01 June 2011

My Top 10: Favorite Bleach Characters

As most of you probably know by now, I am a big fan of Bleach, even if it's going downhill at the moment, no thanks to the creator, Kubo the troll. Bleach revived my passion for anime, being the truly getaway anime for me personally. It also introduced me to bunch of awesome people who share my interests and my views on anime. Well, most of them anyway.

I am a fan of Bleach for many reasons, one of them are the characters that capture my heart over and over again. The cycle of fapping is non-stop when it comes to this show. Hmm, I have stopped watching the anime at the moment, so maybe I should refer it as manga as of now. From the get go, it makes my heart leaps like no other. It still does though sometimes the plot makes me want to wring their necks. But I blame Kubo for that.

I write fanfics and try hard as I may, I can't write fanfics for other series but I can write 10 pages of fic if it has any of the characters in my list. Hardcore? Hardly so. Maybe. Definitely? Heh.

Making this list is harder than I thought it would be though. I just can't decide who is at number 10 and who tops the list because the amount of love I have for these characters are more or less equal. I feel like I was betraying them if I do that so I decided to just name the top 10 characters without ranking them.

As you can see, when it comes to Bleach, I'm sensitive as fuck. I often treat them like they are alive and part of my life. Judge me all you want, like I give a flying fuck of what you think ^__^

I can't believe I have been a fan for 10 years now and that my passion for this manga is not waning.

Ichimaru Gin
he's such a tease. lemme take a peek your crimson eyes, Gin

He is not dead. He might lost an arm but that's just it. I mean, Hiyori was cut into two and she is still alive, isn't she? So, yeah, I believe Gin will make a come back anytime soon. Maybe that mysterious shinigami that Urahara and Isshin are talking to is him. Who would have thought, no?

I also believe that Ichimaru Gin is not a bad guy at all. He might be a tad sadistic but that is his strongest charm in my opinion. He has his reason to "betray" the Soul Society but he is not someone who plays by the rules. I am a tad disappointed that he stays loyal to Rangiku all these years but hey, a loyal man is hard to come by these days. He is quite a gem.

Without his help, Ichigo and the others might still stuck in "I am Aizen, I am so awesome" arc. So thank you Gin, I appreciate the sacrifice of your arm ♥

Ulquiorra Schiffer
awww cuteness. I want him as a pet too :3

The stoic, emotionless espada who stole my heart. Just like Gin, I don't believe he is dead. He must be somewhere in Soul Society without memories of his past life as a hollow. He is probably training to become a shinigami as we speak. Oh just the thought of him in shinigami robes makes me jizz in my pantsu. Either that or he is born again as a human being. His parent is Kuchiki Rukia and Kurosaki Ichigo. Hehehehe

I don't usually fall for his kind of character (lies) but he is just so mysterious I can't help but being pulled into his zone. The fact that Kubo denies us of his background story is still pissing me off. Why does everyone else get a background story, and not him? This better be a sign that his part in Bleach is not over yet.

Do you hear me, Kubo? >=(

Besides, Ichigo never kill his enemies. He wounded them, yes, but he never kill them.

Kurosaki Ichigothe evolut - never mind >_>

Ah, here comes our protagonist who I have a hate-love relationship with for the past 10 years. I love him to bits but sometimes even Ichigo manages to get on my nerves, once again thanks to Kubo. For example, all these power up, or plotkai as we used to call it, kinda absurd. I want to see him lost in a fight that actually matters. By doing that, the plot thickens and he has a chance to reflect on his self. Because he's too used of protecting people he lost sight of himself sometimes. That makes me wanna smack him in the head. Thank goodness, most often than not Rukia is around to do that for me. Unfortunately, she has been missing from the recent chapters for too long and this has taken it tolls on Ichigo. She is after all, the source of his strength.

Ichigo as a character has gone through so much development from a normal highschooler to the strongest shinigami and has even becomes a hollow once or twice. I wonder if there is still room for him to develop...

Grimmjow Jaggerjacques
oh jeebus, look at those harden nipples *drools*

He is my number one choice for a waifu so obviously he is in my top ten list. He is the ultimate bad boy that I can't help but get swoon over by his charms. I want him to get in my pantsu and I want him to stay there! Kyaaaah ~

At the moment he and Rukia is my favorite crack pairing. Just saying. And no, he is not dead yet. Kubo just forget about him, that bastard.

Kuchiki Rukia
(c) Riya

She is the only female in my list so that got to say something about Rukia. I just can't find any fault with her from the first time I see her standing on that lamp pole with her zanpaktou by her side many moons ago. She may not be the strongest shinigami but she makes sure that she won't be too dependent on anyone else, unlike some whores I know. She's defiant with strong sense of pride and the best thing is she knows her limit.

This might sound bad but pair her with anyone in Bleach, and you got one hell of a story because she's not a dull character and can liven up any fanfics.

I am so gay for her. Unfortunately she belongs to Ichigo.

Hirako Shinji

The leader of the vaizard and the former captain of the 5th Division. He is the only person who noted how dangerous Aizen is from the beginning. To have that sense, he must be something else. Aizen, after all, is the master of deception. Needless to say I am pissed (again) at Kubo (what a surprise *rolleyes*) for pulling that crap with Shinji when he fought Aizen in the last arc. What the fuck was that shit? He is far more greater than what Kubo gave him credit for.

I can't wait to see him and the rest of the vaizards to make an appearance again. I figured by now Soul Society should have realized that they are wrong and except them back in the Gotei 13. After all, 5th Division, 3rd Division and 9th Division are in dire need of a new captain.

Wait, could he be the mysterious shinigami? Oh yeah, that shinigami is not wearing a haori so that can't be him unless he got demoted upon his returns.

Urahara Kisuke

Urahara is probably the only character in this list that I need to warm up too. I was quite indifference towards him when he first appeared in the earlier arc. It is not until the Pendulum Swing arc that I really begin to like him as a character because he's so dynamic.

I was expecting him to defeat butterfly Aizen, but who am I kidding, according to Kubo's rule books, only Ichigo can kill injured characters that actually matter. Also, Benihime has to be one of the most interesting zanpaktou I have ever seen. Urahara makes red reaitsu looks incredibly sexy.

Not to mention that he's pure genius. Too bad the Central 46 are made of a bunch of stupid old farts. They totally deserved to be slaughtered by Gin.

Kurotsuchi Mayuri
(c) shiroifushicho

Maybe I just have a thing or two for men and science. I frequently said that brain is more important than look and Mayuri is a perfect example of that. Okay, he's not that bad looking. Actually I think he's handsome in his own sort of a freak way. He doesn't goes by the norm and doesn't always play fair either. In short, he is unpredictable which mean he is interesting as a character.

I always love it when he gets all work up by the mentioned of his former captain. He seems like he always wants to prove something to Urahara. Despite all his years as captain, I think he still feel kinda inferior towards Urahara though he covers it up with boastful words and what not. That insecurity just makes him even more intriguing.

His zanpaktou has one of the deadliest power I have seen, and I wonder since he destroyed it in the Hueco Mundo arc, will he create a new one? He changes his appearance a lot and quite frankly I love his head piece from the Soul Society arc instead of the Pharaoh like head piece.

Nnoitora Jiruga
smexy son of a bitch

LOL yeah I know what most of you guys are thinking but damn it, he's a psychotic son of a bitch, a hot one at that so what's there not to like? Unlike the sadistic Gin, his unpleasantness range from being a bloodthirsty sadist to a dirty chauvinistic womanizer. You don't want to know this guy but found yourself getting pulled in by his fucked-up attitude all the same. There's no where to hide, you can only enjoy the rough and bumpy ride and let him haul your ass like only he can.

To be honest, I am so tired of the joke people make about his spoon-like hood. It would have been better if it's the extension to his penis though.

Bad news is, he is definitely dead :(

Kuchiki Byakuya
Jeebus, look at how long that zanpaktou is o_O
(c) yanagoya

Ah, here comes the snobbish noble from the Kuchiki clan. He's the 28th head of the clan and always uphold the pride and the name of Kuchiki AT ALL COST. It is not often that we see his warm side but when he does, he can melt even the ice queen.

I do some role playing of the Gotei 13 with the people I mentioned earlier. I have been role playing as Byakuya since 2006. It helps me to understand his character and the longer I do it, the fonder I am towards Byakuya. His has this cold and hard exterior but his interior is warm and soft. Such contrast gives his character some very great depths. I love it.

He is also the only taicho so far that seemingly obtained the third stage of his bankai. That gotta say something.

And that concludes the list of my favorite Bleach character. I feel so much better now, especially since this post has been in my draft since May last year.


NO ZARAKI????? HES THE BADDEST, STRONGEST ASSHOLE IN THE SERIES!! i mean he has the looks, the attitude, the body, and most importantly, the POWER!!

dude, how can you say that when Ichigo (who only obtained his basic bankai at that time) can defeat him? *rolleyes*

Besides, this is my list. Go make your own, why don't you? *sticks out tongue*

Nice list, I agree with most of it except Nnoitora & Mayuri. I will replace them with Hitsugaya and Renji in my list lol

Toushiro has his moments with me but he's too shouta and he is obviously gaga over Momo. That I can't stand. Hmm, now that I think about, why did Momo didn't make it into my whore list?

As for Renji, he's okay but his character is forgettable. He's kinda useless too.

Rukia, Shinji, and Kisuke aside, I'm not really a particular fan of your choices, but I still like your list, which is a testament to how so many characters in Bleach draw us in.

Those are amazing images, by the way.

I guess you are into the good guys/girls instead?

Kurotsuchi Mayuri is AWESOME.

I've been trying to make one of these lists for a while but I've deemed it an impossible task.

Rukia is def. there though, that's all I know for sure.

hah someone who agrees about Mayuri ^___^

just so you know, the mentioned of rukia as a definite in your list makes me smile. I sometimes forget that you like her too.

I'm not a big fan of Bleach or its characters in general, but I do have a few I like in particular. Chad, Rukia, and Komamura would be favorites =)


He's too bad ass to have a bankai or care about his sword at all. He doesn't feel pain, and just runs around destroying people.

Also if you watch the first fight over again, technically Ichigo falls before Kenpachi does, therefore Kenpachi wins. I don't believe in moral victories, they are for pussies.

Chad is in my most hated Bleach character. Hmm, this gives me an idea. I should definitely make that list.

Oballer, I can see how Kenpachi can be appealing to guys. Every guys want to be like him but us girls don't.

first off klux, not all guys like kenpachi. I hate him. I loved his fight against ichigo but it's been a swift downhill since then. What do you have against chad? sure he's become a bit of a meaningless cheerleader character like anime give us far too much, but he's just such a kind and dependable guy. I like gentle giants.

Well, I hate him and I don't need a reason XD

Gin is probably my favorite Bleach character. He's just got that deceptive charm. I love that!

And I also don't think he's dead. He's too cool to be killed off.

Huzzah! amen for that, Yi. Amen!

I agree about Gin, his sadism is sexy, teehee. Plus, he's too cunning to be killed of that easily. Especially not by I-broke-my-glasses-and-changed-my-hairstyle-so-now-I'm-the-bad-guy Aizen. That aside, I do like the ever-lost Kenpachi, and Yachiru is cute too. I don't fancy Byakuya too much, he takes bishounen to a whole new level with his flowers and hair accessory, though I have to admit, flowers for a Zanpakuto is kinda badass. Anyway, great list. :)

Kenpachi was okay until Nnoitora comes along. Now, that what I called badass which is why he is in my list and Kenpachi is not.

Funny that I never really considered Byakuya as bishounen. He's just too manly for that. Sure he's good looking but many other characters in Bleach are, like Ulquiorra and even Aizen and of course Gin. I agree that his zanpaktou is one of the few badass zanpaktou around. Quite epic I must say. It's when Kubo still has his creativity ball.

I love most of your list but what about harribel also what you got against aizen D: (lol i think im more for the arrancar arc bad guys side) but i definantlky love uhara and omg ulqiorra my fave char of all time lol

I don't like women with big tits and Harrible have huge tits. As for Aizen, I was never taken in by his character even from the beginning. I don't think claiming oneself as God is a charming thing to do.

Great list, you have my basic characters but I would push up Byakuya rank and have to agree with your choice of Mayuri, I mean he is so handsome and cool, but people seem that to dislike him. Also, Gin is definitely one of my favorite. :)

if you look closely, there is no rank. There are all my numero uno ♥

I agree with ur list except for Nnoitora Jiruga and Kuchiki Rukia. I was so glad that Nnoitora died, he was getting on my nerves with his Ego. And even though Rukia is nice, she is still annoying and weak.

Also, to ur comment that Kenpachi are liked by men, thats wrong. I am a girl and i like him (well better than Nnoitora definitely)

Besides Ken, i like Shunsui Kyōraku. He seems like a player and laid back kinda captain, but he is really nice and cares for his Lieutenant a lot. Moreover, he has a good judgement of characters, hence i like him.

I don't trust your judgement because you think Rukia is weak and annoying.


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