26 January 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys: Episode 3

Pretty much have an idea or two how episode 3 is going to be thanks to the spoilers I saw on twitter. Nonetheless, that does not dampened my excitement to watch this show. Daily Lives of High School Boys definitely that show that I look forward to the most every week for the Winter season.

Tadakuni is so moe, it's a sin... hhhhhhhhhhhnnnngghh
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Heh, if in the past two episodes you can't tell that this show is directed by the same director of Gintama, this episode has that sure tell tale sign. We got the protagonists talking in the background while they only show clouds lazily moving across the sky. It's an improvement though. In Gintama, all you get is the static picture of Gin's place. This time, Tadakuni, Yoshitake and Hidenori were discussing about how usually anime about school starts in Spring and not Winter. This shows that they acknowledge that they are in anime and for some reason, I always found that funny if not amusing. They even correcting us about the genre. They preferred to be known as slice of life anime instead of a school anime.

Gag #1: High School Boys and Summer Plans

The guys are having a meeting about summer plans at Tadakuni's house. Hidenori chaired the meeting at first but then they wanted Karasawa to take over, who did come in school uniform as per requested. It's fun to see how they look up to Karasawa for no apparent reason. Even when they asked Tadakuni's imouto who she would date, she picked Karasawa as well. Must be the cap. She quickly changed her mind though when Karasawa jokingly said something sexist LOL

Gag #2: High School Boys and the Beach House

So their first summer plan is going to the beach. Tadakuni made a mistake of wearing the school trunk. Heh so moe. The guys were busy trying to get the girls but Hidenori was busy looking at the noodles. He was so tempted he got a nose bleed and consequently another smack from the guys when he concluded that girls like their noodle just like they like their man: HOT. Hehehe, I have to say that he has a keen eye for observation because he is totally right about it.

he's a champion

Gag #3: High School Boys and Hot Spring Balls

The boys went to the onsen next. They played some ping pong with penalty. Whoever failed to answer the question and lose will have to punch the Student Council President. I LOL'd at how the boys readily agreed to that suggestion. That brought back a lot of memories tbh :D

Tadakuni lost in all three rounds XD

I lol'd... hard

Gag #4: High School Boys and the Radio DJ

Hidenori pretended to be radio DJ that's talking FS. I bet FS stands for Fucking Shit. He dragged Yoshitake into it. Yoshitake played along though he took it all very seriously. It was a bit awkward at time because you keep expecting Yoshitake to crack some stupid jokes but he didn't. Tadakuni didn't even say a word during the whole stint except a 'hhhmmph!' at the end of it.

Gag #5: High School Boys and Summer Memories

They decided to have fun till end of their summer vacation. The production team decided to play Capsule in the background while showing the boys having fun at festival, playing video games, etc.

Gag #6: High School Boys and the Train to School

Another Hidenori monologue. He boarded the train with the same girl every day going to school. He got interested in her because of her hairy mole at the nape of her neck. He wanted to tell the girl about it but didn't have the courage to do so. He even seek advice from his senpai who was against his idea as well. He somehow came to a conclusion that the hair mole was proof of her loneliness, that she has no friends who could tell her about it. That was how he found the courage to tell her and surprisingly the girl just thanked him and laughed it off.

And thus end the quest of a stupid boy who worried about stupid shit.

Oh, and I love the ending stint of High School Girls are Funky XD


I even like the ED Single man. This is so good! xD

LOL that ED is made of win!

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