20 December 2011

Life without Gintama isn't a life worth living

If you have never watched Gintama, or even heard of it, you have committed one of the most grievous sins. Change that! Start watching it now! Gintama can save your soul. Trust me on this one. It is after all THE GREATEST ANIME ever!

Before you said anything, continue reading about what I have to say about it.

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If there is one thing that makes me frustrated, it's when people keep saying that they can't watch Gintama because of the number of episodes it has. I mean, what kind of a fucking lame excuse is that? If Sougo hear this, he'll hunt you down and fucking tortured you to death because he is one sadistic bastard and I love him so much.

First of all, it only has (as of the moment I write this) 239 episodes. That is considered little if compared to other shounen jump anime like Naruto, Bleach and the father of them all, One Piece. You don't even have to watch it in one go. In fact, Gintama is at it's best when you savor it. To tell you the truth, I am not up to date with the episodes either. I purposely not catching up to it so that I have Gintama episodes reserved when I feel like killing random people, and then some babies.

And then there's people who used the excuse of "it's a comedy and I don't watch comedy". Well fuck that. You obviously didn't know what you were talking about and made the mistake of judging the book by it's cover. There is no show that have such depth as Gintama. It discussed anything and everything from alien invasion to cotton candy.

So seriously, you need to have Gintama episodes on your hard disk or anywhere that is accessible for you 24/7. I don't need to repeat myself because I already told you why you MUST watch this show by hook or by crook. You will find non stop amusement, from the episode title to the pace of the show. Let's be honest now, we all need "that".

However, I can forgive you if you didn't watch the show but is reading the manga instead. Hideaki Sorachi is a fucking genius either way. It is simply brilliant. I mean just look at these quotes for example

I won’t give my panties to men who won’t even expose their face. If you want, challenge me from the front without the mask on. Set your heart free from the panties!
- Shimura Otae

Let’s dye white briefs with new blood!
- Kagura

Gintoki… even if I fall into the earth, you’ll catch me again, and… I’ll fly as many times as I want into space…
- Sakamoto Tatsuma

You won't be getting shit like these from anywhere else. Gintama is an honest comedy with moments that will convert you into a Gintamard for life.

I implore you. Gives this show a try and see how your world as you know it changed before your eyes. There are Gintamards and then there are everyone else.

p/s: The first few episodes were kinda slow but once it pick up, you'll be at the edge of your seat trying not to fall down from laughing too much.


I purposely not catching up to it so that I have Gintama episodes reserved when I feel like killing random people, and then some babies.

Best sentence EVER.

Personally, I just thought the first episode (which was an hour special) was bad. Otherwise, it's been glorious^^ Though like you, I haven't watched all of Gintama, though I keep saying I will. Maybe I keep some episodes in reserve for a reason!

Gintama! Such a freaking amazing series! Whoooa there are some episodes that are straight up awesome and some that really make me laugh to the point of passing out xDD

Kagura/Gintoki are the best comedy duo! Well Shinpachi gets put through so much crap but in the end I guess they are a great comic trio ;D

people make it a big deal that it has too many episodes and that just pissed me off. I mean, it is a long life journey to discover the greatness of Gintama and like I said, why rush it? It's either your are fucking retard for coming up with excuse like that, or your are a fucking retard.

We Gintamards are definitely the one who truly knows what the joy of life is.

"Man! Gintama has so many episodes! This must mean that it's a horrible anime, since only horrible anime will have hundreds of episodes!"

"You don't deserved the awesomeness of Gintama"

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