11 January 2012

Bleach: Chapter 479

After almost 3 weeks being deprived of Bleach, they are back in our lives and hopefully after the New Year's break, Kubo has some sense to actually get it together and improved. I was pretty disappointed with what he prepared for Ulquiorra's back story in Unmasked 3. It didn't actually explain anything >_>

Riruka is missing from Urahara's shop but they didn't even bother about it. That's how miniscule her role is in the Bleach-verse. Does anyone even care that Ginjou is dead? Or about any other Xcutioners for that matter? I doubt it.

Meanwhile in Soul Society, the third rank officers from the 13th Squad is reporting in to Ukitake. I got to say that being back to Soul Society and seeing familiar faces of the shinigamis do a lot of good for my rage. Especially the fact that Ichigo is back in Soul Society as well and acting like he owns the place.

He has a welcoming party waiting for him and I almost jizz in my pantsu when I saw Kensei as a captain now. This means that Soul Society has finally accept the Vaizards back. I never thought that I see them again to be honest, what's with Kubo always forgetting his own characters. This is good news indeed. I know my Gotei family would be so stoked about this XD

Kensei isn't the only shinigami who got promoted though. So is Rose and most importantly Hirako Shinji. Fuck I can't stop fapping now *faps*

my pantsu is soaked

But lets not get ahead of ourselves with the fapping and get back to the story. Ichigo is back to redeem the body of Ginjou. Apparently he's the only one who cares of that guy's death. Of course the old fuck rejected his idea but when Shinji asked how could Ichigo forgive someone who endangered his family, Ichigo simply replied that they are all save and Ginjou is nothing more than just a representative shinigami. What he said carried a lot of weight behind the words and since Soul Society at least owes him that much, they don't have a choice but to succumb to his request.

you won't be missed

And that's the end that concluded the fullbring arc. Finally! I was hoping it ended sooner but oh well better late than never. It was a pretty lame

For my rants on previous chapters, click here.

p/s: bad news though. Bleach will be on break for another three weeks but after seeing Shinji, Kensei and Love, I'm super excited. I need to know who are they replacing. Or maybe they just took their position back? Awesomeness.


The best freaken chapter in how long? (:

I wont miss any of the newer characters. They were annoying.

um, remember that aizen, gin, and tosen left openings? i doubt anyone's been replaced. If I were in their shoes I might have told soul society "fuck you" though. It'd take a lot of convincing to get me to go back to kissing ass and working my ass under such an inflexible regime.

then again, knowing SS they might not have given them that option.

I actually reallly liked this chapter. Ichigo deserves to act like he owns the place, and I love the idea of him representing humanity to the gotei. He comes as a human to bury a human even if that human was his enemy, because there's no one else to do it.

They weren't just annoying. They were dumb and didn't serve any purpose other then getting their ass kick by the shinigami just to show which side is more powerful.

@Rogue, I was surprised that they got their seats back as captains. I remembered what Shinji said during the Aizen arc. He said that he wasn't helping the Soul Society but rather helping Ichigo out. What the fuck happened then? But to be honest, I didn't mind it that much. It is rather exciting actually to see whether these Vaizards are truly accepted by the Soul Society because of their hollow powers within them. Hopefully they will bring changes and then declare mutiny, or at least planning on killing the old fuck :P

Ichigo is Ichigo and that's why he's different and is unlike other shounen heroes (that I can think of right now). I like him for who he is. If only he won't be so hesitant when it comes to feelings as well hehe

Now that I thought about it, it is interesting that at least some of the Vaizards got their jobs back. I guess that's why none of them were around to help Ichigo when Ichigo was being played by Ginjou and running around like an idiot.

the return of the vaizards opened so many possibilities now - like the return of the arrancar? Heh

Damn Ichigo for mudering Ginjou. I look forward to him suffering much in the upcoming arc.

oh a Ginjou fan? This is a first!

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