17 May 2011

My top 10 reasons why you MUST watch Gintama

If anyone asked me what anime that they absolutely must watch at least once in their lifetime, I have only one answer to that question: GIN-fucking-TAMA. They will consequently asked why? What is it about Gintama that makes it so fucking great that your life would not be completed if you do not watch it? Well, besides not knowing what true happiness feels like, here are 10 reasons why you absolutely most definitely MUST watch Gintama:

(c) gumi

1. Who the hell needs doctor fees when Gintama can cure any kind of illness, be it curable or not. Gintama can cure cancer and AIDS. You can ask your doctor for a recommendation, or not since overdose on Gintama is actually very good for your health.

2. You can save tons of money on therapy. Feeling down? Depressed? Suicidal even? Fret not. An episode of Gintama a day can keep all of those at bay.

3. Watching Gintama will keep you sane. You won't feel the need to commit a homicide at every chance you get even if the person sitting next to you is a 250kg man who sweats a lot and smell like rotten rodent is looking lewdly at you while licking the sausages of what he called lips. OK that's a lie. I will still kill that motherfucker because I'm not insane. Gintama keeps me sane!

4. Gintama is a good supplement for food. If you are hungry but have no money or too lazy to get food, watch Gintama. After an episode, even your stomach will forget that it was rumbling before because you will be too busy laughing your ass off to even think of food.

5. It contains anti-oxidant that will help you stay young.


6. You get to know who Sakata Gintoki is. He's fucking EPIC. He's the next president of the fucking world.

7. You no longer needs to buy all that expensive sex toys. Gintama has fappable characters that caters to both female and male. It doesn't matter what your orientation is, just fap away! They also have lots of sex jokes. My kind of sex jokes *giggles*

8. Have you listen to their OST/Opening/Ending songs? They are fucking awesome.

9. It is one of the anime of the decade. Soon enough it will be the anime of the century! This is definitely THE GREATEST FUCKING GAR SHOW ever!

10. It has all the elements that you look for in an anime. It has the element of mecha, romance, action, even your grandmother. You name it, Gintama has it. So why look anywhere else? Beware though, the randomness might throw you off balance if you are not man enough. Do a routine checkup on your analog stick just to be sure you have what it takes. Randomness. YAY.

So there you have it. If you are still not convinced, then I pray for your poor soul and may you rot in hell :)


I love your reasons, haha xD

So much energy ;) Gintama is a special show, and it's tough to pinpoint why it works so bloody well, but my guess it the characters and attitude; it's really laid back but knows when to kick. Wish more peeps gave the show more attention, but it is asking a lot at 200+ episodes.

I can give a proper reasons too but those are already known facts. The characters are with flaws but we can't help but love them all the same. The story is random but oh how fucking good the randomness are. When it decided to get serious, it GETS. FUCKING. SERIOUS.

I don't understand how anyone would give up on Gintama just because it's over 200 episodes. Once they get started, they won't be able to stop. Hence why this top 10 reasons are important to convince all those morons.

Awesome list of reasons! I agree with it, I am following the current series and I love each and every moment! As you said you laugh your ass off and I can agree damn great writing staff for Gintama.

And as you said when things get serious boy do they ever! The music sets the right tone for the dramatic and the action packed :)

These are all very good reasons to watch Gintama, but I have to raise the argument that at least for me, it has to wait until next year. I don't have time to watch 200 episode series when I'm trying to watch 150 anime in a year.

Gintama just get more EPIC with the new season, if that is even possible.

@Arianna, I'll hold to that promise.

you got me, I have heard tons on this and now I have to grab some of it - thanks!

You better, bluedrakon!

Pure LOL content. Both, the show and this post.


please tell me you watch Gintama, trzr23

Well, I want to, but I hear it has a lot of references to other anime (a.k.a parody), so I want to watch all of MAL's Most Popular so that I understand all the references and jokes. Gotta make the most of it, yeah?

Both you and one of my MAL friends recommend it heavily, so I have some expectations. I watched the NaruBleaPiece OP of Gintama on YouTube sometime back. Was pretty fun.

I think I'll start in July or August or something, when I have exams and need something light hearted and not too heavy too watch.

I haven't watch all of the anime mentioned in the parody but that doesn't stop me from enjoying each and every single one of its episode. But I can understand your need. I will hold you to that promise then

Maybe Gintama is what I'm missing in my life...

Don't tell me that you are one of the sad person who never watch Gintama, Yi. What is this? How can this be?

Everything true and THEN SOME. I dunno why I wasted my time with Bleach and Naruto. Not that they are not good; I still follow the manga but damn, GINTAMAAAA. I should have seen this sooner. It's become my everyday pick-me-up. xD

You have been saved!

....There's really nothing more I can add to this. No really. Gintama is on that level where I can't see its flaws, and just laugh at every...single...joke. Everyone should watch the episodes. I'd recommend not the very first episode however :D

Yeah the first few episodes were pretty confusing because you don't know what to expect but after that, you won't look back.

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