20 January 2012

Mirai Nikki: Episode 11

Jeebus I'm so behind on Fall anime >_>

Kurusu and Ninth made a deal after the policeman begged her, saying that even though she is twisted, the reason why she wants to win this survival game is to make the world a better place. Heh how cliche. While he was on his knees, Yuki and Yuno were arrested by the police, just as he has planned.

I would have made a deal with her too
(c) Hijiri Ruka

Naturally Yuno's instinct was going berserk to protect Yuki but thanks to what Asane said a few hours ago, Yuki understands his role as her breakwater and calmed her down.

Yuki went in for the interrogation first and quickly fell for Kurusu's lies. However when he suggested that they played the Russion Roulette, Yuki started to pee in his pantsu. Knowing that Yuno has the diary to sense that Yuki was in danger, he used the opportunity regardless the fact that he was endangering his colleagues' lives.

Kurusu needed a reason to kill Yuki and Yuno and that was why he planned on making them criminals. He let Yuno shot him but he didn't expect Yuno to aim for his head though. I guess it was unfortunate that Yuno missed the shot and he only missed an ear.

And well done Yuki, he finally did something that Yuno would be proud of. He accidentally shot a police officer when he heard the warning shot. LOL now... that is amateurish. But this officially made him a criminal. He fucking fell right into Kurusu's plan.

usually it's the girl who cried

They managed to escape though but now things will just get harder because they are on the wanted list. Even more so when Ninth was involved. Ah I see, with Ninth around, there was no way Yuno and Yuki can escape. Hmm, I have got to hand it to Kurusu. His plan was flawless so far. I didn't expect to see some comedy injected to the scene though. That was quite a good comic relief to be honest. Heh good job.

It didn't take long for Ninth to switch side though. He showed Yuno and Yuki why Kurusu betrayed them. Apparently he has a sick son in the hospital and wants to become a God so he can cure him. Hah! That was gibberish if I ever heard one. But oh well, he can hope.

Ninth created a new alliance with Yuno and Yuki. They will take Kurusu down but I bet Yuki has something to say about it, especially after he learned about Kurusu's son.

Once a wimp kid, always a wimp.


Yuki is a wimp and will never change
yet he killed 3rd and poked out 9th's eye.

wait... who's 3rd again? Or did you just tell me a spoiler? O_o

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