31 March 2008

True Tears

"Because I gave my tears away"

That line made me a fan of this anime and of that character.

This anime is brewed with drama, angst, romance and cuteness. It would have been perfect if I am the kind of girl who loves the normal typical love story. I don't. Nevertheless I still love it. It reminds me of Clannad and Kanon, minus the comedy. There are several scenes that would make you cry a river.

There are three female leads who typically chase after one male lead. It might be considered as a harem but don't let that discourage you since it was well written. The anime takes a rather different approach in dealing with the multi-layer relationships and since they only have 3 females instead of >10, the relationship between the characters are intricate, fragile and well developed.

Throughout the episodes, you will see Shinichirou (the male protagonist) trying to choose between three different girls; Noe, Hiromi and Aiko. Noe is the odd girl whom he met at school. She is straight-forward and managed to pull that naievity persona without being overly cute and obnoxious. She is the catalyst for some of the important occurence in the anime. Hiromi is the girl Shinichiro has a crush on since childhood. She lives under the same roof and have to endure the sneerings from Shinichiro's mother. Aiko is the girlfriend of Shinichiro's best friend, Nobuse but in truth she gets together with Nobuse because she wants to get closer to Shinichiro. She, as far as Shinichirou is concern is not in the equations.

So like it said, the relationships are very complex.

There can be two outcomes for the ending of this anime. Either you love it or you hate it. I happened to be the later. I cried my eyes out watching the final episode of True Tears because I was so fucking disappointed and pissed beyond believe.

Before anyone asked why, let me just tell you that I is a Noe fan and totally hate the fucking whore Hiromi. But there was a consolation I guess with the near-missed incest ^_^

I approved of the incest, Noe. Forget about Shin-thefuckingwhore-chirou

oh yeah, before anyone flipped out, the reason I compared True Tears with the likes of Kanon and Clannad was because despite everything, I fucking hate the ending.

I love both the OP and ED of the series though. I love Eufonius so that is a given. Reflectia remains my all time theme of all time.

Art 9/10
Story 8/10
Character 8/10
Sound 9/10
Enjoyment 8/10
Overall 8/10


This looks like something right up my alley. Lol...

Gonna check it out!

I'm surprised the ending made you hate it so much you included in your top ten most hated.

Will be watching soon then.

When you see the slut, you will get why I hated it so.

Hiromi (spelling?) is awful and a hypocrite. Noe is honest. This bites

I know right? It just doesn't make any sense and give the show a false impression >=(

Ok so I finished it and the ending is total crap. Noe get's the short end of the stick and why? Because the anime is made to make Hiromi a character we're suppose to feel sorry for? No freaking way! She's a weak character and Shin-whatever guy is an idiot who just used Noe. She inspirited him to draw and to dance, so why the fuck didn't he choose her?


Now you know how I feel and why this show ended up in my most hated anime list.

I can't believe you just marathon the show though. I am so jealous. I can't remember the last anime I marathon

I rarely watch anime. I'm more of a reader, as you can see from the manga reviews (but that's been low lately), but Noe was such a nice character...
I marathon very few of them and mostly while everyone is sleeping but I do enjoy it if the show is good.

I was once a manga whore too (between 2007-2009). I was a hikki then. But after that I got a real desk job and because I read a lot, i have no time for anime, which indeed is my passion after all. So I have to drop the manga (though not completely, I still read some of the manga I follow once in a while but most often than not, I read yaoi title at least twice a month lol) in order to make time for anime.

As for the manga, I rarely read anything that is shoujo-ish (like most of your reviews) because that genre tend to piss me off and make me depressed XD

Well it sucks that you don't have time for anime which is what you like :/
I have only read a few yaoi, I am still looking for one who's art is as nice as the story. I did enjoy Junjou Romantica the anime, which was the last anime I completed before True Tears.

Most? I think ALL are shoujo-ish. I'm a masochist for recurring plot and unoriginal characters with a side of weak romance. Jeez I hope that's not true, I always start one hoping it's different and then, well it isn't but I feel bad dropping. About pissed and depressed, yeah I understand that, which explains why I threaten to burn my laptop on reviews.

I can't see you as hikki.

I worked from home from 2003-2009. I only went out when my fridge has no food left to eat and avoided any real life interaction as best as I could. It was awesome. Then reality sunk in that I'm not getting any younger and that I need a male who I can rape at will. Thus I quit being a hikki and get a 9-5 job. It was fun for the first year then it started to suck. I quit like 3 months ago and back to where I begin. This is the perks of being a free lance, I guess.

I have a few recommendation of a good yaoi if you want. Just click the yaoi tag at the side bar. That should guide you to enlightenment lol

After you get used to one thing, the 9-5 will kill you slowly and painfully.

Path to enlightenment taken :)

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