu? These whores should realized by now that he belongs only to Rukia. It has been almost 10 years for fuck's sake. Get over it already.

can you heal the hollowness in his heart for missing Rukia too much, huh? can you? I don't fucking think so XD

Needless to say, I am pretty pissed off when Yukio decides to let Inoue into the game as well. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. This means only one thing. Ginjou has successfully fucked Ichigo up without us having to witness it.

Well, Kubo tries to make up his lousiness by bringing the story to Urahara and Isshin. It's look like they, or specifically Isshin, has been concocting some plan that according to Urahara, will take Ichigo's future away. I wonder what it is. Could Isshin hires Urahara to create something that will forever sealed his shinigami powers? Is that it? But why, Isshin? Are you not the one who wants Rukia as your daughter-in-law? Then why?

There is someone else with them. He's a shinigami. I wonder who might that be. My mind immediately think of Byakuya but obviously Byakuya will not dirty his hands for a half-breed like Ichigo. My heart hoping for Gin but that is not even possible now, since Kubo killed him (FUCK YOU KUBO!). Ah, something to talk and ponder about until the next chapter comes out.

edit: Marie Lim said that the shinigami might be Rukia. Fuck, she doesn't even cross my mind, not even when this post turned out as a rant for ichiruki. I phailed sometimes *facepalm*

For my rants on previous chapters though, click here.

18 May 2011

Ao no Exorcist: Episode 3

Yukio is dealing with his father's death his own way. He doesn't even say anything about Rin pointed ears. I am worried about him to be honest, knowing that keeping everything to oneself is not healthy. I should know, because I practice that in real life. It sucks. Since his personality has always been quite, people wouldn't know that he is not alright.

psst, kluxorious kluxces is the name I use in public

The principal picks the twins himself. Rin enrolls in to True Cross Academy because that is the only way he can be an exorcist, according to Mephisto/Faust. Apparently he doesn't know much about Yukio coz he is so surprised when he sees Yukio giving the speech as the freshmen representative. He shouldn't be that shocked though, he knows more than anyone else how hard Yukio has been studying. Or maybe he just doesn't realized how Yukio has grown from getting bullied to be the most popular student at True Cross Academy. That is quite an achievement.

But bless Rin's soul. He doesn't want Yukio to involve in his problem. He thinks that Yukio doesn't have a clue of what's going on. He is definitely underestimating Yukio too much. That brother of his must have known more than he let on.

True Cross Academy reminds me of Hogwarts and this whole exorcism stuffs remind me of the Order of D.Gray-Man. The premise might look similar but it certainly is different. Rin who is not used to lavish place such as that makes a big fuss out of it. He is cute while doing it too. It surely doesn't makes him fit in though. As he wanders around looking for the dorm, he meets an unusual dog and starts following it. The dog that turns into Mephisto/Faust. LOL wut?

*giggles* he is so adorable, ne?

The only reason he appears is to give Rin the key so he can access to cram school, which is basically a school for exorcists. They key can opens any door. Heh i want one too. The class is not what Rin imagined it to be. It is more like a detention class than anything else. Even the students do not fit the "exorcist" look. He would learn soon enough not to judge a book by it's cover.

I expect Yukio to be one of the student. I never would have expect that he is actually the teacher that will teach them kids about exorcism. I fucking holler in my room. Ah, man, this is going to be very good indeed XD

I'll score all A if he's my teacher XD

Looks like Yukio has been studying exorcism since he was 7 from his father. Rin of course doesn't know this so it left quite an impression on him. About his father as well as Yukio. Rin forces Yukio to explain everything and Yukio calmly does so. He can see demons since he was born, thanks to the spirit wound he gets from Rin in the womb. Because Rin is too excited, he accidentally broke the container that contains animal blood thus making the demons to show itself. So Rin gets the opportunity to see Yukio in action as an exorcist. Yukio, without a doubt, looks cool as fuck with his gun. I came in my pantsu.

Didn't I say that Yukio is not totally alright earlier? I was right. He thinks it's Rin's fault that their father died. He is envious of Rin because he's always be the center of attention, just because he has the power of the demon. Ah this is to be expected. This is why you have to love your offspring equally. I have seen lots of cases like this and they always turn ugly in the end.

Watching these two brothers pointing their gun and sword at each other is more than my excited heart can take. It is a beauty but I don't want to see them at each others' throat in the future. I want them to settle their problems in this episode and be done with it. And that they did. They even get the same room. Phew!

I came again ^__^

Aight on to episode 4 now. Catching up has never feel so good.

Ano Hana: Episode 5

Urgh, I just wish Menma doesn't interfere with shit. Just because nobody else but Jintan can see her that doesn't mean she can butt in whenever. Can't she see how crucial things are between Jintan and Yukiatsu? Can't she see how she affected them so? Gah! Sometimes I just want to shake her till her teeth rattle and knock some sense into her air head, ghost or not. She's invading privacy.

But anyway, for the first time after Menma's death, Yukiatsu tells everyone what he has been bottled up all these years. He said that he was the cause of Menma's death. So he has been living with all those guilt. No wonder he is so screwed up. I can understand how he felt though. When that friend of mine died, even I wonder if it wasn't my fault since we did promise to play on that hill as usual but he was the only one on time. Will he still be alive if one of us has gone to that hill a few minutes earlier before those dogs attacked him? I still think about it from time to time... It wasn't pleasant but it keeps me grounded.

I hope all of my other friends are doing alright right now. I hope none of them catch on Yukiatsu's depression mode.

Speaking of Yukiatsu, I can't see how he can hang out with the others anymore. He is still bitter about the whole thing and knows that it was all Tsururu's plan. I know her attention is good but her method is somewhat cruel.

Before the day of her death, Yukiatsu confessed to Menma. He even bought her a hairpin. As expected, she rejected her right away. Or to be more precise, she didn't know how to respond so she continued running after Jintan and hence further stemmed the feeling of envy in Yukiatsu's heart. Heh, this is not appropriate but this reminds me of my crush during that play time. Why do we always fall for the leader type when we were small, I wonder? It is definitely no longer the case for me. My taste for men has totally changed since then.

I am glad to see that nothing changed between Yukiatsu and Tsururu though. They still go to school and spend their time after school together. I suspect that Tsururu keep up with all Yukiatsu's antic because she likes him. Love would be too strong a word for Tsururu but she has feelings akin to that I am sure. Otherwise why would she has the hairpin that Yukiatsu wanted to give Menma?

When they are waiting for train to go home, they see Anaru with her slutty friends. Thank goodness Yukiatsu decides to follow her because some asshole trying to jack her. Jeebus Anaru, why are you so naive? and BAM suddenly he asked her out AFTER he makes sure that she's a virgin. I fucking literally yells WOOOT!!!! and punches the air in my room when I heard that. LOL what happened to my OTP?


Oh klux, you are so fickle.

But of course Anaru will stay true to her unrequited love and surprisingly opens up to Yukiatsu. She said something that kinda strike a nail on my head. She said she wasn't sure if she likes Jintan. All she knows is she can't stop thinking about him. I have the same problem at the moment but lets save that for when I am depressed and needs to rant.

Yukiatsu responds coolly that the both of them have been left behind by both of their crushes. Neither of them can move on. Fuck, why does that hurts like hell? :(

I bet Jintan is happy now knowing that Menma came to him, and not anyone else. Hmph, man's ego. Instead of dealing with the fact of why Menma is here, he ignores it just so he can have her all to himself. He is worst than Yukiatsu. When Poppo comes for dinner, and accidentally makes Menma cry when he said he wants to help her go to heaven, I don't like how he treats Poppo at all. Jerk.

I prefer a lot of things. You're are one of them ♥

Also, how the fuck can ghost eats? Urgh, I better not think about it.

17 May 2011

My top 10 reasons why you MUST watch Gintama

If anyone asked me what anime that they absolutely must watch at least once in their lifetime, I have only one answer to that question: GIN-fucking-TAMA. They will consequently asked why? What is it about Gintama that makes it so fucking great that your life would not be completed if you do not watch it? Well, besides not knowing what true happiness feels like, here are 10 reasons why you absolutely most definitely MUST watch Gintama:

(c) gumi

1. Who the hell needs doctor fees when Gintama can cure any kind of illness, be it curable or not. Gintama can cure cancer and AIDS. You can ask your doctor for a recommendation, or not since overdose on Gintama is actually very good for your health.

2. You can save tons of money on therapy. Feeling down? Depressed? Suicidal even? Fret not. An episode of Gintama a day can keep all of those at bay.

3. Watching Gintama will keep you sane. You won't feel the need to commit a homicide at every chance you get even if the person sitting next to you is a 250kg man who sweats a lot and smell like rotten rodent is looking lewdly at you while licking the sausages of what he called lips. OK that's a lie. I will still kill that motherfucker because I'm not insane. Gintama keeps me sane!

4. Gintama is a good supplement for food. If you are hungry but have no money or too lazy to get food, watch Gintama. After an episode, even your stomach will forget that it was rumbling before because you will be too busy laughing your ass off to even think of food.

5. It contains anti-oxidant that will help you stay young.


6. You get to know who Sakata Gintoki is. He's fucking EPIC. He's the next president of the fucking world.

7. You no longer needs to buy all that expensive sex toys. Gintama has fappable characters that caters to both female and male. It doesn't matter what your orientation is, just fap away! They also have lots of sex jokes. My kind of sex jokes *giggles*

8. Have you listen to their OST/Opening/Ending songs? They are fucking awesome.

9. It is one of the anime of the decade. Soon enough it will be the anime of the century! This is definitely THE GREATEST FUCKING GAR SHOW ever!

10. It has all the elements that you look for in an anime. It has the element of mecha, romance, action, even your grandmother. You name it, Gintama has it. So why look anywhere else? Beware though, the randomness might throw you off balance if you are not man enough. Do a routine checkup on your analog stick just to be sure you have what it takes. Randomness. YAY.

So there you have it. If you are still not convinced, then I pray for your poor soul and may you rot in hell :)

16 May 2011

The overdue diary of a tard: an introduction

Edit: I wrote this back in 2009. I'm no longer free lancing. I have weekdays job, weekend job, clothes-making business and taking orders for cake and cupcakes. I am no longer a manga whore like I used to be and work pretty much consumes most of my time nowadays. I just feel like posting this again just to remind myself of how big of a fan I am when it comes to anime and why it always give me something to smile (and be happy) about.

Otaku is extremely negative in meaning as it is used to refer to someone who stays at home all the time and doesn't have a life (no social life, no love life, etc)

It is always good when you meet people who share the same passion and interest. Although I am lacking such friends in real life, because they are a bunch of retarded people, I am fortunate enough to make some in the webz, because we are teh awesome people.

Now that I am doing free lancing, I think I am becoming more of an otaku in every sense of the word (I know how negative the word is in Japanese culture, thanks to Miyazaki Tsutomu, the fucking bastard, but this is not the kind of otakuness I'm talking about despite that some of you might think it is LOL - refer to the definition of otaku that I have provided plzthx). It does freaking me out sometimes when I realized I haven't interacted face to face with another human being for more than 3 days or haven't gone out of my house up to three weeks at one time. But then again, I don't see the need to do such things when I can derive pleasures from anime/manga/writings.

I have been living my life as an animetard for slightly over 10 years now. It started as a hobby but quickly turn to obsession when I can't get enough of everything. I didn't advertise my 'otaku'ness so openly back then for reason that the 'net was still relatively new at that time. I can't even afford ADSL, for pete's sake. How things have change for the past 2-3 years. I begin to fangasm/nerdgasm at every chance I get. Not to mention the amount of blood lost I've suffered due to nosebleed. The animetard in me shine through when I started to meet people all over za wurado. I swear it was like we are on the same wavelength since we were in our mothers' wombs! The passion we share... it was beautiful. It was sacred.

I'm so fucked up, according to one of the retarded people I mentioned earlier. I nodded my head vigorously when he said that which consequently made him do the facepalming, Kyon style. I giggled because of Kyon, he took offense and gave up trying to put some sense into my oh-so-awesomely-corrupted brain.

Thanks but no thanks.

Recently I feel like my blog needed a revamp. I haven't touch it for almost over a year because the 'emodramo' that happened in 2007. I just lost interest. Then I met animenerdz who asked if I could write reviews for them. I thought why the hell not since I've been doing that in my blog as well. So lo and behold, my blog is alive again!

This is when I started to meet people who collects figures. I have a bunch myself but the collection is nothing to be proud of considering how puny mine is compared to the others. After I saw their collections, I just got this unexplainable feelings of being unfulfilled. My heart beats faster than it normally does whenever I learned that they have added a new nendoroid or a figma or a trading figures to their collections. I believe the reason was simply because it is full of envy.

It left me no choice but to join that league of extraordinary gentlemen (haven't found one female collector yet).

For now, I end this diary as I hunt for the figures to complete my Bleach set.


Diary of a tard: Week 2, May 2011

Me and my fucked up scheduled. With just one week of vacation, I am already behind 3 weeks worth of anime. On top of that, I got food poisoning that shut down my body system for two days. Damn, time to catch up.

Wednesday, May 11

Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san episode 4 and 5. Grimiore gets on my nerves. He's not funny anymore, just obnoxious. I can't wait to see what Undine has in store. She managed to turn Hebi-chan into a fugly chic but of course her curse will be undone when she's happy so it only lasted for about a few minutes. It's enough for the pig NEET not to like her anymore though. Once again, Akutabe is such as awesome character in this one. I wonder if he's even human. Sarier is introduced in episode 5. He is an angel sent down to protect and guide lost soul but he's a fugly coward. He seriously doesn't like demon and ready to go to war with them. Akutabe summons Moloch who specialized in violence to help him solve a case. Unfortunately we didn't get to see him in action until the next episode.

Episode 4 of SKET Dance: They are making fun of cliche. This better be good. There's this girl who aspired to be a mangaka. She sees everything through her Otome filter and mistook Bossun as a bishie from shoujo manga. Nothing funny though but that is only the first half of the episode. In the second half, the client lost a Pelolin wrapper and they are hired to search for it. The gangster from episode 1 fell in love with the girl (the client in question) and was the one who found the wrapper. It might sound boring the progress takes turn to the funny. Kinda but not really.

Thursday, May 12

I'm hungry but since I am too lazy to go to the kitchen, I will watch Gintama instead. Episode 146: The conclusion of Yoshiwara Burning arc. It was kinda of cliche but fuck it this is Gintama so all is forgiven. I am more interested with Kamui though. He'll be back for Gin.Guess what, Abuto still alive so he learned how strong Kagura is now. Interesting indeed. After the fight, Gin met with Kagura and Kamui's dad where he warned Gin about his son. He asked Gin what will his choice be if he had to fight Kamui in front of Kagura since despite the badmouthing that she does, she still wants to save him. Gin did not say a word which make the plot thickens even more. Awesome.

Friday, May 13

Ano Hana episode 4 invokes so many emotions when it comes to Yukiatsu. I love it.

The last time I read the chapter of Amatsuki was back in July 2010. So phailed. Chapter 51: Utsubushi comes to Toki rescue but he quickly captured by Kurotobi. Demon isn’t allowed inside the temple after all. Beni-san comes afterward to bring Toki and Tsuruume away leaving her brother Kurotobi to fight with Utsubushi. Heh but let’s not forget Tsuyukusa. Beni-san sends Toki and Tsuruume away so that she can move freely against Tsuyukusa. Fuck, I’m nervous for him because I know Beni-san is someone you don’t mess around with.

I want a Tsuyukusa plushie too!

Holy fuck yes, Hyakko update! Chapter 40: School Festival is coming up so they are having a discussion of what to organize. The lesbian class president suggested a maid café and the boys gladly agreed and from there it branches off to many other ideas. This chapter is not much but we can see how real the situation is when a fujoshi gets excited at the thought of Tokeo crossdressing, a girl otaku looking forward to cosplay as maid, a robot maniac overjoyed at the thought of making a mecha Kamen Battle 00 play, etc. They ended up doing a Halloween theme party for the whole school. Now I look forward to the festival.

Saturday, May 14

A quick watch before my trip to Kuala Lumpur in one hour. I still haven't showered yet. Orz but whatever, X-Men episode 5: Hisako is getting on my nerves. Was her voice has always been this annoying? Professor X offers Emma to be one of the X-men (and Hisako as junior X-man) but of course Scott is against it though no one listens to him. So he takes out his frustration with Hisako. He trains her with such a bad ass attitude. Heh. Since Hisako is such a weak shit, Emma finally agree to let Charles do a mind dive under the condition that everyone get to see it. In doing so she proves herself innocent and has nothing to do with Jean's death. So now that everyone is happy, they go to Japan again to deal with the secondary mutation.

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