04 January 2012

Bleach: Unmasked 3

A few days ago, I found out that Kubo has indeed granted my wish. He actually did tell us of Ulquiorra's back story in one of his special side comic. I wasn't sure when it was published but apparently it has been around for some time. It just goes to show how little the Bleach fanbase is nowadays compared to... let just say 5 years ago. 5 years ago, we would have the fans tripping on each other with this kind of release.

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Thankfully though, there are still fans of Bleach who care and thus why I stumbled upon this. I was reading a fanfic of Ulquiorra and Rukia (yeah I'm that crazy about Rukia) when the writer said that it was based on Ulquiorra's back story. I was like, WHAT BACK STORY? And so my search for Unmasked 3 begun and quickly ended because it was only 11 pages long.

Having read it, I have a better understanding of how Ulquiorra can be so cold towards anyone and everything. It was just his mechanism for happiness and weird as it sounds, I think he has some valid point about it. What is happiness anyway? To each is his own, and having just set my new resolution to stay void of anything human referred to as love, I seek of the same thing as him. It is only then that I can go about my life without having to feel the lost.

Why the hell am I saying those kind of shit here?

you lots were deceived. They are fuck buddies
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Anyhoo, even though I am not a fan of Ulquiorra/Orihime (then again, I want Orihime to rotten in hell alone) shipping, it seems like Kubo wanted to tell us something through this chapter. Kubo is always hinting of his shipping through out the manga and he did it again. I wish he just have the ball to fucking get it done with. We all know that Ulquiorra and Grimmjow are the good guys anyway...


Also, with this chapter, I hope it settled the bullshit about Ichigo and Orihime. BITCH PLEASE.

Oh, before I signed out, how very rude of me to talk about this Bleach chapter of Unmasked 3 without providing you guys with the link, even though you could have google it yourself, you lazy fuckers :)


Ooooooh yes! This ship was huge during that arc, I mean the "princess" warming up to her "master" was kind of cool and near the end you could really feel some connection between Orihime and Ulquiorra! And yeah Orhime is not the best bleach girl ever...I do like her but I never really care who gets with who in the end Bleach is all about saving the day and it leaves no room for lovey moments. Then again it could one day!

But I wont tell anyone how to watch/read bleach if they want to ship by all means ship till you can't ship anymore <3

I love that last Orihime and Ulquiorra picture! Very cute and sexy hahaha

YES!! Grimmjow and Ulquiorra were good guys! Just...misguided? THEY ARE ALIVE ! I SWEAR Ahahahah we did not see Grimjow get "killed"

Orihime is my 2nd least favorite character in the anime fandom so naturally I just want her to rot and die. I must admit that she was okay though when she is NOT around Ichigo.

What are you saying about ship? THAT'S THE WHOLE REASON WHY PEOPLE WATCH ANIME! Or... it is not? LOL shipping is just one way for me to be optimism about something. If I didn't care about the ship, I would have dropped Bleach when the Hueco Mundo arc was over because what came after that was utter shit. We are all being trolled by Kubo.

I would rage when somebody trying to tell me that Grimmjow is dead. We all know that he didn't get his end so he must be around HM wandering around, or just lie in wait, to strike back.

I refused to believe that Gin is dead either. THEY LIVE IN MY BONAR!

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