18 January 2012

Daily Lives of High School Boys: Episode 2

The past few days have been terrible for me so I am really looking forward to watch the second episode of Danshiko so that my trouble could be forgotten even for a few minutes. Since this show includes several stint/gag, it is only fair that I write it accordingly.

(c) Asakiti

Gag #1: High School Boys and the Morning Journey

On the way back from school, Tadakuni found a stick. Once he picked it up, Hidenori wasted no time to attack him with an umbrella. Obviously they were role playing from samurai to Jack who supposedly became the Demon Lord. These boys didn't miss a bit when it comes to their imagination, did they? They got into their roles though Tadakuni needed a little convincing but he eventually relented and took it more seriously than the other two. The best thing about this stint is, when somebody else found that stick, their responds were the same. Goes to show that boys are way fun! That is until some girl passed by >_>

Gag #2: High School Boys and Convex Mirror Girl

It was revealed that Tadakuni has part time job at a pizza place with one of his classmate, Yasunori. During this shift, Tadakuni asked Nago the basic thing a high school boy is curious about: What is it about boys that girl finds attractive. She answered truthfully. At their age, it is all comes down to outer appearance. So the boys said those word back at her. That's when she took off her megane and asked Yasunori to hand over the convex mirror. She posed in front of it and has totally a different persona. As if the boys will accept that heh.

Gag #3: High School Boys and the Friendship Power

Tadakuni imouto accused them for stealing her underwear again. Of course they were denial about it until Yoshitake saw the lacey bra underneath Hidenori and Tadakuni shirt. LOL was he the only normal one between the three of them? This presented a conflict for Yoshitake. He wanted to tell them that it was wrong but worried if he would offended them. So what did he do? He joined them! This is definitely one of the quality that I envy about men.

Gag #4: High School Boys and Literary Girl 2

LOL I was hoping that it was Hidenori but turned out it was the delinquent Motoharu. Apparently he has sister complex and he thought the literary girl was his sister so he sprouted some nonsense about wind. Of course the literary girl was taken in but he was embarrassed as fuck after that.

Gag #5: High School Boys and Traditional Events

They have few questions regarding the traditional activities in the school. One of them is fasting for 70 hours. When they met the principal, he made up some shit about 1984 tragedy but Karasawa quickly shot him in the knee when he told them that the school was created in 1989.

Gag #6: High School Boys and Ghost Stories 2

Again, they were telling some stories that clearly were not scary at all. Tadakuni lied about Karasawa and just like before the two of them believe him. Together with Tadakuni imouto they jumped Karasawa just to see what was it underneath his head. Man, Tadakuni sure can lie.

At the end of the episode, there was some stint about Lady Yukano and her three butlers. I don't have any idea what was going on but they kept the momentum going and I especially like the false tooth joke. I wonder if they are going to be a regular for the upcoming episodes as well? Hmm...

Anyhoo, good episode is good. Not as funny as the first episode but I have my fair share of laughing today ^_^


One of the best shows of the season for me. Its in my top 3. Its light, easy to digest and its genuinely funny. I hope the show doesn't become a sleeper hit but actually becomes talked about.

It needed something that people will talk and quote for many years to come, just like that of Gintama. Looks like everyone I know is watching this though.

Oh wait, I don't think Glo have checked this one out yet >_>

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