07 August 2012

Diary of a tard: Week 1, August 2012

Sunday, July 29

Watching episode 2 of Sword Art Online because I feel obliged to do so. Diabel, another beta tester, gathered the players in order to defeat the first floor boss. This is where Kirito met Asuna as they formed a guild together. During the fight, Diabel was killed but he handed over his responsibilities to Kirito who did perfectly, with the help from Asuna of course. They managed to defeat the first floor boss and proceed. Towards the end, there were some players who were unhappy that Kirito is a beta tester. In order not to let them be divided, Kirito played the bad guy role. He was given the nickname "beater" and so he will continue his journey alone, wearing the midnight cloak. I gotta say that the episode was intense and my heart grows fonder for Kirito.

So freaking moe
(c) Kiri Nin
Yurumate 3Dei episode 11: Yurume had her first nightmare of the year. Then somehow they end up writing a Happy New Year calligraphy. It was fine until Kumi came along and convinced Matsukichi to write his secrets. As usual Matsukichi fell for it. That dude is hopeless...


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