19 January 2012

Persona 4 the Animation: Episode 12

I have been taking a break from last season anime for a couple of weeks. Time to catch up on things and I figured I should start it with Persona 4. I think this show started strong but as the episodes progressed, it became less entertaining. Hope something will happen to create some excitement to this otherwise dull settings that it sorta stuck with at the moment.

this is far more exciting, honestly!
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Yuu received a Star Arcana this time around. How many does he has now? I lost count. Anyhoo, they are inside the TV world and that psycho challenged them into a game where they are the pawns. As usual, there are lack of planning or the production team thought it was completely normal to have a chat in the middle of Shadows attack. Or maybe they wanted to be funny about it and I just missed the whole thing. Either way, it was Kuma who defeated those lowly Shadows.

Yuu doesn't act like himself today. He kept thinking if they will ever be together again if they managed to solve the case by capturing this psycho who everyone thinks is the killer. That obviously distracted him from a lot of things that were going on.

The killer too has his own Shadows that he needs to fight and conquer.

Just as things are about to get serious, they cut the scene and jumped straight into another scene where they are all hanging out enjoying each other company and have a cook off making rice omelet. And suddenly they said the culprit has been caught. Fast forward a few months, the murder case was forgotten and they still meet like usual. Fast forward another few months, less people showed up for their meet up and Rise was no longer around. They just grew farther apart. I mean, what the hell is going on?

Though it was confusing at first, towards the middle of this shit I realized that this episode deals with Yuu insecurities and how he would feel losing his friends over the time. I bet this was just that Shadow's power or something, and I was spot on.

But it was a good lesson for Yuu to learn. Losing his bond with his friends also means that he loses his Arcana since they are all created from that bond. This makes him powerless and at the same time makes me think if Yuu was being selfish, creating all those bonds for himself? Do his friends feel like they are being used?

Either way, his friends helped him got back on his track and focus to defeat the enemy at hand. They too lost count of all the Arcana Yuu has because he called them all forth. At the end of the day, he was victorious and the psycho admitted being the murderer. Case closed.

And they live a peaceful lives... for the time being.

Urgh so uninspirational >_>


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