29 April 2010

The removal of matured content manga

Yeah, the interweb, specifically those who is a tard for manga like yours truly, has been buzzing with the rumor of Google and Viz being a dick by requesting manga sites like mangafox and onemanga to remove manga that has either lolicon and/or matured and/or adult tag.

Some of the manga in questions have their tag removed or changed. Some were denied access altogether.

I can no longer read Switch and even Dorohedoro is under surveillance. Loveless is no longer Yaoi (WTF?!) and Dance in the Vampire Bund has been denied because of the lolicon tag. Even worst, in some manga like Harem de Hitori, the adult contents were removed.

I feel that this is unjust. What happened to creative freedom? This is just stupid!

This is the interweb for fuck sake. This is my isolate paradise. Where do I supposed to turn now when I'm horny?

I need my fucking yaoi and occasional hentai!!

Curse you America and your false ethical responsibility!

List of manga that are under evaluation at mangafox


I feel like punching everyone in the face. The outrage I have from this is extreme, and I am outrages. I'm fucking pissed off. They're ruining everything. I hate America. America is a fucking pussy. I say, time for a revolution.

I mean, why the fuck are they doing this? The loli I can kind of see, but certainly they're not removing anything else? That would be fucking retarded!!!! I'm so pissed off.

if they went to all the trouble removing these stupid little things, they might as well banned porn from the interweb as well.

Only then it will be just!

Google is no longer on our side anymore, it should have created means for our freedom in the anarchic internet, and not restrain free men from posting content online. The biggest proof that sutains my rethoric is google bitching about anything posted on youtube nowdays, even content that is not offensive, pornographic nor infriging copyrights. Well... of course they blame governments and judicial decisions forcing them to do what others wants (enterprises and governments wills) through the law... but where are google's lawyers to ethically protect the unarmed, weak and devoiden from money ? (us)

One thing is for sure, no matter how hard they prohibit us from doing what we want, we'll always find a way to countermeasure 'em, mainly because, the internet is the most anarchic thing men build, it was meant for no one to have control of it. ;)

Until we found a countermeasure, are we supposed to wait for the manga that has been removed from the internet? :(

Well, that's what happens when you have ads. You either play by the advertiser's rules or go broke.

this is fucking redonk. i dont understand why everything in the world has to be censored so much. Just have the site's do age checks. thats what every porn site does.

oh... and they would NEVER get rid of porn. because if they did the internet would turn into 1 website, a blog called "bringbacktheporn.com".... no other website would exist. and world war 3 would start because every man in power would get so sexually frustrated that bombs would be going off all over the place.

Augh, I've heard... What batshat insanity. I'll look into this before I say anything for certain, but how could they sweep with such a broad comb? Porn sites survive, and those are nothing but unenriching bouts of instant gratification. Those stay, but everything with provocative plots and discussion enhancing matters go?

I'm tired of questioning capitalism. We'll dig our own graves, and Google will have one of the biggest shovels.

So now we turn to violence and the crime rate rises. (I know I'm not making any senses :P)

Another overreaction to loli.
Fuck Google.

The rule is just stupid imo. But yeah, I get what you mean Baka-Raptor. Doesn't mean that I'm happy about it though.

Besides, they can came up with a method like Oballer said. I mean, the tag said "mature" and "adult content" for a reason. It is the user responsibility at the end of the day. Google just worries that it will fucked up their corporate image. Well, here's a news for you Google, unless you take down porn, just like you insist on these "innocent" manga, then you don't have any credibility at all.

Capitalism sucks >_<

So now we turn to violence and let raise the crime rates (no you make a lot of sense Canne XD)

Lets fuck Google while we are at it too ^^

"Curse you America and your false ethical responsibility!"

Just so that one can look themselves in the mirror the next morning! >=| WTF?! And Playboy and porn is alive and well. Truly pissing me off! Grrr!!!!!!!

Gotta start the great download crusade... I refuse to go without my Yaoi dammit!

share with me the link! PLEASE!!

what is that photo from? those girls look familiar to me for some reason and i dont know why. I don't watch hentai or anything so im prolly imagining it... but its bugging the hell out of me haha


That's Hideyoshi doing the Naruto jutsu XD

I totally agree with you Klux on this one. This is just bloody censorship, I do not see anything with yaoi and adult content manga from the net. Granted I know that these companies are just protecting there best interests, but that doesen't give them the right to censor what us anime and manga fans want to read.


is still waiting for someone to create a way around this shit. If I wasn't too busy, I would have tried it.

What the prudes who have a thing against loli don't get is this is opening up the way for censoring everything else on the internet and eventually off it too.

it's already happening isn't it? =(


time to Fap Fap Fap Fap! Fap Are they Fap! Fap! Fap!

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