10 December 2010

My Top 10: Anime Characters That Piss Me Off

So here's the deal. I was sitting around in my office bored out of my wits. I want to write and actually has written a few drafts but thought it was too random to put up now. Then an idea came to me. I put up on facebook for people to ask me anything that they want to know and I'm gonna list my top ten answers for each question.

And this is the first question I get by a cousin of mine. So without further delay these are my top ten anime characters that piss me off. Let me defines that. I don't like many characters but only a few that stick out and I feel like they went out of their way just to piss the hell out of me. Usually because of these characters, I found myself not being able to enjoy the show as much as I could and some of them even influenced the rating that I gave the show.

Long story short, these are the characters that I want to smash his/her head with a hammer, or saw them to death. Either way is cool.

Let's count down from 10 to 1.

10. Kagome Higurashi (from Inuyasha)

Yes, she's fugly. And I couldn't find a decent fanart of her. Most are of her naked or get raped by alien/monster tentacles. I guess that kinda speak for itself what kind of character she is. Jokes aside, I can't stand her and most of the time her attitude pissed me off even when she does nothing. Call it instinct.

9. Nagi Sanzenin (from Hayate no Gotoku)

(c) siraha

She's a stuck up brat who is used to have it her way. Also, she is underage which is why I am against her acting all slutty and tsundere with Hayate. I believe that kid her age should focus on study and leave the matter of romance till she gets some real tits.

8. Nia Teppelin (from TTGL)

(c) sayappa

I think my dislike for her has to do with the timing of her appearance. Kamina just died and that kinda left me pissed off with the whole show. Then Nia came with that bubbly bimbo attitude of hers and immediately clinging to Simon. The fact that the end kinda centered around her and she disappeared right after the wedding just kinda made me want to smash Simon's head right into a wall. No, I don't think she's cute at all.

7. Kirino Kousaka (from OreImo)


Kirino was alright at first. I thought that I can relate to her but after episode 3, she just gradually pissed me off with her attitude. I don't like the fact that she has a complex brother issue and treated Kyousuke like a doormat. Maybe if she is less tsundere and less bitchy with him, I would probably endorsed the incestship. That or if she becomes a he. Then I will not only got incestship that I fully endorsed but yaoi too. Hot! But reality is, she's a bitch so I want Kyousuke to get into Manami's pantsu. Kirino ruined the show for me and I wonder if I want to continue watching her shit.

6. Murasaju Kuhouin (from Kure-nai)

(c) yamamoto yamoto

She's not even had her PMS and is already all over Kurenai. She acted like she's his wife. Jeebus. Grow some tits first, kid.

5. Nao Yorihime (from Yosuga no Sora)

(c) hashimoto takashi

She's the biggest slut I have seen in anime fandom. Raping a child at 10 is only the beginning of her whorish life.

4. Sasuke Uchiha (from Naruto)

(c) minase

It takes a lot for me to dislike a male character but Sasgay is just too much of a shitass. I used to like him a lot when I first started reading Naruto. But then he started to get really emo and shit. When he killed Itachi, that was like the straw that broke the camel's back. Instead of upholding his brother's wishes, he went on and joined the fucked up guy and make everyone else's lives miserable. Sure, he can be fap worthy sometimes but he can dropped that "I'm always the victim" attitude of his. It would be interesting to see how the epic fight between him and Naruto would end.

3. Hiromi Yuasa (from True Tears)

Watching True Tears, you can either be Noe's fan or this bitch's fans. There is no in between. This bitch here is manipulative as hell. One day she doesn't like the guy, the next day she wants his analog stick inside her all day long. I truly want her dead.

2. Inoue Orihime (from Bleach)

(c) souno kazuki

Yes, surprisingly Inoue is not at the number one spot. I hate her, make no mistake about that but I can still tolerate her whenever she's not around Ichigo. Ichigo is like her kryptonite. She became weak whenever he's aroun
d and too dependent on him. I hate girls like that in real life so there's no way I'm gonna tolerate an anime character with that trait.

1. Nagisa Furukawa (from Clannad)

(c) u-ichi

Besides her ahoge that looks like a cockroach antena, she's forgettable as crap. She has nothing that stands out so why the fuck did she gets the guy at the end? It just doesn't make any sense. I was enjoying Clannad very much until episode 16 when it was revealed that Kyou kinda loves her and shit. I was like WTF? I fast forwarded the rest of the episodes and ended up hating Clannad after that. I guess it bothers me that girls like her kinda always gets the guys. If only she's a tad interesting than maybe I can make up excuses to not hate her so much but alas...

So, that was not the end of the list. Here are some characters that almost made it to my top ten list. Considered is as a special mention or whatever the fuck you want

Index (from To Aru Majutsu no Index)

(c) uraomote

She busted in Touma's life and basically has him under her control. She's a total psycho who does nothing but brings trouble because of her background. She's not even human as far as I'm concern. Biting people should be considered a crime and she should be locked for life.

Kuroko Shirai (from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun)

She was okay if she doesn't go all lesbian for Misaka. I guess I'm jealous of her. Not to mention that her seiyuu annoyed the fuck out of me.

Kira Yamoto & Cagalli Yula Attha (from Gundam Seed/Destiny)

I don't like them as an individual and I don't like them as a couple. I think they are too righteous for their own good especially Kira. Or maybe I just hate them for what they did to Athrun. Who knows

I would probably should have put the NSFW tag in the title. Oh well, too late now >:3

And end.

By the way, you guys are welcome to ask me anything to and I'll do my best with my top ten list as my answer sheet.


I really agree with the top two on this list, but Kagome and Nagi? NO!

Kagome = Alright I can actually see why you'd hate her. Sometimes she is kind of dumb.

Nagi = RIE KUGIMIYA!!!!!!!!!!!


So basically .. you don't like girls with attitudes. Got it.

Hahaha, poor Sasuke. Only male in the female dominated list...
Funny how all the pics you use are provocative ones. Wouldn't the idea be to find a pic of them at their worst so that the audience reading could sympathize with your hate?

That pic of Index creeps me right the fuck out. Just sayin.

That said, If i made a top 10 list like this, Kagome would be much higher up. But Kirino from Ore Imo would be tied with Rei from HOTD as my number one to piss me off.

Basically, my shit goes like this:

10: Kirie from Girls Bravo- I could never finish Girl's Bravo because of her. Always beating the shit out of Yukinaru just because he did anything remotely perverted (In his own house for fuck's sake) or seen her naked using the shower (By accident... in HIS OWN HOUSE.) She doesn't respect privacy and doesn't even allow it. For someone Yukinari considers a friend, you'd THINK she'd be more considerate of the fact he's afraid of girls.

9: Misaki Ayuzawa from Maid-sama (She pissed me off because she remained mostly a man-hating bitch that took 26 episodes to fully admit that she likes Usui and acted like she couldnt' figure him out, even though he's made it clear on several occasions that he loves her. She's as dense as a harem male lead)

8: Kuro Kagami from Kodomo no Jikan - Now she pisses me off from the constant verbal abuse she gives to her teacher on a day to day basis, always making fun of him for being a virgin. She's too fucking young, so shit like that really shouldn't be any of her business.

7: Nana Komatsu aka Hachi from NANA - A grade A slut that causes problems for everybody, especially Nana O. Why the fuck the fandom wants the two to be together, is beyond me. =\

6: EVERYBODY from School Days. Except Kotonoha and Setsuna. For obvious reasons.

5: Kagome Higurashi - For the reasons you stated. And also because she's a real cunt to Inuyasha sometimes even when he's not being a jerkass.

4: Sasuke Uchiha - Same reasons you mentioned

3: Brief from panty and stocking - He's such a pussy. Biggest pussy ever. The girls give him hell and he doesn't do anything but TAKE IT. Even if i hated the girls, Brief just amazes me how much of a pussy he is.

2: Mahiru from Working - She hates/is afraid of men for one of the dumbest reasons for... ANYTHING. Her father tells her that men are scary and got her to beat them before they beat her? That's a pitiful excuse and why Souta puts up with her is beyond me. I would've put Louise and Ryoko Okami here as number 2... but... not enough room. Louise for obvious reasons and Ryoko for being so ungrateful and possibly forgetful of all the hell Ryoshi goes through to defend and help her out.

1. Kirino for being the my Super Sweet 16 kind of ungrateful Bitch. And Rei Miyamoto from HOTD for being such a rebounding slut. Hisashi dies and suddenly she vies for Takashi's cock. What. the. Hell. He confessed to her first, she turned him down. Goes with his best friend, and then back to him. That is enough to piss me off.

That's enough rambling for today. :D :|

All right, some of these I agree with, and there's at least one that I in no way agree with. A lot of these people I don't even know, because I either have no plan to watch the series or haven't gotten to it yet.

I wholeheartedly agree with Kagome (she was okay at first, and then I wanted to stab her), Sasuke (again, at first I adored him and then like you said he went completely emo), and Orihime (I never liked her, ever).

But I have to disagree in regards to Nagisa. I love her so very much, and I love Clannad on the whole, and I really need to get around to reviewing it...but yes, I disagree on that one.

Now I have to think of my own top ten most-hated!

Hell yeah on Hiromi.. heck, the whole cast of True Tears and their fakeness. I still don't see what people like about that show.

And Kirino was too damn unlikable for me to watch past episode 3 of that show. It's one thing to have an attitude, but she takes it to the next level of unappreciative stupidity.

For me, number one is Louise from Zero no Tsukaima. Until Kirino came along, I thought there would never be any other contender. Even Narusegawa of Love Hina was a distant second, and I hated her guts.

As for guys, I really didn't like Kyon, and his shallower counterpart in Angel Beats. And Shinbo's arm-flailing passive-aggressive male leads.. they aren't appealing characters to begin with, and making them overly sarcastic or spastic just amplifies the effect.

I can't agree with Jubbz about Mahiru though. I think ten or more years of manipulative emotional abuse from one's father qualifies as a pretty good reason for being the way she is. Compared to Misaki, anyway, who is simply a self-important bitch.

You dont like sasuke? that's pretty surprising, I would've thought that you would hated Sakura xD I'm kinda the opposite, I never liked Sasuke until he got a cool outfit then hated him after he killed his brother~ I agree with all the lolis you hate, they should be into school instead of boys xD I find Index pretty hard to hate, she's so cute! xD that picture of her is so scary looking o_o

Maybe they'd piss you off less if they put some clothes on. Just a thought.

Here's news for you, Glo. I don't really care much about Rie Kugumiya.

@Anon, check these out:
These girls got attitude too but the right kind of attitude.

Chester, I purposely picked the flattering pictures so that people won't accused me of being bias. Clever eh? XD And I don't want people to sympathize for these characters.

@Jubbz, that pic of Index is freaking awesome. As for your list, I didn't include Misaki and Rei in the list because I only watched the first episode and concluded that it was shit so I didn't feel the rage of watching 26 episodes of said shit. And I have to absolutely disagree with Mahiru. I adore her. I think she's a fresh character in anime fandom and with dad like hers, I can understand how she can be traumatized. The fact that Souta put up with her despite all the beating is the biggest reason why I love Working so much. I kinda give me the impression that love can overcome anything and with these two I truly believe that.

Arianna, like I said, I don't fucking understand why anyone would like Nagisa. She's an okay character but making her a protagonist? I want to shoot someone in the head right this instant.

Hello again hogart. You reminded me of Hogwart. And shush. Noe is awesome and that's two mentioned of Louise now. As for Kyon, I have to disagree since he is one of my top male characters ever. But lets shake hands now since we both agree on Miharu.

Why is that surprising Ruby? Hmm, maybe I didn't mention Sasgay often enough in my blog. But yeah, I don't like Sakura either. They are both dumb as fuck. And I think Index is dumb too.

Not really Baka-Raptor. I don't have problem with their physical appearance (except maybe for Nao), it's who they are as a person/character that piss me off.

In the end, I am glad that we all agreed that Kirino is the brotherfucking bitch of 2010.

I wonder if I am the only one who is greatly distracted by the pics you posted here (in a positive way, of course).

Oooo.... I also hate many in this list (except for those I'm not familiar with)

EXCEPT for the lil' Kurenai girl and... NIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I freakin' love her!!!! ^^ Hehe

Can, I'm sure you are not alone. We live among perverts after all :P
Kidding kidding. But I was wondering which one in particular that makes you the most disturbed.

Ola Pyro, it has been a while! I'm curious now, what makes you like Nia so much?

im only familiar with 3-4 on that list, i guess thats a good thing. Kirino makes me go RAGE mode, i dont have a list but she would prolly take the cake!

Kirino seems to be on everyone's most hated list. That makes me happy ^_^

They're fictional. Relax.

Agreed with some on the list and disagreed with some others.

I hate Sasuke too, and I don't like Kirino that much. Don't quite agree with Inoue and Kuroko... Personal preferences I guess.

Yeah, it all comes down to personal preferences because I know there are many perverts out there who will be in rage if they found out Kirino is on my death list

sasugay (as you said pisses me of he such a retard for not following his brothers wishes i could write and essay on how muchof an ass he is and yes i understand why sakura and naruto want him back but i dont understand why the hell sakura still likes him?! that really stupid other wise i agree with everything you said about sasugay but i dont agree with the orihime part

Dear Anon, next time don't bother with the whole concealing your identity shit. It's not like I want to stalk you if I know your name. But back to what you were saying. Everyone hates Sasgay. Everyone should hate Inoue as well.

OK, I can cosign Orihime, Kirino, Sasuke, and I suppose Kagaome. She was annoying, but I didn't really hate her.

And Kira & Cagalli definitely should've made the list. Along with Lacus Clyne. Yeah, I love Gundam, but I got a lot of disgust in my heart for some of its more popular characters.

And Nagisa as #1?! NOOOOOOO!

Yes, deal with my hate and burn!

How could you put Nia?!?!?!

Because I fucking can.

Not sure how old this post is, but what the hell, I'm gonna reply anyway!!!

First let me say I appreciate the rage. People that compromise their position due on others perceptions earn nothing more than my scorn.
Nevertheless, the actual reason I bothered to write anything at all (yeah it wasn't to congratulate you) - Kuroko Shirai.

I'm saying her name with a perfectly calm voice. You know, the kind where the person being addressed has no idea what's going to come next. Kuroko Shirai, and I take a great deal of please in simply speaking her name, just happens to be one of the greatest representatives for all the delicious yuri this world has yet to produce.

Oh yes, this is a good thing. Even if you can't appreciate the significance of such a noble position, the true and pure beauty that resides solely in the female form should command some level of respect.

That's all I ask. I'm not going to empty your closet of all its hidden Sasuke yoai, exposing it to the lethal rays of purifying light. And I don't care if you hate her. Just so long as you acknowledge her significance as an apostle for the path of true beauty and everything good, just, and proper in this ugly world. Is that too much to ask?

Then again, you did say something about being jealous of her. You know, with these yuri goggle permanently affixed to my cranium (Misaka no Misaka style) that could imply soo much more than what I initially imagined.

DAMN! Now I don't know what to think! I'll just me end with this: Orihime is a useless bitch that needs to get over herself and Kurisaki-kun! Rukia forever! Ah, I feel so much lighter now.

That is a long rage but still shorter than mine. Thank you I enjoyed it a lot. I am in a way is jealous of Kuroko because I want to be Misaka's room mate and will use every opportunity I get to try and rape that flat chested beauty.

I would like to shake your hand because of that last comment. Do come out of the closet and stop hiding behind the Anon. I'll respect you more then.

I'm GLaD you enjoyed my slightly faux rant. I tried to make it entertaining, while still expressing the all consuming yuri madness that wracks my body and mind.

I must commend your taste in -eh- is it OK for me to say "rape bait?" //trembles slightly// I suppose Misaka just has that kind of effect on certain people.......... BIRIBIRI! OK, I'm back now.

I'm genuinely curious as to why you find Kuroko's seiyuu so annoying. Did you have the chance to meet her, or do you just find her voice irritating?

Don't let my anonymousness distract you. Even if I wasn't anonymous it would just be some fictitious persona. Perhaps an entertaining persona, but nothing more real. And it's not like I'm concealing anything worthy of respect either. So ultimately, your natural inclination is probably an accurate approximation of my actual identity. (Wow, say that 10 times over).

Keep raging the good rage!

It's her voice. I have said this before in one of my diary tard and I'm too lazy to find which one, but yeah, I think her voice sounded like a horny old grandma. It gets on my nerves. I have nothing against the seiyuu personally, just that I don't think it suits Kuroko. Of course, others have already fervently disagreed with my opinion.

Ha! Horny old grandma huh? Yeah, I guess I can see that. Ya know, my grandma was a horny old grandma. And my mother always seemed strangely proud of that fact. Then again, my mother is clinically insane.

Anyway, thanks for indulging my interests. It's been refreshing to chat with someone so unreservedly expressive. Maybe I'll read some more of your stuff in the future. I bet there's plenty of fun stuff squirreled away somewhere around here.

Jaa ne baibai

You're lucky. I'm the only clinically insane in my family T__T

And don't mentioned it. It was fun having you around Anon.

....wait what? aside from the epic anon and your argument... what? I mean I dream of giving magic powers only to anime watcher because i thought their hearts were more kinder and stronger then none anime watchers. but I didn't think it was possible for animes lover to seriously hate anime characters of pure nature. I mean the girl from oreimo i can understand but true tears? and nagi? for gods sake for someone to hate someone who died giving birth to a child is the biggest shock i'v had in a long time and on top of that is someone who watches anime. I know see that anime watchers can be just as evil... just as mean... just as cold hearted and *after seeing pics and reading your comments* just as lustful as none anime watchers. I have to be more careful about who I give magic to. all that aside I find it great that you can be so honest with your beliefs and feelings I honestly hate liars and backstabbers much more then people who are brutally honest. so in a sense thank you.

Kagome is a bad ass who shoots arrows skillfully!

dear anon #2 (LOL), it's the personality of the characters that I have problem with. It applies in real life as well.

And Glo, if that she's good for, then... well... meh fuck it. I don't give a fuck.


From Naruto? LOL

Oh sweet justice. Hiromi Yuasa is by far my most hated character of any anime series. What does she do?! What's her purpose?! Bitch ignores the guy the whole time then suddenly changes face. The worst part is the guy is JUST AS STUPID.

#1 hated anime of all time.

I like the anime a lot until it comes to the ending. Then I hate it with all my guts.

Hmm.... I have always heard negative comments about Kagome. Even my BF dislikes Kagome. I think she is okay. Not every one is badass since birth. Kagome is as realistic as we can get for a fighting heroine. She's normal high school girl from 21st century. Seriously, just put your foot in her shoes (I was in archery club for two years, and learnt that practice makes perfect but can take forever if you're not a prodigy.) And don't even compare her to born fighters like Saber, Rukia, or what... Sango.

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