Aku no Hana

It has been a while I got this excited for an anime. In fact, I can't remember the last anime that got me all worked out like this. Needless to say, I think Aku no Hana is a very awesome anime. I definitely recommended it to everyone.

A Year Older: Again

It’s that day when I got another level up in life. I’m turning a year older again today. So many things have changed in a course of a year. I read what I wrote on my birthday last year and I almost choked with laughter at how ridiculous everything sounds.

Goodbye 2012 and Hallo 2013

So overall, year 2012 has indeed been kinder to me. I have achieved what I set out to achieve but most importantly, I unexpectedly found love which is easily the highlight of the year for me.

Light Writings: Love II

I need an outlet to express how I feel nowadays. To be honest, things are going too good for me at the moment to the point that I am sort of living in fear for I do not want these extremely good feelings, and the love I have for him to end. If all these are gone tomorrow, there is a big probability that I might lose sanity.

Light Writings: Crush II

Welp, looks like we are having this conversation again after so many years. Well 2 years and 3 months to be exact. The last time I wrote about my crush, I was in a different state of mind where I know it can be nothing more than just that, a crush.

21 November 2007

Ah fuck it!

I went to Uda, temankan Z/A ke CIMB and help him uruskan beberapa perkara. Hati dah rasa tak sedap all day and I wasn't in a good mood at all.

Sampai Uda kena lak amik tiket metro parking. Because I'm petit (ignoring the word short), tangan tak sampai which mean I have to open the door to get the tix. Fine. So I opened the door. All my belongings bertabur atas jalan. Dah jadi satu hal pulak dk kutip barang kat depan booth tu. Anyway, nak dipendekkan cerita, ntah camana boleh tak perasan my handphone dah lesap. Bila sampai kat CIMB baru la menggagau cari.

Conclusion: masih ada kat tempat amik tix tu.

Menggelepar cik gi rush ke tempat kejadian. Fuh, luckily tak ada siapa yang perasan. Memang rezeki cik la, elok handphone tu terletak atas jalan. I picked it up went back to the car.

Uwaa.... kat dalam kereta baru perasan the skrin habis jahanam. But luckily boleh pakai lagi cuma dah tatau la sapa yang tepon kejadah semua. Hmm... maknanya kena switch back to the old Nokia again la before I can get it fix. Mesti makan ratus-ratus punya tu... Kot kalau camtu baik beli handphone baru terus!

Fuck, duit bazir ke longkang lagi!!!

p/s: Ni semua salah kau Z/A. Kot kalau tak mintak cik teman, tak ler melingkup handphone cik. I want a replacement!!!!!!! ehehehe

15 November 2007

Lovely Complex

Well, how should I put this...

Lovely Complex quickly become one of my favorite romance comedy anime (Honey & Clover still stays on top of the list though). It was fucking hilarious!

Koizumi Risa is a very tall girl -172cm while Ootani Atshushi is a short boy - 156cm. On first day of school, their teacher dubbed them as the "All Hanshin-Kyojin" (look up what it means yourself - I'm too lazy to explain). They both have strong characters and unique personality, which led to many disagreement and opposition, so they routinely fight and entertain their class with their antics.

At first they both made an alliance to help each other find a mate. Koizumi wants a guy taller than her (which is rare in Japan) and Ootani wants a girl that is nothing like Koizumi. But gradually Koizumi starts to develop special feeling for Ootani and here's where the best part start. Ootani done every possible thing to convey her feelings to Ootani but Ootani is too dense to even sense it although the rest of the school are aware of it.

Eventually Ootani realize what is going on. I just love the way how he conveys his feeling to Koizumi once they start to date. It was so damn romantic. I would love to be treated that way. Hell, Ootani is exactly the type of guy I dream about (except for the height).

Instead of standard Japanese (like in any other anime), most of the characters speak in Kansai-ben. It is also the other reason why I like Ootani so much. The way he speaks, it was so melodic, specially when he calls Koizumi 'aaho'.

This is the kind of anime that is so funny you just want to watch it over and over again. I absolutely love it.

10 November 2007


I'm holding on your rope,
Got me ten feet off the ground
I'm hearin what you say but I just can't make a sound
You tell me that you need me
Then you go and cut me down, but wait
You tell me that you're sorry
Didn't think I'd turn around, and say...
It's too late to apologize, it's too late

I'd take another chance, take a fall
Take a shot for you
And I need you like a heart needs a beat
But it's nothin new
I loved you with a fire red-
Now it's turning blue, and you say...
"Sorry" like the angel heaven let me think was you
But I'm afraid...
It's too late to apologize, it's too late

I said it's too late to apologize, it's too late

06 November 2007

I said yes

I know you'll be leaving in 5 minutes, and who knows when you'll be back
I know everyone would probably say that it is a big mistake
And I know I'm gonna get my heart broken for real this time
But maybe it's worth it

Don't ask me if I'm sure
I just said yes, didn't I?

23 October 2007

motoGP 07 trip

Punya la kepenatan gila. Dah la malam tak boleh nak tido, kepala kusut gila. Pulak tu hari semalamnya baru ada drama hebat terjadi. Pergh, hidup hidup....

Around 7 bertolak ke rumah F/O. Biasalah kalau dah janji pukul 7 pukul 7 la cik sampai but si bangang N/M boleh call bagitau baru bangun tido. Pergh baran gila. Kitorang tunggu dia tiba sampai pukul 10. Celaka tol. Janji memang jenis janji tamil! Yang makin cik membara tu he acted like nothing happened, as if he's hasn't sin. What the fuck la oi?!

So I drive all the way to Sepang. Plan nak straight terus without stopping sebab minyak kereta dan perut semua dah isi full tank tapi disebabkan budak tamil N/M ni, nak dekat 4 kali kitorang stop. Nak berak la, nak cari ATM la, nak berak lagi la. Angin betul cik satu badan.

Because of him, cik terlepas nak tengok 125cc ngan 250cc punya race. Mau taknya, sampai pukul 2 petang. Nak jumpa borak2 ngan F/S pun tak sempat. Tapi at least bila dah sampai SIC cik takder la baran lagi. Terus cool down walaupun cuaca panas membakar kulit.

Yang buat cik terus cool macam ais bila CJ call. Hehehe, hebatnya kuasa dia. Kagum betul cik.

So overall memang cik enjoy the race. Around 4pm race tamat and kitorang terus blah sebab nak elakkan kesesakan trafik (sorry gr8sk8rgal tak sempat nak jumpa you too). From SIC kitorang cari makan di Alamanda. Hehe, apa lagi cik pun tak lepaskan peluang shopping di Esprit. Habis cik borong satu kedai (tipu la tu)

Kitorang bertolak balik dari Alamanda pukul 7. Kali ni stop untuk isi minyak jer sebab N/M dah tak ada. Dia dan A/N cik tinggalkan di Alamanda. hehehehe

Cik sampai rumah around 11pm gak. So sempatlah nak tengok Brazilian GP (Kimi wins WDC!!)

p/s: CJ called again later that night. From ice to total melt down. Ahaksss...

21 October 2007

emotional distress

He's no longer missing/lost without a trace. At least he has fulfilled his promises for now. Maybe in two weeks time he'll be gone again though. Cross my finger that it wasn't because of what I did.

Anyway, for no apparent reason I was in an emotional distress yesterday. I woke up to a sore body and a trouble mind.

I cried a lot too.

Which something that I am not used to.

I cried because I miss my grandad.

I cried because for the first time I learn how it feels to really miss somebody.

I cried because I wish some misunderstanding can be rectified.

I cried because I realized I need an intervention.

But I cried the hardest because I know what I am getting myself in to but am helpless to do anything about it.

... I guess I was lying about the 'no apparent reason'.

Gosh I really need some good sleep. I only slept for one hour last night and I need to drive all the way to Sepang and back again today. Then have to stay up for the Brazilian GP (Go Alonso! Go!) before commit myself to pitstop. Which mean I only have around 2 hours worth of sleep tomorrow since I'll be off picking up my son (yes I'm gonna be a mom!) at 7am.

p/s: I'll be composed as usual for today's trip. Just a minor glitch in my life so don't make that face, CJ.

17 October 2007

Hilang tanpa pesan

Jauh perjalanan
Mencari intan pujaan
Aduhai dimana Tuan
Mengapa pergi tanpa pamitan

Lembah kuturuni
Bukit nan tinggi kudaki
Aduhai tak kunjung jumpa
Mengapa hilang tak tentu rimba

Laut hempaskanku padanya
Bintang tunjukkan arah
Oh angin bisikanlah mana dia

Hati cemas bimbang
Harapan timbul tenggelam
Aduhai permata hati
Mungkinkah kelak bersua lagi

p/s: Not another broken promises, eh dear?

02 October 2007

5 centimeters per second

5 centimeters per second, that's the speed at which cherry blossom fall.

One of the most romantic film I had ever seen. It is a pretty much serious story about two people, Tono Takaki and Shinohara Akari who had been friends since primary school but gradually grow farther apart as time moves on.

They were practically inseparable when they were kids but they become separated when Akari's family moves away. Their deep feelings for each other keep them continue to stay in touch through letters.

But as life continues to unfold, they wonder if they would have the chance to meet again. So one day Takaki decides to visit Akari before he himself moves away to Tanegashima with his family which would mean that they'll be farther apart.

On the day of the visit, snow begin to fall. This caused delays for the train that Takaki boarded. They were supposed to meet at 6pm but because of the delay, it wasn't until almost 10pm that Takaki finally arrived at the designated station. On his way, when the clock passes 6pm, Takaki wishes that Akari will not wait for him but in his heart he longs to meet her.

So when he reached the station, Akari was there, still waiting patiently for him. This then begins the part where I think touches me the most. The love they had for each other and the realization that they probably could have never meet again makes me feel quite melancholy.

Anyway this is only the first part of the film, Ōkashō. The film consists of three segments. I let you guys explore the other two episodes of Cosmonaut and Byōsoku 5 Centimeter yourself.

I absolutely love it.

25 September 2007

I've been tagged

This is the first time i've been tagged. Thanks to wan pablo (couldn't wait to read about your trip btw).

So here goes...

5 things in my bag:
- Braun Buffel purse
- Anna Karenina's book that I'm currently reading
- house keys
- toothbrush (you gotta carry this everywhere if you are wearing braces)
- handphones

5 things in my wallet:
- the usual cards
- receipts from my dentist trip
- my dentist appointment card
- an angpau that is yet to be opened (for rainy days)
- few malaysian ringgit (and some sen)

5 favourite things in my favourite room:
that would be my bedroom
- my book collections
- a frame artwork from a friend from Canada (a painting of Gilles Villeneuve's Ferrari car)
- a frame poster of Sauber Petronas car (Nick Heidfeld in C20)
- shrek figurine
- Sauber lion

5 things I would like to do:
- live in Switzerland
- write a book
- have my own bookstore
- marry my first love
- go to all Formula One races

5 things I'm currently doing:
- fasting
- working (atm I'm wearing the admin hat for pitstop although I'm actually at my taska)
- thinking of the baju kurung that is still need to be sewn
- surfing Marina Mahathir's blog to know about Tun Dr M latest health condition
- thinking what to have for breakfast

I would like to tag Zahrin and Julie.

19 September 2007

Sebelum cahaya

Ku teringat hati
Yang bertabur mimpi
Kemana kau pergi cinta
Perjalanan sunyi
Engkau tempuh sendiri
Kuatkanlah hati cinta

Ingatkan engkau kepada
Embun pagi bersahaja
Yang menemanimu sebelum cahaya
Ingatkan engkau kepada
Angin yang berhembus mesra
Yang kan membelaimu cinta

Kekuatan hati yang berpegang janji
Genggamlah tanganku cinta
Ku tak akan pergi meninggalkanmu sendiri
Temani hatimu cinta

11 September 2007

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine...

I'm in a state of bliss.

I remember saying that I'd stop caring. Seems like He got other plans for me. Allahuakhbar.

And His timing is perfect.

I am not saying that I'll ended up marrying this guy. lol no!

It just that somehow he makes me feels wholesome. Not just some empty vessel.

He called today. Explaining his disappearing act.

I don't mind really.

Because I know no matter what, he's there.

Just knowing that fact, he already made my day.

Funny isn't it how he, who was insignificant 4 months ago are making a huge impact in my life.

With just a phone call, he can soothes my nerve, plastered a smile on my face, makes me spill everything out and feel much much better afterwards.

So babe, you make my day alright.

Thanks for just being there.

04 September 2007

Tukang serba boleh

Sejak dua menjak ni I've acquired new skills: menjahit.

Ceritanya camni...

Baju kurung aku memang selama ni tak ada orang lain yang jahit melainkan makcik aku but since she decided to retired couple of years ago, aku langsung tak ada buat baju kurung lagi dah because aku tau aku takkan selesa pakai baju kurung orang lain jahit.

So to make long story short, it has been two years since I have new baju kurung for raya. I decided then that whatever happens, I must have new baju kurung for this year's EID.

Since I have too much free time on my hand, aku pun dok la belajar jahit dari makcik aku and voila! tadi aku baru saja selesai menyiapkan baju kurung aku yang ke-4! Ada lagi 5 pasang baju lagi yang menanti. hahahaha beraya sakan aku tahun ni.

Dah pandai menjahit mula la makcik2 aku pun mengendeng so from 4 baju kurung, dah bertambah lak lagi. Larat ke aku siapkan sebelum raya ni? hmm... langsir pun tak siap lagi...


Adeh, camana nak gi dating ni!!!

03 September 2007

Conspiracy theory

Tergelak besar aku baca teori konspirasi datuk harimau.

Memang benar kata-katanya.

30 August 2007

It's merdeka, let me speak

Looking back to look ahead.

That's what Lim Kit Siang said in his conversation with theSun on August 23, 2007. His first answer on that interview makes me wanted to turn the pages to read the rest of the article.
Q: We are coming up to 50 years soon, so what do you think we have achieved in that time?
LKS: I think it's a very mixed result. I think when we achieved independence 50 years ago and then with Sabah and Sarawak we formed the Malaysian federation, we all had one aspiration - that we would become more Malaysian over the years.
Which means we would become less Malay, less Chinese, less Indian, less Kadazan and less Iban and so on, but on the 50th year looking around, especially with the events in the last two months, we seem to have become less Malaysian and more Malay, more Chinese, more Indian more Kadazan and more Iban than anything else.

What he said hit closed to home, doesn't it?

He also compared our development over these 50 years. When people makes comparison, they always compared Malaysia to Ghana, which also achieved independence in the same year. Yes, we are 10 times ahead of them but why compare our country with the not-so-well-off nations and not of those that are at the same level as us? When we first achieved independence, our development were second in Asia after Japan but since then Malaysia has fallen behind while Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong have all become first world and developed countries.

The other thing that I am glad Lim Kit Siang agrees with me is regarding problem in our education system. The education that we (and future generations) are getting nowadays has not produced young citizens who are critical and mature in their thinking. How can we expect them to lead the country one day?

Reading the interview makes me realize what our current Prime Minister lack of: a brain that actually works. If his brain is half as competent as Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, he would have not racked up the oil price to the price of RM1.92 that it is now because there are ways to actually recover from the oil price war without the needs to burden the people of Malaysia.
And if his brain actually works, he also would have not let Proton sold the MV Augusta for a mere 1 Euro. News reported that BMW is paying 93 million Euro for the purchase of Huqsvarna, a unit of MV Augusta. Do the calculations! The estimated RM500m (of our money!) will go down the drain just like that. Tun Dr M purchased the MV Augusta back then to develop it so it can produce a volkswagen of Germany, a car that will be affordable to the people which will cost less than RM10K a unit. But alas, Paklah, Proton and Khazanah do not understand the value of branding, intellectual properties, etc. Siapa yang rugi? Rakyat Malaysia jugak...
The article also made me think of what PakLah has done during his time in the office. He had stopped many mega projects that were supposed to not only develop this country but to set a learning curve for Malaysian - the acquired technologies, skills, recognitions, etc.
Don't get me started on his hunger for fame. Do this and do that, he said. It was for the sake of Malaysian tourism, he said. What a lot of bull. Tell me what's the need of Penang second bridge? Or the replica of famous mosques that are being build in Terengganu which cost millions of dollar (of our money!)? Masjid untuk tempat beribadat la Paklah bukannya tempat perlancongan.
Dan apakejadahnya Islam Hadhari ? Islam yang disampaikan oleh Nabi Muhammad s.a.w tu dah cukup sempurna, why nak tukar kepada Islam Hadhari? Dah sesat ke?

I am still wondering what is the meaning of this 50th Merdeka anniversary if a) our people are feeling more alienated, more divided and more polarized b) we are lagging behind in development when in fact we can be among the developed nation already.

Walau apa pun, I am still proud to be Malaysian although is a little bit sad that we are celebrating our 50th Independence Day under the government of Paklah.

To all my fellow Malaysian, selamat hari Merdeka.

29 August 2007

Hey you, I'm still young la!

I went to visit Luth today so masa sampai tu there were four nurses yang datang melawat K/N gak. Dah agak lama lepak dan ketika aku sedang mendukung Luth, one of the nurse (lets call them nurse1, nurse2 and so on to avoid confusion) asked my mom bila tarikh SPM.

lol my mom pun pening lalat la because that nurse tanya soalan pengetahuan am tetiba kat dia. Bukan setakat my mom jer, yang lain pun dah garuk kepala (literally). My mom answered la that she does not have a clue.

Then nurse2 sambung: "Eh bukan anak akak (meaning me!) ambil SPM ke tahun ni?"

wakakaka, my family dah gelak sakan. Kesian kat akak nurse1 ngan nurse2, malu dorang when K/N told them that I am already 26.

Aku tersenyum lebar sahaja.

Aku masih kelihatan muda remaja rupanya...

28 August 2007

Pictures of Luth

Sapa nak tengok Luth, sila la ke my family blog: brethrenbrood

26 August 2007

Turkish GP

Grand Prix Turkey pasti menjanjikan perlumbaan yang mencabar selepas sessi kelayakan yang sengit antara Ferrari dan McLaren semalam, dengan Felipe Massa merampas posisi pertama dari Lewis Hamilton. Kimi Raikkonen dan Fernando Alonso masing-masing akan memulakan perlumbaan di grid kedua.

Pasukan BMW Sauber tidak kurang hebatnya dengan Robert Kubica di tempat ke lima dan Nick Heidfeld di tempat ke enam. Heikki Kovalainen cukup memberangsangkan di tempat ke tujuh di hadapan Nico Rosberg dan Jarno Trulli.

Di hujung grid, kedua-dua pemandu Honda akan memulakan perlumbaan di grid terakhir selepas masing-masing menukar enjin.

Pasukan akan menggunakan kompaun tayar Bridgestone keras dan medium namun kompaun tayar keras dijangka akan digunakan lebih untuk perlumbaan ini.

Cuaca agak panas di Istanbul dengan suhu 35 darjah Celcius dan suhu ambien gi gird, 52.

Lampu merah mula menyala dan perlumbaan bermula di Turkey!

Di selekoh pertama Massa mendahului dari Raikkonen, Hamilton dan kedua-dua BMW. Alonso jatuh satu posisi di tempat keenam. Webber naik dua posisi untuk tempat kesepuluh. Permulaan Coulthard juga baik dan beliau naik ke posisi ketiga belas. Fisichella dan Davidson masing-masing kehilangan posisi namun Trulli adalah pelumba yang paling malang di permulaan perlumbaan ini apabila beliau jatuh dari tempat kesembilan ke 21 apabila kereta beliau dilanggar oleh Fisichella di selekoh pertama. Barrichello pula naik dari tempat terakhir ke 16. Sato pula dari tempat ke 17 ke tempat terakhir.

Massa mencatat masa terpantas pertama dalam cubaan beliau menjarakkan diri dari Raikkonen.

Alonso mencuba sedaya upaya untuk memintas dua kereta BMW di hadapannya.

Di pusingan ke-4, tiga pemandu teratas saling bertukar catatan masa terpantas dengan Hamilton paling pantas ketika ini.

Raikkonen mencatat masa terpantas untuk mengejar teman sepasukannya untuk P1.

Kovalainen mula ketinggalan dari enam pendahulu di hadapannya di pusingan ke-7. Trulli pula memintas Button untuk posisi ke 17 di pusingan ke-8. Sutil pula semakin menghampiri Vettel untuk posisi ke-19 sementaa Wurz dan Fischella berjaya memintas Webber untuk posisi ke-10. Kereta Webber kelihatan menghadapi masalah.

Di pusingan ke-11, Alonso hanya setengah saat di belakang Heidfeld namun masih tiada peluang untuk memintas kereta BMW Sauber itu. Massa dan Raikkonen kembali bertukar catatan masa terpantas dan kereta mereka yang menggunakan tayar medium semakin berjaya menjarakkan diri dari Hamilton.

Kubica masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-13 dan menggunakan kompaun tayar keras. Satu pitstop yang begitu awal.

Trulli melakukan kesilapan membenarkan Button memintasnya kembali. Belakang kereta beliau diluar kawalan di selekoh sembilan.

Strategi dua pitstop lebih digemari di litar ini.

Di pusingan ke-15, Raikkonen adalah pemandu pertama mencatat masa di bawah 1m 28s.

Button memberikan saingan yang sengit kepada teman sepasukannya Barrichello untuk P15 dan Button berjaya memintas di selekoh pertama.

Heidfeld masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-18 dari P4. Rosberg dan Coulthard juga masuk ke pit. Heidfeld kembali ke pit di hadapan Kubica.

Giliran Raikkonen masuk ke pit dari P2 dan kekal menggunakan kompaun tayar medium.

Alonso juga masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-18 dan kekal dengan kompaun tayar keras di pusingan ke-19. Wurz juga masuk ke pit.

Massa masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-20 dan kekal menggunakan kompaun tayar medium. Beliau kembali ke litar dan mengekalkan kedudukan di hadapan Raikkonen. Alonso juga kembali ke litar di hadapan Heidfeld. Hamilton masuk ke pit dan Massa kembali mendahului perlumbaan.

Kovalainen keluar dari pit di pusingan ke-21 di hadapan Kubica. Satu keputusan yang baik bagi pemandu Finland ini.

Di pusingan ke-24, Alonso telah merapatkan jurang antaranya dengan Hamilton, kini hanya 14 saat.

Vettel masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-29. Beliau mungkin hanya melakukan satu pitstop sahaja hari ini.

Alonso mengambil 30 saat dari Hamilton di pusingan ke-30 namun jarak antara mereka masih besar.

Ferrari kelihatan seperti tiada tandingan dengan Hamilton yang tidak terdaya untuk merapatkan jurang antaranya dengan mereka.

Button dan Sutil masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-37. Barrichello pula di pusingan berikutnya. Kedua-dua pemandu Honda akan melakukan stint terakhir yang panjang untuk perlumbaan ini.

Di pusingan ke-38 Kubica masuk ke pit dari P7 dan kembali menggunakan kompaun tayar medium. Yamamoto turut masuk ke pit.

Raikkonen pula tanpa sebarang amaran kini memberi saingan yang hebat keada Massa. Walaubagaimanapun, Massa kembali mengawal keadaan di pusingan berikutnya.

Raikkonen masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-41 dan menggunakan kompaun tayar keras.

Heidfeld juga masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-42 dari P5 dan bertukar dari kompaun tayar keras kepada medium diikuti oleh Massa. Pitstop yang cepat untuk Massa dan beliau berjaya mengekalkan kedudukan di hadapan Raikkonen dengan margin yang selamat.

Tayar kanan hadapan Hamilton pancit di pusingan ke-43 dan beliau kembali ke pit untuk menukar tayar tersebut dalam masa 10 saat. Alonso telah berjaya memintasnya sementara beliau masih dalam perjalanan ke pit.

Alonso kini di tempat ketiga, Heidfeld di P4 dan Hamilton di P5.

Vettel dan Wurz masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-45. Trulli masuk ke pit di pusingan ke-46 dari P13.

Hamilton hanya 1 saat lebih perlahan dari Heidfeld di pusingan sebelumnya. Di pusingan ke-47, pusingan terakhir Hamilton jauh lebih perlahan dari Heidfeld.

Petang yang agak mengecewakan buat Kubica yang kini di tempat kelapan selepas dipintas oleh Rosberg pada pitstop kedua beliau.

Di pusingan ke-49, Hamilton mula menunjukkan peningkatan pada pusingan beliau namun mampukah beliau memintas Heidfeld untuk P4? Kereta beliau mempunyai kerosakan kecil di bahagian front wing tetapi itu tidak dapat memperlahankan beliau buat masa ini.

Trulli memintas Barrichello untuk P16 di selekoh pertama pada pusingan ke-50.

Dengan baki perlumbaan lagi 7 pusingan, Kubica mula memberi saingan sengit kepada Rosberg untuk P7.

Sementara itu Kovalainen semakin menghampiri Hamilton tetapi beliau mungkin kesuntukan masa dengan baki perlumbaan 5 pusingan.

Di hadapan grid, Massa nampaknya tiada masalah untuk memenangi Grand Prix Turkey untuk dua kali berturut-turut.

Raikkonen mencatat masa terpantas perlumbaan di pusingan ke-57.

Pusingan terakhir dan Massa melintasi garisan penamat di tempat pertama dengan Raikkonen 2 saat di belakangnya. Ferrari menang 1-2 di Turkey.

Alonso mengakhiri perlumbaan di tempat ketiga dan mengurangkan jarak antaranya dengan Hamilton untuk kejuaraan pemadu yang kini hanya tinggal 5 mata.

Heidfeld di tempat keempat dengan Hamilton yang hanya nyaris-nyaris kehilangan tempat keempat kepada Kovalainen.

Rosberg dan Kubica mengutip mata terakhir perlumbaan.

Keputusan yang sangat baik bagi pasukan Ferrari. Kini pasukan dari Itali ini hanya 11 mata di belakang McLaren dalam kejuaraan pengeluar.

Kembali bersama saya untuk perlumbaan seterusnya yang akan berlangsung di Itali pada 9 September kelak.

24 August 2007

Luth is finally here

Alhamdulillah, today I got myself anak saudara baru.

His name is Luth. The most anticipated baby of the year. He'll definitely will be my favorite. I just soooo bias when it comes to baby boy. hehe

So nak cerita sikit on how he was delivered into this world of ours.

K/N was admitted to the hospital around 2am yesterday and at 3am her contractions were between every 4 minutes. She was in labur pain for more than 12 hours. At 5pm, jalan dah buka 8cm, but still she couldn't give birth. So at 6.15pm the doctor decide to do a Cesar. 6.30pm K/N went to the OR and at 6.45pm Luth was born. K/N is 28 years old.

Jangan ingat I'm telling this story for nothing. Statistic shows that most of soon-to-be-mom who are around age 28 and above have more difficulties to give a normal childbirth (untuk anak sulung). Maknanya bila umur dah menjangkau 28 ke atas perempuan tersebut lebih terdedah kepada risiko semasa bersalin. Kalau nak merasa anak dilahirkan secara semula jadi memang boleh tapi mengikut kajian bakal-bakal ibu ni dinasihatkan menggunakan cara Cesar sebagai jalan alternatif.

One more thing, statistic juga stated that for newly-weds who are above 28 y/o most probably find it hard to conceived a baby. Don't want to say its true tapi most of my nephew yang kahwin umur 27 ke atas memang ada susah sikit nak lekat.

So I am now 26 y/o. That means I have 2 more years left. Aiseh.

22 August 2007

Iklan jual diri

lol, got this idea from a book I am currently reading. Sounds like fun! So here goes:

Masih muda bergetah
dengan ketinggian 5 kaki 2 inci
badan kecil molek
kulit tak la putih sangat tapi kira cerah la jugak
suka gila dengan Formula One
seorang penyokong Chelsea FC
sekolah tak tinggi mana tapi pandai
berkebolehan untuk memasak, berkebun, menjahit, jaga anak dan segala macam yang seorang isteri patut mahir
dalam erti kata lain, pakej yang lengkap!
berminat? sila hubungi jabatan pendaftaran negara

p/s: lintah horny! aku tau! hahahhaha!!!!

10 August 2007

Is it wrong

Salahkah bila ku mendua
Salahkah bila semua dapat ku tak lagi merasakan engkau ada
Dan cintaku seolah jenuh akan hatimu

Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan ku sendiri
Cukup bagi diriku melukai hatimu
Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan aku
Mungkin kau akan bahagia dengan dia, yang lain

Tak perlu kau memohon untuk kembali
Tak perlu kau memohon cintaku
Tiada lagi ruang di hatiku yang tersisa untuk mu

Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan ku sendiri
Cukup bagi diriku melukai hatimu
Kasih tinggalkanlah diriku untuk selamanya
Biarkan aku
Mungkin kau bahagia bila dengan yang lain

Sungguh ku pun tak bisa untuk tetap mencintaimu
Sungguh ku takkan bisa untuk selalu menyayangimu
Sungguh ku tak bisa untuk tetap mencintaimu selamanya
Pergilah kasih tinggalkan aku

Those are some powerful words. Bila baca, bila dengar, entah kenapa sadness menyelubungi even though dah ada manusia yang buat aku rasa bahagia ketika ini. I guess the unknown/the undecided still scares the hell out of me. I take it that this is good for reality check, kan?

05 August 2007

Hungarian GP

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro moved to within 19 points of Championship leaders McLaren Mercedes after Kimi Raikkonen scored eight points for Ferrari at the Hungarian Grand Prix yesterday and McLaren failed to score. This followed a stewards' ruling against McLaren after they were judged to have imposed orders which cost Lewis Hamilton the chance of a second qualifying run in the third session of qualifying. The team is appealing.

Fernando Alonso and Hamilton had set the two fastest times, but the Spaniard was penalised five places on the grid for his part in the affair. Hamilton went on to win, challenged all the way by Raikkonen, while Alonso scored a close fourth place behind Nick Heidfeld. Felipe Massa, destined to start 14th after a mistake by the team in the second session of qualifying, failed to scored points so that the Ferrari are pair are 20 points behind championship leader Hamilton.

As ever, on a circuit as difficult to overtake on as the Hungaroring, much was decided in qualifying - perhaps more than usual. Hamilton inherited Alonso's pole position with Heidfeld starting alongside. Raikkonen lined up third behind Hamilton with Nico Rosberg's Williams in fourth place. Ralf Schumacher was fifth from Alonso sixth. Then came Robert Kubica and Jarno Trulli.

The start was obviously one of the best opportunities for place changes and Raikkonen took full advantage, overtaking Heidfeld off the line and into the first corner. Rosberg remained fourth from Schumacher, then Kubica and Mark Webber and Alonso in eighth, having lost two places.

Hamilton drew away during the opening stint, having a 3.9s lead on lap 18 before the leading pair both made their pit stops. Heidfeld slowly dropped away before stopping first on lap 17, and Rosberg also dropped away. Schumacher, however, stayed close to the Williams driver, pushed throughout by Alonso who stopped, like Heidfeld and Rosberg, on lap 17.

Hamilton came out of the pits with a two second lead, and within eight laps, Raikkonen was on his tail, but there he would remain. The pair were now over 10s clear of the rest of the field, led by Heidfeld. Behind Rosberg, Kubica had leapfrogged ahead of the Schumacher-Alonso duel and when Rosberg made a second of three stops, he moved up to fourth.

The BMWs were also on three stops, making the second just after the forty lap mark. Raikkonen came in on lap 46 which was four laps ahead of leader Hamilton, and when the McLaren emerged from the pits, he was 4.4s ahead. But both drivers were now on the softer of Bridgestone's tyres, and the Ferrari seemed to be better suited to them, with Raikkonen now the quicker driver. Within six laps, the 4.4s gap had largely disappeared, and now Raikkonen was on Hamilton's tail.

But there, again, he would remain for the final 13 laps of the race, setting fastest lap on the very last of the 70 laps, and finishing 0.715s behind the McLaren. Heidfeld finished a distant third place, while Alonso got the better of Schumacher in their final pit stops and then closed on the BMW Sauber, shadowing it all the way to the chequered flag. Kubica finished fifth from Schumacher and Rosberg.

01 August 2007

My drool factor at the moment

Yes... I think he's hot!


a silent move that we make
when we awake

my conscience
come and going come and go
a troubled mind and twisted hand
we use everytime this everytime…

all the sentimental feeling
that sometimes makes our heart burning
we surrender to a strong desire
ignorant to the needs of other
little whisper of little voices
that calls when we make desperate choices
are we that oblivious?
so insensitive

so many choices to be made
so little time to decide
so little guilt on our side

27 July 2007


This book review is long over due, just like many other books that I’ve yet to review.

I read this on my trip to negeri di bawah bayu back in May.

Those who know me would have known that I am a fan of the movie Sleepers. I remember watching that movie when I was still in secondary school and it leaves such an impact. The horrible things men do to satisfy themselves…

I learn the movie was based on a true story and that the horrible journey of those four young boys was documented. I’ve been looking for the book, being a bookworm freak that I am, ever since. After several years of searching, I managed to obtain the book on March 6, 2006 via amazon. The book however just sat there on my bookshelves. I’m too scared to open the first page as the dreadful scenes from the movie are still so fresh in my mind.

Before my journey to Sabah, fortunately I only left with two books that are yet to be read. One of it is Sleepers and the other one is the Dragon Rider.

So as I have promised in my journal, here is the review of the first book: Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra. This is a true story of friendships that run deeper than blood.

Lorenzo and his three friends: John Reilly, Tommy ‘butter’ Marciano and Michael Sullivan, shared everything and has undying loyalty to one another. But on one fateful summer day, a hotdog cart prank went awry and the boys nearly got a man killed. Lorenzo and his friends were sent away to a reformatory school.

There begins the life of hell for these young boys. Any vestiges shred of innocence was stripped away as the guards; Nokes, Stylers, Ferguson and Addison, repeatedly beat, brutalized and raped them. When I read the words written, it became so graphics that it all seems so real. Even more so as I was alone in a hotel room in a place that is so alien to me. I get light-headed and was chilled to the bone reading what was done to the boys. It dawn on me then and I came to realize for the first time that evil can be wearing the mask of men. But we better known those attribute simply as inhuman.

There are two incidents of brutality that I still remembered clearly (it has been omitted from the movie). It happened to Lorenzo himself when he was called to the guard office to get the parcel that was sent by his mother. Among the food that his mother sent was a rosary beads. When asked by Nokes what it was for, he answered it was for prayer. Nokes and his crews then make him say the prayer while Styler slid the front end of a baton inside him. Yes, inside him! A baton!

The other was during Lorenzo’s last night at the Wilkinson. Nokes make him watch as his crews tore at his friends, raped them and attacked them as if they were animals freed from cage. He wrote later that a part of all of them was left in that cell that night. Who wouldn’t?

(Geez, I still got Goosebumps. My heart still pounds so hard and my hand is trembling like mad. I could not even imagine putting myself in their shoes.)

The boys emerge after a year of torture, changed beyond recall. John and Tommy took to a life of violent crime as mobster killers, Lorenzo became a journalist and Michael a prosecutor with the DA’s office. The only constant was their undying friendship.

Ten years later, Tommy and John came face to face with Nokes at the Shamrock Pub. They confronted him, revealed their identities and shot him dead in front of several witnesses. If you asked me, Nokes gets what he deserved and so much worst.

In the trial that followed, the four friends were brought together for one spectacular, audacious last stand. Michael was the DA for the trial and without the knowledge of Tommy and John (who couldn’t believe Michael took a case against them), and with help from Hell’s Kitchen community, they exacted punishment for what had been done to them as children.

(To know the exact details of the punishment and what happened to these four friends, pick up the book and read it yourself. That or you could ask me personally.)

Sleepers is an unforgettable story of childhood friendship. It is a stunning account of four men who risked their lives and their freedom in a desperate attempt to reclaim each other from the anguish consuming them. This book gives me nightmares for several days and although I love the movie, it does not do justice to the book. The movie omitted many of (I think) important things that happened to them before they were sent away and during their stay at Wilkinson. But thanks to the movie I was able to put faces to the characters which gave me genuine pleasure when I was engulfed by this non-fiction book.

Last but not least, my heart goes out to Lorenzo who selfishly and valiantly recounted his own personal nightmares. I could never have that kind of courage…

26 July 2007

Simpsons the Movie

A classic Simpsons this movie is. I started laughing from the minute the 20th Fox Entertainment gets on the screen till the very end. And I wasn't the only one. You'll see what I mean when you go and watch it (and you must!)

The story begins with Green Day performing on the river. As many other rock stars that visited Springfields, they faced the same fate. At their memorial service, Grampa was sent a doomsday message. Marge figured that the prophecy must have something to do with the pig that was adopted by Homer. The adoption led Bart to feel less loved by his father so he seek to Mr. Flander for substitute. Then Homer did what he was warned not to do by Marge. He pollutes the river when he dumped the pig's shit in there. EPA then came into play. To contained the pollution, the government put a dome on Springfield. Homer loses his job and when the citizen of Springfield mob his house and demanded that his family should all be hang, Maggie found the way out through the sink hole. So they went to Alaska to start a new life. All is well until they learn from the news that the government wants to blow up Springfield. Homer had to come back and save Springfield from destruction since his family was caught by the EPA.

Through it all, Lisa found herself an Irish boyfriend, Bart relationship with Homer went from up to down and up again, Homer loves for his family rekindled while Maggie and her pacifier was inseparables as always.

The movie is filled with laughs all the way through; some slapstick humor for kids and some more grown up humor with some adult themes. Kudos to the producers who had delivered us with an excellent movie after 18 years of the show being on air. Some may criticize the movie and say its too like an extended episode of the show but that can't be help can it? It is kind of obvious as it does have Homer, Marge, Lisa and Bart in it as well as the countless other characters from the show, not to mention few other guest artists. I also can see why they were proudly advertise that it is a 2-D movie. If it is a 3-D, I doubt if it will be as good. Somehow I think it will lost it's Simpsonness.

I am definitely recommend this movie. Two thumbs up from me and it is a must watch if you call yourself a Simpson's fan.

25 July 2007

Honey and Clover II

I was first introduced with this anime when it was shown on Astro channel 25 but unfortunately I was not able to follow the series.

I bought the DVD last week (both season 1 and 2) and once I started I could not stop. Nevermind if I have to be awake at 4am in the morning as long as I finish it. It was addicted and with every chapter I fall in love more and more with the characters. This is the first anime that I do not have any antipathy towards at least one of the character. Imagine that!

I can assure you that even viewers outside the target demographic attest to its greatness, pointing out its heartfelt storytelling and unique visual style. It was supposed to be just good enough for sophisticated female viewers—and it ended up being good enough for everyone. Funnier than most comedies and more touching than most dramas (even the live-action ones), Honey and Clover has emerged as one of the best anime I had ever watched, and I've watched plenty.

The story begins right in the middle of things—Takemoto in his second year of college, Mayama nearing graduation, and Morita stuck in seventh-year hell. Then Hagu-chan came into the picture. She simply joins the cast, and the drama-go-round begins. There is no epic quest to fulfill, no convoluted conspiracy to unlock, no childhood friend to win over—it's just a bunch of college kids figuring out what to do with their lives, and it is fascinating. Every character gets a moment in the spotlight, with story arcs transiting flawlessly between each other. Even Takemoto, who spends most of the series as a neutral observer, closes things out with an inspiring personal triumph. The mood of the show switches effortlessly from madcap comedy to utter heartbreak and everything in between, yet nothing feels out of place. Within a single episode, a game of Art School Twister takes humor to new heights, and yet minutes later, Takemoto muses upon the meaning of friendship.

Honey and Clover succeeds because of its characters' complex personalities. Morita emerges as a quick fan favorite with his bizarre antics and affinity for money, but to focus on him is to miss out on the intricate relationships between everyone else. I can see myself dating him in real life. My heart reach out for Takemoto as well in his struggle to wins Hagu-chan love. In particular, Ayumi's unrequited attachment to Mayama is sure to arouse plenty of indignation about the portrayal of women in Japanese entertainment. But maybe that anger is because Ayumi openly reveals everything we hate about themselves: weakness, insecurity, and the tendency to do really stupid things in the name of love. She is the most human character in a cast of incredibly human characters.

If Honey and Clover has any faults, it's that you want it to keep going after it's over. It ends just like it begins—right in the middle of things, with so much more yet to be experienced. Without realizing it, you've become part of that circle of friends: you've shared their heartbreaks and triumphs, walked alongside them as they poured out their feelings, and watched each one of them learn a little bit more about themselves. Whether in school or not, who hasn't asked themselves at some point: "What do I want to do? Who do I want to be?" Honey and Clover may not have the answers, but it's all about trying to find them.

The other thing I realize when I had finished this anime is this: people do drifted apart as we get older...

22 July 2007

European GP

Massa finished second in the surviving Ferrari, and Mark Webber gave the Red Bull Racing team its first podium of the year with third place. The rain played a major role in the outcome of the race, and for the first time in several years the grand prix was red-flagged!

As the 22 cars lined up on the grid threatening clouds loomed over the circuit. The track temperature fell below the 30°C mark and in the air it was only 19°C. Rain was imminent.

When the lights went out Massa surged from third place and passed Alonso as the cars funnelled into the first corner emerging in second spot behind Raikkonen. Heikki too had made a good getaway and was up to fourth. The first drops of rain began to fall.

As the cars were coming up to complete their first lap the heavens opened and the majority dived pitwards to put on rain tyres except Raikkonen (Ferrari), Wurz (Williams), Trulli (Toyota), Sato (Super Aguri), Fisichella (Renault), Winkelhock (Spyker) and Kubica (BMW-Sauber). It was pouring down and Marcus Winkelhock who had started on rain tyres went into the lead! Fisichella had an off-course excursion but continued.

Raikkonen stopped at the end of lap 2 while Button went off in his Honda in Turn 1. He was not alone. Lewis Hamilton (McLaren), Adrian Sutil (Spyker), Nico Rosberg (Williams), Scott Speed (Toro Rosso) and Anthony Davidson all slid of in the same place. Just as the tractors intervened to remove the cars Liuzzi in his Toro Rosso also spun off nearly hitting one of them! Track conditions were dreadful and at the end of this very eventful lap out came the safety car. Lewis Hamilton managed to rejoin after being given a helping hand by one of the tractors! The first 8 were: Winkelhock, Massa (+33.5s), Alonso (+35.2s), Webber (+44.2s), Coulthard (+47;6s), Kovalainen (+49.6s) and Raikkonen (+55.1s). The clerk of the course decided to red-flag the race as the marshals were in a very dangerous position.

The restart was given at 14:35 behind the safety car. It did 3 laps during which Heidfeld, Trulli and Hamilton refuelled. Only the latter took the risk of putting on dry weather tyres. When the safety car pulled off Massa and Alonso shot past Winkelhock and finished their first lap (no.8 in the race) ahead of 3 Renault-powered cars: Coulthard, Webber and Kovalainen. A lap later the Red Bulls swapped places.

Raikkonen and Wurz stoppd at the end of lap 11 and shod dry tyres while Hamilton set the fastest lap of the race so far. Next time round Massa, Alonso and Webber also came in followed by Kovalainen, Fisichella, Schumacher, Kubica, Sato and Trulli. On lap 13 Coulthard and Heiefeld also changed rubber.

While Heikki gradually pulled in Wurz (0.3s between the two) Raikkonen closed the gap to Alonso. On lap 18, the Renault passed the Williams putting Kovalainen into fifth. The second placed McLaren and its pursuing Ferrari were now separated by only 1.2s. Behind, Heidfeld tried to pass Schumacher who closed the door and spun off into retirement. Heikki was really pushing and by lap 22 he was all over Mark Webber’s Red Bull but could not find a way past. The team brought him in on lap 27 and Fisichella stopped 3 laps later.

On lap 33, came the first major twist when Raikkonen’s Ferrari suddenly slowed and he retired. This allowed Webber into third position. Two laps later Alonso refuelled for the last time as did Wurz (4th) and Heidfeld (7th). Massa came in thirty-eighth time round.

When the final refuelling stops were over Heikki gained several places but Wurz managed to stay ahead of the Renault by a mere 2 seconds. Webber now had the podium in sight.

With 10 laps to go to the finish came the final twist when it began to rain again and the ING Renault Team decided to take a risk and called Kovalainen in for rain tyres. He rejoined in eighth place just in front of Fisichella who overtook him on lap 52 as the track was still too dry for wet rubber.

A lap later the rain started to pelt down. Massa and Alonso stopped and went back out in that order but the Spaniard began to up the pressure on his Brazilian rival. There were 5 laps left and they went at it hammer and tongs. When Alonso finally forced his way past the Ferrari the cars banged wheels. Fernando pulled away and there was nothing Massa could do about it.

On the last lap Lewis Hamilton passed Fisichella into ninth while Heidfeld slipped past Kubica to take sixth place. Finally, Kovalainen took the remaining point for eighth, a poor reward for a hard-charging drive

Fernando’s victory brings him to within 2 points of his team-mate in the title battle with Massa in third 11 points behind Hamilton.

13 July 2007

Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix

As a Harry Potter fan I am definitely not going to pass up the opportunity to see Order of the Phoenix. To tell you the truth, I am not a fan of its book initially. When I first read it, I was really fed-up with Harry's bitter attitude. Then the Half Blood Prince was released. As it's released was nearly one year after, I read Order of the Phoenix again and for some reason or the other, this time I was hooked!

Harry Potter's fans would have known that the fifth installment of the series is the darkest of all. I am happy to report that the movie does not veered too far off from the book. The director successfully compacted everything in to a 2 and a half hour movie without loosing its initial focus.

There are several scenes that I think could be improved. For example, when Harry saw Snape's memory of his father, it just ends there. The other is the fighting scene between the Order of Phoenix and the Death Eater was too short and wasn't displayed in details. Also of Harry and Cho's snog scene: eeeuww! (I don't like Cho) :p

Further more I was a tad disappointed that this movie was all about Harry where in the book it wasn't so. I was actually looking forward to see Ron playing the Quiditch as a captain while Hermoine and Harry went to see the giant. Also more of the Weasley's twins mischievous acts, and Luna eccentric behavior. This movie also failed to mention the fling between Ron and Hermione.

But that is that I guess. Two more movies and a book to finish off the adventure of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Already looking forward for Half Blood Prince!

11 July 2007

Lesson to learn

Picture0008 This is me at 3:29am on Wednesday morning, July 11, 2007.

My head feels like it is going to explode. Keep thinking about the past the present the future.

I’ve learnt many things in the past. I’ve learned the joy of being in love. I’ve learned how weird it felt when I got my heart broken. I’ve learned that I was lost when I lose my best friends. I’ve learned to live through perseverance. But most important of all, I have been learning to forget, to stay strong.

Easier said than done…

I wanted so much to say to people that I am not okay, that I need help. I am so damn tired acting all tough. I want you to hold me, to lead me to a sanctuary, a place that is safe enough for me to let my guards down. I want you to say that it is okay for me to cry.

But those are the lesson I've yet to learn which makes the present oh so much harder to bear.

As for what the future holds, I’d once said that I had stopped caring.

I wasn’t lying.

p/s: Lintah, this girl here misses you. How does your stomach holding up?

08 July 2007

British GP

Kini kita beralih ke perlumbaan ke-9 dalam kalendar Formula One di Silverstone, Britain. 7 daripada 11 pasukan Formula One berasal dari Britain maka perlumbaan di Silverstone dianggap sebagai perlumbaan di ‘rumah’ sendiri oleh kebanyakan pasukan ini. Begitu juga untuk empat orang pemandu Formula One iaitu Lewis Hamilton, Anthony Davidson, Jenson Button and David Coulthard.

Namun semua harapan diletakkan di atas bahu Hamilton . Beliau berjaya mendapatkan petak pertama untuk pertama kalinya bagi pemandu Britain sejak 11 tahun yang lalu. Orang tempatan mengharapkan Lewis untuk memenangi perlumbaan hari ini dan jika beliau berjaya melepasi garisan penamat di tempat pertama, beliau akan mencipta sejarah sekali lagi sebagai rookie yang memenangi perlumbaan di ‘rumah’ sendiri pada tahun pertama dalam karier Formula One beliau.

Walaubagaimana pun beliau terpaksa berhadapan bukan sahaja teman sepasukannya Fernando Alonso yang jelas menunjukkan kepantasan beliau di sessi kelayakan semalam apabila mendahului pada sessi pertama dan kedua, malah kedua-dua pemandu Ferrari, Kimi Raikkonen dan Felipe Massa. Ferrari terutamanya Kimi Raikkonen telah mendominasi sepanjang minggu ini pada sessi latihan yang berlangsung kecuali pada sessi latihan pertama di mana Hamilton mendahului.

Perlumbaan di Silverstone juga terkenal dengan ketidak tentuan cuacanya yang memungkinkan satu perlumbaan yang sukar diramal. Jika hujan turun ketika perlumbaan, ini bermakna strategi pasukan terpaksa diubah dan pastinya keadaan ini menjanjikan perlumbaan yang lebih menarik untuk penonton.

Namun perlumbaan di Silverstone bermula di bawah keadaan cuaca yang cerah dan baik. Selepas pusingan formasi yang pertama, kereta Massa menghadapi masalah mekanikal dan beliau terpaksa memulakan perlumbaan di tempat terakhir dari pitlane. Ini adalah berita baik bagi pasukan McLaren.

Selepas kelima-lima lampu merah dinyalakan, perlumbaan bermula tanpa sebarang insiden dan kedudukan keempat teratas tidak berubah dengan Hamilton mendahului diikuti oleh Raikkonen, Alonso dan Robert Kubica dibelakangnya. Heikki Kovalainen, Giancarlo Fisichella, Nick Heidfeld dan Ralf Schumacher pula melengkapkan kedudukan lapan tempat teratas.

Massa pula mengakhiri pusingan keenam di tempat ke-13. Hamilton dan Raikkonen merekod masa terpantas dalam perlumbaan bersilih ganti ketika ini menunjukkan betapa sengitnya perlumbaan antara dua pemandu ini.

Webber mangsa pertama perlumbaan apabila beliau kembali ke pit untuk bersara di pusingan kelapan.

Pasukan Ferrari masih bimbang dengan keadaan kereta Massa jika keadaan di grid permulaan akan berulang apabila Massa masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin beliau, Namun ketika ini Massa tiada sebarang masalah untuk memintas Nico Rosberg dan David Coulthard untuk tempat ke-11 di pusingan kelapan. Selepas pusingan kesebelas beliau telah memintas Trulli untuk tempat ke-9. Dalam 12 pusingan sejak perlumban dimulakan, Massa telah memintas 12 kereta. Beliau juga hanya lebih kurang 25 saat dibelakang Hamilton.

Dari pusingan ketiga belas, Raikkonen mula cuba untuk memintas Hamilton. Alonso masih kekal di tempat ke-3. Kelihatannya beliau mempunyai strategi tersendiri untuk perlumbaan ini dan masih merapatkan jurang antaranya dengan Raikkonen.

Hamilton masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin pertama beliau di pusingan keempat belas membenarkan Raikkonen mendahului perlumbaan. Ini bermakna kereta beliau adalah yang paling ringan di antara empat pemandu teratas. Hamilton melakukan kesilapan kecil ketika di pit menyebabkan beliau kehilangan sedikit masa. Hamilton keluar dari pit dibelakang Massa. Raikkonen pula tidak membuang masa untuk menambahkan jurang masa antaranya dengan pemandu McLaren. Alonso kini mendahului perlumbaan.

Raikkonen masuk ke pit pada pusingan kelapan belas dan beliau keluar dari pit di hadapan Hamilton.

Alonso masuk ke pit pada pusingan seterusnya dan ternyata jumlah minyak yang berlebihan yang dibawa oleh beliau pada sessi kelayakan semalam berbaloi apabila beliau berjaya kembali ke litar dan mengekalkan kedudukan beliau di tempat pertama.

Adrian Sutil terkeluar dari perlumbaan apabila enjin beliau mengalami masalah sementara Schumacher yang buat pertama kalinya mendahului Jarno Trulli dalam sesi kelayakan semalam terpaksa menamatkan perlumbaannya pada pusingan ke-22. Kelihatannya seperti kereta beliau mempunyai masalah suspensi. Beliau pasti merasa sangat kecewa kerana ini adalah perlumbaan terbaik beliau pada musim ini. Beberapa pusingan selepas itu, Trulli turut mengalami nasib yang sama dan kedua-dua kereta Toyota kini terkeluar dari perlumbaan.

Berbanding dengan pemandu Toyota, nasib Massa adalah lebih baik. Perlumbaan belum pun sampai separuh daripada 59 pusingan lengkap, beliau telah memintasi lebih 14 kereta untuk berada di tempat ke-7 selepas menyelesaikan pitstop rutin pertama beliau tanpa sebarang masalah.

Alonso tidak begitu gembira apabila melepasi Scott Speed untuk melengkapkan satu pusingannya. Selepas itu Speed dilanggar oleh Wurz sebaik saja Alonso memintasnya menyebabkan suspensi kereta STR2 beliau gagal berfungsi. Perlumbaan ini telah tamat untuk Speed. Sementara itu Davidson kembali ke pit untuk bersara pada pusingan yang ke-30.

Alonso kehilangan banyak masa untuk melepasi ‘backmarkers’ dan ini menyebabkan Raikkonen berjaya mencuri beberapa saat darinya untuk merapatkan jurang antara tempat pertama dan tempat kedua.

Kini giliran Alonso pula masuk ke pit lebih dahulu dari Hamilton pada pusingan ke-37. Beliau kembali ke litar di belakang Hamilton di tempat ketiga. Hamilton masuk ke pit pada pusingan seterusnya dan beliau keluar dari pit di tempat kelima.

Raikkonen kini mendahului perlumbaan dan beliau tidak melepaskan peluang untuk menambah jurang masa antaranya dengan Alonso bagi memastikan beliau akan menamatkan perlumbaan ini ditempat pertama.

Giliran Raikkonen masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-42 dan strategi Ferrari meletakkan minyak yang lebih pada kereta Raikkonen pada pitstop rutin pertama beliau berjaya meletakkan Raikkonen di hadapan Alonso apabila beliau kembali ke litar.

Massa masuk ke pit tiga pusingan selepas teman sepasukannya untuk pitstop rutin terakhir beliau dan kembali ke litar di belakang Kubica di tempat kelima.

Pemandu di tempat kesepuluh teratas selepas pitstop rutin kedua didahului oleh Raikkonen ialah Alonso di tempat kedua diikuti oleh Hamilton, Kubica, Massa, Heidfeld, Kovalainen, Fisichella, Rubens Barrichello dan Jenson Button.

Kedua-dua pemandu kereta Ferrari menunjukkan prestasi yang begitu baik. Jika Massa tidak mempunyai masalah selepas pusingan formasi pertama kemungkinan beliau akan turut sama bersaing dengan Raikkonen dan Alonso untuk bergelar juara di litar Silverstone ini. Pemanduan beliau pada perlumbaan ini adalah antara yang terbaik sepanjang kareer beliau.

Dengan baki lapan pusingan, Raikkonen telah berjaya meletakkan jarak hampir 8 saat antaranya dengan Alonso. Ferrari kini hampir boleh mulai menghela nafas lega untuk Raikkonen kerana kelihatan beliau sudah menguasai perlumbaan ini sepenuhnya.

Liuzzi mangsa terakhir yang terpaksa bersara dari perlumbaan pada pusingan ke-55.

Raikkonen berjaya mengekalkan kedudukan beliau untuk memenangi perlumbaan ini. Ia merupakan kemenangan pertama bagi Raikkonen di Silverstone. Alonso kemudian melintasi garisan penamat di tempat kedua. Hamilton hanya berjaya mengakhiri perlumbaan di tempat ketiga, sekali lagi di atas podium untuk kali ke-9 musim ini. Ini adalah perlumbaan yang dimenangi oleh Ferrari dek kerana susunan stategi yang begitu baik berbanding aturan strategi untuk Alonso oleh pasukan McLaren.

Cuaca kekal cerah disepanjang perlumbaan .

Hamilton kelihatan sedikit kecewa kerana gagal memenangi perlumbaan ini seperti yang diharapkan manakala Raikkonen dan Alonso nampak lebih tenang selepas perlumbaan. Alonso merupakan pemandu terpantas untuk pasukan McLaren sepanjang minggu. Beliau turut merapatkan jurang kejuaraan kepada hanya 12 mata. Sementara itu Raikkonen mula mencabar untuk gelaran juara secara serius dan jika prestasi baik beliau berterusan tanpa sebarang masalah dengan kereta F2007 miliknya, Raikkonen pasti boleh melakukannya. Kecekapan Massa juga tidak boleh diperlekehkan. Ini bermakna dengan baki 8 perlumbaan, dunia bakal menyaksikan saingan sengit antara empat pemandu dari dua pasukan besar Formula One.

McLaren mendahului Kejuaraan Pengeluar dengan 128 mata. Ferrari kurang 25 mata di belakang mereka sementara BMW Sauber F1 Team masih kekal di tempat ketiga dengan 56 mata. Renault mempunyai 31 mata di tempat keempat dan AT&T WiliamsF1 Team di tempat kelima dengan beza 2 mata.

Bagi Kejuaraan Pemandu pula, Hamilton masih mendahului dengan 70 mata, Alonso di belakangnya dengan 58 mata, Raikkonen ditempat ketiga dengan 56 mata dan Massa di tempat keempat dengan beza 1 mata sahaja.

Perlumbaan seterusnya akan berlangsung di Nurburgring, Jerman dalam masa 2 minggu yang akan datang. Jumpa anda kelak!

05 July 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Live Free or Die Hard

Remember inspector John McClane?

If you are a die hard fans of Die Hard (pun intended), you wouldn’t need to google the name. Yep, the coolest NYPD detective is back!

Like the rest of die hard films which received rave reviews from critics, this one is no exception. It is an action pack movie from start to end with light humor here and there. The essence of the previous three diehard films that had captured the heart of everyday people who needed a hero in their life still exists in this film.

John (Bruce Willis) was assigned to pick up a kid named Matthew Farrell (Justin Long) from his apartment after the government system was hacked earlier on by the bad guy named Gabriel. The US government, stupid as they are, wants all the hackers to be rounded up and questioned. When John arrived at Matt’s apartment, Gabriel’s henchmen were already there to assassinate the kid (who without his knowledge he had helped the bad guy with some sort of algorithm that allowed the bad guy to launched the fire sale attack) to erase and cover up his bad plan. Hence the adventure begins. Halfway through the movie, John killed the Gabriel’s whore so in return he kidnapped Lucy, John’s daughter. John will of course save his daughter with the help of Matt who finally founds out how his algorithm was being used. As usual the hero will save the day and the police/FBI only arrived at the crime scene after the hero finishes their work for them.

But don’t let my boring review deceived you. It is a great movie (although not as awesome as the Transformers) and it is up to the 'diehard standards. The fighting scenes, the car chasing, the blow up scenes were all extravaganza, bigger and better.

There is one thing that I noticed though. Gabriel is a hacker boy who was once hired by the government to monitor the system of the entire country. On his first day working for them, he already told them that the system lack security and can be hacked easily. He was sacked for that but not before he had create a back up security system for the government in case things go haywire. Sounds familiar isn’t it? It sounds just like Bush’s stupid administration. Before 9/11, they were warned of the terrorist’s attack that might happen but what did Bush’s administration do? Nothing. Nada. They were so full of themselves they never thought it could happened. When it does happened, they took the easy way out: they just point their dirty finger on Muslim.

Fuck them.

But honestly the fire sale attack is quite appealing if you think about it. I’m sure if it happens in real life, America will be the first to go down. Sadly I think the government of the United States is not as stupid as the government that was being portrayed in Live Free or Die Hard.

Back to the movie, I have several favorite scenes:

1. When Matt and John were trying to hijacked a BMW car. John was going to hot-wire the beemer but thanks to Matt genius head, they don’t have to. But how did Matt do it? Hehe you just have to see the movie yourself. It just one of my many reasons why I am so in love with BMW cars.

2. When John and Matt went in to the tunnel to run away from Gabriel’s henchmen (the bad guys were on a helicopter), the traffic was directed inside the tunnel from both sides. Then Gabriel switched off all the lights in the tunnel. Also during the chasing scene between the F35 and John’s truck. The stunt work is in full glory. Grade-A Hollywood mayhem and destruction and very little apparent CGI.

3. Matt trying to hit on John’s daughter. Apparently he wasn’t the only one who feels the connection because Lucy was interested too. The dialog was kind of funny. And sweet. O well I just like the nerdy Justin Long…

Memorable quotes from the movie:

Matt Farrel: [large explosion] Did you see that?
John McClane: Yeah I saw it, I did it!

Matt Farrel: [to Lucy] I know that tone. I'm just not used to hearing it from someone with... hair.

Thomas Gabriel: [talking to McClane on walkie-talkie] Mr. McClane, I need you to behave. Can you get him to behave?
[hands walkie-talkie over to Lucy]
Lucy McClane: Daddy? There are only five left.

01 July 2007

France GP

Publish Post

Selamat datang ke perlumbaan ke-8 dalam kalendar Formula 1 di Magny-Cours, Perancis. Ini mungkin perlumbaan terakhir untuk litar ini kerana ada ura-ura yang mengatakan Bernie Ecclestone tidak akan memasukkan litar ini untuk perlumbaan-perlumbaan Formula 1 pada tahun-tahun akan datang bagi memberi laluan kepada litar-litar baru seperti litar Turkey dan Singapura.

Ferrari kembali menunjukkan taring mereka di sessi kelayakan semalam apabila Felipe Massa berjaya merampas menduduki petak pertama untuk perlumbaan hari ini sementara Kimi Raikkonen berada di tempat ketiga. Lewis Hamilton memisahka pemandu Ferrari di tempat kedua. Kereta MP4-22 milik Fernando Alonso mengalami masalah mekanikal. Beliau hanya akan memulakan perlumbaan hari ini dari tempat ke-10. Ini permulaan yang kurang baik untuk pemandu Sepanyol ini bertekad untuk merapatkan jurang mata antaranya dengan Hamilton. Robert Kubica kembali beraksi untuk pasukan BMW Sauber F1 Team selepas beliau berehat untuk perlumbaan di Indianapolis dua minggu lalu berikutan kemalangan yang dihadapinya ketika di Montreal. Nick Heidfeld pula hanya di tempat ke-7 selepas berhempas pulas dengan masalah sakit belakang yang dihadapinya sejak sessi ujian di Silverstone minggu lalu. Kedua-dua pemandu Renault, Jarno Trulli dan Nico Rosberg masing-masing melayakkan diri di tempat sepuluh ke atas.

Perlumbaan bermula dengan lancar tanpa sebarang insiden yang serius. Massa mendahului perlumbaan dari garisan permulaan. Hamilton kehilangan posisinya kepada Raikkonen. Alonso memintas dua kereta di hadapannya untuk tempat ke-7 pada akhir pusingan 1. Robert Kubica dan Giancarlo Fisichela mengekalkan kedudukan masing-masing sementara Nick Heidfeld dan Nico Rosberg naik satu posisi. Heikki Kovalainen berlanggar dengan Jarno Trulli memaksa kedua-dua pemandu ini kembali ke pit untuk memperbaiki kerosakan. MalangnyaTrulli tidak dapat meneruskan perlumbaannya. Begitu juga dengan Vitantonio Liuzzi dan Anthony Davidson yang turut berlangar di selekoh 1.

Alonso cuba memintas Nick Heidfeld untuk tempat ke-6 sejak pusingan ke-2 dan hampir-hampir berjaya pada pusingan ke-4 namun Heidfeld kembali memintasnya semula pada selekoh seterusnya. Kedua-dua kereta pemandu ini menggunakan tayar yang berlainan. Kereta BMW F1.07 milik Heidfeld menggunakan tayar ‘hard compound’ manakala kereta MP4-22 milik Alonso menggunakan tayar ‘soft compound’. Ini menyukarkan Alonso untuk meminta Heidfeld.

Hamilton pemandu pertama masuk ke pit utnuk pitstop rutin beliau diikuti oleh Alonso pada pusingan ke-16. McLaren arif mereka perlu memanggil masuk kedua-dua pemandu lebih awal untuk pitstop rutin mereka kerana kedua-duanya tidak dapat memintas pemandu dihadapannya. Hamilton kembali ke litar di belakang Rosberg di tempat ke-7 manakala Alonso di tempat ke-9.

Ferrari memberi tindak balas yang sepatutnya apabila Massa masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutinnya di pusingan ke-18. Massa kembali ke litar di tempat ke-2. Kini Raikkonen mendahului perlumbaan. Beliau mencatat masa terpantas dalam perlumbaan di pusingan ke-19. Beliau tahu ini peluang terbaik untuk beliau memintas Massa untuk menjuarai perlumbaan kali ini dan beliau tidak membazirkan peluang yang ada namun jarak masa yang dilakukan olehnya masih tidak mencukupi untuk mengekalkan kedudukannya. Beliau kembali ke litar di belakang Massa selepas pitstop rutinnya di pusingan ke-22.

Fisichella kembali ke litar selepas pitstop rutinnya di hadapan Alonso. Ini membenarkan Heidfeld mengekalkan kedudukannya di tempat ke-6 selepas pitstop rutinnya. Nampaknya strategi McLaren memanggil Alonso masuk ke pit lebih awal dengan tujuan untuk memintas Heidfeld tidak menjadi. Heidfeld melakukan tugas yang baik menyukarkan kerja Alonso di litar.

Christijan Albers terpaksa menamatkan perlumbaan dek kerana kesilapan yang dilakukan oleh dirinya sendiri. Beliau tidak menunggu isyarat dari lollipop man untuk keluar dari pit. Hos minyak yang masih belum dikeluarkan tersangkut pada kereta beliau dan memaksa beliau menamatkan perlumbaan beliau.

Alonso akhirnya berjaya memintas Heidfeld pada pusingan ke-33 selepas hampir 11 pusingan tersekat dibelakang pemandu Jerman tersebut. Kini Alonso perlu merapatkan jurang kedudukannya antaranya dengan teman sepasukannya.

Hamilton dan kemudian Alonso kembali ke pit untuk pitstop rutin kedua masing-masing bagi mengelak trafik pada pusingan ke-37. Hamilton hampir sahaja kehilangan kedudukannya kepada Kubica apabila beliau kembali ke litar namun beliau tiada masalah memintas Kubica. Alonso pula kelihatan tidak selesa apabila kembali ke litar dengan melakukan beberapa kesilapan.

Massa masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin keduanya pada pusingan ke-43. Raikkonen kini sekali lagi mendahului perlumbaan. Jarak masa antaranya dengan Massa ketika ini adalah 22 saat dan ia jelas mencukupi untuk memintas Massa. Massa mungkin menghadapi trafik pada pusingan outlap nya. Kini ia adalah perlumbaan antara kedua-dua pemandu Ferrari ini iaitu samada Massa atau Raikkonen yang akan berjaya memenangi perlumbaan di Magny-Cours kali ini.

Sekali lagi Alonso terpaksa berhadapan dengan Heidfeld apabila Heidfeld kembali ke litar selepas pitstop rutin kedua beliau di hadapannya. Kemudian Fisichella pula memintas Alonso apabila pemandu Renault itu kembali ke litar dari pitstop rutinnya.

Hamilton menggunakan strategi 3 pitstop dan beliau masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin terakhir beliau pada pusingan ke-51. Beliau kembali ke litar di belakang Massa di tempat ketiga.

Ketika ini Raikkonen memandu kereta Ferrari F2007 beliau tanpa belas untuk menjarakkan jurang antaranya dengan Massa bagi memastikan beliau akan kekal mendahului perlumbaan ini sehingga ke garisan penamat. Ketika ini kedua-dua pemandu Ferrari mempunyai jarak lebih kurang 30 saat antara mereka dengan Hamilton. Mereka sudah boleh mulai relaks dan mengekalkan kedudukan mereka tanpa perlu risau cabaran dari Hamilton.

Raikkonen menjuarai perlumbaan buat kali kedua dalam kareer beliau bersama Ferrari. Kebelakangan ini persembahan beliau tidak begitu membanggakan jika dibandingkan dengan teman sepasukannya Massa. Kemenangan kali ini sangat bermakna bagi membina semula jati diri beliau. Ini adalah kemenangan satu-dua pertama bagi pasukan Ferrari musim ini dengan Massa ditempat kedua. Hamilton sekali lagi mengakhiri perlumbaan di atas podium di tempat ketiga.

Pasukan BMW Sauber turut melakukan tugas yang baik dengan Kubica dan Heidfeld masing-masing menamatkan perlumbaan di tempat ke-4 dan ke-5. Alonso gagal memintas Fisichella dan terpaksa berpuas hati dengan tempat ke-7 sementara Button mengutip mata akhir untuk perlumbaan kali ini.

Adakah ini kemenangan kali ini bakal berkekalan dan menunjukkan kekuatan Ferrari telah kembali untuk memecahkan dominasi McLaren sejak dua perlumbaan yang lalu? Bagaimana pula dengan Alonso? Mampukah beliau mengejar rakan sepasukannya untuk memenangi kejuaraan pemandu pada akhir musim ini setelah semakin jauh ditinggalkan. Massa dan Raikkonen juga mula mencabar untuk merebut juara tersebut dari tangan beliau.

Jumpa lagi di perlumbaan akan di Silverstone dalam masa satu minggu. Jangkakan satu lagi dominasi daripada Hamilton di litar negaranya sendiri.

28 June 2007


The film was FUCKING AWESOME!!!

It's worth the 20 years of waiting.

Michael Bay does not disappoint.

There are no boring scene in this movie. Not even once. You will be on edge throughout the whole movie. The slow-mo scene makes me wanna weep, every single time. It contain the best SFX in history. AMPAS may as well just hand ILM the Oscar now, as no film will even come close.

I am a proud Megatron/Decepticons fans so I was a tad disappointed that the fighting scene between the Decepticons and Autobots aren't as mega as I hope it to be. Oh well, I guess I just have to watch the movie again and again then to quench my inner hunger for them. Hehe...

I have two favorite moments in the movie. The first one I had already mentions (the slow-mo scene when Bonecrusher and Prime fight). The other one was when the Autobots were trying to hide from Sam's parent. Look forward for these two scenes on your next visit to watch the movie. You'll be in awe.

I would have given it all the stars in the world if you ask me how many rating stars they deserved.

My oh my, go and watch this insanely awesome movie even if you never watch the cartoons before. Easily the movie of the year. Make sure either you booked your ticket first or buy it earlier, otherwise you wouldn't get a ticket.

p/s: They said there would be a sequel. Can't fucking wait!

17 June 2007

United States GP

Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro drivers Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen finished a solid third and fourth in the heat of Sunday's US Grand Prix at Indianapolis, seventh round of the FIA's Formula One World Championship. The pair finished 11.3s behind the all-powerful McLaren Mercedes pairing of Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso who were just as close as the Ferrari pair for most of the 73 lap race.

The McLaren duo shot off the front row of the grid at the start in front of a noisy and enthusiastic crowd, and although Alonso challenged, it was Hamilton who held onto the lead in the first corner. Massa slotted into third place but Raikkonen lost two places off the grid, the only front runner on the harder Bridgestones.

At the end of first lap, Hamilton led from Alonso, with Massa in third, followed by Nick Heidfeld's BMW fourth and Heikki Kovalainen's Renault. Raikkonen came round sixth, with Jarno Trulli seventh and Giancarlo Fisichella in eighth.

However, Fisichella went off on the next lap at turn four, handing his place to Mark Webber. Rubens Barrichello, Ralf Schumacher and David Coulthard were all eliminated when they tangled at the first corner.

Over the first 20 laps, the gaps generally opened up: the McLaren were 3.9s apart, 3.1s ahead of Massa. Heidfeld managed to stay in touch with the Ferrari, but left Kovalainen behind, the Finn being pushed hard throughout by compatriot Raikkonen. This pair were nearly nine seconds ahead of Trulli and then Webber.

Hamilton, Massa and Heidfeld were the first to pit on lap 21, followed by Alonso on lap 22, Raikkonen came in on lap 24 and Kovalainen on lap 27. That left the McLarens in the lead, ahead of Trulli and Webber who hadn't yet stopped. Massa was now fifth, ahead of Rosberg and Raikkonen, who had overtaken Heidfeld after the pit stops. When Trulli and Webber stopped around the 30 lap mark, Raikkonen was up to fifth place but stuck behind Rosberg who was on a one-stop strategy.

The McLarens had a tremendous middle stint, with Hamilton suffering tyre graining, so that Alonso got very close, the pair even running side-by-side on one lap down into the first corner. Massa was 11s further back but only about five seconds ahead of Rosberg - still yet to stop on lap 40 - and Raikkonen.

But when Rosberg made his stop, Raikkonen was soon gaining strongly on his teammate. By the second stops, he was just 1.7s behind Massa. Alonso stopped first on lap 50, then Hamilton and Raikkonen, and Massa on lap 52. At the end of the stops, the McLarens were just 1.7s apart but the pair were 14s ahead of the Ferraris who were 1.2s apart with 20 laps to go.

During the final stint, the McLarens were never more than a couple of seconds apart but 13s ahead of the Ferraris. The Ferraris were inseperable in the final stint and finished a sound third and fourth, while Kovalainen had another solid showing in fifth place. Rosberg should have been sixth but suffered an oil leak and fire just four and a half laps from the flag, which handed sixth to Trulli, seventh to Webber and eighth place to BMW Sauber rookie Sebastien Vettel, whose teammate Heidfeld retired with 18 laps to go with a hydraulic problem.

Massa stays in third place in the Drivers' series but now nine points behind second placed Alonso, while Raikkonen is a further seven points behind. McLaren have a lead of 35 points over Ferrari in the Constructors' series.

source: Ferrari Press Office

11 June 2007

Movie mania

It has been a while since my last post. For some reason, only known to me and my closest acquaintance, I disappeared from the face of the earth for a while(figuratively speaking of course). Hehehe, no I didn't go that near to hell on my trip to self discovery.

So the summer blockbusters are in full swing. For three straight weeks I have been very busy catching up to the latest blockbuster releases; Pirates of the Carribean: At World's End, Shrek3 and the latest Ocean 13. Busy busy busy!

Meh, you didn't need to know my review. I would definitely be biased. It's Johnny Depp's movie for God' sake! But honestly, even if you are not Depp's fans you couldn't miss this movie for the world! Of course first you have to watch the first two films otherwise it would be a futile attempt. If you haven't catch any of this movie's trilogy series yet, smack your head once because you deserved it.

I tell you now to forget your plan to watch Shrek 3. I barely laugh throughout the movie. The plot was so predictable and the new characters does not bring the same amount of 'umpphhh' that we had seen and love in Shrek 2. Those who said this movie is worth to spend your money on must be scheming on you. Beware!

This is definitely a must watch movie for all Ocean's lover out there. Damon still manage to tickles my funny bones, Clooney and Pitt still gorgeous as ever, the two brothers remains two of my favorite characters and the plot is superb. Although I must say that I enjoyed Ocean's Eleventh the best. There are no Julia Robert or Zeta Jones in this movie but both Clooney and Pitt did talk about them. I wouldn't want to say how the story goes. You just have to watch it yourself to love it.

Upcoming must watch movies that are in my list are: Surf up, Transformers (tangkap leleh bila tengok dia punya trailer. Gila tak sabar dah ni), Die Hard 4.0, Harry Porter, Simpsons and Ratatoullie.

We are reunited at last

After nearly ten years I haven't heard or seen him, last fortnight, by God's grace we found each other again.

I guess that last episodes of my life is a blessing in disguise. Alhamdulillah.

p/s: uwaaa rindu kat hang Lintah!!

10 June 2007

Canadian GP

Perlumbaan Grand Prix Kanada bermula tanpa sebarang kemalangan. Cuaca yang baik menyambut pemandu-pemandu Formula One di litar Gilles Villeneuve. Hamilton memecut laju untuk mendahului perlumbaan. Alonso melakukan kesilapan pada awal permulaan apabila beliau cuba untuk memintas Hamilton lalu membenarkan Heidfeld untuk memintasnya. Massa pula berada ditempat keempat. Raikkonen kehilangan tempatnya kepada teman sepasukannya dan juga Rosberg. Dengan Heidfeld di tempat kedua, Hamilton tiada masalah untuk menjarakkan jurang antaranya dengan Alonso.

Button tidak dapat memulakan perlumbaan apabila keretanya tidak dapat meninggalkan petak permulaannya. Beliau merupakan pemandu pertama yang terkeluar daripada perlumbaan Grand Prix Kanada.

Speed terpaksa keluar dari perlumbaan pada pusingan ke-9 apabila Wurz melanggar beliau menyebabkan kerosakan kepada pada bahagian depan keretanya. Wurz turut mengalami kerosakan di bahagian rear wing.

Kedudukan sepuluh pemandu teratas pada pusingan ke-10 ialah Hamilton, Heidfeld, Alonso, Massa, Rosberg, Raikkonen, Fischella, Kubica, Sato dan Trulli. Hamilton mendahului dengan beza masa 7.7 saat diataranya dan Heidfeld.

Kesilapan yang dilakukan Alonso akan menyebabkan kerugian besar untuk beliau dari segi Kejuaraan Pemandu. Kemungkinan Alonso mula merasakan tekanan daripada Hamilton. Beliau tahu jika Hamilton memenangi perlumbaan ini ia akan menaikkan jati diri Hamilton. Oleh itu ia akan menjadi sukar untuk beliau untuk mengawal keadaan kelak. Namun ironinya untuk jangka panjang, kesilapan hari ini akan menghantui Alonso untuk perlumbaan-perlumbaan akan datang terutamanya Grand Prix USA, litar yang paling kurang Alonso gemari. Beliau pasti tidak dapat memaafkan dirinya sendiri ketika ini atas kesilapan tersebut.

Alonso melakukan kesilapan yang sama dilakukannya di selekoh pertama pada awal permulaan beberapa kali sekaligus membenarkan Massa untuk memintasnya untuk tempat ketiga pada pusingan ke-17.

Seperti yang dijangka Heidfeld adalah pemandu pertama masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-20 untuk pitstop rutin pertama beliau. Beliau kembali ke litar dihadapan teman sepasukannya Kubica.

Hamilton masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin pertama beliau pada pusingan ke-21 dan kembali ke litar di tempat ke-4 di belakang Massa, Alonso dan Rosberg.

Safety Car dikeluarkan pada pusingan ke-22 apabila Sutil melanggar dinding di selekoh empat bagi membenarkan marshal membersihkan debris dan mengalihkan keretanya dari litar. Alonso dan Rosberg masing-masing masuk ke pit untuk pitsop rutin mereka sebaik sahaja Safety Car dikeluarkan.

Ini peluang yang baik untuk Alonso menebus kesilapan beliau. Hamilton pasti berasa kecewa kerana jurang masa yang dikumpul beliau hilang begitu saja. Perlumbaan kembali kepada sifar dan terbuka untuk memberi peluang kepada Hamilton, Massa dan Alonso memenangi perlumbaan ini

Hamilton masih mendahului perlumbaan dengan Heidfeld ditempat kedua apabila Safety Car masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-25.

Kubica mengalami kemalangan besar pada pusingan ke-26 dan Safety Car kembali dikeluarkan. Pasukan keselamatan segera bergegas ke tempat kejadian.

Kebanyakan pemandu masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin masing-masing akibatnya kedudukan pemandu kucar-kacir.

Alonso dan Rosberg dikenakan hukuman 10 saat dalam pit kerana masuk ke pit ketika Safety Car pertama dikeluarkan. Nampaknya hari ini bukan hari Alonso untuk memenangi perlumbaan Grand Prix Canada.

Safety Car kedua kembali ke pit pada pusingan ke-33. Hamilton dan Heidfeld masih kekal di tempat pertama dan kedua. Kedudukan seterusnya ialah Alonso, Rosberg, Davidson, Schumacher, Webber, Massa, Fisichella and Raikkonen. Davidson dan Schumacher masing-masing masih belum masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin mereka manakala Alonso dan Rosberg masih belum menjalani hukuman penalti mereka.

Alonso dan Rosberg masuk ke pit untuk penalti mereka pada pusingan ke-36.

Kedudukan lapan pemandu teratas pada pusingan ke-40 ialah Hamilton, Heidfeld, Webber, Massa, Fisichella, Sato, Raikkonen dan Kovalainen.

Alonso memintas Kovalainen untuk tempat kelapan pada pusingan ke-42. Massa dan Fisichella pula disiasat oleh stewart kerana mereka keluar dari pit ketika lampu pit masih merah.

Kubica dihantar ke hospital besar berhampiran namun beliau dalam keadaan sedar dan stabil. Menurut laporan perubatan, Kubica tidak mengalami sebarang kecederaan serius dan akan dikeluarkan pada hari Isnin. Walaubagaimanapun, ada kemungkinan beliau tidak dapat memandu untuk Grand Prix USA yang akan datang. Jika begitu, BMW Sauber perlu mencari pengganti sementara untuk beliau.

Pusingan ke-48 melihat Heidfeld kembali ke pit untuk pitstop rutin kedua beliau. Beliau kembali ke pit di tempat ketiga. Hamilton pula ke pit pada pusingan berikutnya dan kembali mendahului perlumbaan.

Giliran Albers pula melanggar dinding pada pusingan ke-49 menyebabkan Safety Car sekali lagi dikeluarkan.

Massa dan Fisichella pula dikenakan bendera hitam kerana melanggar lampu merah di pit ketika keadaan Safety Car pada pusingan ke-51. Keadaan yang sama berlaku beberapa tahun lepas apabila Montoya melakukan kesilapan yang sama. Berita buruk bagi Ferrari dan Massa dari segi Kejuaraan Pengeluar dan Pemandu namun berita baik bagi Alonso dan McLaren untuk memaksimakan kutipan mata.

Alonso dan Raikkonen masuk ke pit untuk pitstop rutin kedua mereka pada pusingan ke-53 dan Alonso berjaya memintas Raikkonen ketika di dalam pit.

Safety Car kembali ke pit pada pusingan ke-54. Hamilton masih mendahului namun sebelum sempat beliau menamatkan satu pusingan, Safety Car sekali lagi dikeluarkan ke litar kerana marshal perlu mengalihkan kereta Liuzzi. Alonso pula kehilangan tempat ketujuh beliau kepada Raikkonen dan Schumacher apabila beliau sekali lagi terbabas di selekoh pertama. Kemudian Trulli pula melanggar hadangan tayar diselekoh pertama pada pusingan ke-58.

Safety Car masuk ke pit pada pusingan ke-60 dengan Hamilton masih mendahului dan Heidfeld di tempat kedua. Barrichello di tempat ketiga dengan Wurz dibelakangnya. Kovalainen, Raikkonen, Schumacher dan Alonso melengkapkan tempat kelapan teratas.

Alonso segera memintas Schumacher pada pusingan ke-60 untuk tempat ketujuh.

Pusingan ke-63 giliran Barrichello untuk pitsop rutin terakhir beliau. Wurz kini berada ditempat ketiga dan menaikkan Sato ke tempat kelapan untuk memungut mata terakhir perlumbaan.

Sato berjaya memintas Schumacher untuk tempat ketujuh pada pusingan ke-66 dan kemudian memintas Alonso untuk tempat keenam pada pusingan ke-68.

Hamilton melepasi garisan penamat ditempat pertama selepas mengharungi perlumbaan yang sukar dengan kemalangan demi kemalangan berlaku sepanjang perlumbaan. Heidfeld turut melakukan tugas dengan baik untuk mengakhiri perlumbaan di tempat kedua sementara Wurz ditempat ketiga walaupun dengan kerosakan rear wing pada keretanya. Kovalainen berada di tempat keempat dengan Raikkonen dibelakangnya. Sato mengutip 3 mata di tempat keenam, Alonso ditempat ketujuh dan Schumacher mengutip mata akhir perlumbaan ditempat kelapan. Hanya 12 kereta daripada 22 kereta berjaya menamatkan perlumbaan ini.

Ini merupakan satu perlumbaan yang baik dan bersih dari Hamilton Kini Hamilton mendahului 8 mata daripada Alonso dalam Kejuaraan Pemandu. Dengan hanya 6 perlumbaan dalam kariernya, British rookie yang hanya berusia 22 tahun ini telah mencipta sejarah baru dalam Formula One.

Selepas mengakhiri 5 perlumbaan berturut-turut di tempat kedua, akhirnya beliau berjaya memenangi perlumbaan pertama beliau. Tidak ramai yang menyangka kemenangan pertama datang begitu cepat untuk anak didik Ron Dennis ini. Namun yang pasti akan ada lebih banyak kemenangan menanti beliau untuk masa yang akan datang.

Heidfeld memulakan dan mengakhiri perlumbaan ditempat kedua. Ini adalah podium pertama untuk pasukan BMW Sauber tahun ini, dan podium keenam untuk Heidfeld sepanjang karier Formula One beliau. Podium ini adalah keputusan terbaik bagi pasukan BMW Sauber setakat ini. Hari ini adalah hari yang masam manis untuk BMW Sauber dengan keputusan baik Heidfeld sementara Kubica masih dirawat dihospital.

Pusingan ketujuh Formula One akan berlangsung di Indianapolis, USA minggu hadapan. Alonso mempunyai tugas yang berat untuk mengejar teman sepasukannya. Kejuaraan kini semakin sukar diramal.

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