26 September 2011

Nyanpire the Animation

Surprisingly, I want to thank Gonzo for bringing Nyanpire the Animation, something that I thought I would never say regarding this show. After 2 years break, Gonzo came back with such a delightful anime. Having said that, I was pretty skeptical about this show at first for several reasons.

Reason number one why I was skeptical was because of the Nyan Cat phenomenon. I'm one of the minority who doesn't get what the hype with the looping gif of animated cat with a cherry Pop-Tart was all about. At the moment this episode was first aired, the interwebz was buzzing with the addiction for Nyan Cat and I thought Gonzo was just taking the shortcut to put money in the bag. Though they featured the family of feline, I am glad that it turned out to be quite different, being that these cats actually have a personality.

Reason number two is because this show's strongest point is the cuteness of Nyanpire. I was definitely not a fan at first but as the show progressed, it seems like even I can't deny the cuteness.

Have you seen the ending song? That in itself is the third reason as to why I was skeptical. Those who know me would have known that something like that does nothing but turn me off. Ami is too old to act cute like that in my opinion. I skipped the ending after the first episode. It was too moe for me.

I just lost my appetite

As expected from a 3 minutes show, there are not plots that link one episode to the other. All 12 episodes are stand alone episodes and can be enjoyed with side-dish. Each episode pretty much centered around Nyanpire dealing with his friends:
  1. Nyanpire - A cat who turned vampire when he got blood from a vampire to save him from the brink of death. He's pretty dumb and love anything that is blood red because it reminds him of... well, blood. He's pretty useless too.
  2. Meowsamune - A soldier cat who is in love with Nyanpire. He has some issues since Nyanpire is also a male but love conquers all. He is so dedicated when it comes to Nyanpire. Often the subject of Nyantenshi's bullying.
  3. Chachamaru - Nyanpire adopted brother who is more matured than Nyanpire despite the difference in stature.
  4. Vlady and Vampy - two bats who received the same fate as Nyanpire. They are quite mischievous.
  5. Misaki - The person who adopted Nyanpire and Chachamaru.
  6. Nyantenshi - A fallen angel that was banished from heaven because he banged God's wife. He loves to bully and reminds me of Date Masamune

My favorite cat has to be Nyantenshi for two reasons. His seiyuu is Jun Fukuyama and his personality itself is just right up my alley. I have a soft spot for bad and cunning guys, you see. Hats off to Noriaki Sugiyama as well. I guess this show shows his versatility. From Ishida Uryuu and Uchiha Sasuke to Meowmune? Awesome. Now I keep on imagining Uchiha with cat ears and tails =3

Maybe I was able to enjoy this show as much as I do because it's only 3 minutes long, and the fact that I skipped the ending. But yeah, Nyanpire the Animation is nothing brilliant or lace with thought provoking plot but the more I get to know the character the more I was taken in by it's charm. It is that simplicity that managed to bring a smile to my face. Or maybe I was just easy to please since I'm a character driven person after all.

Like I used to say, I like it when a show proved me wrong. It just mean that they have exceeded my expectations. Gonzo managed to do just that :)

art & animation 7/10
story 7/10
characters 9/10
sound 7/10
enjoyment 9/10
overall 7.8/10


I still have like 2 episodes of this to finishing watching, but I can say it's freaking adorable. The ED got on my nerves--too long and...obviously geared toward little kids. But if my parents had let me see that ED when I was little I probably would have been scarred for life (which is saying something, considering the things they DID show me when I was a kid...the movie From Dusk Till Dawn is just perfect for 5 year olds).

Also, Nyan Cat is fantastic. I'm not obsessed with it, but I do think it's cute and I do amuse myself with the website sometimes.

I actually know a group of people who like that ED. Those moefags XD

I think those drawings are good, I'm not much a fan of Nyan Cat but i think its cute.

The drawing was average with some flash thingy - easy peasy. I generally hate cats but this show was an exception

well its better than i can draw

if you put it like that, it's better than what I can draw too >_>

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