04 May 2007

Mobile Gundam SEED Destiny

I was just done crying.

No, I did not get my heart broken again.

Although in a way it might be…

Actually I was just done watching Gundam Seed Destiny (thank you FireDagger!)

I watched Mobile Suit Gundam but not really a fan of the series because at that time the characters weren’t as good looking as the Seed’s characters. Those who are close to me might have heard me mentioning my devotion to Athrun couple of years back. I can’t stop talking about him then. As years gone by, I thought I had grown out of it. Apparently I am not.

My devotion for him is actually doubled if not tripled.

Besides, this time around I am connected to the other characters as well. I might adore Shinn Asuka as much as I adore Athrun Zala. My heart also goes out for Lunamaria Hawke and Rey Za Burrel although Rey sometimes really ticked me off and tried my patience especially when he rallied Shinn against Athrun.

Athrun and Shinn are very similar in a way that both have a painful pass. Both of their parent/family died because of the war. Shinn is very much like Athrun in Gundam Seed. He’s Athrun’s younger version in Gundam Seed Destiny. The only different is their personalities.

I can understand why Shinn was so obsessed to defeat Orb. He was repeatedly betrayed by them although it was all a misunderstanding. Probably that is why I can relate to his character so well. I understand how it felt to be betrayed by the person you trust the most. You might lose all sense of justice if you are not careful and let the hatred consume you. That was what happened to Shinn. He fought for the sake of a peaceful world but at the same time he wanted to seek revenged for those he had lost. He was so damned confused most of the time. He needed people like Luna (or Athrun earlier on) to make he comes to his senses but Ray always managed to lured him back to confusion. I don’t blame Ray, he was used himself. Please note this though: however confused he is, he is so damn good when he is in Impulse/Destiny and fighting the enemy. He is way cooler than Athrun or Kira in that sense. Call him whatever you want, to me he is sincere and that is the most appealing thing about him.

Speaking of Ray and Luna… The three of them (including Shinn) in my opinion were mercifully used by Durandal to achieve his plan. They were deceived by Durandal who I must say a sweet-talker (because Athrun and I was deceived too!) to fight for him in order to create a world where all human’s DNA are predetermined so no war will break out in the future. His idea might be noble since it is to build a world that is peaceful, but he wants to play God and altered the characteristic of human being which is plain wrong. Captain Talia Gladis and the crew of Minerva were deceived too but as a soldier of war they have no choice but to follow orders. I must say that I respect every single one of the crew members that were on board of that Minerva.

Let’s get back to Athrun. What can I say except that this guy is so damn marvelous! He is a good friend, an excellent GUNDAM fighter, an awesome captain and a very considerate person. The only thing that I wish I could change about him is the fact that he likes Cagalli. No offense but Cagalli is just plain boring. However I do understand why there was chemistry between them. It was Cagalli who always steered him back to the right path in Gundam Seed. Thank God there is no romance between him and Cagalli in these episodes of Destiny (except when he leaved Cagalli to joined ZAFT). Hmm, I wonder what kind of relationship they will have after the war with Durandal end. Cagalli didn’t wear the ring Athrun gave her before he set off to war so that is a good sign… Heh, by now you might have notice the real reason why I dislike Cagalli right? It was because of pure jealousy. Hahaha!

Athrun bears the world problems on his shoulder and tries with his might to find the truth and fight for what he believes in. He does not take command for the sake of it and always trying to protect the people that he cared about even if they are on the opposite site.

Unlike Kira Yamoto.

Gundam lovers might have problem with the fact that I actually not a fan of Kira. He is the other hero of Gundam Seed, alongside Athrun, isn’t he?

I just think he is too virtuous and self-righteous not to mention a very selfish person. Some might argue that he is the best GUNDAM fighter but I think Shinn have surpassed him in that area. He always picked a fight with Athrun if they are not on the same page and never bother to listen to what Athrun had to explain which then make a certain situation worst. Let’s not forget the fact that he killed Nicol and then snatched away Lax, Athrun’s fiancé. Grr, I simply can not respect someone who would do such a thing to his best friend.

But Athrun is too good a friend and a person. That’s why he can forgive Kira for what he had done. Nice kan?

I am writing this because I am still got hang over from the Gundam dose. I am not satisfied with the way the Destiny ends. I want to know what happen to the characters although it is obvious that Orb will rule the world. I want to know with whom Athrun ends up with (hopefully not Cagalli) and how his life would be after the war. I also want to know if Shinn will ever recover from his painful pass and whether or not Luna can steer him to the right path. In fact I want to know everything! Am I greedy? Perhaps I am but you will too if you watch the series so do not pass any unnecessary judgment :oP

I must say, besides Bleach, this is the most intense anime I had watched so far even surpassing the first series of Gundam Seed. From the first episodes to it last, it was like riding a rollercoaster. This is the second anime (next to Bleach) that manage to make me cry. Now, with pride, I confessed that I am officially a Gundam freak. That is why it deserved a review.

Before I end this review, I need to mention how handsome and adorable Athrun and Shinn are (okay Kira too if you must)!! Memang tak boleh handle specially with Shinn’s red eyes. He is so damn good-looking! I am in love…


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