26 June 2011

Diary of a tard: Week 4, June 2011

Sunday, June 19

I guess I'm still high from last week's yaoi hence why I am reading Ore ni Koi Shite Dousunda. Another ongoing yaoi by Yoneda Kou and centers around Tora who has to stay at his uncle (Kase Ryouji) place. Yep, this one reeks of incest and I'm loving it. The two of them aren't on the best of terms and can't stand each other at all. It may sound cliche but because of the way it was written, it becomes so entertaining. Unlike her other yaoi, this time both of them aren't gay but circumstances made them so. I make this yaoi sounds so simple but it is actually quite intricate. It's only the first chapter and so much drama has taken place already, like Tora caught up in human trafficking shit and almost get rape. Yes, rape. That just makes me smile XD

heh >=D

Tuesday, June 21

Episode 11 of Yondemasu yo, Azazel-san: Another Angel has comes forth and his name is Zaruel. Just like the last angel, he's ugly as fuck and with uglier manners. He found out about Sakuma and Beelzebub from the internet and thus stalks the detective agency which has barrier against Angel. There is also the obnoxious landlady who Sakuma tries to reason with by summoning Salamander. Given his personality, Salamander refuses but later agrees when he gets zap by Sakuma (and loving it. Who would have though that he's a masochist).


The World God Only Knows II episode 10: I am not buying this teacher-student shit but I'll indulges these episodes because of Keima. Nagase misunderstood Keima's situation assumed he is lonely which is why she is so determined to help him out. Keima is at lost of what he should do since all the routes he takes meet with a dead end until he gets a whiff of why Nagase is so down. She's just too passionate, it suffocates the people around her. Too bad this one gets another episode >_>


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