23 January 2012

First Impression: Recorder to Randoseru

Episodes: Unknown
Producers: Seven
Genres: School

I didn't know this show is only 3 minutes per episode. I wonder what can be achieved for a short stint anime like this. Hardly anything and hopefully it won't be too annoying and made that 3 minutes feel like an eternity.

I saw Rie Kugimiya as one of the seiyuu and thought that this is going to be another shitty anime that Glo has to watch in order to complete his quest. Right then I saw Aya Hirano as one of the other seiyuus as well and thus, I feel obligated to watch this show regardless how shitty it is. The torture that we subjected onto ourselves sometimes Orz

Atsushi and Atsumi
(c) pixiv id 2461540

My brain was trying to compute logic since the beginning even though I already know that the basic story line of a boy who looks like grown man and the older sister who looks like a kindergarten student. Because of these differences, Atsushi, the younger boy, got into a lot of misunderstood situation. For example, in this episodde Atsushi was apprehended by the police as being the suspected molester when all he did was showing his scarf to his kindergarten female friend.

There was nothing outstanding about this show. Everything was average, from the art to the animation and even the seiyuu and overall direction of the show. Though it wasn't bad, it wasn't particularly good either. Also, did I mention that Aya's character actually has a melon size boobs for a change?

But meh, Recorder to Randoseru (or Recorder and Randsell in English) certainly meets my expectation as another anime that is made for god knows-what-reason that we fans can't think of. Does Japanese really watch this kind of shows on TV? O_o

art & animation 5/10
story 4/10
characters 5/10
sound 4/10
enjoyment 5/10
overall 4.6/10


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