30 December 2011

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

When I first watched the OVA, I thought to myself... what was it about this shit that Glo was raving so much about? But once I saw the first episode, I finally understood what he meant, but part of the majority reason why I like this show so much is because of Mikazuki Yozora. I'll talk about her in details later. Wait, I actually has wrote what I think of her in my first impression post so yeah, won't repeat the same shit again.

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First of all, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, or Haganai for short touches on matters that I can relate to. Just like these characters, I am not good at making new friends. I can talk to strangers if the situation requires it, because it's part of my job, but to call someone a friend takes more than an exchange of smiles. I wish people understand this and stop forcing themselves upon my space.

Haganai characters all have unique trait about them which made them socially inept. Thanks to Yozora who created the club (even though her reason to do so was totally selfish) and also Kodaka (who most of the reason why the other decided to join), they got together. They were so n00bs at making friends, they don't even realized that they are friends now, and always in denial about that fact. At the club, they do whatever shit that they want and once in a while they did something together to experience what the masses experienced, like going to swimming pool together in the summer or did some karaoke.

Most of the time it was seemingly one plot-less episode after the other but in the midst of all that, the core of the story is ultimately about two childhood friends reuniting after ten years. There were also romance in the air (but of course there is, it's a harem after all). Needless to say, I'm pro-Yozora.

Speaking of characters, they are definitely one lively bunch:

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  • We have Yozora Mikazuki , the awesome leader or head of the club and the reason why we have this show. She's brilliant and witty and doesn't give a shit if she's different. I like that a lot because she's reminding me of me. Her most memorable dialogue is from episode 3. Of course she was referring to Sena.
    You damn perverted! Silence wench! You succubus! Flasher! Bitch! Walking cum dumpster! Real dutch wife! Walking porn scene! Don't come near me! Don't touch me! You'll make me pregnant!
  • Kodaka Hasegawa, the required male protagonist, because after all this is a harem. I like him though and I can understand why the ladies are attracted to him. He is a gentleman in his own way though a bit disturbing that he didn't get a b0nar for seeing Kobato/Sena naked. I wonder if he's gay and didn't know it.
  • Sena Kashiwazaki or better known as Mikku or Meat which I think fits her perfectly. She's okay as a character and a great comedic relief whenever Yozora making fun of her. Other than that, especially when she starts blushing for Kodaka just annoyed the fuck out of me. I wish she would just play her yuri game in a corner while the others pretend that she didn't exist.
  • Yukimura Kusunoki is the honorable trap. I think they was hoping he'll be as popular as Hideyoshi but BITCH PLEASE, no trap can beat Hideyoshi. He is in his own category. I think Yukimura character was a waste. If only they played their card right - by reminding us that he actually has a dick all the time - then he would have been more entertaining than just a mere underling for Kodaka.
  • Rika Shuguma is a genius and a total pervert. I didn't like her much at first but as the show progressed, I find myself looking forward to her random outburst. She pride herself for being a pervert and find any situation as a turn on. That was a talent that I wish I had LOL
  • Kobato Hasegawa is Kodaka's sister who literally lives her life by cosplaying as some vampire character. I kinda feel for her for having no real identity. She'll have a hard time growing up, I'm sure. Also, she's terrified of Sena.
  • Maria Takayama is a 10 year old kid who became the club's adviser after being tricked by Yozora. I found her annoying because she reminds me of Index. She and Kobato are constantly fight for Kodaka's affection. In other words, Kobato has a brother complex.

Ryohei Kimura is definitely one of the seiyuu in 2011 that I took notice of and he did a great job as Kodaka. I don't usually sing praises for the female seiyuu because 99% of the time, I don't give a shit about female characters. However, I like to do so for Marina Inoue (Yozora) and Misato Fukuen (Rika) for making me enjoying their characters the most. Their deliverance for their dialogue are in my opinion, crucial to ensure that the comedy doesn't fail and they didn't miss a beat. Misato definitely embodied Rika's character as a pervert and make her so damn believable and likeable at the same time.

Unfortunately I am not a fan of either the OP or the ED. They weren't bad, not just my cup of tea. Both were average at best but fits perfectly for the show. If you are a fan of upbeat songs, it might be just right for you. But again, praises for the seiyuu because they didn't sound bad at all singing those lines. The BGM however was... unmemorable because I seriously can't remember any of it at the moment. The insert song in the last episode was okay but unless I hear it repeatedly, it won't have a slot in my brain either.

The art for Haganai is memorable. Even though there is nothing special about it, the details are exceptional. I like how the characters are drawn and they can certainly look cute if they tried. I thought AIC did a great job at capturing all the characteristic of each character design, especially Kodaka's hair color. Same goes for the animation. The quality was consistent from episode 1 to end. Solid work guys. Well done (p/s: I can do without the fanservice though).

Haganai is surprisingly quite an entertaining anime. I said so because I am not someone who usually enjoy a harem anime. In factm I usually ignored/dropped/rage at such anime. For me to say anything good about this show means that Haganai did something right and thus it exceeded my expectation. So this means that I might just recommend this show for you guys if you like harem comedy without the romance.

Since the show ended without any real progress between Kodaka and either two of the female protagonists Yozora, I expect a second season. I truly want to find out how these two further developed their relationship now that both has remember the past.

#Haganai (Fall 2011)
12 episodes
Produced by FUNimation Entertainment and AIC Build

arts & animation 8/10
story 7/10
characters 9/10
sound 9/10
enjoyment 8/10
overall 8.2/10


I wouldn't really call this series a harem. It's more of a love triangle between Sena, Kodaka and Yozora. The rest of the characters aren't really interested in Kodaka in that way.

Rika wanted to have sex with Kodaka at every chance she got. Kobato has a brother complex and Index... well...

and I don't even considered Sena as Yozora's rival so yeah maybe you're right. This show is not harem after all XD

Stumbled upon this, well w/e cause I'm just a bit pissed

It's true that it's a complete 1 season anime with 12 episodes and all but that's just 2 volumes of the book. Light novels are typically conversation driven and this is all the more a fine example of one. As such, character development is basically slowed compared to others. It takes a while to realize what kind of character this really is. Although he/she may appear that way, it may not be in the next volume or even page. As such, although I'm not exactly judging you, as you're just doing what you are, watching an anime and rating it, I feel as if making ratings at that point of the story was forced.

Spoilers ahead btw

At some point, Sena and Kodaka becomes "somehow" although this in itself isn't clear yet with the current translated chapters, engaged. Yozora reveals to everyone that Kodaka and she were indeed friends from 10 years ago. Oh, and btw, Yukimura, obviously, is a girl.

Of course anyone can think of these stuff. These are your basic "plot twists" but what's awesome is how the writer, Yomi-sensei delivers them. They seem to be at just the right moment imo. And as usual, he every last chapter of every volume is where it's at.

Now, I feel for you for having that kind of view about Sena. I, too am pro Yozora. But a part of this story is about Yozora x Sena too lol but it's kinda a joke. Also, Sena's a decent character, if I do say so myself. She may not appear to be, but she's pretty sharp. Not as sharp as Rika though, well, maybe. Well, whatever. Just want you to know that Kodaka goes to Sena's room and she has Yozora's pictures everywhere. Like, yeah. Candid shots of Yozora. Creepy right? And she smells her wig lol.

knowing that I am a Yozora fan, you spoiled me with such details of Sena x Kodoka. Thanks, I won't be watching the show anymore if indeed they decide to make a second season of it.

Like I said in my review, Sena is fine. I like her when she's not around Kodoka.

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