09 March 2012


I'm 31 today. Another year has gone by yet I'm not sure if I'm getting any wiser. I like to believe that I am since experience is the best teacher in life, or so they said.

Comparing this day to last year, a lot has changed. Last year, I was holding one job with plenty of time to spend on my anime and other useless shits. This year however, I would be extremely lucky if I managed to squeeze one episode of anime in a week.

Sacrifices were made in order for me to achieve what I've set out to do. Few of it being my time for anime, blogging and basically writing in general. I'm not happy about it but think that I will have plenty of time (and monies) later to enjoy what life has to offer for me. At the moment, it seems like the path to success is kind enough to let me pass and I shall not recklessly abandon it.

I am thinking of letting go both of my editorial jobs so I can concentrate with my business. Even more so since I am preparing for the opening of the gas station as well. These two babies are my own so naturally even when I'm tired as fuck, it gives me plenty of satisfaction.

Speaking of babies, I asked in yesteryear who could my Cancer prince be and seems like I have found him. It's progressing as it should. We both live 3 states away from each other and are both busy as fuck with our own lives. It is perfect. LOL

If everything goes as plan, by the time I reached 32, I will be the owner of scrumbtious and a Shell gas station, as well as engaged.

Life has been kind to me for the past year and I'm grateful for it. Hopefully it will be kinder still for years to come.

Happy birthday, klux.

if only my friends would have done this :3


Happy birthday! :) I'll be turning 31 a few months after you.

I'm glad things are going well for you, despite all the busyness.

Happy Birthday dear wife! I will also be turning 31!


...in 7 years!

That rainbow cake you made.......I'm seriously debating flying to Malaysia just to get it and eat it.



Happy brithday =)

You will have a Shell gas station!? whoooaa... :clap:

You must be great businessman =)

Happy birthday klux

Well, then, happy birhday, klux.

May your life be happy and peaceful for (at the least) another 31 years... ;)

Aww, happy birthday hun! And great to hear about all your other exciting news as well. ;)

All the best!

happy belated bday! damn you accomplished a lot so far and still going :)

Happy Birthday. I am happy to hear that you are happy about your life!

I guess I'm late on this but happy birthday! Your blog only shows hour:minutes, not dates :(

@beneaththetangles, I remembered you said that last year. I was wondering when is it exactly that you turn 31. Have a very advance Happy Bornday from me ♥

That rainbow cake that I made, Glo, is obviously a bait to lure you in. Mission successful. Well sort of. You still need to come here. HURRY UP!

@Shizuo, lol no I'm a terrible business (wo)man since I can't see people making sad face. It compels me to let them eat for free. As for the gas station, the second interview is today. Lets cross our fingers and hope everything will turn out well.

@core6790 @Hana @Canne sankyu :)

@Reiki, another 31 years? If I can spend it with the person I love then I'll look forward to it. Otherwise, I'll be grateful enough if I have just another year to live.

@rockleelotus, you know me. I need something that excite me all the time XD

@Mushyrulez it's on 9 March. My blog prefers to remain anonymous/mysterious when it comes to date

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