09 January 2012

The fucker is free and the Meleis continue to be stupid

This post here is nothing but a rant on shit that I (and Malaysia) have to tolerate and deal with today. Mostly this post will bash the Meleis (read: Malay) who are just so fucking ignorant when it comes to common sense. So if you are Meleis and you are butthurt, well, the chances are, that fucker of a politician might had sodomized you and got away with it.

Yep, you know what I am talking about. Even my friend in Australia knew about the fucking protest that took place. Needless to say, I am embarrassed for being a Malaysian and mostly being a Malay today. If that was all why we are in the news for, then damn it, wake up and smell the fucking coffee, or in this case, shit.

this is me
(c) Chama

this is what I want to do to those Meleis

People always mistook me for being a pro-Government. Well, listen up narrow-minded fuckers, I am not. I didn't vote during the election because I don't have faith in the Government that we have now, nor the opposition party leaders, ESPECIALLY the opposition party leaders. If I was at the age of voting when Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was still the Prime Minister of Malaysia, then I will, by hook and by crook, voted for the Barisan Nasional/UMNO. Sadly though, his successors are lacking in more ways than one and I am not that forgiving. You see, if I'm pro government, would I write this or this?

Having said that, I do believe that at least with Barisan Nasional and UMNO, they are doing it for the people of Malaysia and for the country. I don't fucking care how corrupted they are as long as the people are taken care of; Kids are getting their education, the locals get their job opportunity, etc. I mean, lets be real, no matter who you are, once you have the power and monies, you'll be corrupted anyway. It goes both way, for the government and the opposition. If Meleis can't fucking see this, they have been brainwashed by some fucked up ideology sprouted by their leader. And then ask this, have you ever bribed or took bribed before, not matter how small it may be? Chances are you have, so SHUT THE FUCK UP. Stop trying to be a goody two shoes.

Anyway, lets get back to the point. The fucker is found not guilty of sodomy. I don't even care about the verdict to be honest. It goes to show that Malaysian judiciary remains independent. At the end of the day, it was his personal business with God. This doesn't mean that I truly honestly believe that he didn't do it because he fucking did. It just that they don't have enough evidence to put him behind bars. Seriously, I am surprised that most Meleis are still so stupid as to believe that he's the fucking straight guy who is loyal to his wife. It was obvious from the sex scandal video (last year) that it was him and yet these moronic Meleis still want to believe that their leader is a fucking saint. And yes, he fucking fuck men in the butt as well. I want to say something against his wife/family but I'm not writing this rant for that purpose so I'll omit that.

So he's free and he fucking has the nerves to said that the court has no other choice but to set him free in order to ensure that Prime Minister Najib reputation abroad won't be tarnished. Huh fucking what? So this is about the politics then, and it has nothing to do with you fucking a men though it is against Islam, which supposedly to be your religion, nor does it has anything to do with you redeeming yourself to your family and wife? This is just to rally more Meleis to do more moronic protest for your own personal sake?

What is worst was the fact that Meleis fucking did a protest/celebration for this fucker. These Meleis who always pride themselves to be more Islam that the rest of the Malaysian Muslims who supported the Government. Sure, he was free of all charges, but like I said, where the fuck is your common sense? Didn't you fucking see what he has done the people of Malaysia? After the Independence, we are a peaceful country, with it's people from different races living in harmony. Then this fucker was charged with sodomy back in 1998 and was found guilty (there was also another reason why he was stripped from his position but I won't say anything about it here (feel free to contact me if you are curious)) and suddenly Meleis are divided and Malaysia was in chaos with protests and demonstrations on the street. People started being racist and what not and we took a step back as an independent country. If he was a fucking man who is responsible for his country and his action, he would have went with head held up high and assured "his people" like a real gentleman would. But he did not. In fact he put more oil into the fire and created an inferno. Divide and conquer. Sad to say that he was successful because some Meleis just can't think for themselves.

They have no qualms slandering Najib to be a womanizer etc though as if they ain't doing all those shits. This fucker will go around the world talking shit about his own Prime Minister/Government/Country and instill more hate for Malaysia. And yet all these morons think he was a fucking hero. Fuck it, these Meleis make me fucking disgusted to be Malay.

The sad thing is, while this fucker did all these, the foreigners and the other races in Malaysia just sit back and laughed at Meleis own idiocy. Why wouldn't they be happy about it? They didn't have to do anything. The Meleis are doing everything to fuck themselves.

Good news for the gays though. Lepas ni nak kawen pakai tanjak takyah pergi Dublin. If you are caught, just rallied the stupid Meleis and shouted "God is great". You'll be pardon by the people.

Inilah Melayu tuli.



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