06 February 2010

Diary of a tard - week 1, February '10

Sunday, January 31

Drifter chapter 10: There seems to be chaos going on. The pilot of the plane does not have a clue of where he is. Yep another drifter. And then a dragon appears? WTF? Also the badass guys from the last chapter... they have no mercy. Oh man I am confused as fuck.

Tuesday, February 2

Crap, there I go slacking off again but I blame Glee because that show was addicted. Thank god that it's over. And WTH with the anti-climax ending? grrrr

I have decided to pick up Durarara!! manga because well... I can't get enough of Orihara Izaya. It is only on chapter 3 and the manga follows closely to the anime so far. Remember this panel?

Okay, for those who love Doubt *looks at Glo* most definitely need to check out Judge. It is basically has the same plot.

Looks familiar?

Yosh! Finally an update on di(e)ce, chapter 8. Haruki is still missing so Kazuki is frantically searches for him. Sion revealed to Kazuki that Haruki is alive and with his set of special players himself. He also told Kazuki about the "maker" who are playing this game using their life at stake. Kazuki of course took it hard. I am happy to report that Haruki is as composed as ever. He has already started killing. Heh, that's my man. And then comes the new player: Kanzaki Naoto, another friend of Haruki and Kazuki. Did I mention that all these player has a doppelganger just like Kazuki has Haruki? Aight lemme refresh my brain for a sec. Haruki left because in order for the game to end, one of them needs to be dead and Haruki doesn't want to kill Kazuki and vice versa.

Wednesday, February 3

I've heard several good news today. Related to anime world is that Kure-nai going to have an OVA soon and High School of the Dead is going to be animated. Fucking w00t!

Bleach fillers continue in episode 256.

Claymore chapter 100: Holy shit! Clare totally lost it when she saw Priscilla. And heh, they mispelled Raki's name to Lucky. Gay.

Thursday, February 4

Yosh, finally an update on D.Gray Man. I gotta say Hoshino Katsura's drawing is getting more epic as the chapters accumulated. All those characters now are a bishie, even the Earl looks pretty in some way. Anyway, in chapter 191, the Order still experimenting on he and Alma. Yuu was bothered by that woman apparition since forever and its a sign that he'll lose control of his consciousness. So the Order decided to end his experiment in other words, disposed of Yuu. Alma learned about it so he tried to save him. Of course the Order wouldn't allow that to happen. The mysteries surrounding Kanda just got deeper with no answers the any of the questions yet. Was he really the one who killed Alma?

Naruto chapter 481: Apparently Sasgay did pierced Karin. Heh good riddance? Who knows. But then they showed us the flashback of Danzo when he was just a common ninja. As if I'm interested >_> On the other side of the forest, Sakura's gang finally caught up with Sasgay and before Sakura managed to put everyone to sleep, Sai (fangirling) stopped her.

I have tons of paperwork that needs to be done but... I need my anime. Have not watch anything since last Friday. My brain can't function properly that way. So I'm gonna put an extra working hours tomorrow because I will be spending my time watching my weekly anime today

End up only watching Katanagatari for the day -__-

But I'm happy to report that Bleach chapter 391 is awesome. w00t!!

Friday, February 5

I need motivation and I would found it in a form of Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu episode 5. The headmaster kinda make a treasure hunt as school activities. Since Yoshii wants the free meal and games (oh yeah the strap as well), he's really into it. To win it they have to answer set of test questions though and here lies the problem (duh). Wait, why the fuck do I bother to explain the episode? They didn't make any sense to begin with that's why they are so FREAKING AWESOME. Right, I'm just going to put up screen caps so I have material when I decided to write a review about this show.

Saturday, February 6

chapter 6: Holy shit Ewan is really back. Could this be? Grr, I don't want to come back from the dead just to be the bad guy...

Whadda ya know... Durarara!! the manga has quite a different story to tell. It just goes to prove how badly awesome Orihara really is. I definitely will recommend people to check it out :)

What the hell? Minamoto falls victim to Feather's power in Zettai Karen Children chapter 204. She basically has taken over his body. Grr I really really REALLY don't like Feather and she makes me dislike Minamoto. That's unforgivable!


I didn't know that Doubt and Judge were so similar. I'm probably going to wait until it's completed though before I pick it up.

In Claymore, I've heard that Raki's name in Japanese can be translated to Lucky or something like that. Apparently the translator didn't notice that every other translator picked Raki instead of Lucky lol.

Looking forward to seeing the High School of the Dead anime.

@Glo, just like you did with Doubt?

@TJ, it annoys me when people get the names wrong. It just goes to show they aren't dedicated enough. I don't like slackers

http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_az-r16syqyo/S2zwd4FQjWI/AAAAAAAADiQ/UrrVZ0ZHY64/s1600-h/baka5.jpg That scene made my day. Well, I guess in the end Akihisa is a naisu gai.

zettai karen has a timeskip right? do they really just stay there in the future for the rest of the story?

The Children are in the middle school now. They're not in the future yet

UNFORGIVABLE! I am behind on ZKC, but now I must read it.

Yay! Someone else who reads ZKC! Now I have someone I can spazz with ^^

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