27 January 2012

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 13

New OP looks good and sounds well... Engrish. Hehe. Looks like the kids will get a break that they deserved after they managed to crack and solve the murder case. Or at least I thought so judging by what was said in the Velvet Room.

The episode starts off with Nanako giving an umbrella to a drench fox that wore what looks like a baby bip. When asked by her father, she lied and said she lost it. It also shows that Yuu was pretty busy lately. He rarely eats dinner at home and it seems like Nanako missed him.

(c) Mika Takeda

So she decided to be a detective and finds out what Yuu has been up to. She trails him but was distracted when she found Teddy and thus she lost him so she will continue to trail him until she gets the answer she was looking for. Turns out the guys have no idea what Yuu has been up to lately so when they found Nanako all dressed up, they decided to help her out too.

Guess what though, Yuu is acting like a real hero helping out people. He pretended to be Teddy by wearing his Teddy suit, helping out a child, woman and old lady. Obviously his friends would doubt him and think he was a pervert but everything will be set right at the end.

Jeebus this is one hell of a boring episode unless you are a lolicon.

Everything will be explained in the next episode though. Not sure I am interested to find out...


I remember when this anime was kind of well regarded, nobody seems to be talking about it anymore. Guess it has gotten dull. Too bad; I liked the game. :S

Episode 13 is boring.
Episode 14 is good.
Episode 15 is better.

The first 5-6 episodes were indeed good but once Rise was introduced, it has lost it's charm on me. According to animekritik, it looks like it has pick up it's pace once again.

@animekritik... in due time. Heh

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