12 December 2009

Diary of a tard - week 2, December '09

Monday, December 7

Chapter 36 oh Hyakko is about their sport festival with the theme: Survival Game. In order to make sure the students will try their best, the school will awarded all-you-can-eat coupon of yakiniku to the winner. Obviously, when Torako heard that she wants to win by all mean necessary. Looks like her biggest rival would be Suzu and Ode. I'm so looking forward to that >=D

Tuesday, December 8

Yay, an update on Yandere Kanojo (chapter 3)! Hahaha I could not stop laughing from start to finish. This series is hilarious! We got a new character in, who is a bimbo with an analog stick.

I love the way she deals with her problem XD

Yuuno met with her brother again in Kure-nai chapter 25, and down she went... When Kurenai arrived at the scene, he started using using the horn which caught Yuuno's brother by surprised, who is known as "Red-Cap"-sama. However it was only a momentarily glory for after that he was easily matched by Red-Cap. The fight was intense. It was awesome. Too bad Yuuno had to step in and interfered, declaring that Kurenai was excommunicated. Well duh we all can see that she was trying to save Kurenai. At the same time in other place, her grandfather and her sister were cornered by the soldier-for-hire that were sent by the Akuu company. One of them was the chief herself *drools*

Wednesday, December 9

Saten-san DID use the Level Upper device in To Aru Kagaku no Railgun episode 10. Only when her friend collapsed did she realize she had fucked up. STUPID girl is stupid. She deserved to be man-handled! But holy fucking cow the strip lady is the culprit? LMAO I didn't see THAT coming. Good job for not making this episode a bore-fest.

Bleach anime this week ain't as bad as it was last week but by no means it is good >_>

The Ti vs Muay Thai continues in Tiji-kun chapter 7. Azakawa endured the kicking using Chinkuchi as defense and a technique called Atifua as an offense and in the midst of it he learned to master the Aizuki. I'm too lazy to take note what are those stands for although I'm sure I'll be needing it if ever I decided to make a review about this series. Anyway, I really am interested to find out who is this mysterious glasses guy that explained all these to the girl (I forgot her name -__-).

Okay, I'm confused. I'm have gone far with Fairy Tail manga so it makes me wondering whether episode 9 is a filler or an arc that exist in the manga. However I got a strong feelings that this episode is a filler. Fuck? Another D.Gray Man?!

Still, it's pretty funneh ^__^"

Lag ended up staying with Sylvette in Leter Bee episode 10. Then Aria appeared and brought Lag to the Prayer Hill. That was where Aria told Lag what happened 12 years ago on the day Sylvette was born. Gauche looked like he had amnesia when the sun 'flickered' and didn't even care/know that his mother died while giving birth to Sylvette. That was why he said to Lag that he couldn't remember his mother's face.

Mini Gauche was still as hot @_@

Thursday, December 10

Yes, the confrontation between Shut Hell and the Tiger begins in chapter 17. The Tiger did pretty well, talking some good things that pissed Shut Hell even more. The Tiger was kinda cool like that and he did manage defeat Shut Hell. Heh, I want the two of them to start making babies!

Another josei manga is added to my read list: Hi no Matoi. I really like what I've seen so far. It reminds me of Amatsuki. God knows how much I love Amatsuki. If only they would hurry up with the release of the new chapters. Grr.... Anyway, the setup is pretty much the same but no monster though, just firemen.

Soako-chan faced another challenge in Hatsukoi Limited Special episode 5 where she was to be the model for Fine Arts Club. Somehow she got wet from top to bottom which obviously kinda telling that she's not wearing any undergarments.

Damn, Feather appeared again in front of Minamoto in chapter 199 of Zettai Karen Children. This time at their own home with the children in the bedroom. Jeez Minamoto, I'm disappointed in you... -__-

Friday, December 11

Danzo pretty much told his two subordinates to fight Madara in chapter 475 of Naruto. Madara fucking absorb Torune and Fu after that. I could not help but snicker when he un-absorb Sasgay in front of Danzo later on. Someone reminds me why is Sasgay after Danzo again? =\
Meanwhile, back at where Naruto was, Gaara has hopefully put some sense in that childish brain of his.

Shinji made my day all rainbows and smileys in Bleach chapter 385.

Jeebus, I picked up another manga: Replica. I know it is an action manga but I don't trust mangafox or MAL when they said it fell under shoujo category as well. Both of the main characters are male dammit! Like always, the art is what made me picked it up in the first place and I'm not disappointed. Looks like it could be a promising cool story.

Saturday, December 12

Emerging chapter 11: Holy fuck it's an outbreak!! *is scared* =\


i think ill have to check out Yandere Kanojo, sounds hilarious.

im behind on To Aru Kagaku no Railgun because the pace was so slow XD still worth watching?

you definitely should. The style is different than typical manga. As for To Aru... it kinda has a plot now so maybe?

I should start reading Hyakko again. I don't know why I stopped.
Btw., where do you get them?

mangafox. The same goes for Yandere Kanojo ^^

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